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Sun, 10 Dec 2023
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US Apologises for Diplomat's 'Dirty' Indians Comment

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Apology: American diplomat Maureen Chao said that a long train journey made her 'dark and dirty' like Indians
The United States has apologised for controversial remarks made by a US diplomat who spoke of "dark and dirty" Indians, calling the comments "inappropriate".

US Vice-Consul Maureen Chao told Indian students on Friday that her "skin became dirty and dark like the Tamilians" after a long train journey, according to Indian media -- referring to people from the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

During her speech in the Tamil Nadu capital, Chennai, Chao was quoted as saying: "I was on a 24-hour train trip from Delhi to (the eastern Indian state of) Orissa.

"But, after 72 hours, the train still did not reach the destination... and my skin became dirty and dark like the Tamilians."

Following her speech, the US Consulate in Chennai on Saturday issued a "statement of apology".

"During the speech Ms. Chao made an inappropriate comment. Ms. Chao deeply regrets if her unfortunate remarks offended anyone, as that was certainly not her intent," the US Consulate said on its website.

The American diplomat was describing "positive memories from her own study experiences in India 23 years ago," the US consulate said.


Canada, Manitoba: Women Attacked with Hammer Over Beer

A man in custody in Winnipeg is accused of attacking two women with a hammer in an attempt to steal their beer.

The women, aged 18 and 39, were injured in the upper body and were taken to hospital for medical treatment.

According to the Winnipeg Police Service, officers were on patrol near Dufferin Avenue and King Street around 2:15 a.m. CT on Friday when they heard screams.

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Canada: Calgary Father Charged with Slashing Infant

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Calgary police found a child with slash wounds inside a home in the 1000 block of Cranston Drive SE early Saturday morning.
A 32-year-old Calgary man has been charged with attempted murder after having allegedly slashed his infant son several times Saturday morning.

Police responded to home in the 1000 block of Cranston Drive SE at approximately 4:15 a.m. MT following a 911 call.

There, officers found the seriously injured six-month-old and a man they described as "agitated."

The child was in critical condition and was transported by ambulance to Calgary's Children's Hospital. The young boy's condition was later upgraded to stable. Police said on Sunday that he is expected to make a full recovery.

Red Flag

Tell Somebody: 10 Surprising Warning Signs You're Dating an Abusive Guy

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You'd have to be crazy to hook up with an abuser, right? That's what I thought, but after working on our relationship violence story for six months, I was shocked by how smart and cool the women who get fooled are. The thing is, these guys are super charmers, pulling off Oscar-worthy performances of Mr. Dream Dude - at least while they're wooing you. And then, when they've got you madly in love with them, ka-bang, their violent true colors start showing.

The good news: there are definite danger sings a guy is an abuser before he ever raises a fist - and they start with you just having a funny feeling in your pit of your stomach. Because possessiveness and control are major red flags, Cindy Southworth, a VP at the National Network to End Domestic Violence, suggests this little test: "Break a date at the beginning when he's all hot and heavy, and tell him your girlfriend needs you. If he says, 'I'm disappointed but I understand,' great. But if it's, 'I can't bear to be apart,' or he makes you feel guilty, puts your friend down, or gets angry, these are not good signs!"

Comment: To understand more about the warning signs and red flags of dangerous and abusive men read How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved by Sandra Brown, M.A.. In addition to the excellent article by Sandra Brown in the Dot Connector Magazine: The Unexamined Victim: Women Who Love Psychopaths


35 Years of Harassment Why is Leonard Peltier in Solitary?

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Leonard Peltier
Amnesty International has called on prison authorities at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary to reconsider draconian sanctions against imprisoned American Indian Movement activist Leonard Peltier and to improve conditions for Peltier and other inmates held in isolation at the facility.

In an August 3 statement, the human rights organization said it "urged Warden Bledsoe to review Peltier's confinement to isolation, and to ensure that he has an opportunity to fairly contest any charges against him. It has also urged him not to confine Peltier in conditions which may be detrimental to his health, and to give him access to appropriate medical treatment he may need."

Peltier has been held in solitary confinement under oppressively hot conditions since June 27 for minor prison disciplinary violations his attorney maintains he did not commit.

Black Cat

Norway killer returns to island


Wearing a bullet-proof vest, Anders Behring Breivik returns with police to the island of Utoeya, where he reconstructs his methodical madness.
The Norwegian man who confessed to killing 69 people at an island youth camp has reconstructed his actions for police back at the crime scene.

Police took Anders Behring Breivik back to the island of Utoya on Saturday for a hearing about the July 22 terror attacks.

