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Putin and wife announce that their 29-year marriage is over

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his 29-year marriage to his his wife, Lyudmila, was over - after removing his wedding band as they watched the ballet together.

The 60-year-old and his 55-year-old wife broke the news of the end of the 29-year marriage in an obviously staged TV interview after a night at the ballet.

Before the ballet at the Kremlin Palace, Putin was pictured wearing his wedding ring, but he must have removed it during the performance because he was not wearing it by the time he left and was interviewed.

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Guantanamo Bay hunger strike grows - 41 now being forced fed

forced feeding guantanamo
The number of hunger strikers being force-fed by the U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has risen to 41, with the protest showing no signs of abating more than a week after President Obama renewed his commitment to close the detention facility.

The military said in a statement Thursday that 103 detainees are on hunger strike and that 41 of them are being force-fed. The military also said four detainees who are being force-fed are being observed at the hospital.

None of the hunger strikers has a life-threatening condition, said Lt. Col. Samuel House, a spokesman for Joint Task Force Guantanamo.

Comment: Remember that these men have never been found guilty of any crime whatsoever, yet they have been imprisoned and tortured for years, against all international and human rights laws. This force feeding sounds like one more torture technique they suffer for no reason at all.

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France bans far right youth rally in Toulouse after the killing of left wing student

Clément Meric
© Agence France PresseClément Meric was member of the Solidaires students' union and the far-Left anti-fascist movement.
French authorities banned a far-Right youth rally set for Saturday in the southern city of Toulouse after the killing of a left-wing student this week sparked alarm over street violence by ultra-right groups.

Toulouse's Socialist mayor had expressed concern about a planned torchlit evening march to commemorate the victory of a Christian army in 721 over Muslims besieging the city, after a clash between ultra-Right and far-Left youths in Paris on Wednesday led to the death of a 19-year-old student.

Toulouse police headquarters said it had feared a "serious risk of public disorder" if the rally went ahead.

France has been shaken in recent months by scenes of far-Right youths hurling bricks at police and smashing cars as they piggybacked on street marches led by conservatives and Catholics against a reform to legalise same-sex marriage.

The sudden visibility of far-Right groups is shaking up the already fragmented Right-wing opposition, as National Front leader Marine Le Pen seeks to distance herself from them and the UMP conservative party squabbles over whether to embrace or oppose the anti-gay marriage movement.

Comment: While the world burns: Huge gay marriage protest turns violent in Paris

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Sgt. Robert Bales describes killing 16 Afghans

© APStaff Sgt. Robert Bales, left, stands before military judge Col. Jeffery Nance Wednesday in this court sketch.
The American soldier charged with killing 16 Afghan civilians during nighttime raids on two villages last year pleaded guilty Wednesday then described shooting each victim, telling a military judge there is "not a good reason in this world" for what he did.

To avoid the death penalty, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales pleaded guilty to multiple counts of murder at the hearing at Joint Base Lewis-McChord south of Seattle. He then read from a statement in a clear and steady voice, describing his actions for each killing in the same terms.

Bales, 39, said he left the remote base where he was posted in southern Afghanistan in March 2012, and went to the nearby villages of mud-walled compounds. Once inside, he said he "formed the intent" of killing the victims, then shot each one.

"This act was without legal justification, sir," Bales told the judge while seated at a defense table, his handles folded in front of him.

Most of the victims were women and children, and some of the bodies were burned. Relatives have told The Associated Press they are irate at the notion Bales will escape execution for one of the worst atrocities of the Afghanistan war.


When fascism comes to America, it will be cloaked in patriotism

paul ryan
© Unknown
There is a quote (often misattributed to Sinclair Lewis) that states, "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." While the actual quote seems to be a condensed meme of a collection of prognostications from the 1930′s as Hitler came to power, it is very true of where we find ourselves headed in the 21st century here in the United States.

The word "fascist" is thrown around a lot these days and it's usually by people who have no clue what it really means. They bleat about "Big Brother" and an authoritarian government, even as they ironically vote for the politicians who support the very same things. Even though we won the war against fascism in Germany, it seems as if we brought that back with us like a parasite that would lay dormant for a few decades.

