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Wed, 04 Oct 2023
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US: Northwest sees 35% infant mortality spike post-Fukushima

© FoxNews
3 reactors experienced full nuclear meltdown after Japan quake
Medical professionals publish report highlighting post-Fukushima mortality spike.

Physician Janette Sherman, M.D. and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano published a report Monday highlighting a 35% spike in northwest infant mortality after Japan's nuclear meltdown.

The report spotlighted data from the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on infant mortality rates in eight northwest cities, including Seattle, in the 10 weeks after Fukushima's nuclear meltdown.

The average number of infant deaths for the region moved from an average of 9.25 in the four weeks before Fukushima' nuclear meltdown, to an average of 12.5 per week in the 10 weeks after. The change represents a 35% increase in the northwest's infant mortality rates.

In comparison, the average rates for the entire U.S. rose only 2.3%


California Companies Fleeing the Golden State

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California companies, including PayPal, have been expanding or relocating outside the Golden State. PayPal recently opened a facility in Arizona.
New York - Buffeted by high taxes, strict regulations and uncertain state budgets, a growing number of California companies are seeking friendlier business environments outside of the Golden State.

And governors around the country, smelling blood in the water, have stepped up their courtship of California companies. Officials in states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and Utah are telling California firms how business-friendly they are in comparison.

Companies are "disinvesting" in California at a rate five times greater than just two years ago, said Joseph Vranich, a business relocation expert based in Irvine. This includes leaving altogether, establishing divisions elsewhere or opting not to set up shop in California.

"There is a feeling that the state is not stable," Vranich said. "Sacramento can't get its act together...and that includes the governor, legislators and regulatory agencies that are running wild."


US: Louisiana Police Say Mom Killed Three Daughters, Self

© AP Photo
Traumatised: Family members grieve for Nadia Braxton and her three little girls
Police said on Thursday that the shooting deaths of a mother and her three girls in a town near New Orleans was a case of murder-suicide.

Autopsies and interviews with family members, neighbors and the family's pastor convinced them that Nadia Braxton, 29, shot her three young daughters to death and then took her own life, said Police Lt. Wayne McInnis in Kenner, Louisana.

Braxton's common-law husband and the girls' father, Ronald Peters, found Braxton on Tuesday evening in a bedroom in their home, sprawled across the bodies of her three daughters -- Kayla Peters, 12; Nayah Peters, almost 2; and Nyla Peters, 6 months.

All but Kayla were shot in the forehead; Kayla sustained gunshot wounds to the back of her head, police said.

A semi-automatic handgun was at Braxton's feet, and there was gunpowder residue on her hands, police said.


Coronado, US: Girlfriend of Drug Company Executive Found Dead at His Home

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A woman found dead at the historic mansion was nude and hanging from a balcony with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound, investigators said Thursday.
The girlfriend of a prominent pharmaceutical executive was found bound, nude and hanged from a balcony at his mansion near San Diego, and homicide detectives said on Thursday they have not ruled out suicide.

The body of Rebecca Nalepa, 32, was discovered on Wednesday morning at the seaside home of Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp founder and CEO Jonah Shacknai in Coronado, an upscale island beach resort connected to San Diego by a long bridge, authorities said.

The strange death came two days after Shacknai's 6-year-old son, Max, was critically injured and placed in a medically induced coma from what police said was reported as a fall from a staircase in the home, Coronado Police Chief Louis Scanlon said.

Land records show that Shacknai, 54, whose Scottsdale, Arizona-based company is maker of the acne treatment Solodyn and wrinkle-filler Restylane, purchased the 27-room landmark property known as the Spreckels Mansion in October 2010.

Shacknai was not present when authorities were called to his home on Monday morning, finding only the injured boy and his girlfriend at the residence.

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US: Suspect in bizarre text-message slaying arrested after fleeing Puerto Rico

© Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times
Artak Yepremyan and his wife, Ani Atajyan, look at a photograph of their son Mike Yepremyan, 19, who was shot to death in November 2009.
A suspect in a fatal Los Angeles shooting who was captured in Puerto Rico only to flee again after being released on bail was arrested in Van Nuys on Thursday afternoon, law enforcement sources said.

Zareh Manjikian is suspected of fatally shooting a 19-year-old just hours after the teen sent an insulting text message in a bizarre slaying that drew wide-scale media attention.

More than a year after the slaying, Manjikian was tracked down to a beach town outside Puerto Rico's capital city, San Juan, where federal authorities arrested him. Despite a no-bail arrest warrant issued by authorities in Los Angeles, he was released by a Puerto Rican judge on a $50,000 bond.

