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Best of the Web: Helicopter carrying Iranian president crashes - reports

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi
© Sputnik / Sergey BobylevIranian President Ebrahim Raisi
The aircraft with Ebrahim Raisi on board suffered a "hard landing," according to some media.

A helicopter on which Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was a passenger encountered a "hard landing" on Sunday, according to reports by Iranian state television and other media outlets.

The Interior Minister of Iran Ahmad Vahidi has reportedly confirmed that the helicopter with Raisi on board had made a hard landing in the city of Jolfa in the northwestern Iranian province of East Azarbaijan.

Several other senior officials, including Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and Governor of East Azarbaijan Malek Rahmati, were traveling with the president, reports claim.

About an hour after the incident, rescue teams reportedly managed to reach the area and began a search operation that is currently ongoing.

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North Carolina could ban face masks in public

face masks
© AP Photo/Gerry Broome
The North Carolina state Senate voted along party lines Wednesday to ban anyone from wearing masks in public, even for health reasons.

Republican supporters of the ban said it would help law enforcement crack down on protesters who wear masks. They say demonstrators are abusing COVID-19 pandemic-era practices to hide their identities following a wave of pro-Palestine protests nationwide and at North Carolina universities.

The bill goes even further and repeals an exception that's been state law since the early stages of the pandemic that allows people to wear masks in public for health and safety reasons.

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UK's Sky News one of many Western media outlets expressing barely concealed delight at the shooting of Robert Fico

fico shot
© RTVS / AFPSecurity personnel carrying Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico after he was shot
British broadcaster Sky News has drawn criticism for suggesting that Wednesday's attempted assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was to be expected, given the politician's controversial views and "pro-Russian" stance.

"It's worth thinking about who this individual is," a Sky News anchor said of Fico shortly after he was critically wounded while greeting supporters in the small town of Handlova. Sky News military analyst Michael Clarke replied, "That would make sense. Slovakia is a very conflicted place at the moment."

Clarke, who also works as a security adviser to UK lawmakers, went on to note that Fico had pushed for ending the Russia-Ukraine conflict, rather than continuing to send weapons to Kiev. "He's become very pro-Russian over the years," the analyst said. "One wonders why and how, but maybe that's his conviction."

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Beekeeper forced to burn 10,000 hives after fungus detected in New Zealand, industry has halved in just 2 years

The family watch on as thousands of bee boxes were destroyed.
Beekeepers say New Zealand needs a new approach to a hive-destroying disease that is leaving those affected out of pocket, uncompensated and devastated.

Honey producer Springbank Honey of North Canterbury was ordered to burn more than 10,000 of its beehives and beekeeping equipment after American Foulbrood (AFB) was identified through spore testing.

AFB is a bacterial disease spread by spores that could be viable for up to 40 years. It is considered one of the most widespread and destructive honey bee brood diseases in the world.

The family-owned honey business, operating near Rangiora in North Canterbury, runs 3000 organic beehives and processes honey too.

Comment: The establishment's war on farmers and the acceleration of food inflation, and food shortages continues apace:

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It's a Democrat thing to make up stories of your youth?

Hillary Astronaut
© Armstrong Economics
And Hillary says Biden has a mental/age problem and should not be President - so turn to Hillary?

Biden was born November 20, 1942 so he is ONLY 5 years older than Hillary. Well, she did not have an uncle eaten by cannibals - Perhaps!

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NYC mayor calls migrants 'excellent swimmers,' possible lifeguards

Eric Adams
© AP Photo/Peter K. Afriyie, FileNew York City Mayor Eric Adams
New York Mayor Eric Adams argued that illegal immigrants could be hired to fill lifeguard shortages because they're "excellent swimmers."

He made the comment after he was asked Tuesday at a briefing about the city's lifeguard shortages ahead of Memorial Day weekend and the summer season.

"How do we have a large body of people that are in our city, in our country, that are excellent swimmers and at the same time we need lifeguards — and the only obstacle is that we won't give them the right to work to become a lifeguard," the mayor said.

"That just doesn't make sense," he said.


Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker slams Biden's 'delusional' stance on abortion in commencement speech

© Benedictine CollegeButker slammed Biden for professing to be a Catholic while supporting abortion rights.
Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker recently called out President Biden over his "delusional" support for abortion as a practicing Catholic.

The three-time Super Bowl winner laid into the 81-year-president during a fiery commencement speech Saturday at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kan., where the NFL star also criticized the federal government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and aired out his frustrations with a litany of other political, religious and cultural issues.

"As a group, you witnessed firsthand how bad leaders who don't stay in their lane can have a negative impact on society," Butker, 28, said early in his 20-minute address to the graduates of the small Catholic liberal arts school, referring to the COVID-19 lockdowns.


Blast strikes top military academy in St. Petersburg, 7 injured

st petersburg
The incident took place at the Budyonny Military Academy of the Signal Corps.Seven military personnel were injured in an explosion at the Budyonny Military Academy of the Signal Corps in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Military District said Friday evening. The blast was said to have been caused by a piece of ammunition dating back to the Second World War which went off.

"On May 17, 2024 at about 8 pm Moscow time, an explosion occurred on the territory of the Budyonny Military Academy of the Signal Corps during the cleaning of one of the basement areas while unloading trash into a container. As a result of the explosion, seven military personnel were injured. All the victims were taken to a Russian Defense Ministry medical facility, where they received all the necessary medical care," the Leningrad Military District's press service said in a statement.

Comment: This wouldn't be the first suspicious explosion at a strategic facility that Russia has declared to be an 'accident', and there have been well over a hundred similarly suspect incidents documented since the beginning of the SMO. And so whilst it is possible it was an unexploded ordinance from WWII, it seems more likely that this was yet another terror attack on Russian soil by the West-Ukraine:

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Islamist demo goes ahead in Hamburg under strict conditions

Hamburg as last week the scene of demonstrations against the Islamists' appeal
© Jonas Walzberg/dpa/picture allianceHamburg as last week the scene of demonstrations against the Islamists' appeal
An estimated 2,300 people participated in a demonstration organized by the Islamist group Muslim Interactive in the German port city of Hamburg on Saturday, according to police.

The group, classified as extremist by German security authorities, called for a new protest against "censorship and opinions being dictated."

This follows a previous demonstration in late April where participants displayed signs with the words "caliphate is the solution." It came against the backdrop of Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza, and sparked uproar in Germany and denunciation from leading politicians.

Comment: It seems like things are almost at a boiling point.


Germany admits to expelling Ukrainian soldiers over Nazi symbols

nazi teenagers ukraine
© Redes socialesFILE: Ukrainian recruits. The authorities say that troops sent to train in the country are warned on arrival against wearing such insignias.
The German government revealed on Wednesday that it has expelled seven Ukrainian troops undergoing military training in the country for sporting Nazi symbols. Berlin, however, attempted to downplay the potential threat posed by Ukrainian far-right nationalists to any future peace process between Kiev and Moscow.

According to the German military's estimates, "around 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers were trained by German and multinational units on German soil in 2023." Under the European Union Military Assistance Mission Ukraine (EUMAM UA) established in November 2022, German instructors and those from several other member states have trained Ukrainian military personnel.

Comment: What with Germany's unwavering support for the war on Russia, as well as Israel's genocide in Gaza, one can imagine that Berlin must have been rather reluctant to do the above: Recent footage from Ukraine: