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Tue, 26 Sep 2023
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US: Longshoremen Storm Washington State Port, Damage Railroad

© AP Photo/Don Ryan
Police and union workers clash during a tense moment as union workers block a grain train in Longview, Wash., Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011.
Longview, Washington - Hundreds of Longshoremen stormed the Port of Longview early Thursday, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain that is the center of a labor dispute, said Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha.

Six guards were held hostage for a couple of hours after 500 or more Longshoremen broke down gates about 4:30 a.m. and smashed windows in the guard shack, he said.

No one was hurt, and nobody has been arrested. Most of the protesters returned to their union hall after cutting brake lines and spilling grain from car at the EGT terminal, Duscha said.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union believes it has the right to work at the facility, but the company has hired a contractor that's staffing a workforce of other union laborers.

Thursday's violence was first reported by Kelso radio station KLOG.


Police: US Woman's Home Had 2,000 Stolen Library Books 'Everywhere'

© Unknown
Oceanside, California: Police say a Southland woman suspected of stealing thousands of public library books and DVDs was likely going to hold a book sale of her own.

KNX 1070′s Tom Reopelle reports the investigation began when staff at a Carlsbad library noticed a significant loss of books between March and July coupled with suspicious activity by a frequent patron.

Authorities searched the Vista home of Maria Natar, 44, and found an estimated 2,000 books from Carlsbad and San Diego County libraries - most of which were about cooking, crafts, and animals.

"They were just everywhere, on shelves, in bins, stacks on the floor, just pretty much everywhere," said police spokeswoman Jodee Sasway.

The arrest came after Natar made a recent stop at the library to pick up some books.

"When she exited the library, the sensors went off, alerting the library people that not all the books were checked out," said Sasway.


Court bans man called Peter from calling himself Peter

Because he is accused of being Anonymous

A man called Peter has been banned from using the name "Peter" on the internet as a bail condition after being charged today with unauthorised use of a computer.

Peter David Gibson, 22, from Hartlepool, was among three men and one unnamed 17-year-old charged at the City of Westminster Magistrates Court this morning for offences in connection with the LulzSec and Anonymous hacks.


Germany: Deutsche Bank CEO Just Gave A Terrifying Speech In Frankfurt

Josef Ackermann just gave a terrifying speech about the fragility of the Euro banking sector right now.

At a conference in Frankfurt he said, "It is an open secret that numerous European banks would not survive having to revalue sovereign debt held on the banking book at market levels."

We have translated the speech based on Handelsbatt's, the organizer of the event where Ackermann spoke, account of it.

"In recent weeks, the distrust of the financial markets has spread to the banks because they are now suffering from the debt crisis in Europe and have a lot of exposure to, for example, Greek bonds."

"Since the financial crisis, some European banks have lost a third or more of their market capitalization," he said, according to Google Translate.

"Most institutions have a rating of "below the book value or at best."

Bad Guys

Britain gives up legal sovereignty over European treaty

Britain yesterday surrendered 1,000 years of legal sovereignty in return for a European extradition treaty.

Judges and magistrates across the continent will be given the power to demand the arrest and handover of British citizens simply by naming them as suspects.

The pact sweeps away the right of people in this country to turn to the courts here for defence against charges abroad.

Also brushed aside will be the historic principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and the habeas corpus protection against unjustified imprisonment.

The treaty, being rushed through as part of the war on terror, covers 32 categories ranging from fraud and rape to 'xenophobia' and ' corruption' - offences which are currently not recognised in British law.

Light Saber

US: Congresswoman Lee Introduces Bill to Repeal the Authorization to Use Military Force

Barbara Lee

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, like Jeanette Rankin before her, bravely stood alone in Congress against a vote for war, the vote in 2001 for the so-called Authorization to Use Military Force, a Constitutionally dubious passing of the war decision buck to President Bush and his successors. A majority of Americans now believes that the Afghanistan War that followed that authorization never should have been begun and should, in fact, be ended. So, the Congresswoman, along with initial cosponsors Jones, Woolsey, Grijalva, Conyers, and Honda, is offering us a second chance, a chance to get our response to 9-11 right, to restore war powers to the Congress, and to impose the will of the people on that body.

Congresswoman Lee has sent her colleagues this letter, which we should each send them ourselves by email, fax, phone, carrier pigeon, and by nailing it to their cathedral doors:
"Dear Colleague:

"Please join me as an original cosponsor of the 'Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Act of 2011.' This legislation repeals the joint resolution providing overly-broad authorization to the President to use all necessary and appropriate force against those involved in attacking our nation and to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States.


People Power: Italy Grinds to a Halt as THREE Million Strike Over €45bn Austerity Cuts

Italy protest Turin
Thousands of strikers took to the streets of Turin yesterday to protest against the austerity plans mooted by the Italian government
Italy ground to a halt today as a general strike brought thousands - if not millions - on to the street in protest at a belt-tightening €45billion (£39.5bn) austerity package.

The strike was organised by the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL), the country's biggest trade union, and saw disruption to flights, buses, trains as well as hospitals, schools, post offices and other government services.

Demonstrations were held in several cities across the country with extra police being drafted in to stop any potential disorder but there were still sporadic outbursts with eight officers hurt by fireworks.

CIGL officials said that three million people had taken part in the strike - which also affected the Amanda Knox appeal trial in Perugia as jury members using public transport were held up.


BBC Journalist was Killed by Nato Troops in Afghanistan

Afghan National Army patrol
© Tim Wimborne/Reuters
An Afghan National Army (ANA) patrol in Uruzgan province - Omaid Khpalwak was the BBC's stringer for the region.
Commanders say Omaid Khpalwak was 'mistakenly' shot dead as suicide bombers attacked a police station

Nato has admitted accidentally shooting dead a BBC journalist in Afghanistan during a battle against insurgents after mistaking him for a suicide bomber.

Military officials met close relatives of Omaid Khpalwak on Thursday and apologised for their "mistake" during an operation against a squad of insurgents, who had attacked a police command post.

Khpalwak, who was hiding in fear during the attack and spoke good English, was shot 11 times. His brother Jawid, who always maintained that his brother was killed by Nato forces, said his family remained angry at Nato's actions on the day.

"They thought he was a suicide bomber, but how?" Jawid asked. "He spoke English and would have been showing his press card."


What Was In That Mysterious Dust Of 9/11? The Dangerous Effects A Decade Later

As the 10th anniversary of September 11 draws near, a nation re-lives the horror and devastation that unfolded that day.

The catastrophic terror attack on New York City's World Trade Center, which took the lives of 3,000 Americans and reduced two of the tallest, most majestic skyscrapers in the world to mere dust and rubble, is forever imprinted on our minds.

NY has risen from the ashes, resilient and defiant but some are still struggling a decade later. Our heroes, the First Responders, are having a hard time for the mysterious thick dust that coated everything and everyone in the city that fateful day, had deadly consequences.

CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, hosted a riveting program Wednesday night called 'Terror In The Dust," which chronicles the effects of the deadly dust on firefighters, police officers and others who were directly in the path of the collapsing twin towers. Those who selflessly worked prolonged hours rescuing others.

Mr. Potato

Republican Debate: Rick Perry Physically Grabs Ron Paul, Points at His Face

At the September 7 Republican debate, Ron Paul clashed with fellow Texan Rick Perry once again.

This time, things got physical.

During a commercial break, Perry walked up to Paul's podium, physically grabbed Paul's wrist, and pointed at Paul's face with his other hand (photo below from Reuters).