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92-year-old black woman sues just hours after North Carolina gov. signs voter ID law

Mrs Eaton
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Just hours after North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed a sweeping voter ID measure into law, a 92-year-old African-American woman has sued the state claiming that her constitutional rights had been violated.

At a bill signing with no formal ceremony on Monday, McCrory quietly signed the Republican bill that will require a voters to present a government-issued ID, cuts early voting days, stops same-day registration, ends "straight ticket" party voting, makes it harder for students to vote and gives poll watchers new powers for challenging voters.

The first lawsuit, filed by the NAACP, says that 92-year-old Rosanell Eaton will be disenfranchised after voting for 70 years.

Magic Wand

Mystery priest who showed up at a crash scene then vanished is identified - and here's the unlikely way he came forward

Rev. Patrick Dowling
© Diocese of Jefferson CountyRev. Patrick Dowling
The mystery priest who recently showed up at a crash site, anointed a victim and then vanished has been identified - and he came forward by posting his identity in the comments section of a Catholic news site. The story began on Aug. 4, after Aaron Smith, 26, struck Katie Lentz, 19, in a head-on car crash. In the days that followed, the tale of a faith leader who disappeared went viral.

But now the individual, who brought calm upon the situation and who rescue workers have been hoping to find and thank, has been found. A press release provided to TheBlaze from the Diocese of Jefferson County confirmed that the Rev. Patrick Dowling, one of the priests who works with the diocese, is the individual whom they have been seeking.

While some assumed the mystery priest was an angel or a deceased Catholic saint coming back to shower goodwill upon mankind, it seems these individuals' theories were incorrect; it was, in fact, a caring bystander and faith leader who took the time to help a young woman in crisis.

The statement, provided to TheBlaze by spokesperson Deacon Dan Joyce, head of communications for the diocese, reads (Joyce also confirmed these details with TheBlaze, noting that he has spoken with the priest about what unfolded):


Student group sues cop as infiltrator

United Students Against Sweatshops sued the District of Columbia and an undercover police officer they claim has been posing as a protester, handing out flowers, carrying banners and chanting - to keep tabs on the student labor organization.

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) sued the District of Columbia and Metro Police Department Officer Nicole Rizzi, who allegedly works undercover as a protester called "Missy."

USAS claims to have chapters on more than 150 campuses, on its Internet home page. It claims Rizzi participated in three of its protests this year, all of which were planned to be peaceful.

"MPD has used one or more undercover officers, including defendant Nicole Rizzi, in connection with plaintiff's engagement in First Amendment activity," according to the complaint in Superior Court. "Defendant Nicole Rizzi has infiltrated USAS protests including actions on March 11, 2013, March 15, 2013, and June 29, 2013."

Under the name Missy, Rizzo hands out flyers, helps carry banners and chants along with the group, USAS claims. But it say she's really there as a spy. Their protests took place at retail stores The Gap and The Children's Place, according to the complaint.

Comment: Ahhh, there's nothing like the smell of freshly outed stool pigeon first thing in the morning. Hopefully suing snitches will become a popular trend?


Indian Navy submarine catches fire, 18 sailors feared trapped

Mumbai: A huge explosion accompanied by a fire rocked an Indian Navy submarine docked in the high security Naval dockyard early on Wednesday, officials said. At least 18 people are feared trapped in the vessel.

The blast followed by a fire occurred shortly after midnight on the INS Sindhurakshak submarine. Many sailors on board the submarine reportedly jumped off to safety.

"There is likelihood of some personnel being trapped inside. The details are being ascertained," an official defence ministry statement issued at 3.15 a.m. said.


Indian submarine explodes, sinks at naval dockyard

submarine explosion
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At least 18 people are believed to have been on board the submarine that caught fire, exploded and partially sank at the naval dockyard in Mumbai.

The blast happened on the INS Sindhurakshak around midnight and was shortly followed by a massive fire. Many of the sailors on board the submarine reportedly managed to jump off to safety, but more than a dozen are feared trapped inside the hull.

"There are some people who are trapped on board, we are in the process of trying to rescue them, we suspect it to be in the range of 18," navy spokesman PVS Satish told Reuters.

The vessel partially submerged after the fire. "We will not give up until we get to them," Satish added.


