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Mon, 15 Jul 2019
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Western 'begpackers' spark outrage across Asia begging locals to fund their tropical adventures

There is a backlash growing across Asia against Western 'begpackers' who want the locals to fund their travels around the world.

People across the continent are growing tired of the sight of seeing relatively affluent Westerns begging on the streets in the hope that locals help pay for their journey to the next destination.

Bali has now officially cracked down on the growing issue of problematic "tourists".

Comment: Reportedly the trend has caused outrage among locals, who say that tourists are depriving the needy in order to finance luxury lifestyles.
Maisarah Abu Samah, who is from Singapore, posted two images of people begging on Twitter - one couple selling postcards and another playing music. Expressing her fury, she told France24 : 'It was the first time I've seen something like that and it stopped me in my tracks.

'We find it extremely strange to ask other people for money to help you travel. Selling things in the street or begging isn't considered respectable.

'People who do so are really in need: they beg in order to buy food, pay their children's school fees or pay off debts.

'But not in order to do something seen as a luxury.'
Good on Bali for cracking down on the practice, maybe it will encourage the "young and free" to take some responsibility for their lives and engage in some hard work to fund their tropical adventures, rather than free-loading from their host country.

Eye 1

New leak to Project Veritas: Googlers internally petitioned "to end Google's business with Breitbart"

internal google petition breitbart
© Project Veritas
One thousand employees co-signed Project Veritas has received and published documents from an insider at Google. The documents show Google employees discussing a letter asking Google leadership "to end Google's business relationship with Breitbart." This is the fifth release in a series of document releases from insiders at Google.

According to the documents, the letter was co-signed by over one thousand Google employees. Breitbart News has published similar materials which reportedly show a group at Google "sought to strike at Breitbart News' revenue by kicking the site off Google's market-dominating ad services."

Comment: Project Veritas has been having a field day with Google. Kudos to the brave employee who exposed Google's algorithmic shenanigans and its toxic SJW culture.


Why are we tolerating Megan Rapinoe's endless spew of self-righteous SJW drivel?

Megan Rapinoe
© Reuters/Brad Penner
Megan Rapinoe, captain, US Women's Soccer Team
Powered by nothing more than wokeness and self-regard Megan Rapinoe threatens to go on an intergalactic ego trip - but we are forced to earnestly listen to every pronouncement of this "shero."

One could forgive a soccer player for losing their head after leading their team to a World Cup, but Rapinoe had evidently decided to turn the past month into her personal political pulpit from which to issue her reference-free assertions before a ball had been kicked in France.

From the intellectually dishonest and self-serving demands for "equal" pay, to the claim that "you can't win without gays" ("that's science, right there" she assured, vaguely) to boasts that she wouldn't "f**king go to the White House" if invited after winning.

Comment: Expect to see Rapinoe go the way of Kaepernick. A stellar career sunk by identity politics.

Snakes in Suits

Epstein's frmr Wall Street mentor suspects billionaire's fortune amassed through fraud with 'tainted money' borrowed from Deutsche bank

New York charges against Jeffery Epstein
© Stephanie Keith/Getty Images.
U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman announces charges against Jeffery Epstein.
The origins of Jeffrey Epstein's financial empire remain a mystery to even billionaires. But the investor's former Wall Street mentor has one theory about how Epstein amassed his fortune: Fraud.

In a phone interview with Observer, Steven Hoffenberg alleged Epstein participated in a Ponzi scheme the two ran together in the 1980s, before using the ill-gotten gains to launch his investment company with the help of financial loans from Deutsche Bank.

"Its a very simplistic financial fraud that he concealed from everybody that gave him tainted money," said Hoffenberg. "He never told anybody, and I literally mean anybody, that gave him any money since he left Towers, that he was part of Towers. And that's a securities fraud because when you take money from people, you have to tell them your history."

Hoffenberg oversaw Towers Financial, but was sentenced to 20 years in jail in 1997 for defrauding clients out of $450 million. Although Epstein was never charged in the case, a lawsuit filed last year by former Towers investors lists the financier as "an uncharged co-conspirator," and alleges he "knowingly and intentionally utilized funds he fraudulently diverted and obtained from this massive Ponzi scheme for his own personal use to support a lavish lifestyle."

