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Tue, 25 Jan 2022
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Bahrainis hold mass protest in Sitra

Thousands of Bahraini anti-government protesters have poured into the streets in the island city of Sitra, following a call by the country's largest opposition group al-Wefaq.

The Friday rally was the second mass anti-government demonstration organized by al-Wefaq since the heavy mid-March government crackdown on protesters.

Witnesses say regime forces were closely monitoring the rally and a military helicopter was hovering over the city. But there were no reports of clashes or arrests.

The first protest rally was hold last Saturday under the banner "Bahrain, homeland for all" in the village of Sar 10 days after a state of emergency was lifted.

Al-Wefaq leader cleric Sheikh Ali Salman told protesters on Friday that the opposition was not against dialogue with the government if rights interlocutor and officials were involved.

"The success of dialogue, reform and transition to democracy need officials that believe in it. One of the problems of the past was that many officials did not believe in democracy and reform," AFP quoted Salman as saying to the crowds.

Similar protest rallies were also held in some other Bahraini villages and towns. Witnesses say regime forces fired teargas at protesters in Karzakan village, west of the country.

Bizarro Earth

Video of mad Vancouver riots: World Revolution is underway... but Canadian authoritarians are upset about a hockey score

Angry, drunken revellers ran wild on Wednesday night after the Vancouver Canucks' 4-0 loss to Boston in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, setting cars and garbage cans ablaze, smashing windows, showering giant TV screens with beer bottles and dancing atop overturned vehicles. Later, looters smashed windows and ran inside department stores. There were no immediate indications of injuries, although images were shown on television of at least one woman mopping blood from her forehead. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson praised the police and firefighters and asked people to stay away from the central downtown area. Tear gas mingled with the stench of acrid smoke and stale beer as riot police, truncheons drawn, moved in to quell the violence, pushing crowds away from the burning cars. Later, police cars also were set on fire.


Nigel Farage: Bankers+politicians = 'unholy alliance' vs people

Renowned Eurosceptic and British Euro MP Nigel Farage says saving the banks is why politicians are so determined to bail out Greece and keep it in the Eurozone.


Yemen's president Saleh ousted? 'Will not return home'

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh will not return to his country, a top Saudi official said, disputing Sana'a's claims that the veteran leader would be returning to the country within days.

"The Yemeni president will not return to Yemen," said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, without specifying whether the decision was taken by Saleh himself, AFP reported on Friday.

The Saudi official also said that "it has not been decided where he will stay."

Saleh and five other high ranking Yemeni officials were evacuated to Saudi Arabia for treatment following a rocket attack on the Yemeni presidential palace on June 3.

Saleh, who is now in a Saudi hospital recovering from what reports said were burns to over 40% of his body, has not been seen in public since the attack.

Che Guevara

'Anonymous', Black or White Hats? A Meeting With A Member Of The Secret Society Of Hackers

© Getty
Here's the thing about the secret international brotherhood of Internet bandits called Anonymous: It's kind of hard to get an interview with them. When you offer revolutionary groups a chance to say their piece to a mass audience, they generally get back to you within two to three hours, but Anonymous isn't a group.

Or that's what they'd say, anyway, if you could get them to talk. Most of the time they don't talk, except in 1980s robot voices. But more on that later.

There's been a lot of curiosity about Anonymous lately, and fortunately for the inquiring journalist, lots of non-anonymous people have been talking about them. The most recent flurry of chatter began on Friday, when police in Spain said they'd hunted down three members of the group (or the alliance, or whatever you want to call them). Anonymous had incurred Spain's wrath back in March by temporarily knocking out the website of the national government.


20 Orlando Police Steal food from Children, Arrest 6 MORE for feeding the Hungry

Bizarro Earth

New Hampshire, US: Man Found On Fire Near Courthouse Dies

Cheshire County Superior Courthouse
Investigators Say Man Set Himself On Fire

Keene - Police in Keene said a Massachusetts man found on fire in front of the Cheshire County Superior Courthouse on Wednesday night has died.

The call came in to the Keene Police Department at 5:30 p.m., according to Lt. Todd Lawrence.

Police said the man was thoroughly burned when they arrived at the scene.

The man was later identified as Thomas Ball, 58, of Holden, Mass. An autopsy showed that he set himself on fire and that he took his own life.

Witnesses said what they saw in front of the courthouse almost defied belief.

"I saw a man standing on fire. He walked around a little bit, walked on to the grass, collapsed on all fours and literally sat there and burned," said witness Dan Koski.

"(The flames were) over his head, and when he was on the ground, they were probably a good foot over his body," said witness Jerry Goodrich.


