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Tue, 12 Dec 2017
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Portrait of Hillary Clinton briefly shuts down Art Miami tent due to security dog reaction

hillary painting
© Nicholas Nehamas
Fair director Nick Korniloff said two security dogs reacted to a crate containing a painting of Hillary Clinton — pictured in a shaggy pink hairdo — during a pre-show security sweep.
When two security dogs reacted to a suspicious crate before an Art Miami tent opening early Saturday morning, Miami police officers briefly shut down the area for a few hours to investigate the possible threat.

But when they opened up the offending crate, officers found something else instead: a punky portrait of Hillary Clinton in a studded jacket and shaggy pink haircut, in a neon picture frame to match.

Fair director Nick Korniloff said that the two dogs reacted to the crate during a pre-show check shortly after 8 a.m., prompting organizers to clear the site. Both the Art Miami tent and a tent for Context, connected by a tunnel, were closed off. The package was then searched and the painting of the former Democratic presidential candidate was found inside.

Police officers ran the 16 inch by 20 inch acrylic-on-wood artwork through an X-ray machine, which turned up no suspicious material.

"We had to err on the side of caution," Korniloff said. Both tents eventually reopened around 10 a.m.

The painting - titled "Punk Hillary" - had been shipped with a similar portrait of President Donald Trump (called "Trump Pimp"), depicting him in a zebra-printed hat with a gold dollar-sign chain around his neck. The Trump portrait had already been removed from the crate before the security check.

Comment: That's quite reaction over a painting - but being that it's Hillary Clinton, perhaps warranted. Or the dogs simply find her just as repulsive as we do. See:

Bizarro Earth

Jewish Agency for Israel spokesperson alarmed over growing Anti-Semitic sentiment in Sweden

A group of masked people has reportedly firebombed a synagogue in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

Swedish ambulance
© AP Photo/Bjorn Larsson Rosvall
According to local media reports, no person has been injured in the incident that occured Saturday in the second biggest city of Sweden. The fire was extinguished soon after the attack. Swedish law enforcement forces have locked down the area, launching a probe into the incident, media reports say.


Burn the warlock: #MeToo has morphed into a moral panic that poses as much danger to women as it does to men

Metoo Movment
#Metoo, of course. Women are not going nuts for no reason. We're fed up with feeling prickles down our spine as we walk alone on dimly lit streets. Fed up with thinking, "If he feels entitled to send me that message, what might he feel entitled to do to if he knew where I lived?" Fed up with strangers who smack their lips and murmur obscenities at us. Fed up with thinking, "No, I don't want to go to his hotel room to discuss closing the contract. I'll have to tell him my husband's waiting for me to call. 'My husband? Oh, yes, he's pathologically jealous, bless his heart, and a bit of a gun nut...'" My husband is perfect in every way but one-he doesn't exist-but he has served me so well over the years that I'm willing to overlook his ontological defects. I shouldn't need him, but I do.

I've been fortunate. My encounters with law enforcement have been contrary to reputation: The police have taken me seriously, once arresting a stalker when he failed to heed a warning to cease and desist. But too many women have been murdered because they could not persuade the police to take them seriously. That stalker doubtless believes he was "unjustly accused" and "his life destroyed" by a hysterical woman. He's full of it. I'll bet he did the same thing to many women before me. Sexual predation tends to be a lifelong pattern.



The end of American prison visits: Jails end face-to-face contact and families suffer

© Ben Depp
Tiffany Burns tries to talk to her boyfriend Chrishon Brown, who is locked up in Jefferson Parish jail.
It's been described as 'Skype for the jailed' and is being sold as safer and more convenient. But it begs the question: are in-person visits a human right?

One sunny day in October, at the Jefferson Parish correctional center just across the river from downtown New Orleans, Tiffany Burns, 34, was visiting her boyfriend.

The pair had been dating for almost two years and were still giggly in love when a late July knock on the door sent him away. Scooped up by the police after being accused of robbing a suburban bank at gunpoint, Chrishon Brown, 37, was sent to the correctional center while his case worked its way through the court.

A new, unwelcome chapter of their relationship began, with Brown using all his jail funds to call Tiffany, and Tiffany visiting as often as she could.

It was a long drive from her home in the Metairie suburb west of New Orleans, and could sometimes take about an hour each way with the traffic near downtown, but Burns was happy to do it. "When I visit, sometimes I forget about the glass and it feels like we are together again."

Comment: For profit prisons are going to figure out how to make money off of everything.


The next generation money mules for criminals are children and young adults

using atm
According to Cifas, a nonprofit fraud prevention organization based in the United Kingdom, more than 8,500 cases of bank account misuse have been filed against 18- to 24-year-olds between January and September 2017. Cifas has linked the account abuse to an uptick in young people acting as money mules, allowing their bank account to be used in order to facilitate the movement of criminal funds. The number of young people engaged in this kind of money laundering scheme doubled in the last four years, painting a troubling picture.

Earlier this year, the Metropolitan Police in the UK claimed that children as young as 13 years old have also been used by gangs or criminals to move stolen money on their behalf. The youngsters were either approached-often with threats of violence-right outside their schools, or they responded to adverts they saw on social media or video sharing sites that offered cash rewards of at least $67 (£50) for money transfer work. Some posts were even advertised as legitimate work under the likely titles of "Financial Manager," "Money transfer Agent," or "Payment processing agent."

Money mules (aka smurfers) usually get a cut from moving money, but it was found that youngsters were often never paid.

