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Same lady, different dress: Obama's speechwriter leaves for Hollywood comedy

© REUTERS/ Kevin LamarqueBarack Obama
A speechwriter for U.S. President Barack Obama is quitting the White House to move to Hollywood and take up TV comedies, the Washington Post said on Friday.

"It's always been a dream of mine to write comedy and be creative," 29-year-old Jon Lovett told the Post. "I would like to be able to write in my own voice."

Lovett said his departure was not connected with the current shakeup in the U.S. Administration ahead of the 2012 presidential elections.


Chile: All 21 people aboard military plane that crashed in ocean are dead

© Scheila Recabarren / Associated PressLocal fishermen help the Chilean Navy in the search and recovery of the victims of a plane crash in the waters of the Juan Fernandez islands, Saturday Sept. 3, 2011.
All 21 people aboard a military plane that crashed in the Pacific Ocean near Chile's remote Juan Fernandez islands are dead, the government said Saturday.

© Rene Lescornez / Associated PressIn this photo taken on March 3, 2010, a rainbow is seen over the Juan Fernandez islands, 400 miles (670 kilometers) from the Chilean mainland.
The Chilean CASA 212 plane crashed Friday afternoon after two failed attempts to land in difficult weather on the islands.

"After a search involving the commander in chief of the FACh (Chilean air force) the conclusion has been reached that the impact was so powerful it would have led to the instant death of those on board the plane," said Defense Minister Andres Allamand.

© Scheila Recabarren / Associated PressA Chilean Navy helicopter lands at the Juan Fernandez islands airport off Chile’s Pacific coast, Saturday Sept. 3, 2011.
Earlier Saturday, Chilean officials said the bodies of two women and two men were recovered by searchers or fishermen. Searchers said they had also found pieces of the plane's wreckage.


US: Job seekers join the military as last resort

There's no better government job creator than the U.S. military. Americans sign up for a lot of reasons, such as to serve their country and for the health and education benefits . But CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports, some young people are finding that the armed forces are the only employment game in town these days.

Joining the marines was not part of Tyler Mitchell's career path. He graduated with a degree in film and video last year, but he couldn't find a job in Chicago.


US, Massachusetts: Former TSA employee faces child pornography charge

© Creative Commons / Flickr / bloomsberries
A Beverly man and former TSA employee arrested on child pornography charges appeared in federal court on Friday.

Andrew W. Cheever, 33, appeared before on a complaint charging him with possession of child pornography. Last December, State Police executed a state search warrant of Cheever's former residence in Lowell. The initial search identified approximately 2,000 images of child pornography and several uniform items bearing the TSA logo.

During the search, law enforcement seized computer components, including a tower computer hard drive and an external drive. Subsequent forensic analysis revealed numerous still images and videos of child pornography on each of these drives.

Cheever faces a maximum possible term of 10 years in prison to be followed by at least five years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine.

Cell Phone

US, California: Police Assisted Apple in Search of Man's Home

© AFP/Getty ImagesApple investigators searched a man's home who they believed to have a lost device, police said.
Police officials said they helped Apple investigators, who searched a man's home here recently.

They were reportedly looking for a prototype of the next iPhone that an Apple employee left in a bar in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood, according to CNET. Apple had contacted the police claiming the prototype is invaluable, the report says.

Four San Francisco Police officers escorted Apple investigators to a home in the city's Bernal Heights neighborhood, the statement said. The two Apple employees searched the home while the officers waited outside, police said. They did not find the item there and declined to file a police report, according to the statement.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

A city police official declined to comment to CNN and referred reporters to the news release. Earlier this week, officials said they had no record of an investigation.

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Biggest Rally in Israel's History Presses Netanyahu

© Reuters / Amir CohenIsraelis take part in a demonstration calling for lower living costs and social justice in Jerusalem September 3,2011.
Hundreds of thousands marched Saturday for lower living costs in the largest such rally in Israel's history, bolstering a social change movement and mounting pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take on economic reform.

Protest leaders called it "the moment of truth" for the grassroots movement that has swollen since July from a cluster of student tent-squatters into a countrywide mobilization of Israel's middle class.

"An entire generation wants a future," read one banner as demonstrators flooded the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and cities throughout Israel, shouting "the people demand social justice."

Netanyahu has warned he would not be able to satisfy all the protesters' demands, ranging from tax cuts, to expansion of free education and bigger government housing budgets.


US: Attorneys Say Local Police Officer Severely Beat Unarmed Man

Aransas Pass, Texas - It's news no one wants to hear; a family member is in the hospital on life support unable to speak and even worse there are few answers about how it all happened.

That's exactly what one Aransas Pass family says they are going through.

Martin Garcia Ortiz is in critical condition after an incident allegedly involving Aransas Pass police back on August 10th.

The family and their attorneys say they believe a rogue police officer may be to blame for Ortiz's severe injuries.


US: Man Jailed for 'Contempt of Court' for Not Standing on a Broken Leg - Will Sue

Wake County Sheriff 2
A man who was eating a taco at a Raleigh bus stop says a cop swept-kicked him to the ground, broke his leg and arrested him, then hauled him before a judge who sentenced him to 30 days in jail for contempt, because he could not stand on his broken leg.

Lynwood Earl Artis sued Raleigh police Officer James Rollins, Wake County and its sheriff, and others, in Federal Court.

Mr. Potato

Poor people voting is 'un-American'

mathew vadum

Many conservatives appear to think badly of poor people, but Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center takes it a step further. According to the title of his latest article for American Thinker, he believes that "registering the poor to vote is un-American."

"Why are left-wing activist groups so keen on registering the poor to vote?" Vadum asks. "Because they know the poor can be counted on to vote themselves more benefits by electing redistributionist politicians. Welfare recipients are particularly open to demagoguery and bribery."

"Registering them to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals," he continues. "It is profoundly antisocial and un-American to empower the nonproductive segments of the population to destroy the country-- which is precisely why Barack Obama zealously supports registering welfare recipients to vote. ... Encouraging those who burden society to participate in elections isn't about helping the poor. It's about helping the poor to help themselves to others' money."


In America the Rule of Law Is Vacated

SWAT team
© Wikimedia
With bank fraudsters, torturers, and war criminals running free, the US Department of Justice (sic) has nothing better to do than to harass the famous Tennessee guitar manufacturer, Gibson, arrest organic food producers in California and send 12 abusive FBI agents armed with assault rifles to bust down yet another wrong door of yet another innocent family, leaving parents, children, and grandmother traumatized.

What law did Gibson Guitar Corp break that caused federal agents to disrupt Gibson's plants in Nashville and Memphis, seize guitars, cause layoffs, and cost the company $3 million from disrupted operations?

No US law was broken. The feds claim that Gibson broke a law that is on the books in India.

India has not complained about Gibson or asked for the aid of the US government in enforcing its laws against Gibson. Instead, the feds have taken it upon themselves to both interpret and to enforce on US citizens the laws of India. The feds claim that Gibson's use of wood from India in its guitars is illegal, because the wood was not finished by Indian workers.