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Bizarre coincidence: Did bin Laden and Hitler die on the same day?

© PNGOn May 1, 1945, German radio reported Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was dead.
In a truly odd coincidence Osama Bin Laden and Adolph Hitler apparently died on the same day, well, at least the announcements of their deaths occurred on the same day.

Sixty-six years ago it was announced on the evening of May 1, 1945 that Hitler killed himself in his bunker in Berlin.

On Sunday night in the USA it was announced that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a firefight with U.S. forces.

Keep in mind, the timing of these death announcements are all in Eastern Standard Time.


Operation Belvis Bash: Corey Feldman's Bin Laden Film's Bizarre Timing

The official story is that the Navy SEALs took out al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin laden in a precise, heroic strike in Pakistan on Sunday. But if you ask 80's teen star Corey Feldman, he just may have had a part in taking down the world's most wanted criminal.

Feldman, the star of such 80's staples as "Stand By Me" and "The Lost Boys," has been touring with his very serious independent film, "Operation Belvis Bash," a war epic in which a number of entertainers, including his "outrageous 'Jewtastic' comedian,' Samuel Stilman, travel to Afghanistan to try to liberate Kabul through the power of mediocre at best rock 'n roll. He had just gotten out of a screening of his film, which is currently on tour in Texas, when he got the news of Bin Laden's death.

"I was in New York on September 11, 2001, with Michael Jackson, and then, nearly ten years later, I walk out of the premiere of my latest film, which I had postponed to be able to attend Corey Haim's 'Decisions' premiere and memorial, to learn that Osama Bin Laden [sic] had been killed by a special operation, just like in the film we'd just screened." Feldman said in a statement (via Movieline). "The timing is simply unbelievable, and whether life imitates art, or art imitates life, now is a time for all Americans to express their gratitude to the brave men and women who serve our country and helped make this happen."

Black Cat

Female Psychopath? Israeli Border Policewoman as Stone-Cold Killer

© UnknownShani Sevilia
A new expose of Israeli police brutality and torture exploded yesterday with reports that a member of a special Border Police unit, Shani Sivilia, had been accused of torturing a Palestinian boy in March 2010, by cocking and pretending to fire her pistol into his head at close range, all in response the 'deadly' act of his possessing three firecrackers. While the charges brought against her were shocking enough, even worse was the discovery by Israeli journalist, Ido Kenan, of her Facebook page, which is replete with the feverish product of what Ido cinematically calls "Dangerous Mind." Kenan has published a version of this in Yediot.

Yesterday, I wrote about the specific charges brought against her by the police special affairs unit. Today, we'll examine the contents of her formerly publicly accessible Facebook page (now private). There are a number of interesting themes running through this material which it's worth paying close attention to. First, Sivilia is a Mizrahit. As such, she clearly feels a profound need to separate herself from the Palestinians who, if she saw her own image in the mirror, she would resemble.

But there is a desperate need among some Israeli Jews of Arab origin to say: "We're not like them. We're better than them." This is phenomenon, of course, not restricted to Israel. This happens in all societies in which there are waves of immigration and the penultimate ethnic newcomer seeks to distinguish itself from the most recent wave, which is at the very bottom of the social status pyramid.


Investigators recover second Air France black box

Air France
© 7pm TV News NSWInvestigators found the main wreckage in early April
Search teams have retrieved the second black box flight recorder of an Air France plane that crashed in the Atlantic in 2009 en route from Rio to Paris, killing 228 people.

"The investigation team localised and identified the cockpit voice recorder at 21:50 UTC (local time) on Monday 2 May, 2011," France's Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) said in a statement.

BEA chief Jean-Paul Troadec said the recorder was "in good condition".

"The chassis, the module and even the underwater locator beacon is there," he said.

Bad Guys

Israeli border policemen charged for assaulting, abusing Palestinian teen

© UnknownShani Sevilia
According to the charges, Ishai Ben-Ozri, 30, a resident of Ariel, and Shani Sevilia, 22, of Jerusalem, assaulted a 17-year-old after he was found to be carrying firecrackers during a routine check at the Rockefeller checkpoint in Jerusalem.

Two members of the Border Police have been indicted at the Jerusalem District Court for allegedly abusing and assaulting a minor. The two are Ishai Ben-Ozri, 30, a resident of Ariel, and Shani Sevilia, 22, of Jerusalem.