Catholics believe liquid from 'miracle' tree is god's tears - Arborist says it's lice excrement

People pray at tree outside St. Johns Cathedral in Fresno, California, say tree weeps God's tears
Experts: Tree drips with bug excrement, not tears

As the mid-day sun beat down, a group of parishioners huddled under a tree looking for shade, but seeking a miracle.

Rosemarie Navarro, a parishioner at a Fresno, California Catholic Church says, "I said my prayer and asked the Lord to give me a miracle cause I'm really, really sick."

Navarro counts herself among the believers, a small but growing group that thinks the liquid dripping from this Crape Myrtle tree is the tears of God.

Parishioner Maria Ybarra says, "When you say 'glory be to God in Jesus name' the tree starts throwing out more water."

On close inspection, arborist Jon Reelhorn agrees, something is falling from the tree in front of St. Johns Cathedral. But it isn't water.

"The aphides will suck the sap, the sap goes through the aphid and then it is a honey dew excrement from the aphid and it gets so heavy in the summertime that it will drip down," Reelhorn says.

Comment: Just goes to show that one person's divine miracle is another person's bug poop.

Red Flag

Chief Mountain leased for oil and gas development

Chief Mountain, arguably the most sacred site on the Blackfeet Reservation, has been leased for oil and gas development. 9 leases were signed at the base of Chief Mountain, according to BIA records, in May 2013. Tony Bynum, East Glacier Photographer and Conservationist, publicized the information last Thursday, August 8th.

Events are being planned at the base of Chief Mountain for Saturday, August 17th. For more information, please visit:


Baby monitor hacked, Texas family hears hacker calling their child's name

Texas parents were horrified to discover the camera they were using to monitor their 2-year-old and keep her safe was hacked, and what the hacker did was chilling.

"We just use it to listen," said Mark Gilbert, hacking victim.

For two years, Marc Gilbert and his wife have come to rely on their internet cameras.

"We almost couldn't live without it," Gilbert said.

With them, they could watch their two toddlers in their rooms. But over the weekend, someone else was watching, too.

"It felt like somebody broke into our house," he said.

Gilbert says he first heard a voice from down the hall. As he and his wife got closer, what it was saying got worse.

"He said, 'Wake up, Allyson, you little (expletive).'"


Vegan activists throw red paint on Iowa State Fair's butter cow

© AP Photo/Iowans for Animal LiberationIn this photo provided by Iowans for Animal Liberation is the 2013 butter cow at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. Authorities confirmed Monday, Aug. 12, 2013, that people had gained access to the display, poured red paint over the butter sculpture and scrawled, â??Freedom for all,â?? on a display window. Police said the damage was cleaned up quickly Sunday morning and the display opened as usual.
An animal welfare group intent on sending a message in support of veganism hid until closing time then poured red paint over the Iowa State Fair's butter cow. But the damage was quickly scraped away and visitors never knew the iconic sculpture had been damaged.

Iowans for Animal Liberation claimed responsibility for the attack in a news release emailed Sunday night, saying members hid in the cavernous Agriculture Building on Saturday night and emerged after the fair closed for the day. They then broke into a refrigerated room where the sculpted cow and other butter sculptures are displayed and poured red paint over the cow.

The words "Freedom for all" were scrawled on a display window.

"The paint represents the blood of 11 billion animals murdered each year in slaughterhouses, egg farms, and dairies," the group said in the statement. "We intend this action to serve as a wake up call to all who continue to consume meat, dairy, eggs, leather, and all animal products: You are directly supporting suffering and misery on the largest scale the world has ever known."


DeKalb County Deputies enter home illegally, threaten to 'cane' residents

Chilling video from a home in Dekalb County, Ga., shows local police entering a house illegally, berating the home's residents and then tackling them to the ground.

The entire incident took place because the mother of the home, Natania Griffin, was two weeks late on paying a $1,000 fee to the county.

Griffin's 23-year-old son, Donovan Hall, recorded the event. He was alarmed and confused when police began banging loudly on his door in the middle of the night.

"I was immediately confused as to why the police would be at my house," Hall told the Huffington Post. "The knocks became more and more aggressive."

On the video, Hall timidly opens the door and asks the police why they are at the house. But police quickly enter the home and soon pin Donovan and his brother on the ground.