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Wed, 29 Mar 2023
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IPCC's increasingly shrill climate armageddon fantasies gain little traction in media

end of the world sign
The recently-published IPCC synthesis report is a useful summary of the last five years of supra-national climate activism and hysteria undertaken under the control of the United Nations. The big takeaway from the 36-page summary for policymakers of the sixth assessment reports is that a large group of activists and state-funded scientists have signed up to the improbable notion that the climate should be stable, and any variation can somehow be controlled by humans. To support this suggestion, almost all the evidence provided is opinion, somehow given credence by being produced by computer models. Actual scientific facts are very thin on the ground.

In addition, a stonking level of economic naïvety is on display. At one point, the environmental footprint of battery production and "growing concerns" about critical minerals is noted, but with what is described as medium confidence, "this can be addressed by material and supply diversification strategies and material efficiency improvements, and circular material flows".

It might be observed that this type of meaningless waffle is often produced by people who have never run a wealth-generating activity. Something will turn up, seems to be the hope, as collectivists promote their command-and-control Net Zero agenda. Meanwhile, the 'unit' cost of renewable energy is said to have fallen in recent years, but no account is taken of the enormous costs involved in countering the unreliable and intermittent nature of wind and solar power.

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IOC cannot be 'political referee', president says following objections to reinstate Russia into Olympic games

Kamila Valieva doping olympics
© Dimitris Isevidis/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
FILE PHOTO: Fifteen year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva is seen in practice at the Bejiing Winter Olympics, February 2022. The International Olympic Committee has defended plans to include Russian and Belarusian athletes at the Paris 2024 Games.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) must not act as a "political referee," according to its president, Thomas Bach. The organization has faced a backlash for its plans to reinstate Russian and Belarusian athletes to international competition ahead of the Paris Games in 2024.

Speaking at the Ruhr Political Festival in Essen, Germany on Wednesday, Bach said that the IOC must stay out of political disputes to preserve its power as a unifying force on the international stage.

"If politics decides who can take part in a competition, then sport and athletes become tools of politics," Bach stated. "It is then impossible for sport to transfer its uniting power."


3 million attend France's 9th consecutive day of protests, woman has hand blown off by tear gas grenade, Bordeaux town hall set on fire

Marseille protest
© Guillaume Horcajuelo/EPA
Protesters in Marseille on Thursday.
Emmanuel Macron felt the full force of French anger on Thursday as protesters gathered across the country to demonstrate their opposition to the pension age being raised from 62 to 64.

Comment: As with the Yellow Vest protests which erupted following a fuel tax hike, it seems these protests are about plummeting living standards, but the pension reform was the spark.

Unions claimed 3.5 million people turned out across the country, while the authorities suggested the figure was much lower, at just under 1.1 million.

Comment: The authorities regularly downplay figures, despite all evidence to the contrary.

In Paris, union leaders claimed that a record 800,000 people took part in a mostly peaceful march through the city - the police gave the figure as 119,000 - to demand that the government drop the fiercely contested change.

Comment: More footage from the protests:

The following fire is probably partly a result of the ongoing strike by refuse workers:


Special Forces veteran falsely labeled a domestic terrorist says FBI also targeted his family: 'It's horrible'

© Ting Shen/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Rep. Jim Jordan
Veteran said his family was kicked off social media platforms after FBI labeled his organization a terror group...

The founder of a veteran-led emergency prevention organization accused the FBI Tuesday of falsely labeling him a facilitator of domestic terror, adding that his family has also been targeted over their association with his group.

Former U.S. Green Beret servicemember Mike Glover, who founded American Contingency to provide disaster relief and support, told Fox News that he feels betrayed by the country he spent nearly two decades protecting after a whistleblower complaint exposed by the Rep. Jim Jordan, the current chair of the House Judiciary Committee, confirmed that his organization was targeted by the FBI and falsely designated a facilitator of domestic terror.


Gunmen kill 9 Chinese at mine in Central African Republic

Central African Republic President Faustin-Archange Touadera • Chimbolo mineshaft
The Chinese government has condemned the killing of nine Chinese nationals at a mining site in the Central African Republic (CAR), where a civil war is raging, and the president of China, Xi Jinping, called on Monday for the perpetrators to be "severely punished".

Gunmen stormed a Chinese-operated gold mining site that had recently been launched in Central African Republic, killing nine Chinese nationals and wounding two others Sunday, authorities said.

