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Mon, 27 Mar 2023
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Doomsday Group Charging $5000 for Spot in End-of-the-World Bunker Near Tenterfield

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SURF'S UP: A wall of water engulfs Sydney in this Doomsday prediction. Would a $5000 seat in a bunker protect you from this?
A 2012 doomsday group is charging $5000 for admission to a survival bunker in the northern NSW hills.

Massive earthquakes, shifts in the Earth's poles and devastating solar flares will be among events faced by the global community this year, according to the group, which describes itself as a "survival community".

Group organiser, NSW refrigeration mechanic Simon Young, said the entry fee went towards concrete and other materials to construct the bunker, believed to be in mountains near Tenterfield.

The group points to Egyptian texts, Bible passages and a frozen mammoth as evidence the world will undergo massive physical change around December 21.

Bad Guys

Organ Trafficking - A 'business' Built on Guilt and Desperation

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According to the WHO, in 2010, 107,000 both legal and illegal transplants of human organs were carried out. Two-thirds of all transplanted organs are kidneys. Experts believe that ten percent of all kidney transplants are illegal. The organization Organ Watch provided a different number - from 15 to 20,000 illegal operations a year.

At least two illegal human organs transplantation surgeries performed in the capital of the Republic of Kosovo trace back to Germany. In 2008, according to the newspaper Spiegel, in the clinic of Pristina 74-year-old German businessman named Walter (last name is not mentioned for obvious reasons) of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia has been illegally transplanted an organ from a 50-year-old Russian woman Vera Schewdko, an immigrant to Israel, who sold her left kidney for 8,100 euros.

Comment: Another of the many ways the wealthy are preying on the poor and desperate:
Exploitation of Poor By Human Organ Traffickers
Rogue Kidney Brokers in the U.S. Sell Black Market Organs for Transplantation
Organ Theft - Not Just Urban Legend
Organ Gangs Force Poor to Sell Kidneys for Desperate Israelis


Pathocrats' Austerity Measures Force More Desperate Europeans to Abandon Children

© Nina Ruecker | Getty Images
A doll is used to demonstrate a "baby hatch" in Hamburg, Germany, in this 2000 file photo.
As the euro zone debt crisis deepens and austerity measures take their toll across Europe, the number of young children and babies abandoned across the region has increased, according to local charities.

The rise in the abandonment of infants across Europe is most visible in the spread of "baby hatches" or "boxes" across Europe, where unwanted infants are left anonymously.

The phenomenon was previously more prevalent among immigrants, but it is becoming more widespread among financially desperate members of the local population.

The hatches are sensor-activated so when a baby is placed, an alarm is activated and a carer comes to collect the child. Despite the practice being widely viewed as contravening the 1953 European Convention on Human Rights, of the 27 EU member countries, 11 countries still have "baby hatches" in operation, including Germany, Italy and Portugal.

In those countries where hatches are illegal, the number of infants abandoned in hospitals, clinics and churches has also risen, raising concerns among European charities, the UN and the European Commission that austerity measures and increasing social deprivation are the catalyst for the rise in child abandonment.


French Tax-Dodgers Courted by Mississippi Governor

First Britain upset the French government by offering a home to any high earners seeking to flee a new top tax band, and now the US state of Mississippi is making a bid to recruit wealthy exiles.

France's new Socialist leader President Francois Hollande plans to slap a tax of 75 percent on all income in excess of a million euros ($1.24 million), and territories with lower rates are hoping for a cash exodus.

Thus far the focus has been on France's neighbor Britain, whose Prime Minister David Cameron irked Hollande by boasting that London would "roll out the red carpet" to French entrepreneurs seeking shelter for their income.

But a new offer came Wednesday from a more unlikely quarter: Haley Barbour, former governor of Mississippi, a southern US state that was in part founded by French settlers on territory at one point controlled by the French empire.


Belarus-Sweden teddy bear row escalates

© Associated Press
The PR firm released a picture of the bears "in training"
Belarus has taken strong diplomatic action against Sweden following a stunt involving parachuted teddy bears.

Sweden says all of its diplomats have been expelled from Belarus, which has also closed its embassy in Stockholm.

Belarus was angered when a Swedish public relations firm dropped about 800 teddy bears with pro-democracy messages from a light aircraft.

President Alexander Lukashenko sacked his air defence chief and head of border guards over the 4 July incident.