Comment: Recent news on the Epstein scandal:


Democratic candidates pass the buck on gun crime: It's easier to blame racism than take responsibility

Democrats Control America's Most Dangerous Cities. So Why Do They Keep Passing the Buck on Gun Crime?
Democratic debates gun crime

No Democratic presidential candidate expressed a sense of responsibility for the plague of violent crime in America’s cities, even though the largest urban areas are almost all controlled by Democratic politicians.
Progressives and conservatives traditionally have exhibited different attitudes to the lessons of history. While conservatives have tended to take cues from the past as they build measured hopes for the future, progressives have urged that we break free from tradition in order to create bold and ambitious blueprints for a society they consider to be more just. In the United States, however, this pattern appears to be breaking down, as it is now progressives who tend to embrace a more rigid, backward-looking approach, especially on issues tied to identity. Unlike conservatives, progressives aren't looking to revive a better, sometimes idealized version of their country. But they have become bogged down in the politics of historical redress, at the expense of forward-looking policies that would actually improve people's lives.

A microcosm of this larger tendency was put on display during last month's Democratic primary debates, which touched on the issue of urban gun violence. No Democratic presidential candidate expressed a sense of responsibility for the plague of violent crime in America's cities, even though the largest urban areas are almost all controlled by Democratic politicians.

The issue first came up during questions posed to Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana. NBC's moderators challenged Buttigieg by bringing up a recent incident in which a white police officer killed a 54-year-old black man. While that episode nominally relates to the issue of urban gun violence, it also allows Democrats to dwell in ideologically comfortable territory, since progressives have been drawing attention to police-involved shootings for years. (Indeed, it would be far more useful — and revealing — if it were instead conservative Republicans who were being pressed on this problem). Moreover, the preferred Democrat approach — tracing the problem to the country's original sin of racism — isn't especially helpful.

In answer to the question, Buttigieg dutifully offered a look back to history, noting "there's a wall of mistrust put up one racist act at a time." A question about the other shootings in South Bend — the vast majority of which are not committed by police officers — would have been far more illuminating. South Bend is one of the 30 most dangerous cities in America, with a per-capita homicide rate (16.8 per 100,000) comparable to that of Chicago (17.5 per 100,000). And this rate has remained virtually unchanged since Buttigieg became mayor in 2012, despite the seven years he's had to address the problem.

Comment: See also: Behind the Headlines: Gun Control USA: Do Guns Protect Freedoms?

Bizarro Earth

It's fine to protect terrorists' privacy - but then you have no one to blame when they blow you up

© Getty Images / Thierry Orban
Paris attacks in November 2015
Europe now has to be honest with itself - with enemies in its midst, it can either sacrifice some of the legal rights it holds so dear, or tolerate the deaths of innocents as a price worth paying for keeping its principles.

The decision to pay €500 to Salah Abdeslam, the last man alive of the Paris attackers who killed 131 people in November 2015, as compensation for illegal 24/7 surveillance of his French prison cell since his arrest, has provoked widespread outrage. To many he is lucky to have avoided a public execution, a luxury not afforded to his jihadist gang's victims, never mind safeguarding his right to use the toilet without being watched.

But to advocates of the rule of law this is something of a pedantic triumph to the situation - according to the present legal system even a convicted man enjoys the same constitutional right to privacy. No one is below the law.

Comment: Without support from Western governments and their allies, like Israel, most of these terrorist attacks could not happen, factoring that into the considerations above radically changes the matter: Strasbourg Shooting: Everybody Knows Where Terror Comes From

As for how liberal ideology has warps the Western mind, Putin summarized the issue recently: Also check out SOTT radio's:

Snakes in Suits

GOP Senators demand DOJ update on Planned Parenthood fetal tissue probe

© Joe Raedle/Getty
Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley have sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding an update on the investigation into possible violations regarding the sale of aborted fetal tissue by Planned Parenthood and its partners in the biomedical research industry.