Heart - Black

68 Ukrainians found to have siphoned funds to offshores in Paradise Papers analysis

paradise papers
© 112 Agency
The analysts of the YouControl system claimed that 68 Ukrainian involved in the international investigation 'Paradise Papers' as DW reported.

55 of them are men and 13 are women. 27 offshores out of 57 are registered at the British Virgin Islands, 11 at Bermuda, seven in Malta, four at the Isle of Man, three at the Cayman Islands, three in Seychelles, one in the UK and one in Jersey.

Also, two-thirds of the Ukrainians that own the offshores are the directors or the owners of the Ukrainian companies that work in agricultural, financial, transport, energy, IT and pharmacological sectors.

As we reported the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ISIJ) published a new journalist investigation called The Paradise Papers "A new leak of confidential records reveals the financial hideaways of iconic brands and power brokers across the political spectrum" on November 5.

Comment: While the average person in Ukraine suffers because of the beautiful spread of American "democracy", the rich have benefited from the Western way of doing business - Taking money from the masses and putting it into the hands of the rich elite who then keep it offshore and away from taxes and prying eyes.


Israel responds with violent crackdown on Palestinian protests in Jerusalem

Palestinian protesters
© Ahmad Gharabli / AFP
Israeli police disperse Palestinian protesters in East Jerusalem, December 9, 2017
RT's crew has witnessed first-hand the violence in Jerusalem, as Israeli police violently dispersed Palestinians protesting Donald Trump's decision to recognize the city as Israel's capital. Around 230 Palestinians were injured in the clashes, the Red Crescent said.

Running battles between Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces entered a fourth day, with violence reported in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Saturday.

227 Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli police and military during the day, Red Crescent said in a statement. "171 people were wounded in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and 60 others - in Gaza," the statement read. Those wounded were hit with rubber bullets and suffered from tear gas inhalation, the Red Crescent added.


Vltchek: Cambodians continue to pervert their own history - for dollars

Cambodia tour
I have already written a lot about Cambodia, but each time I return to this ancient and scarred country, I get so outraged by the cynicism that confronts me there, at every corner, that I have to start writing again, re-addressing the same essential issues that I have already been covering for years and decades.

One question always comes back to my mind:

'How could a nation that suffered so much, losing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of sons and daughters (official number stands at 1.7 million), accept a totally twisted narrative fabricated in Washington, London, Paris and other Western capitals? And not only 'accept' - Cambodia is actually profiting greatly from helping to spread vitriolic anti-Communist propaganda on behalf of its lethal handlers.'

In all the bookstores around the country, the official Western propaganda narrative ('Khmer Rouge killed them all' - style) is on display and on sale: Pol Pot's biographies, gruesome accounts from the so-called Killing Fields, from the torture chambers at the former high school 'S-21' in Phnom Penh, as well as countless and detailed testimonies of the victims.

Comment: The West, ie. the U.S., not only "pitched local people against each other" in Cambodia and at that time - but continues, to this day, to employ many of the same 'divide and conquer' tactics and methods (and some new ones) on a much more far-reaching scale. What may be even worse though, as the author points out, is the sheer numbers of people who, unaware or willfully ignorant, go along with it.

Eye 2

Hollywood director Bryan Singer being sued by man who claims director made him his sex slave as a teen

Bret Tyler Skopek
© Bret Skopek
Bret Tyler Skopek
As Hollywood director Bryan Singer is being sued by a man who claims that he was sexually assaulted by Singer when he was a minor, another man is coming forward and accusing Singer of forcing him to be a sex slave while promising him a movie role, when he was a teenager.

When Bret Tyler Skopek met Singer at a Halloween party in October 2013, he told Deadline that the director was dressed in a Catholic priest costume. Singer has directed movies such as Superman Returns, Valkyrie and the X-Men series. Skopek claimed that when he met Singer, he was 18 years old, and the director lured him in with talk of a role in the next X-Men movie.

Comment: Notice how the title says "teen" as if it's trying to imply underage, minor, or pedophilia. Here he admits he was of legal age. If you're an adult, you're not "lured" you're "invited."

However, that promise was never fulfilled, and Singer is not the only one Skopek is accusing of sexual assault. He claimed that he began receiving text messages from a middle-aged computer technician after the party, who offered to help Skopek, as he was new to Los Angeles.

Comment: Promise was not fulfilled, therefore sexual assault. He's not even trying to hide it. If the promise had been fulfilled would it not be sexual assault?

Comment: At this point one has to wonder if there's any aspiring young male actors in Hollywood who didn't get caught up in Bryan Singer's "predation":


84yo Korean War vet who sleeps with gun under pillow kills home intruder 'with single shot', 2nd man gets away

Man firing gun
© Andy Clark / Reuters
An 84-year-old Pennsylvania man turned out to be a challenge for burglars after he fought two intruders who broke into his house. The Korean War veteran, who sleeps with a loaded gun under his pillow, killed one of the attackers with a single shot.

Don Lutz, who lives in Ellport borough some 50 km from Pittsburgh, was awakened by the sound of glass shattering early Friday and saw two men breaking into his house, local media reported citing police. The 84-year-old man (some media report that he is actually 85) got out of bed, and was confronted by one of the intruders.

"I was in bed sleeping, they woke me up," Lutz later told KDKA TV, a CBS-affiliate. "Woken up to them busting in on my front door, and I went out in the hallway in the dark, and I met this one guy, and he went to grab me and that's when I shot him."