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Mon, 14 Jun 2021
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Hooters bomb threat shuts down Hollywood Boulevard

© Twitter, via SidizenKane
Police cordon off Hollywood Boulevard after repiorts a man left a bomb in the Hooters restaurant.
A man claiming to have an explosive in his lunch box drew police response near the Chinese Theatre on Thursday afternoon.

A stretch of Hollywood Boulevard is shut down after a man notified the Los Angeles Police Department that he had brought a lunch box containing a bomb inside the Hooters restaurant located across from the TCL Chinese Theatre.

The stretch of road between Orange and Highland remains closed at this time as police evaluate the situation.


5 vital strategies for peacefully underthrowing the status quo

© Banksy
In this article I am going to list the 5 strategies for achieving freedom that I am most supportive of right now, and offer a brief description of how they work and why I believe they are effective approaches to meeting this goal.

One of the main obstacles that tie the general population to the status quo is that many people are looking for a step by step process for how we can peacefully neutralize the power structure and achieve peace on this planet. This step by step process is not a possibility, because human actions and the advancement of technology are both totally unpredictable.

Sadly, it seems that people are waiting for a list of instructions that could never exist. However, there is definitely hope, because although we cannot precisely chart the course to freedom, we can develop workable solutions that will lead us in the right direction and help us achieve greater levels of peace in our own lives. In this article I am going to list the 5 strategies that I am most supportive of right now, and offer a brief description of how they work and why I believe they are effective approaches to meeting this goal.


Fire and explosion in Moscow apartment building kills 3, injures 7

© RIA Novosti / Anton Belitskiy
Three people, including a child, died and as many as seven others have been injured in a fire and explosion in an apartment building in Moscow. The blast was so strong that a balcony was dislodged and several cars nearby damaged.

The three dead in a fire which followed the explosion in one of Moscow's apartment blocks are a man, a woman and a little girl.

"17 people sought medical help, including four children. Seven were hospitalized with two children among them," according to Russia's Emergencies' Ministry official, cited by ITAR-TASS.

One of the injured is a 14-year old teenager who sustained burns of up to 60 per cent of his body according to reports from the capital's Medvedkovo neighborhood in the north. Another of the injured is reported to have 100 per cent of burns to the body.


Sixteen years for espionage; life in jail for whistleblowing

© Bradley Manning Support Network / Flick
Anonymous supporters of Bradley Manning.
Spc. William Millay, a 25-year-old military policeman, was sentenced this week to 19 years in jail; a sentence reduced to 16 years after a plea deal, minus time served, for attempting to commit espionage and for illegally communicating "unclassified national defense information that could be used to the advantage of a foreign nation," according to an Army press release.

The prosecution of Spc. Millay is strikingly lenient relative to that of Pfc. Bradley Manning, 25-year-old intelligence analyst on trial for passing documents to WikiLeaks. Manning sought to expose documents revealing crimes, abuse, and corruption to the American people, through WikiLeaks, and he faces a potential life sentence. The government charges him with Espionage and with 'Aiding the Enemy.'

Millay "admitted to trying to pass on classified information to someone he believed was a Russian agent," according to Reuters' report. An FBI agent said, "Millay betrayed his nation's trust by attempting to sell classified national defense information for profit to a foreign nation."

Contrast that motive with Bradley Manning's. In chat logs with government informant Adrian Lamo, Manning hypothesized, "what if i were someone more malicious...i could've sold to russia or china, and made bank?"


Nevada buses hundreds of mentally ill patients to cities around country

James Flavy Coy Brown
© Renee C.Byer/rbyer@sacbee.com
James Flavy Coy Brown, who suffers from mood disorders, is reunited with his daughter Shotzy Faith Harrison in Sacramento Thursday after a Nevada psychiatric hospital bused him to the capital with no medication or identification.

Over the past five years, Nevada's primary state psychiatric hospital has put hundreds of mentally ill patients on Greyhound buses and sent them to cities and towns across America.

Since July 2008, Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas has transported more than 1,500 patients to other cities via Greyhound bus, sending at least one person to every state in the continental United States, according to a Bee review of bus receipts kept by Nevada's mental health division.

About a third of those patients were dispatched to California, including more than 200 to Los Angeles County, about 70 to San Diego County and 19 to the city of Sacramento.

In recent years, as Nevada has slashed funding for mental health services, the number of mentally ill patients being bused out of southern Nevada has steadily risen, growing 66 percent from 2009 to 2012. During that same period, the hospital has dispersed those patients to an ever-increasing number of states.

By last year, Rawson-Neal bused out patients at a pace of well over one per day, shipping nearly 400 patients to a total of 176 cities and 45 states across the nation.

Nevada's approach to dispatching mentally ill patients has come under scrutiny since one of its clients turned up suicidal and confused at a Sacramento homeless services complex. James Flavy Coy Brown, who is 48 and suffers from a variety of mood disorders including schizophrenia, was discharged in February from Rawson-Neal to a Greyhound bus for Sacramento, a place he had never visited and where he knew no one.


Lambs to the Slaughter: Boston lockdown for manhunt of bombings 'suspect'

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me...

- some guy, some place, some time long ago

boston police state
© Charles Krupa / Associated Press
Police State Boston: A SWAT team prepares to make a house to house search as residents leave the home in Watertown, Mass. on April 19, in their bathrobes and without their shoes. We bet that no search-warrants were issued either.
Don't bother reading this essay, it won't do any good. I mean it, stop reading now, there is no point, it's hopeless. There is nothing worth saying anymore.

