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Switzerland: Suicidal Swiss Man Crashes Plane Into Mom's Home

© Tim Boyle / GettyA 47-year-old man in northern Switzerland flew a small plane into his estranged mother's house, trying to kill her. His mother was in the basement and survived the attack.

Swiss authorities are investigating what drove a suicidal maniac to try to kill his mother by flying a rented twin-engine plane into her house.

Konrad Schmidt, 47, launched the kamikaze attack on his estranged mother's home in the northern Swiss village of Oberhallau on Saturday, authorities said.

The psycho pilot, who friends say was battling depression, died in the fiery crash.

He allegedly called his mom from the cockpit moments before the wreck.

"Are you home mum? I'm just about to drop in," Schmidt said, according to cops.

Seconds later, the unhinged fly boy crashed the plane through her bedroom window, killing himself, crushing the two-story brick home and igniting a giant fireball, Switzerland's Blick newspaper reported.

Rosemary Schmidt survived the attack because she was in the basement. She was treated for shock at a local hospital, and her house would have to be demolished, officials said.


Gold to Reach $5,000 Due to Supply Shortage

© Associated Press

An exhaustive report by Standard Chartered predicts that gold will more than triple to $5,000 an ounce because of a lack of supply, not just because of a surge in demand that most bullion bugs cite in their bullish calls.

"There are very few large gold mines set to commence operation in the next five years," said Standard's analyst Yan Chen in a report Monday. "The limited new supply comes at a time when central banks have turned from being net sellers to significant net buyers of gold. The result, in our view, will be a gold market in deficit, even assuming flat growth in demand. With the supply-demand balance so out of kilter, we see the gold price potentially going to US$5,000/oz."

The London-based firm is among the first to focus on the supply-side of the gold equation amid the many bullish forecasts out there on the metal. After analyzing 345 gold mines and 30 copper/base metal gold mines around the globe, the team estimates annual gold production will be just 3.6 percent over the next five years.


U.N. Report Describes Widespread Violence in Sudan

A United Nations report details new allegations of violence, including perhaps mass graves, in the volatile border state of Southern Kordofan in Sudan.

© CNNThe Satellite Sentinel Project says it has visual evidence of mass graves in South Kordofan.
Reported incidents include aerial attacks that killed civilians, attacks on churches, arbitrary arrests, abductions and house-to-house searches, said the report.

"The allegations contained in the report are extremely grave," said Philippe Bolopion of Human Rights Watch. "This report provides only a small window on what's happening in Southern Kordofan."

Reliable information about what is going on in the region is hard to come by. Due to the expiration of the mandate for the U.N. mission in Sudan, U.N. peacekeeping officials have no access to the affected areas.

"The Sudanese government is essentially kicking the U.N. out," Bolopion said. "This should raise a red flag."


UN Declares Famine in Somalia

The UN has officially declared two parts of Somalia to be in famine amid the worst drought in east Africa for 60 years.

Mark Bowden, humanitarian co-ordinator for Somalia, said on Wednesday that famine conditions now existed in the Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions of the country.

He warned: "If we don't act now, famine will spread to all eight regions of southern Somalia within two months, due to poor harvests and infectious disease outbreaks.

"We still do not have all the resources for food, clean water, shelter and health services to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Somalis in desperate need."

He added that the lack of resources is alarming. "Every day of delay in assistance is literally a matter of life or death for children and their families in the famine-affected areas."

Bizarro Earth

The Madness Continues in the US Police State: Cops Shut Down Lemonade Stands, Girl Scout Cookie Stands and Amish Farmers Selling Milk

On the website, The American Dream, Michael T. Snyder, writes:

Police Shut Down Lemonade Stands And Cookie Stands Run By Kids All Over America - Is There Anything We Are Still Free To Do Without Government Permission?

If you plan on using the bathroom before you get done reading this article, you might want to check with the government to see if you are still allowed to do that. There are very, very few things that Americans still have the freedom to do today without government permission. Back in the old days, if young kids wanted to earn some extra money they would set up a little stand outside and sell some lemonade or some cookies. For many little kids, this was their very first practical experience with making money. Once upon a time, you would see lemonade stands all over the place during the summer in America. In fact, "lemonade stands" became such a part of American culture that people knew exactly what you were talking about the moment you mentioned them. Even up until a couple of decades ago, nobody would have ever dreamed that little kids would need the permission of the government in order to set up a little stand to sell some lemonade or some cookies. But today, everything has completely changed. If you are a little kid and you try to sell some lemonade in "Amerika" today, the authorities will swoop in and shut you down in a heartbeat.


