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Hyatt Regency Tamaya resort in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico has gone into lock down mode and access has been completely restricted for at least one mile outside of the resort

Conventions and large gatherings are not unusual. What is unusual, according to KOB 4, is the high level of secrecy surrounding the event. Something is going on at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya that no one wants to talk about. Everyone is hush-hush. KOB Eyewitness News 4 has been told the entire place has been sold out the last three nights.

When KOB sent one of our photographers out tonight, he was stopped at a roadblock about a mile from the high-end resort on Santa Ana Pueblo. A Tamaya insider tells KOB the entire place was rented out by the Koch brothers. KOB was also told former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was at Tamaya.

While there's nothing wrong with renting out an entire resort, especially if you can pay for it, the level of secrecy in this case is quite unusual. KOB ran a check on the tail number of a jet seen parked at Cutter Aviation and it came back as being registered to Koch Leasing.


'No Muslim' signs at Texas shopping center

The posters lined the street near the El Farouq Mosque on Sauer Conrad Drive at Westview.

In black letters, the signs read, "No Muslim parking in the Westview Shopping Center. Your car will be towed."

Many Muslims heading to worship services were offended.

"I feel sorry for the person who wrote it," said Ahmed Hassan. "This is what comes to mind because obviously he has a lot of hate."

"I'm very shocked because we do live in a society that's supposed to be very accepting and this is what we all preach," said Yara Aboshady. "That we all have the freedom of religion."

The mosque sits across the street from the shopping center. Store employees did not want to go on camera, but admit they get angry when mosque members park in their lot, taking up spots meant for customers.

With the Muslim month-long fast for the holy month of Ramadan ending, and a crowd expected at the mosque, the signs anonymously appeared. No shopping center employees would take credit. One worker said the shopping center owner, Steve Kwon, posted the signs.

So Local 2 took the mosque members' concerns to Kwon.

"I did not put up the signs," said Kwon.

Aboshady wondered about the sign writer's true motive.

"It could be no parking for the sake of patrons that come in," Aboshady said. "Or it really could be a prejudice and just a mean thing to say."

She and others still find the signs insensitive and offensive.

"It's really offensive and it's hateful," said Hassan.

The owner says they will be calling a tow company to try to get all of the cars that shouldn't be parked here out. And he says he'll be checking the property to make there are no more of the offending parking signs.

Mr. Potato

Police mock disabled veteran, issue citation, and kick him off the boardwalk for having a service dog

  • A disabled U.S. Army veteran, who served our country for 19 years, says he was kicked off the North Wildwood boardwalk last night, simply for having his service dog by his side.

    Jared Goering served 1 tour in Iraq, 2 in Afghanistan, and spent 19 years as an active member of the Army. Jared said, "I served from 1993 to 2012." He then told NBC40 he couldn't sleep Thursday night because he felt so disrespected by a North Wildwood police officer.

    Goering said, "Just like any veteran with disabilities with a service dog, to come back and be harassed and shown no respect, it upset me - it really bothered me. I was up most of the night thinking about it."

    Comment: Mr. Goering "expected to get more respect" because of his Disabled Veteran status? Considering the pathological nature of the Police in America, he should probably be grateful they didn't taze him, then assault his wife and shoot his Service Dog while he laid there twitching.

    Bizarro Earth

    Water leaks at Fukushima could contaminate entire Pacific Ocean

    government officials and nuclear experts
    © AFP Photo / Jiji PressThis photo taken on August 6, 2013 shows local government officials and nuclear experts inspecting a construction site to prevent the seepage of contamination water into the sea, at Tokyo Electric Power's (TEPCO) Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Okuma, Fukushima prefecture.
    Two and a half years after the Fukashima tragedy Japan does not want to admit how serious it is, but it is obvious the drastic environmental implications are to follow, Harvey Wasserman, journalist and advocate for renewable energy, told RT.

    RT: Japanese officials have admitted a leak at Fukushima has been happening for two years and is worse than earlier thought. Why did it take so long to evaluate the actual repercussions of the tragedy and take decisive measures to tackle them?

    HW: The Japanese authorities have been covering up the true depth of the disaster because they don't want to embarrass themselves and the global nuclear industry and they are trying to open up another nuclear plant in Japan. When the Japanese people now find out that the accident is worse than we thought and they have been leaking many tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean for almost two and a half years, this is a catastrophe. Tokyo Electric has no idea how to control this accident. This is absolutely terrifying after two and a half years. To find out that these reactors have been out of control, now that they can't control this they don't know what's going on. This is not a primitive backward country; this is Japan with advanced technology. It has very serious implications for nuclear power all over the world.

    RT: Why the plant's operator failed to contain the leak?