However, the rebel coalition initially blamed by some for the attack put out a statement later in the day. Without providing evidence, it accused Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group of being behind the violence.

The attack early Sunday came just days after gunmen kidnapped three Chinese nationals in the country's west near the border with Cameroon, prompting President Faustin Archange Touadera to plan a trip to China in a bid to reassure investors.

Comment: Cui Bono?


Multiple injuries after ship tips over at Edinburgh dockyard

Thirty-five people have been injured after a ship tipped over at an Edinburgh dockyard. A major incident was declared after the research vessel Petrel became dislodged from its holding on a dry dock.

NHS Lothian said 23 people had been treated in hospital and 12 people at the scene of the incident at Imperial Dock, Leith. People have been asked not to attend A&E at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI) unless it is an emergency. Pictures posted on social media showed the 3,000-tonne vessel, which is owned by the US Navy, leaning at a 45-degree angle.

The US Consulate in Edinburgh said it was monitoring the situation and offering support to US citizens who were involved. "We thank the emergency services for their prompt response. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this incident," it added.

The Scottish Ambulance Service said it was called at 08:30. Five ambulances, an air ambulance, three trauma teams, a special operations team, three paramedic response units and a patient transport vehicle were sent to the scene.


Lawyers allege FBI informant was embedded In Jan. 6 defense team

proud boys fbi trial informants
The amazing investigative reporter Julie Kelly of American Greatness, who has done more to expose the corruption behind the January 6th convictions and treatment of January 6th prisoners than almost anyone, has just dropped a massive bombshell that should shake every American to their core.

According to Kelly, the DOJ has embedded an FBI agent in the defense team of the non-violent Jan. 6th prisoner, former US Marine Zachary Rehl. Rehl has been imprisoned since January 6 real crime is that he's a member of the "Proud Boys."

In her first of a series of four tweets, Kelly reported that a new motion has just been filed by the defense in the Proud Boys trial accusing the DOJ of using an FBI informant to spy on and infiltrate the defense team of Zachary Rehl.

Comment: Par for the course, it seems


MEME TRIAL: Defendant says he wasn't committing 'election interference', was simply trying for viral meme

douglass mackey
On Monday, attorneys gave their opening arguments in the trial of internet meme maker Douglass Mackey, also known as Rickey Vaughn, with his lawyer Andrew Frisch telling a federal jury that Mackey wasn't looking to trick voters when he posted Hillary Clinton memes in 2016 telling supporters to "vote from home" via text messaging.

Frisch said that Mackey was merely attempting to go viral, according to the New York Daily News, stating that Mackey was "sh*t-posting," or "stuff-posting" as he told the jury.

"It means what it says — he was posting stuff," Frisch said. "A lot of it was online trash-talking. Juvenile, sure, and some of it was vulgar."

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Stolen valor: Top Ukraine 'volunteer' soldier revealed to be fraud, heavily promoted by Adam Kinzinger, Malcolm Nance

In 2022, Newsweek ran a glowing story about an American man who claimed to be a volunteer fighting with the Ukrainian Army. James Vasquez claimed in March 2022. that he'd "taken out 7 Russian tanks."

Former Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger advocated for Vasquez, urging Twitter to verify his account, and posed in pictures with him.

Only the story of Vasquez joining the Ukrainian Army turned out to be fake. "Kinzinger's favorite Ukraine hero just deleted his account after it came out he is a fraud," Jack Posobiec said.


Lord help us: Greta Thunberg to receive honorary doctorate degree in THEOLOGY from University Of Helsinki

greta thunberg
© Leon Neal/Getty Images
Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will receive an honorary doctorate degree in theology from the University of Helsinki in Finland on June 9, the school announced in a press release.

Thirty "distinguished individuals" from around the world will be awarded the university's "highest recognition," according to a March 20 press release. The Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Law will all give out honorary doctorates. Thunberg is the only individual listed as an "activist" who is receiving a degree, the announcement shows.

Thunberg, 20, gained popularity in 2018 when she refused to attend class until the Swedish general elections took place due to her concerns about climate change. She made international headlines again when she spoke at the United Nations in 2019, accusing politicians of stealing her childhood. Most recently, Thunberg came under scrutiny for deleting a years-old Tweet citing a claim that humans would go extinct if fossil fuels were still being used by 2023.

Comment: Who knew that Greta was a Lawyer and Theologian all along? It's amazing how far one can get in academics while skipping school.

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