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Tue, 28 Sep 2021
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Rowdy celebrations erupt in Norway as COVID restrictions end

oslo celebrations lockdowns
© Naina Helen Jama/NTB via AP
People out on the streets to celebrate the end of the COVID-19 restrictions, in Oslo, Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021. Police in Norway on Sunday reported dozens of disturbances and violent clashes including mass brawls in the Nordic country’s big cities after streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs were filled with people celebrating the end of COVID-19 restrictions. The Norwegian government abruptly announced Friday that most of the remaining coronavirus restrictions would be scrapped from Saturday and that life in the nation of 5.3 million would return to normal.
Police in Norway on Sunday reported dozens of disturbances and violent clashes including mass brawls in the Nordic country's big cities after streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs were filled with people celebrating the end of COVID-19 restrictions that lasted for more than a year.

The Norwegian government abruptly announced Friday that most of the remaining coronavirus restrictions would be scrapped beginning Saturday and that life in the nation of 5.3 million would return to normal.

The unexpected announcement by outgoing Prime Minister Erna Solberg to drop coronavirus restrictions the next day took many Norwegians by surprise and led to chaotic scenes in the capital, Oslo, and elsewhere in the country.

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Oil Well

Two more UK energy suppliers collapse as gas crisis deepens, over 1.5 million customers reportedly affected

Gas meter in England, 2017
© Simon Belcher / imageBROKER.com / GlobalLookPress.com
Gas meter in England, 2017
A further two UK energy suppliers have collapsed amid the deepening gas crisis, leaving an additional 800,000 customers in limbo. Over 1.5 million people are now reportedly affected, with more firms expected to cease trading.

The companies, Avro Energy and Green Supplier Limited (often referred to simply as 'Green'), have ceased trading amid the crisis, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) energy regulator announced on Wednesday. The watchdog insisted the customers of now-bust companies have nothing to worry about, promising a steady supply of energy to them in the wake of the news.
"If you're a customer, please don't worry - you can rely on your energy supply as normal. We will now switch you to a new supplier," Ofgem stated.
The companies join several other small British energy suppliers that have gone bust over the past few days amid the ongoing natural gas prices hike. According to UK media estimates, the now-defunct companies served more than 1.5 million clients combined.

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New Yorker magazine lambasted for giving platform to climate change activist calling for pipelines to be blown up

pipeline protest
© Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
New Yorker magazine platformed a Swedish climate change activist who advocates blowing up pipelines in the name of climate justice on a recent episode of its "New Yorker Radio Hour" podcast.

Andreas Malm is an associate professor at Sweden's Lund University, and the author of the book "How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire." Malm's book does not only have an eye-catching title; he actually advocates destroying any and all fossil fuel infrastructure.

Malm wrote in his book, "Damage and destroy new CO2-emitting devices. Put them out of commission, pick them apart, demolish them, burn them, blow them up. Let the capitalists who keep on investing in the fire know that their properties will be trashed."

Comment: One wonders if the New York Times and the New Yorker would be content to see activist blowing up pipelines if it meant their own energy consumption would be cut. You can't accrue a whole lot of clicks (or advertising revenue) if the power is out.

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Mr. Potato

One rule for me, and one rule for ye: 'The View' co-hosts reportedly 'pissed' over their false positive coronavirus tests

the view
© ABC/Lou Rocco /AP
This combination of photos shows co-hosts Sunny Hostin (left) and Ana Navarro on the set of "The View," in New York on Sept. 17.
"The View" co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were reportedly victims of false positive COVID-19 test results, Page Six reports.

Hostin and Navarro were unceremoniously yanked from Friday's broadcast of the hit daytime TV show after reportedly testing positive for COVID-19 halfway through the show, on which Vice President Kamala Harris was a guest.

According to the report, one person reported to have inside knowledge of the incident said, "[Sunny] is definitely returning to the studio [on Monday]. [Parent company] Disney said they're clear. No quarantining is necessary."

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Facebook confirms Instagram made girls with body issues feel worse - but denies it is harming teens in other ways

instagram app
© Getty Images
The company claims that for users struggling with loneliness, anxiety, sadness, and eating issues, that Instagram made them feel better rather than worse.

Facebook has claimed it is "not accurate" that its photo sharing app Instagram is "toxic" for teenage girls, pushing back on a series of damning reports from the Wall Street Journal.

In a series of investigations, the Journal reported that internal Facebook research showed that one third of teen girls said Instagram made them feel worse about their bodies.

Comment: More from RT:
Facebook's head of Instagram announced on Monday that the company is "pausing" its plan to launch a version of the app for under-13s, dubbed 'Instagram Kids', after the project leaked before employees were ready to reveal it.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri took to Twitter to say the project would be shelved for the time being, despite the company still believing that "building it is the right thing to do," as "U13s are getting phones, misrepresenting their age, and downloading 13+ apps."

Despite the criticism leveled against Instagram over the project, Mosseri cited similar apps from YouTube and TikTok that give parents "the option for their children to use an age-appropriate version."

In a post shared on Instagram's blog, the app's CEO stated the pause would allow employees to consult parents, experts and policymakers about their plans, giving them the chance to build confidence by demonstrating "the value and need for this product."

The decision to temporarily halt 'Instagram Kids' comes after the Wall Street Journal accused the app of making body image issues worse for one in three teenage girls, citing Facebook's own data. Facebook swiftly rejected this, arguing the Wall Street Journal's coverage misrepresented the research, presenting a view that was "not accurate."