    HW: Because they don't know what to do. This has never happened before. You have three explosions; you have four nuclear reactors that are severely compromised. No one ever planned for this. This is an apocalyptic event. This is something that could contaminate the entire Pacific Ocean. It is extremely serious. The reality is that Tokyo Electric does not know what is happening and does not know how to control what is going on. Our entire planet is at risk here. This is two and a half years after these explosions and they are still in the dark. It's terrifying.

    Heart - Black

    Psychopath alert: Some sex abuse victims 'can be to blame', says media tycoon

    Former newspaper tycoon Eddy Shah
    © Sean Dempsey/PA WireFormer newspaper tycoon Eddy Shah has said underage girls who engage in consensual sex must take blame for the abuse they suffer.
    Eddy Shah says underage girls who 'threw themselves' at celebrities must accept responsibility

    Former British newspaper tycoon Eddy Shah, cleared last month of raping a schoolgirl in the 1990s, has said underage girls who engage in consensual sex must take blame for the abuse they suffer.

    The 69-year-old, from Chippenham, Wiltshire, was found not guilty at the Old Bailey of raping a girl at upmarket London hotels when she was between 12 and 15.

    In his first in-depth interview since then, Mr Shah described charges of rape relating to girls under 16 who "threw themselves" at celebrities as "a technical thing".

    He also claimed that Scotland Yard's investigation into allegations of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile and other television stars from the 1970s and 1980s is developing into a "witch hunt".

    His controversial comments come after a prosecutor was suspended and a judge placed under investigation this week when it emerged a 13-year-old female sex abuse victim was labelled "predatory" and "sexually experienced" in court.

    In an interview with presenter Stephen Nolan for BBC Radio 5 Live, Mr Shah said: "Rape was a technical thing - below a certain age. But these girls were going out with pop groups and becoming groupies and throwing themselves at them.

    "Young girls and young men have always wanted a bit of excitement when they are young. They want to appear adult and do adult things."


    Two killed in tourist bus accident in France

    A coach has crashed in southern France, killing two tourists and injuring 30 others. The Eurolines bus was travelling from Marseille to Spain when it overturned near Fitou early on Sunday morning.


    28 Russian tourists injured in Thai bus accident

    Thai police said Saturday that 28 Russian tourists were injured after bus they were riding on crashed into a small hill near a popular tourist site.

    Police Col. Bandit Muangsukham said that 44 Russian passengers, along with three crew members, were traveling to a cave in Kanchanaburi province on Friday when the accident happened.

    He said the driver told police he suddenly lost control of the steering wheel before the bus veered into a small hill and flipped onto its side.


    Rio bus fell 40 meters from a bridge in Brazil

    © Unknown
    Six people are dead and numerous injured after a Brazilian bus crashed on a bridge and fell 40 meters (130 feet). This happened in the city of Itaguai. Tourists may have been on board, but details are not all known yet.

    Itaguaí is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. Its population is 93,662, and its area is 272 km². The city was founded in 1688. Itaguaí is located 75 km west of the city of Rio de Janeiro on the road to Santo.

    There are no details on how many were aboard or how the wreck happened.

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    SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: Solar flare kill shots and theatrical wars of distraction

    Wildfires in Russia
    © Unknown
    'Worldwide travel alerts' urging Americans to remain within the US; wild weather; missing crop circles; strange lights in the sky; trains running off their tracks; animals dying in droves; record profits for some while debt explodes for most; hunting down al-Qaeda in the War on Terror; sending weapons to al-Qaeda in the War on Syria; countless senseless murders; crops failing; food prices skyrocketing; chemical plants exploding; "solar flare killshots"; fireballs raining down from the sky... Is this the end of the world or something?

    'All and Everything' returns to SOTT Talk Radio this week to offer our listeners a show packed with 'condensed Truth' on various different current (and perhaps not-so-current) topics. We'll aim to deal with each discrete topic in about 5 minutes and then see if our analysis leads us to an overall view of 'life on planet earth'.

    What's the weather like where you are? More importantly, what are the people like where you are? Are they getting worked up about the state of the economy? Are they noticing the extreme and unusual weather events? Or are they just totally oblivious to anything beyond their daily routines?

    Running Time: 02:09:00

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    Light Saber

    Matt Damon: Obama 'Broke Up With Me'

    Actor Matt Damon told Black Entertainment Television (BET) that President Barack Obama "has some explaining to do:"
    There are a lot of things that I really question - the legality of the drone strikes, these NSA revelations. Jimmy Carter came out and said we don't live in a democracy. That's a little intense when an ex-president says that. So you know, he's got some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor.
    When asked his opinion of the President's second term, Damon chuckled and said, "He broke up with me."

    Watch the segment here: