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'Pious' astrologer's dark side shocks South Indian folks

Aravazhi Siddhar
© The New Indian ExpressAravazhi Siddhar.
For residents of BV Colony in Vyasarpadi, the name Aravazhi Siddhar stood for an extremely religious man, until he was recently arrested for abusing a 14-year-old girl and forcing her into prostitution in connivance with her mother.

The agony faced by the young girl, who had escaped to Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and was selling mangoes to escape from the hands of her tormentors, may have come as a rude shock for many in the city, but for those in BV Colony, what is more shocking is the dark side of their 'Siddhar'.

"He always wore saffron dhoti and his appearance used to be pious. Even though he was known as an astrologer, he was reputed for his special poojas.

We always called him Siddhar and no one knew what his actual name was," said Kamaraj, a local resident and his regular patron.

According to the CB-CID officials, it was the astrologer, who first abused the minor girl and later referred her to two women pimps who started regularly forcing her into flesh trade after administering narcotics.

"It is surprising how such incidents took place without raising any suspicion in this thickly populated area. My house is just adjacent to the hut and even if there is any minor commotion, it can't go unnoticed," said a neighbour of the astrologer.

Siddhar was residing in the same hut for last 15 years. The interiors of the hut resembled like a mini "ashram" as locals refer to this hut.

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Unemployment rates up in most US states in July

unemployment US
More than half of US states had an increase in their unemployment rates in July, reflecting slow economic growth and a frustratingly weak job market.

Unemployment rate rose in 28 states and the District of Columbia, the Labor Department said on Monday.

The largest increase in unemployment occurred in New Jersey, which lost 11,800 jobs last month. At 9.5 percent, Nevada continues to have the highest unemployment rate of any US state.

Employers have been adding jobs, but the pace has not been fast enough for the 11.5 million Americans who want a job, but they cannot find one.


Hysterical USA: Police, armed guards deployed for 'crowd control' as black audience watches new civil rights drama 'The Butler' in Maryland movie theater

Tiffany Flowers
Tiffany Flowers
The Butler ruled this past weekend with a $25 million opening, a surprising amount for the new civil rights drama.

Weirdly, according to a moviegoer at the Regal Cinemas in Silver Spring, Maryland, the theater had police and armed security guards during showings of The Butler (video below).

Twitter user "Tiffany Flowers" (pictured) tweeted that The Butler audience had their movie tickets checked twice, armed policemen were stationed inside the theater and armed guards were inside the screening room, notes

Flowers tweeted:
"Then as soon as we enter the theater we were greeted by an actual police officer who herded traffic in one direction. @RegalMovies."

Comment: Wow, this is surely unprecedented in the current era!?

Let's take a glimpse at what has gotten the U.S. govt paranoid enough to do this:


23 bodies found in west Mexico

mexican dead
Mexican forensic workers carry decomposed bodies in plastic bags in the northern state of Durango. (file photo)
Mexican security forces have discovered 23 bodies in two neighboring states in the country's west where a fierce tug of war rages on between major drug cartels, officials say.

According to a statement released by state prosecutor in Michoacan on Sunday, nine bodies linked to the Knights Templar cartel were found near the town of Buenavista Tomatlan close to the Jalisco state border.

Michoacan is one of the country's poorest states and is home to traditional drug routes. It is also a major hub for the production of methamphetamine in Mexico.


UNHCR: Over 30,000 Syrian refugees enter Iraq's Kurdistan region

syrian family
Members of a Syrian family arrive in Lebanon after fleeing the unrest in Syria.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has announced that more than 30,000 Syrians fled the country to seek refuge in Iraq's Kurdistan region in recent days.

On Monday, the UNHCR reported one of the most massive influxes of Syrians fleeing the violence in the country, saying that an estimated 5,000 Syrians entered Iraq's Kurdistan region on the same day alone.

"It appears we will be in the range of an estimated 5,000 people today [Monday]," AFP quoted Peter Kessler, a spokesman for UNHCR, as saying.

"That takes the estimated number to more than 30,000" since Thursday, he said.


US B-1 bomber crashes near Montana, crew ejects

B-1 bomber
A B-1B Lancer, deployed from Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., pulls after being refueled in Dec 2012.
The US Air Force says that a B-1 bomber has crashed in a remote area of southeastern Montana, but all of the crew escaped with some injuries.

"We are actively working to ensure the safety of the crew members and have sent first responders to secure the scene and work closely with local authorities at the crash site," Col. Kevin Kennedy, commander of the 28th Bomb Wing, said in a statement on Monday.

Two pilots and two weapons system officers ejected from the bomber before the crash near Broadus, Montana, Kennedy added.

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You're kidding? Fukushima nuclear plant to become tourist attraction?

Fukushima Power Plant
© Eyesopenreport.comWorkers at the Fukushima disaster.
Plans are in the works to make the site of one of histories worse nuclear disasters a tourist attraction.

The idea is to build a community on the edge of the exclusion zone that extends 25 miles from the reactor. This community comes equipped with restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels that have been built to protect guests from elevated levels of radiation.

The highlight of the visit will be a trip into the unstable reactors perimeter fence.

All to serve as a reminder of how the nuclear plant was crippled during a earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

I thought vacation's were to escape the horrors that life brought us? Not for the purpose of entering them.

Why would anyone be attracted to a nuclear disaster site that has been killing those who have tried to contain its toxicity?


Radiation levels in Fukushima bay highest since measurements began - reports

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
© Reuters/Japan Maritime Self-Defence ForceTokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
Readings of tritium in seawater taken from the bay near the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has shown 4700 becquerels per liter, a TEPCO report stated, according to Nikkei newspaper. It marks the highest tritium level in the measurement history.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has detected the highest radiation level in seawater collected in the harbor of the crippled nuclear plant in the past 15 days, Nikkei reports.

TEPCO said the highest radiation level was detected near reactor 1. Previous measurements showed tritium levels at 3800 becquerels per liter near reactor 1, and 2600 becquerels per liter near reactor 2. The concentration of tritium in the harbor's seawater has been continuously rising since May, according to Nikkei.


Man survives being hit 'straight on' by Amtrak train travelling at 110mph

Darryl See was hit by a Chicago-bound train as he walked along the tracks east of Michigan City


A Michigan man has been released from intensive care after remarkably surviving being struck by an Amtrak train going at 110 miles per hour.

Darryl See, 22, was hit by a Chicago-bound train as he walked along the tracks east of Michigan City on Friday.

According to reports the train sounded its horn a number of times but Mr See, who was listening to music at the time, failed to hear it.

He underwent surgery at Memorial Hospital in South Bend to put a plate in his neck and had several crushed vertebrae.

John Boyd of LaPorte County Police, told the Northwest Indiana Times that: "The conductor said it was a straight-on hit."

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Eight feared drowned off Indonesian coast after killer whale harpooned by them drags their boat under the water

  • Four of 12 hunters swam to shore, but their companions went down
  • Search has failed to find any trace of the men, their boat or the whale
  • The incident compared to fictional story of the hunt for Moby Dick
Eight tribesmen from a remote part of Indonesia are feared drowned after a killer whale they harpooned pulled their boat down.

Four of the 12 hunters on board the wooden boat managed to swim to the shore, but their companions went down with the flimsy vessel after the whale at first dragged the vessel along - before diving.

Villagers said it was a mystery why the eight disappeared without trace because they were in an open boat when it was pulled under in the waters off the island of Lembata, in eastern Indonesia.

One of few whaling villages: Lamalera village on the southern tip of Lembata, Indonesia