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WHO looks to revive probe into COVID-19 origins: report

WHO Logo
© Getty Images
The World Health Organization (WHO) is looking to revive a probe into the origins of the COVID-19 virus, assembling a team of 20 scientists to hunt for new evidence, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The new probe comes after an initial WHO inquiry — including visits to Wuhan, China, the site of the first confirmed COVID-19 outbreak in late 2019 — found that that the data provided by Chinese scientists was insufficient to answer critical questions about the virus' origin.

Comment: Chinese authorities probably know much more than they publicly speak.The Chinese officials have repeated in many ocations that COVID-19 emerged from Fort Detrick, a U.S. Army biomedical research laboratory in Maryland. Other available information points out that it is probably the true origin of the Covid-19 virus.

It is very unlikely that the US authorities will allow any kind of investigation into their hi-tech bio labs.
The PTB intentions is obviously to blame China for the virus.

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R. Kelly convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking by a federal jury in New York

r kelly convicted
Jurors have found R&B singer R. Kelly guilty of racketeering, including acts of bribery and sexual exploitation of a child, along with separate charges of sex trafficking.

In this federal case in the Eastern District of New York, Kelly faced a total of nine counts -- one count of racketeering, with 14 underlying acts that included sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery and sex trafficking charges, and also eight additional counts of violations of the Mann Act, a sex trafficking law.

Kelly was found guilty of nine counts -- one count of racketeering and eight counts of violating the Mann Act. Of the 14 underlying acts for the racketeering count, he needed to be found guilty of at least two to be convicted of that count. Jurors found prosecutors had proven all but two of the 14 underlying racketeering acts.

Comment: This scumbag should be behind bars for the rest of his life.

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UK Met Police upgrades 'massively invasive' face recognition tech net, watchdog warns of 'public trust' cost

facial recognition
© Pixabay / Tumisu
Scotland Yard is set to expand its controversial facial recognition surveillance dragnet across London in a £3 million deal that allows the UK's largest police force to track suspects using older images from CCTV and social media.

Last month, the Mayor of London's office quietly signed off on the purchase of 'Retrospective Facial Recognition' (RFR) systems that processes existing images accessed by the Metropolitan Police from a variety of sources and matches them against the force's internal database.

Under the four-year agreement, Japanese tech firm NEC Corporation will supply the RFR systems - which will afford the Met Police "opportunities... not previously available to support the detection and matching of faces" and enable the force to "effectively exploit" investigative opportunities from the rapid growth of "image data sources".

Comment: Governments and the police have already abused the 'emergency' powers that they snatched at the beginning of the manufactured crisis, and there's every reason to believe that any new legislation, and technology of all kinds, will ultimately be used to further consolidate the dystopia that seems to be subsuming much of the planet. Lest we forget that in Britain the government has already made it law that its agencies are legally allowed to commit crime both at home, and abroad: Also check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Perfidious Albion: If Russia is a Rogue State, What is the UK?

Red Flag

Antifa member charged with shooting anti-vaxxer in Washington

Benjamin Anthony Varela
© Twitter
Alleged Antifa member Benjamin Anthony Varela shot five times into a crowd of anti-vaxxers.
An Antifa member with a long history of posting far-left extremist content online has been arrested and charged with the shooting of an anti-vaxxer in Olympia, Wash.

Benjamin Anthony Varela, 36, of Olympia, was arrested on Thursday and charged with first-degree assault while armed with a deadly weapon.

On Sept. 4, a couple dozen Antifa from around the Pacific Northwest traveled to the Washington state Capitol building to try to shut down an anti-COVID vaccine mandate protest. The black-clad group was met by the rally's volunteer right-wing security, who included Proud Boys members. When the Antifa group ran to the Intercity Transit Station, one of their masked members turned around and fired five 9mm pistol rounds in the direction of the right-wing group, which was about 50 feet behind, according to security footage. Proud Boys member Tusitala Toese was injured in the shooting.

Varela, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, deleted most of his social media accounts before his arrest, but posts still available on Twitter show he corresponded back and forth with the Spokane and Olympia DSA chapters as well as Libcom.org, an anarchist-Communist website. Prior to deleting his Twitter account, his bio read, "professional anarchist, thug, and paid protester." His YouTube account, which is still online but doesn't have any videos available to the public, features a red and black Antifa flag as its profile image. According to the affidavit, Varela ran into an alley behind the Union Gospel Mission after the shooting and discarded his black uniform.

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China's tutoring ban hits overseas teachers and cultural links - creates instant black market

classroom in Weinan
© Weinan Gov.
A classroom in Weinan, China.
Every morning, Sam Josti logged on from her US home to teach children halfway around the world, just one of thousands of foreign language tutors giving Chinese students a rare window into Western culture.

But tutors like Massachusetts-based Josti have taken a sharp financial hit after Beijing's harsh crackdown on extracurricular classes pulled down the blinds over the world outside for Chinese students.

Foreign language teaching firms had long tapped into a vast demand for English in China, where armies of parents are eager to get their kids ahead in a cut-throat education system in which a single exam can determine a life's trajectory.

That came to a crashing halt in August when Beijing announced education reforms that banned tutoring firms from hiring overseas teachers.

The rules — which also forced tutoring platforms to turn their businesses non-profit and barred some classes during weekends and holidays — are framed by Beijing as necessary to alleviate stress on overworked students and reduce education costs.

Critics say they are also cutting off Chinese children from outside influences, as an increasingly nationalistic Beijing moves to reassert socialist ideology in the country's classrooms.

"I understand wanting to take pressure off parents... but not why it's been so sudden and harsh," said 44-year-old Josti, a former elementary school teacher who switched to full-time online tutoring in 2017.

"We were bridging the gap between the two countries, and it seems to have stopped before we could finish it," she told AFP, fearing cultural exchange will now be lost.

"On a personal level, it's heartbreaking."