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Thu, 30 Nov 2023
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US: Walmart Heiress Spends Birthday in Jail for DWI

alice Walton
The daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton spent the final hours of her birthday in jail Friday night after being arrested for drunk driving.

Texas Highway Patrol Senior Trooper Gary Rozzell told The Weatherford Democrat that Trooper Jeff Davis stopped Alice Walton on Interstate 20 in a construction zone for a traffic violation.

"Through an investigation at the scene, [Walton] was determined to be intoxicated during a field sobriety test," Rozzell explained. "We're going to treat this like anybody else."

The heiress declined to submit to a breathalyzer and was arrested for first offense driving while intoxicated. She was taken to the Parker County Jail, where she spent the next nine hours behind bars before being released on $1,000 bond at around 8:40 a.m. ET.


Yellow Journalism: Italian magazine gives away set of knives... with picture of Amanda Knox on its front cover

Oggi magazine

Inappropriate: The glossy weekly Oggi gave away four black handled kitchen knives and a pizza slicer in the edition featuring a tearful Knox on the cover
An Italian magazine slammed by a prosecutor in the Amanda Knox case for biased backing of her has raised eyebrows after it gave away a set of knives in an issue featuring her on the cover.

The glossy weekly Oggi, which has a circulation of more than one million, gave away four black handled kitchen knives and a pizza slicer in the edition featuring a tearful Knox on the cover.

During the final stages of the dramatic appeal which saw her and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 27, cleared of murdering student Meredith Kercher, 21, who was found semi naked and with her throat slashed, prosecutor Giuliano Mignini criticised the magazine for its biased coverage of the case.

He said it had been entirely pro Knox and said that it was a result of the million dollar PR machine that her family had hired.


Ten Syrian forces killed in ambush

syria army personnel killings

Army personnel killed by armed terrorists are laid to rest in Syria
Media reports from Syria say armed groups have killed 10 government forces and injured scores of others in the northwestern province of Idlib.

Police and army soldiers were killed in an ambush in the town of Binnish on Thursday, SANA reported on Friday. The attack also left 19 others wounded.

Government forces also seized large quantities of weapons, ammunition and communications equipment in Idlib.

This is while activists accuse Syrian forces of killing 10 protesters on the outskirts of Dara'a, Saqba, Damascus and in Aleppo.

Alarm Clock

Cholera kills 116 children in Somalia

malnourished child

File photo shows a severely malnourished child from southern Somalia is being held in a makeshift shelter in a refugee camp in Mogadishu
At least 116 Somali children have been killed in southern Somalia over the past 12 hours due to a cholera outbreak, Press TV reports

Hundreds of children have been rushed to hospitals and medical centers in Lego Town and Balad Town in southern Somalia, a local physician told Press TV.

Poor sanitary conditions, scarcity of clean drinking water and overpopulation have resulted in the spread of waterborne diseases in Somalia.

Cholera claims the lives of dozens in Somalia on a daily basis.


Protesters - And Perhaps States - Consider Launching Their Own Currency

Hard Times Token
© Wiki Images
The Hard Times Token
David DeGraw - a key organizer in the Occupy Wall Street protests - reports:
From last night's GA [Occupy Wall Street "General Assembly"] meeting: "Work began today on a proposal trying to implement a currency for this movement. The Wall Street banks and their best customers, the multinational corporations control the source and flow of $$$$. This is an open invitation for you to join us in this process! We will be meeting at 11am every day, every week, until we're done, at the red cube in the Southeast corner of Liberty Park."
The Powers-That-Be Don't Like Competitive Currencies

As I've previously noted, the average life expectancy for a fiat currency is 27 years ... every 30 to 40 years the reigning monetary system fails and has to be retooled.

Evil Rays

French teacher dies after setting herself on fire

teacher on fire france
© Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
An ambulance passes in front of the Jean Moulin high school in Beziers
A French maths teacher who doused herself in petrol and set herself on fire in front of terrified pupils died of her injuries on Friday.

The 44-year-old was hospitalised on Thursday after walking into the playground of a high school in the southern city of Beziers with a jerry can of fuel and starting a blaze that left her with third-degree burns.

She staggered across the yard in front of her horrified students, some of whom joined teachers in rushing to her aid.

She was taken by helicopter to a specialist burns unit at the university teaching hospital in nearby Montpellier, but doctors could not save her.

Heart - Black

Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada

aboriginal,mass graves
Unearthing mass aboriginal graves at the Mohawk Institute, Canada

Brantford, ON, Canada - Mass graves of Mohawk children have been uncovered by ground-penetrating radar at the Mohawk Institute, a residential school for Mohawk operated by the Church of England and the Vatican before its closure in 1970.

According to Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States (itccs.org), the Mohawk Institute was "set up by the Anglican Church of England in 1832 to imprison and destroy generations of Mohawk children. This very first Indian [First Nations] residential school in Canada lasted until 1970, and, like in most residential schools, more than half of the children imprisoned there never returned. Many of them are buried all around the school."

Preliminary scanning by ground penetrating radar adjacent to the now closed main building Mohawk Institute has revealed that "between 15-20 feet of soil" was brought in and put over the mass graves just before the Mohawk Institute closed in 1970 in order to camouflage the mass graves of Mohawk Children and avoid prosecution for genocide and crimes against humanity under the Geneva Conventions, the International Criminal Court, and cooperating national courts.


The Nonsensical Alleged Iranian Plot and the End of All Reason

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

In order to believe the latest flight of fancy promulgated by Washington, one must suspend any and all logic, reason and plain old common sense. Let's not forget that one must also ignore any knowledge of Iranian strategy, the operations of the Quds Force and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in general.

Even the U.S. government seems to realize these allegations are wildly unrealistic, including State Department Victoria Nuland who said, "When you look at these details, it seems like something out of a movie".

No, Nuland, it seems like something out of a bad movie written by writers who know little to nothing about Iran or terrorism in general, for that matter.


US: Clashes as Occupy protesters march on Wall Street

© Mary Altaffer/AP
A New York City police officer shoves a demonstrator affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street protests as they march through the streets in the Wall Street area, Friday.
Clashes broke out between bottle-throwing demonstrators and police on horses and scooters as Occupy Wall Street protesters marched on the Stock Exchange on Friday, NBC News reported.

At least 10 people were arrested amid what was initially described as a celebratory march, which began when it was revealed the owners of Zuccotti Park - where the protesters had set up camp - had ditched cleanup plans that some claimed were a pretext to evict them.

NBC News reported that police used the scooters to try to force protesters off of the street at several locations on Wall Street and Broadway.

In some cases, police rode scooters directly at people who stopped traffic and refused to move away.

Demonstrators threw bottles and one threw a garbage can at police, according to reporters on the scene.

WNBC reported that at least 10 people had been arrested as police tried to stop about 500 people, with brooms raised in the air, from marching on Wall Street.


NY postpones clearing of anti-Wall Street square

occupy wall street
© AFP Timothy A. Clary
On Thursday the protesters cleaned the
square themselves

New York - Anti-Wall Street protesters declared victory on Friday after a last-ditch deal saw New York authorities postpone evacuation of the park turned tent city that has become their home in the past month.

The owners of the property suspended their request for the city to clear it for routine cleaning and said they believed they could reach an agreement with the protesters, Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said in a statement.

The demonstrators had vowed a pre-dawn show of strength to prevent their eviction from the makeshift base that is the symbolic epicenter of their fledgling but growing movement which has spread nationwide in recent weeks.

But it never came to pass. "Our position has been consistent throughout: the city's role is to protect public health and safety, to enforce the law, and guarantee the rights of all New Yorkers," Holloway said.