According to a press release, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Graham (SC) and his predecessor Grassley (IA), current chairman of the Committee on Finance, wrote to Barr and Wray Tuesday, seeking an update on the federal investigation that was supposedly launched in 2017.

"Preventing the illegal sale of human fetal tissue remains a priority for the Committee," the letter stated. "In furtherance of the Committee's ongoing oversight of this issue, the Committee asks that you answer the following questions no later than July 2, 2019."

Graham and Grassley requested answers to these questions:
  1. Has the FBI taken any action on the criminal referrals submitted by then-Chairman Grassley?
  2. If the FBI has taken action, please provide an update to the Committee.
  3. If the FBI has not taken action, please explain the justification for not doing so.
  4. Are there any other investigative updates related to this matter that the FBI can share with the Committee at this time?"


London's Gatwick Airport suffers complete failure of air-traffic-control systems

Gatwick Airport
© Tim Ireland/AP
Gatwick Airport
A major air-traffic-control systems failure led to London's Gatwick airport implementing a complete ground stop on Wednesday evening.

At around 5 p.m. London time, the airport suspended all flights as it worked to resolve the issue. A 7 p.m. update from the airport said flights had resumed but suggested that residual delays were expected as the airport worked to bring operations back to normal.

Numerous inbound flights that were already in the air when the failure occurred were seen diverting to other nearby airports in cities such as England's Birmingham and Brighton, based on data shown by the flight-tracking software Flightradar24.

Later flights were shown to be delayed, including departing flights.

In a statement issued at 7 p.m. local time, Gatwick said:
Due to an air traffic control systems issue in Gatwick's control tower, flights were suspended between 17.08 and 19.00. Flights have resumed, but passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline before travelling to the airport as we return to full operations.

Comment: Could there be a connection to this incident? UK police: 'Drone' that shut down Gatwick Airport for days last December 'could see what was happening on runways, was eavesdropping on radio communications'


'Sonic weapons': Sonic devices installed at Philadelphia parks, recreation centers to repel teens

Sonic device at Philadelphia playground
© Kimberly Paynter/WHYY
A sonic device is seen (at top right) at Barrett Playground in Philadelphia. Thirty parks in the city have the devices, which emit a constant, high-pitched noise that only teenagers and young adults can hear.
In Philadelphia, 30 parks and recreation centers are outfitted with a small speaker called the Mosquito. It blares a constant, high-pitched ringing noise all night long — but one that only teenagers and young adults can hear.

Anyone over age 25 is supposed to be immune because, basically, their ear cells have started to die off.

Philadelphia parks officials have been installing the device since 2014, reported WHYY's Billy Penn, intending to shoo rowdy youths from the premises.

And it's not the only U.S. city to do so. Mosquito's Vancouver-based manufacturer Moving Sound Technologies works with roughly 20 parks departments around the country to implement the youth-repellent devices, says president Michael Gibson.

It's intended to prevent loitering and vandalism by teens and young adults at public facilities. But some say this age-based targeting is a form of prejudice.

Philadelphia City Council member Helen Gym refers to the devices as "sonic weapons" — and she's working to get them removed.


"Last week was worse than 5 years of war" - conditions in Donbass deteriorating rapidly

water supply damaged Donbass

Exploding shells damaged water pipelines supplying more than 3.2 million people along the Siverski Donets-Donbass channel on June 29, 2019
"Shelling could be happening in the morning, dinner time, at night...There was some certainty before, now shelling can happen any time." Eduard's front door is pierced all the way through by large caliber bullets, his barn is destroyed by 120 mm shells, mirror smashed by bullets is not just a bad omen any more: it's hard to imagine that someone could still be living in these ruins.

Commenting on the current situation in Kominternovo, he remarks, with bitter irony, that last week was worse than all 5 years of the war. Most of Vatutina Street where Eduard lives is destroyed by shelling. The landscape is simply apocalyptic here.

Comment: Ukraine's new president Zelensky had promised movement towards settling the Donbass conflict. Is he in charge, or are the right-wing neonazi crazies the military? It's looking more and more like the crazies.