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Accused Steubenville rapist's text: Victim was like 'dead body' that night

A blizzard of text messages sent and received by Steubenville, Ohio rape suspect and football player and his friends paint a harrowing and horrifying portrait of the night of the alleged gang rape. Yahoo! Sports reported that for more than two hours on Tuesday, forensic specialist JoAnn Gibb read selections from the thousands of text messages that were sent and received on the night of the incident and in its aftermath.

Two suspects, 17-year-old Trent Mays and 16-year-old Ma'lik Richmond are facing rape charges and are being tried in joint trials in Steubenville. Both boys are players on the town's champion football team, a factor which has purportedly clouded the investigation and caused prosecutors to drag their feet rather than risk opprobrium by dragging two of the town's young heroes before the court.

Nonetheless, the texts, pulled from the phones of 17 students, paint a damning portrait of Mays and his codefendant, as well as many of the town's young people. The messages range from profane to disturbing, enraging to pathetically sad.

The sheer volume of texted information taken in as part of the investigation was like nothing Katie Hanna of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Assault had ever seen before, one of the largest cell phone culls in state history.


Drunk teen shot and killed after friends drop him at wrong house

A teenager who was shot and killed in Sterling, Virginia over the weekend may have accidentally entered the wrong home after a night of drinking.

Law enforcement officials told The Washington Post that the drunk teen had been dropped off by friends at a house just two doors down from where he lived. Both houses were two story, red brick homes and on the same side of the street.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office refused to release the names of anyone involved, and only described the shooting as an unknown intruder being killed by a homeowner.

According to the Post, law enforcement sources believed that the teen may have entered the home through a rear window and was not armed.


NYPD cop busted for using surveillance camera to spy on neighbor in the Bronx

Police Officer Miguel Gomez set up a spy cam inside his building so he could monitor the comings and goings of a 21-year-old woman. It's unknown if he was recording the footage.

He's a Peeping Tom - with a badge.

An off-duty NYPD officer was arrested Friday and charged with using a surveillance camera to spy on a young woman in his Bronx building, police said.

Police Officer Miguel Gomez, 41, who has been on the force for eight years, set up his spy cam inside the building so he could monitor the 21-year-old's comings and goings, police sources said.

He was arrested shortly after 8 a.m. Friday and booked for unlawful surveillance. Cops recovered the camera, police said.

A woman who identified herself as Gomez's mother vigorously defended her son.


Inmate who escaped Canadian prison in helicopter caught; another surrounded

Canadian police arrested three people Sunday in connection with a daring helicopter escape from a Quebec prison.

Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau, one of two escaped inmates is in custody, along with two other people, said Quebec provincial police spokesman Benoit Richard.

Dany Provencal, the second inmate, is "surrounded," and authorities are negotiating to bring him in peacefully, he said.

"I can tell you one thing: The two people that were inside the jail needed help to get out," Richard told CNN.

The spokesman declined to identify the other two people arrested. He also declined to say where the arrests took place, under what circumstances, or where Provencal was located.

The three people arrested will appear in court Monday morning.


FBI investigates dead body, explosives found in Florida college dorm room

© WKMGOne man was found dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, in a dorm room at the University of Central Florida late Sunday, March 17, 2013. Several explosive devices and an assault weapon were also found.
Hundreds of students have been evacuated from a dorm on the University of Central Florida campus in Orlando after explosives devices were found while authorities were investigating a death.

Police were called to Tower 1 early Monday after a fire alarm went off. Arriving officers found a man dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police told local TV stations they found a handgun, an assault weapon and improvised explosive devices on the scene.


Jet crashes into Indiana houses, killing at least 2

© WSBT-TVThe scene in South Bend, Ind., where a small plane crashed into several houses.
A private jet apparently experiencing mechanical trouble crashed Sunday in a northern Indiana neighborhood, leaving multiple people dead after it hit three homes, becoming lodged in one of them, authorities and witnesses said.

The Beechcraft Premier I twin-jet had left Tulsa, Okla.'s Riverside Airport and crashed near South Bend Regional Airport, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Roland Herwig in Oklahoma City said.

"Fatalities have been confirmed at the scene," said Deputy St. Joseph County Coroner Michael O'Connell. He would not say how many people are dead.

CBS affiliate WSBT-TV reported that there were at least two fatalities.

The plane is registered to 7700 Enterprises of Montana LLC in Helena, Mont. The company is owned by Wes Caves and does business as DigiCut Systems in Tulsa, Okla. It makes window film and paint overlay for automobiles. Herwig said he did not know how many people were aboard the jet.

A woman identifying herself as Caves' wife answered the phone at their home Sunday and said, "I think he's dead," before hanging up.


Bad news, atheism is a religion, too

For a theist there's nothing quite like watching an atheist get an intellectual walloping from a preacher. There's just something apocalyptic about it, and it most easily occurs when the atheist tries to chop up religion to irrelevancy without realizing that he is himself awfully religious.

It happened again recently at the Cambridge Union debating society when former Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams took on the best known name in contemporary atheism, Richard Dawkins. They were debating whether religion has a role in the 21st century.

Dawkins said it didn't.

Williams said it did.

In the end, Williams was handed a decidedly strong victory with more than two times as many votes from the audience as the infamous atheist, Dawkins. It was a triumphant day for the faithful and a shameful one for the irreligious.

But actually no one really is irreligious.

This world beats to the rhythm of religion in a thousand ways, and absolutely everyone is religious -- including atheists.

Religion certainly includes an idea of a God under whom man is inherently subservient, but religion also governs the belief system undergirding the way people think about, and live, their lives.

It tells them who their authority is and it informs their values and behavior. It gives them their sense of morality and goodwill, and it guides them in the way they treat themselves and others. Religion does nothing less than construct one's view of the world.

Atheists are, in fact, some of the most religious people.

First, they have a functioning God under whom they are subservient (normally it's science or rationality, but mainly themselves), and that idea of God informs the way they live and interpret their lives. It informs their biases and determines their values, and governs any sense of morality or ethics they adhere too, or ignore.

Once that's all settled all that's left is the preaching.

And they preach all the time.

Comment: Mr. Moore makes some good points in his article. Still it's sad to see from his interview that he has bought into the fairytale that is the Bible's redemption story. For more accurate information see Laura Knight-Jadczyk's Secret History of the World and Comets and the Horn's of Moses

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Steubenville rape case: American teens gripped by epidemic that crushes empathy

In Steubenville, Ohio two teenage boys - a 17-year-old and 16-year-old - are on trial for allegedly stripping a very inebriated and nearly unconscious 16-year-old girl naked, attempting to make her perform oral sex on them (although she could not even open her mouth), urinating on her, using their fingers to penetrate her and carrying her from one location to another, to continue sexually violating her.

The texts they allegedly sent one another when the girl heard rumors from friends about what happened to her while she was too drunk to be aware of it, or even remember it, are chilling. They refer to her as a dead body, gleefully recall humiliating her and contain degrading statements about all females being worthy of sexual degradation.

In one text, the 17-year-old, knowing he has been identified as a possible assailant, tells a friend that he might as well have raped the girl (not just digitally, but using his penis), given the possible consequences he could face:


New Jersey woman arrested after reading constitution during tax dispute

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Air Force trainer gets 4 years for raping trainee

A military judge has sentenced an Air Force instructor to four years in prison for raping a female trainee at the South Texas base where he worked.

Lt. Col. Matthew Van Dalen also sentenced Staff Sgt. Eddy Soto to a dishonorable discharge after convicting him of rape Saturday during a military trial at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.