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Sun, 29 Jan 2023
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Olympic bus driver bailed by police after running over cyclist

The driver of an Olympics media shuttle bus was bailed by police on Thursday following a fatal collision with a cyclist just outside London's Olympic Park.

The driver, in his mid-60s, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving, following the incident late Wednesday.

An AFP reporter saw a man's legs protruding from under the double-decker bus on a Games lane slip road leading from the park. The man's mangled racing bicycle lay nearby.

The cyclist, a man aged 28, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident happened just outside the perimeter of the Olympic Park behind the Riverbank Arena, where a men's hockey match between Pakistan and Argentina was taking place.

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Video: Woman Sentenced to Community Service for Innocent Child's Play

© Unknown
Mom Susan Mortensen has agreed to 50 hours of community service after her 4-year-old daughter used chalk to draw on rocks on Belle Isle in Richmond, Virginia.

Even though her daughter did the drawings, Mortensen was convicted on charges of vandalism, but the charges will be dismissed by the judge if she completes the 50 hours of work, according to WWBT-TV (video below).

Mortensen will have to clean and repaint hundreds of rocks, but first, she will have to remove all the weeds around the rocks.

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San Bernardino, California, files for bankruptcy with over $1 billion in debts

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San Bernardino filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday citing more than $1 billion of debts and making it the third California city to seek protection from creditors. The city of about 210,000 residents 65 miles east of Los Angeles declared a fiscal crisis last month after a report said local government had tapped out its reserves and projected spending would top revenue by $45 million in the fiscal year that began on July 1.

The filing, made in the United States Bankruptcy Court, Central California District, states that the city has 'more than $1 billion' in liabilities, and estimated that it has between 10,001 and 25,000 creditors. It also states that San Bernardino has estimated assets of more than $1 billion. San Bernardino's city council voted on July 24 to adopt an emergency three-month fiscal plan that would suspend debt payments, freeze vacant jobs and quit paying into a retiree health fund while city staff produce a more detailed bankruptcy plan. "The bankruptcy filing was just to get the protection in place, to kick the process off," a city spokesperson said.


New York Man to Plead Guilty in Boy's Dismemberment

© The Associated Press/Jesse Ward/pool/file
In this Aug. 4, 2011 file photo, Levi Aron, accused of abducting and dismembering a Brooklyn boy, is arraigned in Brooklyn criminal court in New York.
A man accused of abducting and dismembering an 8-year-old boy who got lost on the way home has agreed to avoid trial by pleading guilty to murder charges, according to a state lawmaker and a person briefed on the plea negotiations.

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind said Wednesday that Levi Aron is expected to enter the plea as part of a deal that would result in a life sentence.

Prosecutors struck the deal in close consultation with the family of the boy, Leiby Kletzky, the assemblyman said. The boy's disappearance and horrific death last year stunned his tight-knit Hasidic community in a section of Brooklyn represented by Hikind.

"The Kletzky family would very much like to avoid a trial and to relive the tragedy," Hikind said. "It's way too painful."

The Brooklyn district attorney's office declined to comment on Wednesday. There was no immediate response to a phone message left with Aron's attorney.


California prof.'s email discusses buying 12 machine guns, shooting 200 students

© Orange County District Attorney's Office/The Associated Press
a booking photo of Rainer Reinscheid, 48, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, who was arrested July 24, 2012 and charged with numerous felony arson charges.
Santa Ana, California - When his son killed himself after being punished by his high school for stealing, pharmaceutical sciences professor Rainer Reinscheid was angry.

He blamed the Irvine school's treatment of his son for the teen's death - and the next month, wrote emails describing in graphic detail a plan to buy guns, murder students and administrators, carry out sexual assaults, burn down the school and kill himself, authorities said.

Now, the 48-year-old is being held without bail as prosecutors say the professor who has spent more than a decade at University of California, Irvine is a danger to society.

Prosecutors have charged Reinscheid with five counts of arson and one count of attempted arson for lighting objects ranging from newspapers to brush to a plastic porch chair at the park where his son hanged himself in March, University High School and the home of the assistant principal.


Psychiatrist warned university about accused Colorado gunman

james holmes
© unknown
James Holmes
Denver - A psychiatrist who treated the former graduate student accused of killing 12 people in a shooting rampage at a movie theater in Colorado warned her university about him more than a month before the massacre, a published report said on Wednesday.