All day yesterday the talking heads on the TV informed me that the entire city of Boston is "on lockdown" as enforcement officials search door to door for the one remaining "suspect" in the Marathon Bombings.

And like the obedient, traumatized robots they are, the good citizens of Boston just rolled over and complied. Grateful for the protection of their black-combat-gear-laden overlords, they accepted being harassed and corralled like sheep in their own homes.

Filled with the adrenaline of being directly involved in the center of this clearly manufactured crisis, they waited, trembling inside their bedrooms, not even dimly aware of how they were manipulated and played.

Seriously, how is it possible that people still buy this crap?

Ever wonder why scores of people numbly and willingly lined up for the gas chambers in World War II, without a shred of resistance, without even trying to fight back?

This is why.

This is what we've become.

A nation of slaves.

Blind, deaf, dumb and paralyzed with fear.

Arrow Up

U.S. focuses on social issues, ignoring real injustices of this world

© Associated Press
Seven-year-old Dalit girl was burned for walking on a High Caste pathway.
Here in the United States, we tend to make much ado about nothing, losing perspective of what is truly a hardship in the world.

Other than some genuinely pressing matters such as our economic and immigration policy, our politics revolve around purely social topics, like gay marriage or intelligent design-based educational curriculums, important perhaps, but not .

This is not so in every corner of the globe. There are real injustices in countless societies, even ones as successful as India

Over the last few weeks, I have been conversing with Yogesh Varhade, who is president of the Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace. He and his organization fight tirelessly for the interests of those stuck at the bottom of India's ages-old caste system.

While every country does have a class structure of some kind, the sort that has prevailed in India is unique. According to ancient tradition, those born into a certain caste are mandated to remain in it for life. This designation has nothing to do with race, ethnicity or even religious differentiation. It is a social construct that has endured well into the modern day, preventing untold millions from looking up at the stars, let alone reaching for them.

The politics Varhade discussed had nothing to do with left, right, liberal, conservative, or whatever. Rather they were the stuff of oppression and violence. A particularly brutal story was the one of a young man who fell in love with an upper-caste woman. He asked for her hand in marriage, and an assailant hacked him to death along with two others.

Bizarro Earth

Mom who allegedly kept her two sons in Ewing, New Jersey storage locker held on $75,000 bail

© Alex Zdan/The Times
Two children were taken into protective custody this morning after police found them living in a locker at a Ewing self-storage facility, according to two sources with knowledge of the investigation. The storage locker interior is shown in photo.
A woman who allegedly lived with her two young boys inside a Ewing storage locker for weeks is being held on $75,000 bail and will likely spend the weekend in jail, police said today.

Sheena Johnson, 27, faces two second-degree counts of child endangerment after Trenton police officers found the two boys, ages 5 and 10, inside the roughly five-foot-by-ten-foot locker at Extra Space Storage on the 1400 block of Prospect Street in Ewing Thursday morning.

Trenton Officer Robert Arnwine tracked the boys down after Johnson was arrested for allegedly slashing the tires of her boyfriend's car on Calhoun Street earlier.

Johnson was also charged with violating a restraining order, Lt. Mark Kieffer said today. Trenton police said Johnson had been turned over to the Mercer County Sheriff's Office and would probably be taken to the Mercer County Corrections Center.

Heart - Black

Indian girl, 5, in serious condition after being raped, tortured for 2 days

© AP Photo/Channi Anand
A schoolgirl participates in a candle-light vigil for the speedy recovery of a 5-year-old girl who was raped and tortured in Delhi, at Heritage School in Jammu, India, Saturday, April 20, 2013
A 5-year-old girl was in serious condition Saturday after being raped and tortured by a man who held her in a locked room in India's capital for two days, officials said.

The girl went missing Monday and was found Wednesday by neighbors who heard her crying in a room in the same New Delhi building where she lives with her parents, said Delhi police official Deepak Mishra. The girl was found alone locked in a room and left for dead, he said.

A 24-year-old man who lived in the room where the girl was found was arrested Saturday in Muzaffarpur town in Bihar state, about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) east of New Delhi, Mishra said. The man was flown to New Delhi, where a magistrate ordered that he be held in police custody.

The girl suffered severe internal injuries, as well as cuts and bite marks on her face and torso, said D.K. Sharma, the medical superintendent of the government-run hospital in New Delhi where she was being treated. Sharma described the girl's condition as "serious" and said doctors were trying to stabilize her condition.


Texas fertilizer plant: Why was the blast so enormous?

© LM Otero/AP
A firefighter stands on a rail line and surveys the remains of a fertilizer plant destroyed by an explosion in West, Texas, Thursday. A massive explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. killed as many as 15 people and injured more than 160, officials said overnight.
The explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant had the force of a magnitude 2.1 quake. Here's a look at how the combination of fire and materials at the facility could have produced the blast.

Rescuers are combing through leveled homes and apartment buildings in the hunt for survivors following Wednesday night's fire and explosion at a small fertilizer and grain-storage company near Waco, Texas.

Initial estimates put the number of fatalities at up to 15, with more than 160 people injured. The blast had enough energy to trip US Geological Survey seismographs as a magnitude 2.1 quake.

How did such a powerful explosion happen?