He told their replacements not to hesitate to use force to stop any future air intrusions from abroad.

'Dubious charges'

On Tuesday Belarus's KGB state security service said two Belarusian men, Anton Suryapin and Sergei Basharimov, had been detained on suspicion of complicity in "illegal intrusion".

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe said Mr Suryapin, who runs the Belarusian News Photos website, had merely uploaded photos of the teddy bears.

The OSCE's spokeswoman on freedom of the media, Dunja Mijatovic, said she was "surprised and alarmed" at the charges.


DC Man Orders TV From Amazon, Gets Assault Rifle Instead

© Kevin P. Casey | Bloomberg | Getty Images
It's not yet clear how it happened, but a Washington, D.C., musician who ordered a flat-screen TV through Amazon received a military-style assault rifle instead.

Seth Horvitz ordered the 39-inch Westinghouse TV last week through one of Amazon's third-party vendors, WTTG-TV reported. On Tuesday, UPS left a smaller box at his apartment in northeast D.C. The 38-year-old electronic musician told The Washington Post he thought the seller had sent him a stand for the set.

Inside, Horvitz found a black, semiautomatic Sig Sauer SIG716, similar to the M16, which U.S. forces have carried for 50 years, and the AR-10. The SIG716 is used by law enforcement and the military.

"I was confused as to how that kind of mix-up could happen," he told the Post. "It surprised me to see how easy it would be for a gun to show up on someone's doorstep - not just a gun, but an assault weapon."


Grandfather killed protecting grandchildren on Detroit's west side

Detroit grandfather dies protecting grandchildren

A 62-year-old grandfather and decorated Vietnam Veteran was killed Wednesday night on his front porch, taking a bullet to protect his granddaughter.

Police sources tell Local 4 John Villneff died from several gunshot wounds that came from a man using an AK-47.

The front of Villneff's Rutland Street home is full of bullet holes.


Psychopathy Disinformation Alert! Use Twitter To Spot Psychopaths


Beware stereotypes. Most often psychopaths come to us through a mist of pity ploys...

People's nasty traits have a way of revealing themselves on social networks: in writing. Or rather in how they write. That means an analysis of how someone tweets could reveal whether he or she is narcissistic, Machiavellian, or psychopathic, according to researchers who plan to present their findings at DefCon next week.

What are some of the Twitter stylings of these undesirables? Curse words. Angry responses to other people, including swearing and use of the word "hate." Using the word "we." Using periods. Using filler words such as "blah" and "I mean" and "um."

(I suspect that an analysis of the Twitter streams of many a blogger would suggest they are potentially a narcissist, a psychopath or an avid reader of "The Prince." Which may well be an accurate assessment.)

Comment: This new trend of 'spotting psychopaths in ten easy steps' and other such ludicrous notions is really worrying and harks back to the myth that you can discern the character of an individual by whether or not they look you in the eye.

It often takes months or years of living and working closely with someone before it becomes apparent that something may be 'not quite right' with them. Just because someone curses on Twitter or gets angry with you does not necessarily mean they're psychopathic!

Bad Guys

Thought-Crime Police Arrest Parkinson's sufferer during Olympics for 'not smiling'

sad olympics
© unknown
A man arrested during the Olympic cycling road race says he was detained for "not smiling".

Martial arts trainer Mark Worsfold, 54, was arrested shortly before cyclists passed through Leatherhead on July 28 due to "his manner, his state of dress and his proximity to the course", according to police.

But Mr Worsfold, who had been doing a Taekwondo demonstration in Red House Gardens, said officers told him he was arrested because he was not smiling - and he added that his face can seem expressionless due to his Parkinson's disease.

"I was sitting minding my own business," he said. "Before I knew anything the police grabbed me off this seven-foot wall, threw me to the floor and cuffed me so all I saw of the cycle race was between the feet of people from the pavement."


Pediatrician and Wife Charged With Waterboarding Daughter


Melvin Morse
Two children from Georgetown are in the custody of Family Services and a couple face charges, after their daughter reported she was "waterboarded."

The investigation came about after Delaware State Police detectives were told about an incident on July 12 Melvin L. Morse, 58, a Milton pediatrician, allegedly grabbed his daughter, 11, by the ankle and began dragging her across a gravel driveway at the family's residence.

Morse reportedly spanked the girl inside the home. Melvin Morse was arrested on July 16th. He was later released after posting $750 secured bail.