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Thu, 27 Feb 2020
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Car plows into crowd at Carnival parade in Volkmarsen, Germany - at least 30 people injured

car crash crowd germany
© Reuters/E. Schulten
First responders fan out into the crash scene in Volkesmarsen
People have suffered life-threatening injuries after a vehicle drove into a parade in a town in central Germany. Children were also among those injured.

More than 30 people were injured on Monday after a man drove into a crowd at a Carnival parade in the German town of Volkmarsen, police said.

Police spokesman Henning Hinn said "there were several dozen injured, among them some seriously, and sadly also children." Some of the injuries were life-threatening, he added. The number of those seriously injured was put at seven by Frankfurt police.

Hinn continued: "We are working on the assumption that it was a deliberate act."


Here's what the lead Roger Stone juror wrote in her jury questionnaire

The lead juror at Roger Stone's trial said in a written questionnaire for prospective jurors that she was "not sure" whether she posted online about the Russia investigation or Stone, and that she "may have shared an article" on social media on the topics, according to a portion of the document reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

But Tomeka Hart's Twitter feed shows that she indeed posted multiple times about the Russia probe and at least once about Stone, who was sentenced on Thursday to 40 months in prison in a case that stemmed from the special counsel's investigation.

Stone's lawyers filed a motion on Feb. 14 alleging that Hart's social media activity shows that she was biased against President Donald Trump and Stone. Trump also criticized Hart during a press conference after Stone was sentenced.

Trump called Hart an "anti-Trump activist," and suggested that she "tainted" Stone's jury.

Hart, who ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2012, commented negatively about Trump on Twitter and circulated news stories about the Russia probe. In one Aug. 2, 2019 post, she called all of Trump's supporters racist.

Stone, 67, has been one of Trump's most longstanding supporters, and is sometimes credited with convincing the real estate mogul to run for president.

Comment: See also: Stone sentencing ends Russia collusion, part I

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Namaste Trump! US president receives spectacular welcome in India

Comment: You wouldn't know it watching US media, but Trump is really popular in India!

trump melania taj mahal india
President Trump on Monday was offered a warm welcome during his first trip to India and announced that the U.S. and India would sign a defense deal for New Delhi to purchase more than $3 billion in American helicopters and other military equipment.

Addressing a large crowd at a cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, Trump called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a "true friend," touted the bond between the United States and India and expressed a desire to strengthen that bond further.

Comment: Here's Trump's arrival at the president of India's official residence:

"Namaste, and hello to India. This is such a great honor," Trump said at the outset of his remarks. "The first lady and I have just traveled 8,000 miles around the world to deliver a message to every citizen across this nation: America loves India, America respects India, and America will always be faithful and loyal friends to the Indian people."

The event was fitting for the American president, who relishes the large crowds that frequent his domestic campaign rallies.

Comment: Ok, but he's also a man who ATTRACTS them. He got a similar reception in China two years ago, another world-first for an American president.

Thousands of people gathered on the streets to watch Trump's motorcade transit to the cricket stadium for the "Namaste Trump" event on Monday. Many billboards with photos of Trump and Modi lined the route to the stadium.

Comment: And here's Trump's speech:

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Police clash with violent pro- and anti-CAA protesters in Delhi hours before Trump set to visit Indian capital

Policemen clash with protesters
© AFP / Sajjad Hussain
Policemen clash with protesters in Delhi, February 24, 2020.
Delhi police have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators for and against a new citizenship law. Protesters threw stones and set fires, hours before Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive in the capital.

Monday's violence marks the latest unrest over India's new ratified Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Supporters and opponents of the legislation were seen pelting each other with stones in the Maujpur area in the northeastern part of the capital. Another clip shows an impromptu barricade, engulfed in flames, blocking a roadway, as demonstrators hurl projectiles at each other.

The Delhi police head constable is reported to have been killed in the violence, with several others injured. The clashes come just hours before US President Donald Trump is set to arrive in the Indian capital. He is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the city tomorrow.


Weinstein found GUILTY of 2 counts sexual assault and 3rd degree rape, acquitted of more serious charges

Comment: A good day for #MeToo then...

weinstein guilty trial
Jurors found disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein guilty of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual assault Monday, but cleared him of more serious charges of predatory sexual assault. They also cleared him of rape in the first degree.

The jury of seven men and five women returned the verdict in a Manhattan courtroom after more than four days of deliberation. The high-profile trial got underway with opening statements on January 22.

Weinstein's bail was revoked and he was taken into custody. He could face up to 29 years in prison when he's sentenced on March 11. He had been free on bail since his arrest nearly two years ago.

Comment: On to the other Stein then?

Oh no, wait, he's dead.