India Reveals 'World's Biggest' Uranium Discovery

© Agence France-Presse / Nuclear Power of India LimitedIndia gets less than 3% of its energy from atomic power
A new mine in south India could contain the largest reserves of uranium in the world, a government official said in remarks reported Tuesday, signalling a major boost for the energy-hungry nation.

The Tumalapalli mine in Andhra Pradesh state could provide up to 150,000 tonnes of uranium, Srikumar Banerjee, secretary of the Department of Atomic Energy, told reporters after a four-year survey of the site was completed.

"It's confirmed that the mine has 49,000 tonnes of ore, and there are indications that the total quantity could be three times that amount," Banerjee was quoted as saying in The Times of India.

"If that be the case, it will become the largest uranium mine in the world," he said.

Previous estimates suggested that only about 15,000 tonnes of uranium would be produced at the mine, which is due to start operating by the end of the year.

S.K. Malhotra, spokesman for the Department of Atomic Energy, told AFP that experts at the Tumalapalli mine were "quite hopeful" that the eventual volume from the mine would reach 150,000 tonnes.

Eye 1

US, New York: Couple Flying Out of Rochester Says TSA Search Went Too Far

© Unknown
Airports across the country continue to expand security and screening procedures in an effort to keep passengers and crew safe. But a Florida couple flying out of the Greater Rochester International Airport says the screeners there went too far.

Jason Steitler and his wife Jennifer were heading home to New Port Richey, Florida on the morning of July 6th. Both Steitler and his wife are in wheelchairs and they believe they were unfairly targeted because of their disabilities.

Steitler says officials got down along his inner thigh and they made him push himself up in his chair so they could check his backside. His wife described a similar experience.

The Steitlers received emails from the Transportation Security Administration apologizing for any insensitivity, but also saying the screening measures were necessary.

Black Cat

French councillor's wife dressed up as Catwoman in bizarre alleged to murder plot

© unknownLaurence Honoré has admitted to stalking with intent to kill her husband Christian
A French councillor's wife dressed up in a black Catwoman outfit and hid with a gun in the bushes outside her home intending to murder her husband, after his bid to become mayor ended in bitter family recrimination.

Laurence Honoré, 44, is facing attempted murder charges and is accused of enrolling a former French spy and the personal bodyguard of the president of the French parliament in her botched assassination plot.

The middle-class housewife has admitted to stalking with intent to kill her husband Christian, a municipal councillor in Valenton in the Val-de-Marne, a region northeast of the French capital encompassing Disneyland Paris.

But she said she failed to pull the trigger when she had him in her sights after a last-minute change of heart.

Lawyers say the case is a tale of frustrated political and family ambitions that turned sour after Mr Honoré lost a bid to become the town's Right-wing coalition mayor backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party.

Described as "a touch paranoid" by friends and neighbours, Mr Honoré had often voiced fears of being attacked since he was mugged in 2009 and his car burned. He thought the threat came from political opponents - Communists, who now run the town, or "big UMP cheeses" - not his wife.

Bizarro Earth

US, Massachusetts: Metal Markers Stolen From Abington Veterans' Graves

Police are looking for some vandals who stole metal rods from a veterans' cemetery, most likely for cash.

The thieves took at least 18 markers made of copper, bronze and brass from the graves of war heroes at Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Cemetery superintendent John Burnett said the staff that holds the marker together with the American flag is what the grave robbers are looking to fence, not the medallions that come with them.

"What they do, they leave the medallion on the ground because they can't turn them in because scrap metal people won't take them because it's a veteran marker," Burnett said.


US, San Francisco: Museum Guard Boots Lesbian Hand-Holders

© Josh KeppelA lesbian couple was asked to leave the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco for holding hands. The museum has since apologized and taken action.
Ironically, they were visiting a well-reviewed exhibit of well-known lesbian artist

Holding hands in public might be a Faux pas for some but in "anything goes" San Francisco it's hard to imagine offending anyone with a little PDA.

But the San Francisco Chronicle's C.W. Nevius tells the story of one couple that was asked to leave a San Francisco museum for doing just that.

An eyewitness tells the seasoned columnist that she saw "a young lesbian couple" arguing with a security guard at the Contemporary Jewish Museum Sunday afternoon.

The security guard allegedly told the couple that they were not allowed to hold hands in the museum. The couple demanded to see someone in charge at the museum and a small crowd began to gather around them as the argument ensued.

A museum spokesperson confirmed that the incident happened last Sunday and that the women met with the head of security, who issued a verbal apology to the couple.