Then he disappeared, a turn of events that shocked police in Los Angeles, who have been investigating the case for more than 18 months, and the slain teenager's family.


Man charged for having explosives at the airport

An Army Private is accused of trying to board a plane with an explosive material at the Yuma International Airport. TSA detected the explosive material during a security check. U.S. Army Private First Class Christopher Eric Wey was detained for investigation before boarding a flight to Los Angeles from Yuma yesterday. TSA found one-half ounce of C4 explosive hidden in a tobacco can inside one of Wey's bags.

"He was taking part in a 7 week explosives training course in yuma, in which they were using and learning how to detonate explosives, including c4," explained Robert Sherwood with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona.

He said Wey was leaving Yuma after being released early from the program for poor performance.

"He was terminated from that course for failure to meet core standards," Sherwood said.

And allegedly, he tried to take home a souvenir. "He said that he found a small quantity of C4 in an area after a demonstration, and he picked it up, put it in his pocket and I quote, 'I was going to take it home and show my family and then dispose of it,'" Sherwood stated.


California, US: James Mitchell Verdict: Heir To Porn Empire Convicted Of Murder

© Marin County Sheriff Records
A Marin County jury convicted James Mitchell, heir to a San Francisco porn empire, of first-degree murder Tuesday for the beating death of his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child in Novato two years ago.

According to SFGate, the jury considered the case for less than two days before reaching their verdict, read on the two-year anniversary of his arrest:
It also convicted Mitchell, 29, of kidnapping, child endangerment, child abduction, domestic violence and stalking. He faces a potential sentence of life in prison.

The jury acquitted him of murder during a kidnapping, a special circumstance that would have made him ineligible for parole.
Authorities arrested Mitchell in 2009 just hours after he allegedly attacked Danielle Keller, 29, with a baseball bat. According to witnesses, their daughter, Samantha, cried as she watched the ordeal. Mitchell then fled the scene with Samantha in the car. It was her first birthday.

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US: Court upholds murder conviction for Iowa mom who slit her kids' throats, killed her son

The Iowa Court of Appeals has upheld the murder conviction of a woman who drove her two young sons to a pond and cut their throats, killing one of them.

Michelle Kehoe of Coralville is serving a life sentence for the Oct. 26, 2008 death of her 2-year-old son, Seth. She also is serving a 25 year sentence for the attack on her son Sean, who was 7 years old at the time. Kehoe initially told investigators she and her children were attacked by someone else.

Kehoe appealed her conviction, claiming her lawyer was ineffective and failed to object to jury instructions and to challenge constitutional issues related to her case.

The appeals court rejected Kehoe's arguments Wednesday.

Telephone messages left for attorneys in the case were not immediately returned.

Source: The Associated Press


UK: 'I want to make you pregnant... I prefer virgins': What Wikileaks boss Julian Assange told victim, rape extradition court hears

© Getty Images
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is said to have told his alleged victim in Stockholm: 'Sweden is a good country to have kids in'
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told a woman he stands accused of raping that he wanted to impregnate her and other 'virgins', a court heard yesterday.

The 40-year-old is said to have told his alleged victim in Stockholm: 'Sweden is a good country to have kids in.'

The High Court in London heard yesterday that Assange had a 'strange' discussion with the museum worker and she later awoke to find him having unprotected sex with her.

The Australian is accused of saying he 'wanted to impregnate women' and that he 'preferred virgins because he would be the first to impregnate them'.

The former computer hacker is also accused of 'violently' forcing himself on another woman in Stockholm.

He is now appealing against a district judge's decision to extradite him to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning over allegations of rape and sexual molestation relating to two women.

Yesterday the Court of Appeal heard that the women did not consent to sex with Assange, which happened in August 2010 after he visited Sweden to give a lecture.

Clare Montgomery QC, prosecuting, acting for the Swedish authorities, said of the women: 'They describe circumstances in which they do not freely consent without coercion... either by physical force or by a sense of having already been in a position whereby they felt they had no choice.'

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US: Cardiologist's License Revoked Over Accusations of Placing Unneeded Stents

Dr. Mark G. Midei can no longer practice in Maryland

The Maryland Board of Physicians revoked the medical license of Dr. Mark G. Midei on Wednesday, finding that the Towson cardiologist falsified patient records in order to justify unnecessary and expensive cardiac stent procedures.

"Dr. Midei's violations were repeated and serious," board members wrote in an 11-page order. "They unnecessarily exposed his patients to the risk of harm. They increased the cost of the patients' medical care."