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SOTT Focus: Monotheistic religions - Playground for psychopaths

the accused
© www.dawn.comBlasphemy: the accused
Religious statutes permit Muslims to take the law in their own hands, kill alleged blasphemers and attack minority communities. In Pakistan, a mere accusation of blasphemy is often enough to put an individual and their community in extreme danger.

Is this only true to Islam or are there similarities at work in other religious systems as well? Let's look at recent events to illustrate the concern:

Blasphemy: Utter-ly a Death's Sentence

a horror story...
Christians beaten to death for allegedly desecrating Qur'an in Pakistan
An angry crowd attacked and killed a Christian couple and then burned their bodies at the brick kiln where they worked. Rumors circulated that the couple had desecrated a Qur'an the day before, although the circumstances of this accusation are not clear [...] the latest example of violence against minorities accused of blasphemy...
and this one is unthinkable...
Girl saw her mother burn alive for blasphemy in Pakistan...and then the mob tried to set HER alight as well
A four-year-old girl and her 18-month-old sister were forced to watch their pregnant Christian mother 'twitch' in the flames when a Muslim mob burnt her and her husband alive after accusing them of blasphemy and were savagely beaten...
and then this crazed old guy...
A 70-year-old Briton suffering from paranoid schizophrenia is facing a death sentence in Pakistan
When Mohammad Asghar claimed to be a prophet sent by God, his psychosis talking, a police officer at the maximum security prison shot him in the back because he had to "kill the blasphemer..."


Pennsylvania shooting spree suspect Bradley Stone found dead in woods

© NBC10State police block off Schoolhouse Road in Pennsburg on Dec. 16 after police discover the body, sources say, of Bradley Stone. The 35-year-old was wanted for the shootings of his ex-wife and six family members.
Bradley Stone, the man prosecutors say is responsible for killing his ex-wife and five of her family members and seriously stabbing one other before going on the run, has been found dead in the woods near his home, the Montgomery County District Attorney said.

His body was discovered at 1:38 p.m. Tuesday near W. 4th Street and Schoolhouse Road North Hanover Township, District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said. The location is about a half mile from the former Marine's home where SWAT teams have been methodically searching for the man for the past two days.

It appears Stone took his own life through "self-inflicted cutting wounds to the center of his body," Vetri Ferman said. A knife was discovered nearby, she said.

Police also found a video recorded by Stone on a cell phone on or near his person, law enforcement sources said.

Stone, 35, had not been seen since just before 5 a.m. Monday as he rushed his screaming children out of their mother's apartment in Harleysville. Moments before, neighbors and police said he gunned down the woman, Nicole Hill Stone. She was the last of seven family members he shot that morning, prosecutors said.

The children were left in his neighborhood in Pennsburg and he fled, officials said. The girls, along with Stone's current wife and infant are now in protective custody, Vetri Ferman said.

Comment: This is such a sad and needless tragedy.

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Keeping colonialism in place: Haitian police and UN 'peacekeepers' fire on protesters

Haiti protesters
© AFPA government-appointed commission has recommended that the country's prime minister resign
Haitian police and UN peacekeepers have clashed with protesters as several thousand opposition supporters tried to march on the presidential palace, demanding new leadership.

The Associated Press reported that UN troops fired in the air as police used tear gas to disperse protesters. The demonstrations started off peacefully but shots were fired after protesters burned tires and threw rocks at police.

Friday's march in the capital, Port-au-Prince, was only the latest in a series of demonstrations by opposition supporters demanding the resignation of President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.

It came just days after a government-appointed commission recommended that the country's prime minister resign.

Comment: One of the reasons the poor have not seen progress is that a large amount of the reconstruction funds have been used to build five star hotels for foreigners rather than being used to provide food and housing for the Haitian people. The international community is not helping rebuild Haiti. It is improving colonialism in Haiti with its companies, using the country's population as slave labor to boost profits.

Haiti "Reconstruction": Luxury Hotels, Sweat Shops and Deregulation for the Foreign Corporate Elite

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Wal-Mart ordered to pay $188M to employees for failure to compensate for breaks and hours worked

© unknown
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered Wal-Mart Stores Inc to pay $188 million to employees who had sued the retailer for failing to compensate them for rest breaks and all hours worked.