In a nutshell, fascism is basically an authoritarian government for corporations, by corporations. Extreme nationalism, the loss of individual liberties, and collectivism that benefits corporations rather than people. Basically, corporate protection and welfare. This is where the dollar is placed above the individual, where human beings are just cogs in the wheel. Have you ever heard your boss say "you're an asset to the company"? That's it, you are an asset just like the office printer - and just like that printer, you'll be thrown away once your usefulness has run its course.


Man charged with DUI despite blowing .000 during breathalyzer test

File photo of an electronic breathalyzer
© UnknownFile photo of an electronic breathalyzer
Arizona authorities charge a man for driving under the influence despite him blowing a .000 on a breathalyzer test.

KNXV-TV reports that 64-year-old Jessie Thornton - a native of Ohio - was recently pulled over by Surprise police after he recently left an LA Fitness gym. Thornton then says the officer accused him of driving drunk.

"He walked up and he said 'I can tell you're driving DUI by looking in your eyes,'" Thornton told KNXV.

Thornton was then given a sobriety test.

"I take my glasses off and he says, 'You've got bloodshot eyes.' I said, 'I've been swimming at LA Fitness,' and he says, 'I think you're DUI,'" said Thornton. "He goes, 'Well we're going to do a sobriety test.' I said, 'OK, but I got bad knees and a bad hip with surgery in two days.'"

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UK's Hidden hungry: More than half a million people forced to use food banks as families seek emergency help to stave off hunger

Food bank
© PARise: Shocking figures have revealed that more than half a million people across Britain are now forced to use food banks
Shocking figures have revealed that more than half a million people across Britain are now forced to use food banks to stave off hunger, the government was warned today.

Up to half of those seeking help were doing so as a direct result of having benefit payments delayed, reduced or withdrawn, a report by Church Action On Poverty and Oxfam said.

Other factors behind the increase on those using emergency help - the 'hidden hungry' - include rising food prices, unemployment and energy costs.

The charities accused the Government of failing to properly monitor the numbers now resorting to emergency help.

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German inflation spiked higher in May as food prices surge

Annual German inflation grew faster than forecast in May, rising to 1.5 per cent, the statistics office said Wednesday.

The cost of living in Europe's biggest economy slumped to a two-and-a-half year low of 1.2 per cent in April.

The May rise was fueled by a 5.3-per-cent surge in food prices, which came after prolonged winter weather helped to drive up the cost of fruit and vegetables.

The cost of energy and services also accelerated in May, the statistics office said.

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Mass surveillance in America

It shouldn't surprise. It's longstanding policy. Post-9/11, it escalated. Previous articles said Big Brother is real. It's no longer fiction.

Mass surveillance is official US policy. It's not for national security. It's not about discovering terror or other threats. None whatever exist. Claiming otherwise doesn't wash. Big Lies substitute for vital truths.

What's ongoing reflects unchecked power. It's for unchallenged global dominance. It's secret with no oversight for good reason. It's unconstitutional. Societies governed this way are lawless. People living in them aren't free.

America never was a democracy. It wasn't created to be one. It's not one now. Freedom is verboten. It's vanishing in plain sight. Wealth, power and privilege alone matter. Police state terror targets non-believers.


Medics: 28 dead as protesters attack ex-Libya rebel HQ

At least 28 people were killed and 60 were wounded on Saturday when demonstrators attacked the headquarters in Benghazi of former rebels who had fought to oust Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi, a hospital official said.

"We have so far identified 28 people dead and some 60 injured," a doctor at the Al-Jala hospital in the eastern city told AFP, more than doubling an earlier toll.

Fighting erupted after dozens of demonstrators, some of them armed, tried to dislodge the powerful "Shield of Libya" brigade from its barracks in Benghazi, said an AFP correspondent at the scene.

They encircled the headquarters and called on regular security forces to step in.

Libya's post-Kadhafi authorities, who have still not managed to form a professional new army and police corps, often call on the "Shield of Libya" to intervene in the various tribal conflicts that trouble the country.

Adel Tarhuni, spokesman for the Shield of Libya group, said one member of the brigade had died and another seven were wounded. Tarhuni also defended the "legitimacy" of the brigade, saying it officially came under the umbrella of the defence ministry.

He reported that a peaceful demonstration in front of the brigade's headquarters had been infiltrated by armed aggressors.