Dr Lynne Fenton notified a so-called threat-assessment team at the University of Colorado, Denver, in early June that she was alarmed by the behavior of James Holmes, but no further action was taken, the Denver Post reported, citing an anonymous source. Reuters could not immediately confirm the report.

Holmes, 24, was charged on Monday with 24 counts of first-degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder in the shooting at a midnight screening of the latest Batman movie in suburban Denver, one of the worst outbursts of U.S. gun violence in recent years.

Court papers filed by defense attorneys last week said Holmes, a former neuroscience student at the university's Anschutz Medical Campus, had been a patient of Fenton, who is medical director for student mental health services on campus.

Fox News has reported that Holmes sent Fenton a notebook outlining his plans for the shooting, illustrated by stick-figure drawings, but that it was not opened before the attack.

A university spokeswoman, Jacque Montgomery, declined to comment to Reuters on the Denver Post report, saying she was bound by a protective or "gag" order issued by the judge in the case and by student confidentiality laws.

"I believe, until it's been demonstrated otherwise, that our people did what they should have done," University Chancellor Don Elliman said in a statement, according to Montgomery.

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Ontario woman recovering from lightning strike in Manitoba

© Owen Zammit via Flickr
Canada - A 23-year-old Ontario woman says she's in good spirits after she survived being struck by lightning while canoeing in a Manitoba river this week.

Corynne McCathie of Innisfil, Ont., says was with six other people, taking part in a Manitoba Pioneer Camp canoe trip on the Bloodvein River, when a major storm blew in on Sunday afternoon.

The group was retreating to safety on a nearby island when McCathie, who is a camp staff member, was hit by lightning while hauling a canoe to shore.

McCathie told CBC News she does not remember the precise moment she was struck, but she remembered having trouble speaking and feeling disconnected from her body.

"I remember waking up and being very disoriented and just seeing my arms in front of me and realizing that I couldn't feel them," she said Tuesday from Winnipeg.

"I saw arms and legs [but] they didn't feel like they were mine, even though they were attached to my body."


Group arrested during G20 sue police, alleging profiling, sexual assault

Warning! Contains strong language.

Canada, Toronto - A lawsuit against Toronto police is more about alleged sex-based discrimination than being profiled for having "hairy legs," one of the plaintiffs said Wednesday.

Alicia Ridge, 27, is part of a group of seven people from Hamilton suing Toronto police for $1.4 million over their arrests during the 2010 G20 summit, claiming false arrest, battery and malicious prosecution.

The women in the group claim they were profiled by an officer who wrote in his arrest notes that all the women had hairy legs - something he said he associated with G20 protesters.

Ridge, who is a nurse and studying to become a midwife, and also volunteers with a sexual assault centre, said the lawsuit was prompted by allegations beyond the "hairy legs" comment.

"My arresting officer, who was male, decided to do an initial search of my body, which was just basically running his hand up the side of my leg and grabbing my ass, along with sexualized comments and comments that were put out there to create fear," Ridge said Wednesday after serving the lawsuit at police headquarters.

None of the claims has been proven or tested in court. The Toronto Police Services Board was not immediately available to comment on the lawsuit.

The group alleges the police wrongfully arrested them on June 27, 2010 - a day after vandals went on a rampage in downtown Toronto - as they emerged from a pizza parlour.


12-Year-Old Girl Tased Inside Victoria's Secret

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Judge Overturns Murder Convictions After Facebook Post Leads to New Witnesses

Raymond and Thomas Highers have been in jail, since 1987, for the murder of Robert Karey, who was shot dead at his home.

However, they may be set free due to a Facebook post by an old friend named Mary Evans.

Evans told Fox Detroit what she wrote on the Northeast Detroit Alumni Facebook page in 2009: "All I said was it's too bad or it's sad that the Highers brothers are in prison for life, and that there just started this domino effect."

Apparently, another classmate, who saw the Facebook post, recalled hearing that someone else had committed the murder and tried to find witnesses.

Judge Lawrence Talon, on Thursday, reversed the brother's convictions after "credible and reliable" new evidence surfaced from some [then] teens, who said they were in a car outside Karey's house the night he was shot.