Wal-Mart said on Tuesday that it might appeal the decision, which upheld lower court rulings, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Monday's ruling on the class-action lawsuit will reduce Wal-Mart's earnings for the quarter ending on Jan. 31 by 6 cents a share, the company said in a securities filing. That amounts to roughly 4 percent of its profit forecast of $1.46 to $1.56 for the period.

Comment: It is heartening to see that the justice system is finally taking Walmart to task for at least some of the company's egregious actions against its virtual slave labor force. You can rest assured, though that the psychopaths at the helm of Walmart will resist compensating these employees to the bitter end.


Seattle man guns down 6-month-old puppy with hollow point round for pooping

A Washington man says that he had a right to shoot several dogs - including a 6-month-old puppy - that came into his yard over the years.

Kathy Davis told KOMO that her husband called her on Thursday to let her know that her 10-year-old son's Australian shepherd had been shot.

"He said, 'Rowdy had been shot.' I said, 'How do you know?' And he said, 'He's got a big old hole in his gut and he's bleeding out everywhere,'" she recalled.

The family later learned that the dog had escape from its fence into 82-year-old Otis McCulley's yard.

According to KOMO, McCulley said that it "looked like the dog was about to poop" so he shot it.

"I shot the f*cking thing," McCulley said.

And he admitted that it wasn't the first time he had shot dogs for coming into his yard.

Rowdy's family said that the puppy ran home, where blood stains could still be seen on the front porch. Vets recovered a hollow point .22 round in the dog's colon, but couldn't save Rowdy.

Kathy Davis pointed out that she would have been happy to patch the hole in the puppy's fence if McCulley had just let her know that it had escaped. And Davis was also upset that McCulley had fired a rifle so close to her home.

Comment: This citizen, a child of a society run by psychopaths, is mimicking the behavior of people in authority.


Video captures moment shell hits Ukrainian soldier as he argues for killing civilians

What a way to become famous...
This video is real. It was filmed at the Donetsk airport by a pro-Ukrainian documentary film maker.

It shows a zealous Ukrainian volunteer who is explaining there is no such thing as peaceful population in the rebel-held areas - everyone should be considered an enemy combatant - and dealt with accordingly.

As soon as these words leave his mouth, a shell explodes near him, knocking him out cold.

Donetsk airport is where rebels claim government forces have been shelling the city of Donetsk, killing many civilians.

In September Ukraine President Poroshenko seemed to endorse a strategy of terrorizing and targeting civilians:
"Our children will go to schools and kindergartens... theirs will hole up in the basements...

This is exactly how we will win this war!"

Comment: Marvelous answer to this hater of humanity!


"Witness 40": Fraud exposed in Ferguson

Michael Brown in street
© oranryan.wordpress.comMichael Brown, unarmed teen shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson
The grand jury witness who testified that she saw Michael Brown pummel a cop before charging at him "like a football player, head down," is a troubled, bipolar Missouri woman with a criminal past who has a history of making racist remarks and once insinuated herself into another high-profile St. Louis criminal case with claims that police eventually dismissed as a "complete fabrication," The Smoking Gun has learned.

In interviews with police, FBI agents, and federal and state prosecutors--as well as during two separate appearances before the grand jury that ultimately declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson--the purported eyewitness delivered a preposterous and perjurious account of the fatal encounter in Ferguson.

Sandra McElroy
© www.thesmokinggun.comSandra McElroy, "Witness 40" the woman who WASN'T THERE!
Referred to only as "Witness 40" in grand jury material, the woman concocted a story that is now baked into the narrative of the Ferguson grand jury, a panel before which she had no business appearing.

While the "hands-up" account of Dorian Johnson is often cited by those who demanded Wilson's indictment, "Witness 40"'s testimony about seeing Brown batter Wilson and then rush the cop like a defensive end has repeatedly been pointed to by Wilson supporters as directly corroborative of the officer's version of the August 9 confrontation. The "Witness 40" testimony, as Fox News sees it, is proof that the 18-year-old Brown's killing was justified, and that the Ferguson grand jury got it right.