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UK censorship & Wikileaks: Celebrities fighting for Assange's freedom speak out

© REUTERS/Peter Nicholls
Protesters march against Julian Assange's extradition in London
Prominent public figures like designer Vivienne Westwood and musician Brian Eno, joined mass protesters against Julian Assange's extradition, saying his fate will have impact on press freedom and holding governments accountable.

"Julian is the Trojan horse. If he knocks a crack in that wall, we can get government to do all the other things they need to be doing, which they are doing the opposite of [right now]," British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood told RT. Thousands took to the streets near the British Parliament to protest the imprisonment of the WikiLeaks founder ahead of a hearing next week to determine whether the imprisoned journalist will be extradited to the US.

Westwood called out British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the 2019 imprisonment of Assange and his not standing up for the journalist, who the US alleges violated the Espionage Act of 1917 through his WikiLeaks publications.

Comment: Meanwhile the OSCE rep on press freedom argues that Assange's extradition to the US would have a "chilling effect" on press freedom:
OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlem Desir expressed concern over Assange's upcoming extradition hearing at London's Woolwich Crown Court on Monday. He called on UK authorities to refuse to hand over Assange to Washington, citing the "disproportionate prison sentence, up to a total of 175 years, that he could potentially face if extradited and convicted."

Desir argued that WikiLeaks has provided "important investigative reports and news reporting" and Assange's extradition would have a "chilling effect" on freedom of expression and media freedom. Assange has been charged under the Espionage Act over the publication of leaked documents that revealed possible war crimes by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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UK gov bans homes from using coal and wood fires, plan to target petrol and diesel cars next

Sales of house coal and wet wood will be phased out in England from 2021
Sales of house coal and wet wood will be phased out in England from 2021 - affecting an estimated 2.5 million homes. Environment Secretary George Eustice said the continued use of dangerous fuels has become the "most harmful pollutant" across the UK. Wood burning stoves and coal fires are the single largest source of the chemical PM2.5 - a particle known to cause serious health problems.

The Department said the fumes from burning those materials produce three times as much pollution as road transport.

Mr Eustice said the Government is not banning the use of wood or coal-burning stoves, but stated the plan encourages a move towards the use of "cleaner" sources of energy, such as dry wood and manufactured solid fuels.

The initiative forms part of the wider Clean Air Strategy target which aims to reduce emissions of PM2.5 by 46 percent by 2030.

Comment: Meanwhile just last year over 16,000 people died because they were unable to heat their homes and over 4.5 million citizens are living in fuel poverty: EnvironMENTALism: Origins, Symptoms And Treatment of a Global Pandemic


Because why not? Head transplants 'could replace gender reassignment surgery' for gender dysphoria

head transplants
© Brian Snyder/REUTERS
An Italian neuroscientist has said that human head transplants believes that the procedure could help transsexual people.
An Italian neuroscientist researching the possibility of human head transplants believes that the procedure could help people with gender dysmorphia.

Dr Sergio Canavero, of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, published a summary of the technique, known as 'Gemini' spinal cord fusion, in the Surgical Neurology International journal this month.

In an interview with Newsweek, Dr Canavero said that the procedure could have wide-ranging implications for those who feel trapped in their own bodies, a condition he says prompts many to commit suicide. "Why not give them a chance?" he says.

Comment: Read Frankenstein.


A pernicious online bubble is suffocating civilised debate

social media memes collage
© Reg Lynch
What happens in the bubble, stays in the bubble, right? Wrong.

This week the Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was forced to distance himself from his vicious "Bernie Bro" online supporters - renowned for their bullying tactics, mostly on Twitter - when the issue bled over into the "real" political sphere and became a problem for him in the presidential nomination debate.

His nomination rival, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, even aired an attack ad on Sanders over the nastiness of his online supporter mob. Fellow candidate Pete Buttigieg said Sanders should "accept some responsibility and ask yourself what is it about your campaign in particular that seems to be motivating this behaviour more than others".

Comment: See also:

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Witness says he saw Prince Andrew grope Virginia Roberts on Jeffrey Epstein's island

Prince Andrew

Evidence photo of Virginia Roberts, center, with Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein's gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell
A witness claims to have seen Prince Andrew grope Virginia Roberts Giuffre's butt on Jeffrey Epstein's "Pedophile Island," a report said Saturday.

Steve Scully, 70, told The Sun that he saw the disgraced prince kissing and grabbing a young blonde woman wearing a bikini — someone he believes was Giuffre — by a pool on Epstein's private island, Little St. James.

"He was grabbing her ass and stuff like that. They were kissing," Scully told The Sun. "He was grinding against her and groping her."

Scully, who reportedly worked as Epstein's internet and phone specialist, said that the woman "wasn't resisting."

"They were bumping and grinding and fooling around for five, six, seven minutes and they then laid back down on the lounge chairs and continued," Scully said.

But the new witness said he was shocked by how young the girl looked.

"She stood like a kid would stand behind a parent," he said.

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