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Sat, 09 Dec 2023
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5th Circuit rules Texas must remove river border buoys

buoy barrier
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images
Rio Grande buoy barrier near Eagle Pass, Texas
A federal appeals court on Friday ruled that Texas must remove a series of buoys in its river border with Mexico that had generated a wave of backlash from immigration advocates and Democratic lawmakers.

In a 2-1 decision, a panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Texas' request to overrule a federal district judge, who ordered the state in September to remove the controversial barrier. Judge Dana Douglas, an appointee of President Joe Biden, wrote in the panel's majority opinion that the district judge had appropriately "considered the threat to navigation and federal government operations on the Rio Grande, as well as the potential threat to human life the floating barrier created."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott first deployed the barrier — a roughly 1,000-foot stretch of orange spherical buoys connected by heavy metal cables, complete with an anti-dive net beneath it — in early July and subsequently claimed that it had deterred thousands of people from crossing. The Department of Justice sued the state, arguing that it obstructed U.S. waterways in violation of federal environmental law.

In September, U.S. District Judge David A. Ezra, an appointee of Ronald Reagan, ruled that the buoys likely obstructed the flow of the Rio Grande in a way that required congressional authorization. That reasoning derives from an 1899 law called the Rivers and Harbors Appropriation Act, which requires federal approval for obstructions built in navigable waters.


Seattle banned landlords from rejecting tenants based on criminal records. Will the Supreme Court step in?

© Shane Srogi/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom
Seattle skyline
The political push behind the law was well-meaning. But it will backfire on many prospective renters...

A yearslong battle over property rights in Seattle may soon have national implications as various groups pressure the Supreme Court to analyze the constitutionality of a law banning landlords from rejecting tenants based on their criminal histories.

In 2017, the city passed the Fair Chance Housing Ordinance, prohibiting landlords from conducting criminal background checks on potential renters, from using information on criminal histories to exclude tenants, and from increasing rents and security deposits for such applicants. The sole exception in the law pertains to prospective renters who have been convicted of a sex offense as an adult, but even then, landlords must convince the Seattle Office for Civil Rights that they have a "legitimate business reason" for denial.

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Detroit cut its murder rate to a 60 year low by simply ignoring liberal crime policies

detroit police officer
© SETH HERALD/AFP via Getty Images
Detroit, Michigan, cut its murder rate down to a 60-year-low by simply ignoring liberal crime policies, holding criminals accountable and hiring more police, a report from the city showed.

The city recorded 228 homicides this year as of Nov. 30, marking an 18% drop compared to the same time last year, according to the report. Detroit hit its lowest homicide rate in 60 years back in 2018 when it recorded 261 homicides, meaning 2023 could soon make a new record, Detroit Free Press noted.

In order to make the historic moment happen, leaders simply did the obvious: Locked criminals up.


Denmark sends military into cities amid 'elevated terror threat'

denmark military
© Sergei Gapon/AFP
Danish soldiers patrol the area of the port of Aarhus, Denmark where military vehicles of the US army are parked, on January 16, 2023.
Amid a high terrorist threat from Islamists, the ruling Social Democrats and Liberals in Denmark are taking decisive measures. To address the threat posed by radical Islamists, the Danish army will be activated to support the 11,360 police officers in safeguarding Jewish institutions.

Comment: Except, over the last decade, a significant number of these alleged hate crimes were later revealed to have been hoaxes perpetrated by people connected to the Jewish community.

Similar to scenes witnessed in other European cities, armed soldiers in wheeled armored vehicles and off-road vehicles will now patrol road junctions and key locations in major Danish cities. Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen emphasizes the seriousness of the threat, leading to the deployment of the armed forces starting December 6th, European media reported.

Comment: Whilst there are indeed random attacks by unstable people, from both sides, it seems the greater threat emanates from the establishment and its demonstrable involvement in the worst of these attacks: 1 tourist dead after Paris knife attack, assailant was known by authorities for terrorist plans & radical Islam views

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Life Preserver

'Hopium and defense' is all Ukraine has to sustain itself as NATO weapons dry up

Ukraine's destroyed T-64 tank
© Sputnik International
Ukraine's destroyed T-64 tank is seen in the Russian special operation zone.
With its supply of Western weapons dwindling and little sign of change from the NATO powers, Ukraine will be incapable of launching another counteroffensive like last summer, an analyst told Sputnik. However, barring a mutiny or political crisis, a collapse of the Ukrainian war effort isn't necessarily imminent.