However, unlike Johnson, "Witness 40"--a 45-year-old St. Louis resident named Sandra McElroy--was nowhere near Canfield Drive on the Saturday afternoon Brown was shot to death.

Comment: Nice piece of detective work. Incredible the red flags that went on waving in the wind...speaks to both the prosecution's and defense's investigative sloppiness, witness leading, police bias and disregard for protocol, as well as the grand jury's inability to make an informed decision. There was obviously no vetting of witnesses for past history of fraud, mental stability or blatant racial issues. There wasn't even a suggestion that jury witnesses were double-checked and proven to be on site. It is even more disturbing when we realize that the rioting, destruction and other murders that took place in Ferguson, over several months after the shooting, might in part, be attributed to and intensified by false witnesses who privileged themselves in order to make a racial statement. It is sick and corrupt. McElroy is the first domino to fall. Are there others? And, what part does local, state and national law enforcement play in fomenting racial tensions into community conflagrations? To what end, indeed!

For related, see:
Nationwide protests against police brutality in AmeriKKKa: Wilson gets away with murder, Anonymous: #HoodsOff "The war is on!"

DeAndre Joshua murdered, fits profile of eye-witness to Michael Brown shooting


At least 126 killed after Taliban militants stormed an Army school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar

More than 120 people, including 100 students, have been killed and 122 others injured in a Taliban seizure of a military-run school in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan, according to provincial authorities.

The numbers of dead and injured may still rise as the casualties of the assault are counted.

Some 500 students and teachers were in the Army Public School on Warsak Road at the time of the attack. Pakistan's military said most of the civilians escaped, but some had been taken hostage by the assailants.

According to media reports, as many as 10 militants dressed in Pakistani military uniforms entered the school compound on Tuesday at around noon. They torched a car at the site and proceeded with a raid on the facility.

"Seven to eight people attacked us, then an army soldier came to us and he asked [the] principal and teachers to take the children out of compound from the back gate. There were thousands [of] students in college. They were moved to auditorium, they can't come out until the fight is ended," Arshad Khan, a student at the school, told RT's Ruptly.
© Unknown
The Pakistani Army responded to the emergency, dispatching security forces to cordon off the area and sending military helicopters for surveillance. A commando force arrived at the site.

"As the firing started our teacher asked us to bent down and we went to a corner of the class, after one hour when firing reduced, [an] army officer came and rescued us, but as we came out we saw on the way in corridors our friends were lying dead on ground hit by bullets, some with three, some with four bullets. They were bleeding," another student, Muhammad Naeem, said.

In the ensuing battle with Pakistani security forces, three militants reportedly were killed. One of them is said to have detonated a suicide vest he was wearing.

At least one Pakistani soldier was reported killed in the gun battle, which seriously damaged the school building.

Comment: See also: "Game" of Wars: US "fighting" terrorists it fostered
For example, the emergence of the Taliban is most directly the result of the CIA's involvement in the Soviet-Afghan War. Not only did CIA provide all possible funding, but also established camps across Pakistan-Afghan border which were extensively used to train people to do "Jihad" against the Soviet Union. And, the fact that the Americans joyfully disseminate information about different aspects of this war in the form of Hollywood movies shows the extent of acknowledgement the US has publicly made regarding once supporting the Taliban when they were hailed and glorified as the "defenders" of the "free world." Given that, now it looks remarkably amazing how that very Taliban later on turned into enemies and dragged the US into the longest war of its history.

Nothing can explain this fundamental transition except the fact that the US first needed the Taliban to use them against its cold war rival, and then to use, as a pretext to go to war, the Taliban's refusal to allow the US a free way to build oil and gas pipelines from the Central Asia to the India Ocean. The force that the US once 'proudly' created thus turned into the most pernicious enemy of the world - hence the war against "terrorism." In other words, the most important reason of this longest war is nothing but the US' own created group of fighters.


At least 128 journalists killed in 32 countries in 2014

Gaza leads the list, with 16 journalists killed by Israel during the Operation Protective Edge, followed by Syria and Pakistan, the Geneva-based Press Emblem Campaign NGO says
© ITAR-TASS/Mikhail PochuyevIgor Kornelyuk amd Anton Voloshin who worked for Russia’s radio and television broadcasting company VGTRK were killed in Ukraine in 2014
At least 128 journalists were killed in 32 countries in 2014, including nine in Ukraine, the Geneva-based Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) independent NGO said on Monday.