New Hampshire, US: Thomas James Ball Self-Immolates Himself in Protest Against Justice System

© MICHAEL MOORE / Sentinel Staff
Police, other emergency personnel and the state medical examiner are seen outside the Cheshire County Superior Courthouse in downtown Keene Wednesday where Thomas Ball set himself on fire and was pronounced dead at the scene.
"I have 21 years of Army service going back to the Vietnam War. My loyalty to the government should be a given. It is gone. I am certain it will never return regardless of how long I might have lived."

- Thomas James Ball in his "last statement" before he self-immolated in front of the courthouse that was integral in destroying his life.
I just got back from the Cheshire county courthouse, the site of yesterday's self-immolation. As I was walking out, they were painting over the scorch marks they attempted to wash away earlier in the morning.

Thomas thankfully dropped off a "last statement" to the Keene Sentinel, so we could all know what he was going through. I will post that below.

First, what I learned in over an hour and a half of poring over stacks of paperwork along with Kyle Jarvis of the Sentinel and a reporter from WMUR:

Thomas James Ball, born 2/21/53 and his wife at the time, Karen Louise Ball (maiden name Primiano), born 3/2/65 had begun divorce proceedings about a decade ago. It was alleged that Ball had committed domestic violence against his 4 year old daughter at the time, Melissa. Karen had called Monadnock Family Services after the incident and was allegedly told that if she did not report the incident to police, that she would be arrested for child abuse. She called Jaffrey PD out of fear of what the government people would do to her family (steal her kids if they were both arrested) and because of their mandatory arrest policy in domestic violence cases, Thomas was arrested. He was found not guilty of simple assault in Cheshire Superior Court, despite slapping his daughter multiple times and causing bleeding. The Jaffrey PD apparently admitted that pressing forward as a domestic violence case was a mistake. His wife's testimony shows he did not have a history of violence. Thomas figured he'd get to see his kids again after the not guilty. He figured wrong. The court continued to press for counseling at Monadnock Family Services (MFS) prior to allowing Thomas unsupervised visits with his kids. Of course, this is a huge racket for MFS, who likely is paid for every one of the cases they are sent by the court, either by the people involved or by the state of NH.


Cybercrime becoming an epidemic

© Unknown
NBT Bank's Senior Vice President James Terry talks at the Beeches Wednesday morning about the dangers of cybercrimes. Although cybercrime is becoming more prevalent in a society increasingly more dependent upon computers, Terry explained that there are steps that can be taken to prevent falling victim.
Rome - The secret world of cybercrime is becoming more and more mainstream as news of national and worldwide institutions being hacked into continue to surface.

Sony, Citigroup, Apple and Google are just some of the companies that have had their servers infiltrated recently in what is becoming a spate of hackings targeting big time corporations with big time money.

Wednesday morning, NBT Bank, along with cosponsor the Rome Chamber of Commerce, hosted a cybercrime seminar at the Beeches.

The presentation was given in order to give people a better idea of what cybercrime is, how it works and what companies and individuals can do to prevent falling victim.

NBT Bank brought along its in-house experts to present the information. The experts were Joseph Stagliano, Executive Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, and James Terry, Senior Vice President and Director of Operational Risk and Financial Crime Management.


Human Rights Watch: Chinese Regime Covers up Lead Poisoning Epidemic

Across China millions of children are suffering from lead poisoning and authorities are often denying them the right to be tested or receive treatment, according to a recent report by Human Rights Watch.

Researchers from the New York-based organization conducted interviews in contaminated villages in Hunan, Henan, Yunnan and Shaanxi provinces. They say local authorities are seeking to silence those who speak out or seek help.

[Sophie Richardson, Human Rights Watch]:
"In the instances we documented, families were either being denied the opportunity to have their children tested at all, they were having children tested and either the results were being withheld or they were being falsified, which parents knew as a result of taking their children to a different area and getting them tested again and getting results that were significantly higher. And across the board one of the most difficult problems we documented was the difficulty parents face in getting adequate medical treatment for their children."

Chinese authorities have launched a campaign to crack down on lead pollution and some over polluting factories have had to close. Yet Human Rights Watch says local officials face conflict of priorities when they are required by central authorities to safeguard people's health and at the same time ensure economic progress.

[Joe Amon, Human Rights Watch]:
"The problem is, local government officials, they are not given an incentive to respect these laws, what they are prioritizing is economic growth and when there are problems with the environment or with health, they cover it up, they don't want to address it and what happens is people suffer."

One of the most recent cases of poisoning to be reported by state run media was in Yangxunqiao in Zhejiang Province. More than 600 people, including over 100 children were poisoned by pollution from a tinfoil workshop, according to Xinhua.

Lead poisoning can cause high blood pressure and damage to the nervous and reproductive systems.