White House Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young told federal lawmakers on Monday that the US was "out of money to support Ukraine in this fight."

"There is no magical pot of funding available to meet this moment. We are out of money - and nearly out of time," Young wrote. "Without congressional action, by the end of the year we will run out of resources to procure more weapons and equipment for Ukraine and to provide equipment from US military stocks."

Comment: There's also the possibility that, whilst some in the Kiev-junta may be willing to negotiate some kind of peace agreement with Russia, the extremists may become desperate enough that they resort to a false flag of some kind: Ukraine blocks ex-president Poroshenko from leaving


White House interns pen letter demanding ceasefire in Gaza

© AP/Reuters/Leah Millis/KJN
In letter sent to President Joe Biden, interns call for ceasefire in Gaza, end to Israeli apartheid and a free Palestine
In another sign of growing dissent brewing in Washington over the Biden administration's steady support for Israel's military campaign in Gaza, a group of more than 40 interns at the White House have signed a letter demanding President Joe Biden call for a permanent ceasefire.

In a letter shared with Middle East Eye, dozens of interns from the White House and the Executive Office of the President say they can "no longer remain silent on the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people". The interns did not sign their names to the letter, opting to remain anonymous.

Comment: Whilst this might simply result in a further filtering out of what remains of those with a conscience (as happened in various industries during the contrived coronavirus crisis), governments have come to rely on this kind of labour to function, and so the US perhaps miscalculated in thinking that it could get away with this kind of criminality (as it has done before) without consequence; because this may compel whistleblowers to come forward, or it may simply result in a significant reduction of capable lackeys that the hegemon relies on to function.

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Cancel the King: Charles 'disgraced himself, the monarchy & the UK with his half-witted' speech to UN climate summit

King charles
It is time to sweep the monarchy away

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

For the first time, many of us who have hitherto been firmly and cheerfully loyal to the Crown are talking openly about getting rid of the monarchy. The late Queen Elizabeth the Great was the perfect constitutional monarch. She did not meddle in politics and nearly always kept her opinions to herself. Her noble example and her lifetime of devoted service kept the "Great" in Great Britain.

Not so the Climate King. He disgraced himself, the monarchy and the United Kingdom with his half-witted and nakedly partisan political address to the climate conference in Abu Dhabi.

Most of His Majesty's subjects now disagree with the climate nonsense, not least because we cannot afford it. Electricity prices in Britain are six to eight times those in Russia and China, India and Pakistan, the four Communist-led giants of the East, whose leaders know that global warming is a net benefit, not a "climate emergency", not least because over the years, and at their request, my team have quietly briefed most of them.

Bizarro Earth

UK Government has worst rise in child poverty rates among rich countries, 20% spike in just 7 years - UNICEF

child poverty uk
© Canva
New statistics reveal how the UK Government has failed to tackle child poverty
THE UK had the worst rise in child poverty between 2012 and 2019 out of 39 of the world's richest countries.

Under the Tory government, the country has seen an almost 20% increase in its child income poverty rate, ranking last place in Unicef's league table for reducing child poverty.

Iceland was the next worse but with a significantly lower rise of 11%, while France had a 10.4% rise.

At the opposite end of the scale, Poland topped the list with a 37.6% cut in its child poverty rate, followed by Slovenia with a 31.4% reduction rate.

Comment: The government deployed the army during the contrived coronavirus crisis; it sent billions in aid and weapons to the Kiev junta with little delay; it didn't hesitate to send sending weapons, and warships, to help Israel in its genocide; it has bailed out banks to the tune of hundreds of billions over the past decade; it has let in, and given financial benefits to tens of thousands of migrants in just the last few years; and so if the UK government wanted to alleviate child poverty, we would have seen some significant improvement by now.

