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Spire of famous Rouen cathedral in France catches fire, cause as yet unknown

Rouen Cathedral
© Clare SweeneyThe spire of Rouen Cathedral on fire. The cathedral is widely known as it was painted multiple times by French impressionist painter Claude Monet in the 19th century.
The spire of France's famous Rouen Cathedral in Normandy is on fire.

Images posted on social media showed flames spewing from a scaffolding canopy near the top of the building - which is renowned due to its three towers spanning hundreds of years of architecture.

The gothic cathedral is widely known as it was painted multiple times by French impressionist painter Claude Monet in the 19th century.

"A fire has started on the spire of Rouen Cathedral. Origin unknown at this stage. All public resources are mobilised," wrote the city's mayor Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol on X.

Comment: There's a rather suspect pattern that has emerged from a number of these fires at historic, and religious, landmarks. And it leads one to suspect that at least some of these aren't merely incompetence, or accident.

The following article, reporting on the fire at Copenhagen's historic stock exchange in April 2024, seems to highlight the similarities:
The old stock exchange was being renovated and had been shrouded in scaffolding and protective plastic covering. It currently houses the Danish chamber of commerce, which described the scenes on Tuesday morning as a terrible sight.

Local craftsman Henrik Grage told Danish TV that it was a tragic day. "This is our Notre-Dame," he said, comparing it with the fire that engulfed the roof and spire of the cathedral in the centre of Paris almost exactly five years ago.

The Paris fire broke out under the eaves of Notre-Dame on 15 April 2019 when it was also shrouded in scaffolding as part of extensive renovations. Investigators have blamed either a short circuit in the electrics or a worker's cigarette butt that was not properly put out.
It may be that these renovations provide some plausible deniability as to the real cause of some of these fires.

It has also been the case with a significant number of the terror attacks, as well as the seemingly random attacks, that appear to have surged across Europe in recent years, that the perpetrators were 'known to the authorities':

Bizarro Earth

UK: Will Labour shield gender-confused kids from the trans ideologues? The signs aren't looking good

transgender children
© uwe umstätter / Global Look Press
When the final report of the Cass Review was published on April 10th 2024, many of us hoped this would be a turning point. After the scandal that led to the closure of the Tavistock GIDS clinic, at last it seemed that children and young people with gender-related distress would finally receive the high quality, evidence-based care they need and deserve.

At the time her report was published, Dr. Hilary Cass noted that "some professional organisations have ducked their responsibility in ensuring that everyone working in this field treated these young people as they would any other". She called on these organisations to "come together to provide leadership and guidance" to ensure that the report's recommendations could be implemented.

It is three months on from the review's publication. How have the professional therapeutic organisations responded? Are they providing the required leadership and guidance?

Comment: More on the Cass Review:


Italian court upholds murder convictions of two Americans over death of police officer

Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth
© Valentina Stefanelli/APFinnegan Lee Elder, left, and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth, centre, appear in court
An Italian court of appeal has upheld the murder convictions of two American men over the death of an Italian plainclothes police officer during a botched sting operation but reduced their sentences. The new trial was ordered after Italy's highest court threw out their original convictions.

The court convicted Finnegan Lee Elder and sentenced him to 15 years and two months in prison and gave a sentence of 11 years to Gabriele Natale-Hjorth.

They were found guilty over the death of the carabinieri vice-brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega in July 2019. Prosecutors had asked that Finnegan be sentenced to 23 years and nine months and 23 years for Natale-Hjorth.

The former school friends from the San Francisco Bay area, who were teenagers at the time of the killing, had met in Rome to spend a few days on holiday together.

Red Flag

Big Lots to close up to 40 stores, and its survival is in doubt

big lots
© CBS News
Big Lots plans to shutter three times more stores than it will open in 2024, with the discount retailer pointing to a retreat in spending by its bargain-hunting base.

"We currently expect to open three stores and close 35 to 40," the Columbus, Ohio-based retailer stated in a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company also said it expects further operating losses and cited "substantial doubt" about its ability to continue as a going concern.

The retailer's distress call came amid other indications that inflation-weary Americans are tightening their belts and spending less, with U.S. economic growth slowing in the first three months of 2024.


Texans outraged after Whataburger availability app works better than Centerpoint Energy's to pinpoint power outages

whattaburger app power outtages map
With over 900 restaurants across the country, 769 of them in Texas, a viral tweet revealed they could use the app to track the hurricane’s damage.
Texans took to social media to express their anger at CenterPoint Energy after resorting to Whataburger's app to locations on Tuesday after CenterPoint Energy's power outage map remained offline.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 2.2 million Texans were without power following Hurricane Beryl's destructive path through the Lonestar State after the Category 1 storm made landfall on Monday morning. Of those without power, 1.7 million were CenterPoint Energy customers. With so many people affected, residents are bound to be curious about where in the state power is out and when it is expected to come back on, but CenterPoint Energy's online power outage tracker is offline. Instead, Texans are using the Whataburger app to track power outages.