He shot the victims dead on the lake island near Oslo after killing another eight people in the capital with a bomb.

The 32-year-old described the killings in close detail during an eight-hour tour on the island, prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby told a news conference in Oslo.


UK: Cow leaps three foot fence and squashes car

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Amazingly Robert escaped with just cuts and bruises despite skidding almost 80 yards and ending up on the wrong side of the road as he tried to stop
Motorist Robert Gould is lucky to be alive after a startled cow leapt over a three-foot fence and landed on his car.

The frightened Friesian has written off Robert's Citroen C5 after denting the bonnet and breaking a wheel after bounding onto the busy road.

Stunned police later breath-tested Robert after he called 999 to report the collision.

It is understood the cow which died at the scene had been trying to escape from a farmer when it jumped into the road on the outskirts of Leek, Staffs.

Robert escaped with cuts and bruises despite skidding almost 80 yards and ending up on the wrong side of the road as he tried to stop.

The 24-year-old said: "I am now looking out for low-flying cows when I am driving ."

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Relationship Violence: The Secret That Kills 4 Women a Day

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He "threatened me," "strangled me with a PlayStation cord," "lunged at me with a pocketknife." A horror movie? No, real life for far too many young women, an exclusive new Glamour survey reveals. Why is relationship violence still so frighteningly common in 2011? And how can we help? The answer starts with two simple words: Tell Somebody.

Not long before sunrise on a Midwestern Friday, college student and part-time waitress Alexandra Briggs sat in her one-bedroom apartment, meticulously applying thick makeup all over her face, neck and arms. It took two coats to cover her boyfriend's teeth marks and the cigarette burns he'd inflicted, along with her newly purpling bruises; her pants hid the spot on her thigh where he'd stabbed her with a fork. When she finished, he drove her to the Original Pancake House for her 7:00 a.m. shift. "I'm sick," she told her boss as she clocked in and headed to the restroom.

Briggs, a freckled, blue-eyed Beatles fan who was studying criminal justice, had first chatted with Matthew Hubbard over Instant Messenger five months earlier. After their first date, she hadn't been interested, but when Hubbard, a fellow student, begged her to give him a chance, she did.

By that morning, she was barely a whisper of herself. As Hubbard would later admit in court, before Briggs had gone to work he'd hit her repeatedly with a small bat and strangled her until she slumped, unconscious -- typical of the violence that had started a month into the relationship. "He had me in a choke hold against the wall, saying, 'I'm going to kill you. No one will find your body; no one cares about you,'" Briggs, now 26, recalls. Dazed, she had agreed to Hubbard's order to go to work, fake the stomach flu and return home with him. She was huddled over the toilet when her manager, Shea Duymovic, pushed her way into the stall and sat on the floor. "Look at me," Duymovic said, her face next to Briggs'. "I know what he's doing to you. And I can't stand to see this happen anymore."

A moment passed. When Briggs finally turned, she saw her boss's eyes filled with tears. She remembers thinking one simple thought: Someone cares? Overwhelmed, she began to sob. "Do you want me to call your parents?" Duymovic asked gently. Briggs could only nod.

Comment: To better understand the topic of abuse against women, and why abused women stay with abusive men- we encourage you to read, Women Who Love Psychopaths by Sandra Brown, M.A..


Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

© myinnerchick.com
Why do women stay in abusive relationships? It's the $5.8 billion dollar question - the one so many people stumble over when they read about yet another woman killed by yet another boyfriend in yet another violent relationship: Why didn't she just leave? She's had two legs; she knew how to walk.

And yet, women don't. Five-point-eight billion is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's lowball dollar estimate of what intimate partner violence costs each year in medical care, mental health treatment and lost productivity - nothing in comparison to the cost of life, which is four women a day in the U.S., and on the rise for those in dating relationships. So back to the why: In the process of researching "Tell Somebody" - Glamour's report on relationship violence - we tried to get at the answer by asking experts, survivors and women in abusive relationships now.


"I Can Handle It": On Relationship Violence, Independence, and Capability

In early 2001, a group of friends who had introduced me to my then-boyfriend sat me down at a kitchen table. "We're worried about you," one said. "Has he hit you?"

The answer, at the time, was no.

Ten months later, I stumble into the emergency room, blood dripping from my nose onto my ripped pajama top, barefoot in the November chill. The receptionist says words to me that make no sense. The only words that make sense are the ones that spill out of my mouth over and over again, the only words that will let the receptionist and the nurses and my friends and my parents know that this isn't what it looks like, that I'm not one of those women, those women in abusive relationships, those women who can't help themselves enough to get out: I went to college, I went to college, I went to college.