"Gaza leads the list, with 16 journalists killed by Israel during the Operation Protective Edge, followed by Syria (13 journalists killed) and Pakistan (12 killed)," PEC said calling 2014 a terrible year for journalists.

Iraq and Ukraine come fourth and fifth among the most dangerous places for media work, with 10 and nine journalists killed, the PEC said.

"New conflicts for media workers opened in Ukraine, in the Israeli assault on Gaza, which led to the killings of many media workers, and in Syria, the situation was unprecedented with the beheading of journalists recorded in video clips," the organisation said.

"Compared to 2013, when 129 journalists were killed, the figures are very close," the NGO said.

Comment: Russian war photographer Andrei Stenin was murdered by the fascist junta in Kiev while Press TV reporter Serena Shim was killed in a suspicious car crash. The day before her death, Serena told Press TV that she had evidence of ISIS fighters entering Turkey via NGO trucks and that Turkish intelligence was looking for her.

They were killed precisely because their reports go against the dominant narrative of the Western media, which went into overdrive this year to cover up the ever increasing criminal activity of the psychopaths in power.


Video shows John Crawford's girlfriend aggressively questioned after Ohio police shot him dead in Walmart

John Crawford_girlfriend
© Youtube still
  • Video shows Ohio detective accusing her of lying and threatening her with jail
  • Tasha Thomas only told of Crawford's death after 90-minute interrogation
  • Officer who shot black man in Walmart lied, victim's mother says
  • Ohio Walmart video reveals last moments before officer shot man
Police aggressively questioned the tearful girlfriend of a young black man they had just shot dead as he held a BB gun in an Ohio supermarket - accusing her of lying, threatening her with jail, and suggesting that she was high on drugs.

Tasha Thomas was reduced to swearing on the lives of her relatives that John Crawford III had not been carrying a firearm when they entered the Walmart in Beavercreek, near Dayton, to buy crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars on the evening of 5 August.

"You lie to me and you might be on your way to jail," detective Rodney Curd told Thomas, as she wept and repeatedly offered to take a lie-detector test. After more than an hour and a half of questioning and statement-taking, Curd finally told Thomas that Crawford, 22, had died.

"As a result of his actions, he is gone," said the detective, as she slumped in her chair and cried.

Crawford had been shot by police officer Sean Williams, after a customer called 911 and claimed the 22-year-old was pointing a gun at passersby. Surveillance footage released later showed Crawford picking up the BB rifle from a shelf, wandering the aisles and occasionally swinging the gun at his side while he spoke on his cellphone to his ex-girlfriend.

A 94-minute police video recording, released to the Guardian by the office of Mike DeWine, the Ohio attorney general, in response to a public records request, shows Thomas, 26, being interviewed by Curd after she was driven from Walmart to the Beavercreek police department. Curd later told investigators he had not yet been told Crawford only had a BB gun that had been on sale at the store.

Curd promptly asked Thomas whether she and Crawford had criminal records. Already tearful and breathless, Thomas explained that she may have had some traffic offences and had been arrested for petty theft as a juvenile.

The detective then became increasingly aggressive and banged on the table between them with his hand. "Tell me where he got the gun from," Curd repeated. Thomas insisted Crawford had been carrying only a white plastic grocery bag when they arrived at Walmart to buy the ingredients to make s'mores at a family cook-out.

Asked one of several times whether Crawford owned a gun, Thomas said: "Not that I know."

Curd told her: "Don't tell me 'not that you know', because that's the first thing I realise somebody's not telling me the truth".

He later repeated: "You need to tell me the truth" and "You need to be truthful."

Crawford's family and their attorneys have stressed since his death that under Ohio's open-carry firearms laws and Walmart's regulations, he would have been allowed to carry a real rifle with him around the store.

Crawford was talking on his cellphone to LeeCee Johnson, the mother of his two sons, when he was shot by Williams. Curd repeatedly suggested to Thomas that Johnson, who was in fact at home in Cincinnati, may also have been in the Walmart store and that Crawford was there to attack her.