Social media user @BBQBryan pointed out the tactic on X, formerly Twitter, late Monday night. The post has been viewed more than 3 million times since it was made.


French 'Excalibur' sword vanishes after 1,300 years as the sword in the stone — literally

Durandal sword
© Flickr / Simone RamellaThe Durandal sword appears to have been taken by a thief from it’s stone in the tiny medieval town of Rocamadour, where it was one of the town’s main attractions
An ancient sword known as the French version of King Arthur's legendary "Excalibur" has mysteriously vanished from the town where, according to local lore, it had remained lodged in a rock for 1,300 years.

The Durandal sword appears to have been taken by a thief from its stone in the tiny medieval town of Rocamadour, where it was one of the town's main attractions, The Telegraph reported.

For centuries it's been believed the sword once belonged to Roland, a semi-legendary knight who bravely fought for Charlemagne in the eighth century.

Officials in Rocamadour have launched an investigation into the disappearance of the sword, which was yanked from its spot in a cliff wall some 100 feet off the ground.


How to protect your food and medical freedoms

father and son
In my previous articles, we looked at the global war on farmers, the organizations pushing for the Great Food Reset, the tactics used to foist these changes on the public, the projects underway to remove your access to healthy, farm-fresh foods, the mRNA, RNA, and DNA gene therapies entering our food supply, and how the One Health agenda threatens to destroy both food freedom and medical freedom.

So what can we do about it?

The good news is that there are many things we can do. Some of these solutions may sound extreme or inconvenient. But I am guessing many of you chose wildly inconvenient and deeply courageous paths to protect yourselves, your families, and your patients during the Covid psyop, and to avoid being injected with mRNA shots. The substances you take in through your digestive tract can be just as harmful as those that come through a needle.

Do not give in. Do not comply. Do not take the convenient route. It leads to serfdom.

Cardboard Box

What is happening to incomes?

money stacks
Yesterday I paid a visit to my favorite local grocery, a family-owned boutique with wonderful products from around the world. It does tremendous business because of its customer focus and excellent selection due to stable supplier relationships. This is what allowed them to survive these terrible years, including the inflation that has rattled its customer base.

I went in to replenish my olive oil. Three years ago, a gallon of the brand I like was $20. Now it is $40, and at least half of that increase happened in the last several months. I expressed shock and alarm. The proprietor assured me that he is making no more money off this price than the old. His markup is the same, just that the supplier has gone way up in price.

"Believe me, I'm not making any money," he said. "Just the opposite. These prices are killing us too."


A nation with dementia

biden debate
It's fascinating to watch the various corporate mass media "news" outlets, such as CNN and The New York Times, pretend like they've suddenly discovered that Joe Biden has dementia, rather than just the "stutter" that they have been claiming for years. These "journalistic" organizations had previously been colluding with the Democrat Party to cover up the truth about the "broken-down pile of crap" — to use Trump's brutally honest laugh-out-loud description. But when reality was finally exposed live-on-TV for 90 solid minutes for all the world to see, the jig was up, and they were forced to come clean.

Although the Dems' media mouthpieces are feigning shock at Biden's woeful debate performance and obvious cognitive problems, many American people truly are in shock, because they had ignorantly believed all the media lies about Joe's stuttering "speech impediment." When they watched him weakly mumble incoherently and appear pathetically confused throughout that CNN debate, millions of Americans were reminded of elderly relatives suffering from dementia. They had no idea that their president was in such a decrepit condition.


'Linguistic white supremacy': The left's new crusade against the English language

linguistic racism
© Screenshot of USC Rossier School of Education Article.
The fringe lens of critical pedagogy has swallowed today's academia. Facts are deconstructed, logical reasoning is contorted, historical narratives are rewritten, and causality takes a back seat to the post-modernist project of affirming feelings and identities. Increasingly, words lose meaning and become weaponized for the sake of ideological conformity.

Cue the perennial abuse of "white supremacy." The phrase's original meaning of a belief system that White people are inherently superior to other races is now completely coopted with shapeshifting and ever-expanding connotations. Objectivity, a sense of urgency, perfectionism, and written words are characteristics of white supremacy culture. Getting married, like structural racism, bolsters white supremacy. Even soap dispensers perpetuate white supremacy.

The U.S. academia has now concocted an absurd proposition that speaking and writing proper English is a form of white supremacy. The term is "Linguistic White Supremacy (LWS)" or "White Language Supremacy (WLS)," depending on where you look.