Whilst this is a natural consequence of the raging corruption and insidious incompetence that plagues UK politics, it's also true that a society that is struggling to feed itself is likely to be more vulnerable and susceptible to establishment control: The following account provides a variety of metrics that reveal just how dire the situation in the West is:

Light Sabers

Israel can't defeat Hamas in battle, so what's next?

Israeli troops
© Israeli Army / AFP
This handout picture released by the Israeli army on November 16, 2023, shows troops during a military operation in the Gaza Strip amid continuing battles between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.
After a seven-day lull in the war between Israel and the Palestinian armed groups in Gaza, the resumption of hostilities has been given another green light from Washington. Having failed to lead its Israeli allies towards military victory, the US is permitting a dangerous escalation and rejects a peaceful solution that will prevent further civilian suffering.

Just minutes after the departure of US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, from Palestine/Israel, the war in Gaza resumed, with a large aerial onslaught on Palestinian civilian infrastructure resulting in the deaths of nearly 200 civilians. The White House spokesperson John Kirby announced continued support for Israel's "right and responsibility to go after Hamas," but to what end is unclear. As the likes of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak admits that Hamas is far from falling apart, it begs the question: what really is the point of this war?

Following six weeks of war that resulted in likely over 20,000 Palestinian deaths, the Israeli military has failed to produce any evidence that it has made a significant dent on the military capabilities of Hamas and the other Palestinian armed groups in the besieged coastal enclave. While Israel forced its way into the major hospitals in northern Gaza, claiming that Hamas was using the sites as bases and command-and-control centers, the evidence produced by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) does not support these allegations. The US government backed the idea that a command node had existed at the Shifa Hospital, and when the Israeli forces entered the hospital compound they presented weapons they claimed to have found there, as well as an empty tunnel. Any such images released to the public are curated and edited by the Israeli army, but if independently verified, they could serve as evidence of militant presence - still, not proof of a control center or node. Little of note was discovered in other hospitals, and American claims of having solid intel that confirms Israeli claims is dubious, considering previous public statements such as US President Joe Biden's words about having seen "confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children" which the White House later had to walk back.

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Beware the Ides of March? Amid fear of Trump 'dictatorship', some read assassination between the lines

Brandon and Orangeman
© Strategic Culture Foundation
As polls show Donald Trump has taken a broad lead over U.S. President Joe Biden in five battleground states, the Liberal media has shifted into full-panic mode, while making some not-so-subtle calls for the Orange Man's 'elimination.'

Whether real or imagined, Washington, D.C. appears to be heading for its own 'Caesarian moment' as the mainstream media is talking up the prospects of a dictatorship descending upon the fair land should a Trump restoration come to pass.

"Are you afraid of a Donald Trump dictatorship," asked Greg Sargent in an opinion piece in The Washington Post. "Well, know this: The only thing you have to fear is fear of Tyrannus Trumpus itself."

Brace yourself, dear reader, for the remainder of the hit piece is littered with no less preposterous forms of government rule to describe Donald Trump, without ever providing an iota of proof to support the claims: "authoritarian rule," "full-blown autocracy," Trumpian tyranny," "dictatorial intentions," "despotism," "threat to democracy," "antidemocratic menace," violent coup." and "autocratic threat."

It's just a little ironic that for all the Liberal handwringing over the possibility of The Donald seizing "autocratic powers" come November, there was no such consternation when Joe Biden behaved worse than any Caligula just hours after being elected in 2020.

The septuagenarian leader, alone at his desk and donning a black mask, signed off on dozens of executive orders that served as a death sentence for: a viable U.S.-Mexico border wall; the $9 billion, 1,200-mile Keystone XL pipeline from Canada that would have made America energy independent; biological males from using the female bathrooms and changing rooms, and a raft of other issues that were resolved without an ounce of congressional debate.

Incredibly, by the end of his ninth day at the White House, Biden had signed 40 executive orders, actions, and presidential memorandum - an all-time record.

Despite all of this, Biden is now acting like he is the Maginot Line against the possibility of all-out tyranny/authoritarianism/dictatorship/autocracy, take your pick.