According to the charges, they assaulted a 17-year-old after he was found to be carrying firecrackers during a routine check at the Rockefeller checkpoint in Jerusalem.

Ben-Ozri allegedly punched the teenager in the jaw and kicked him in the knee. Sevilia, meanwhile, allegedly beat him and placed her pistol at his head, leading him to believe she was about to kill him. His eyes were covered.

Evil Rays

Chile finds radioactive traces in Korean cars

© AFPA Japanese Self-Defense Force soldier removes debris and searches for people in Fukushima prefecture

Santiago - Chilean officials found traces of radioactivity in tests on around 20 used cars on a ship from South Korea that had been in the vicinity of Japan's damaged Fukushima atomic plant, a report said Monday.

The report in the daily El Mercurio quoted Iquique customs director Raul Barria as saying the radioactivity did not appear to pose a danger.

He said the vehicles were showing a level of one to five on a radioactive index, below the level of nine needed for an alert.

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U.S.: Search warrants fill in some details on discovery of caged Gloucester girl

A residential burglary reported on April 17 led investigators to the grim discovery of an emaciated girl who was kept penned for months in a modified cage in a Gloucester single-wide trailer.

A homeowner in the Cappahosic area reported several bars of gold bullion, a vacuum cleaner, flashlights, a passport, $2,000 in cash and other items had been stolen from his home sometime during the previous three weeks, according to documents filed in Gloucester County Circuit Court.

The homeowner told Gloucester Sheriff's deputies he had not been at the home since March 23, according to court documents.

The gold bullion bars were traced to the Harris & Co. Auction House -- located in the former home of Carolina BBQ, where Shannon Gore worked before it closed down -- where the owner said he had purchased two gold bullion bars from Shannon Gore, according to court documents.

Heart - Black

US: Gloucester VA, Emaciated Girl Kept Penned for Months in Cage

Search warrants fill in some details on discovery of caged Gloucester girl

A residential burglary reported on April 17 led investigators to the grim discovery of an emaciated girl who was kept penned for months in a modified cage in a Gloucester single-wide trailer.


Mysterious Packages Of Pot Being Delivered All Over


A month ago, employees at Dr. Toothy's Dental Office in Chinatown were shocked when they received a delivery of a 31-pound brick of marijuana, we assume from the Marijuana Fairy. Now, two Pennsylvanian residents have also received surprise packages with pounds of marijuana, worth $22,400 each on the street. So what the heck is going on with dealers? Is this becoming a trend? And is there any way we can win this lottery?

Because it doesn't seem like medical marijuana is coming to NYC anytime soon. Not that the question isn't amusing Mayor Bloomberg a bit. During his weekly WOR radio appearance, Bloomberg took this Twitter question (watch him answer it below), which he was "reticent" to read at first: "What's up with medical marijuana in NYC. Is it going to be OK'd soon? Need to know by this weekend." He laughed and answered it wasn't legal yet, but added:
The argument is that the only way you're ever going to end the drug trade is to legalize drugs and take away the profit motive, and the Mexico, tens of thousands of people have been killed in wars with the government trying to clamp down on drug dealers. There's no easy answers to any of these things. There are places where they've legalized drugs, and whether it destroyed the society or didn't, it's up to debate.


US: Osama bin Laden death: "When are they going to show us the body?"

© Jim Young / ReutersPeople cheer and wave U.S. flags outside the White House after President Obama delivered remarks to the nation on the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
At O'Connell's bar in Long Beach, two patrons walked in, announced "Osama bin Laden is dead!" and told the bartender to change the channel on the television. At first, no one believed them.

But slowly, all eyes looked up from their pints of beer and started to fixate on television screens showing clips of President Obama's remarks and the crowd gatherin

"It's crazy that we're celebrating a death, but this is a good thing for our country," said Kristen Lawson, 30, of Long Beach.

She wondered what the news means for the war in Afghanistan: "This is exactly what we're there for," she said.

Antoinette Collins, 26, of Whittier learned the news from a text message sent by a friend in the military. ("Osama is dead," the terse message said).

Collins comes from a military family and thinks Bin Laden's death is a positive development for the war and a victory for Obama, but she worries about retaliation from terrorists.