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Mon, 03 Oct 2022
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Waldo Canyon Fire Evacuees Return To Find Property Burglarized, Vandalized

Burglared Garage
Linda Burton’s car was stolen out of her garage while she was evacuated from the Waldo Canyon Fire.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - Some evacuees from the Waldo Canyon Fire are returning home to find they were burglarized.

One couple's car was stolen right out of their garage. Thieves also took jewelry and computers.

"It's almost as bad as a house burned down because you feel violated. There are people out there who prey upon victims and people that are already suffering, so I feel like I've been hit by a train," said Waldo Canyon Fire evacuee Linda Burton.

So far 22 homes have been reported as being burglarized while evacuees were waiting out the fire.

The reports were enough to prompt city councilmembers to ask District Attorney Dan May, who represents El Paso County and Teller County, to talk with reporters about looting.

He said he could not speak to specifics but said the alleged looters would likely be charged with burglary and could face decades in jail depending on the number of convictions.

"You can get up to 24 years in prison for that. If they've done more than one burglary you can stack that time on top of it so in other words if they've done two burglaries you can get up to 48 years, 3 burglaries up to 72 years," May told reporters at the Monday morning briefing.


Mayhem at Brooklyn Pool as Swimmers Attack Police

In a separate incident Monday, two teenagers were arrested and charged with inciting a riot against an officer


Days after an unruly crowd attacked lifeguards at Brooklyn's newly renovated McCarren Park pool, a police officer was punched in the face and another hurt his wrist in a confrontation with swimmers, authorities said.

Police said the officers, who were assigned to the pool, were injured Monday when trying to enforce the "No Dive" rule. A 20-year-old swimmer punched one of the officers in the side of the face. The second officer hurt his wrist while trying to handcuff the swimmer, police said.

Both officers were taken to Bellevue Hospital. Charges are pending against the 20-year-old suspect.


Zombie 'Theme Park' Planned for Detroit's Abandoned Streets

© Alamy
Take over time: Zombies could roam the streets of Detroit if a theme park is built in the city
Derelict areas of Detroit face being taken over by hordes of 'flesh and brain-eating zombies' if an ambitious business plan takes off.

Entrepreneur Mark Siwak wants to create live-action terror theme park 'Z World' on Motor City's run-down and abandoned streets.

Customers would pay to be chased by professional actors and try to seek shelter in ghostly homes, factories and businesses.

Siwak said it would breathe fresh life into the rundown city, giving jobs to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

But critics say it is an 'exploitative and insensitive ploy' to profit from Detroit's problems.


'Zombie' attack Indianapolis: David Martin fights off cops, stun gun shocks in 'ninja' attack

© YouTube/Police handout
David Martin, 27, was caught on video in a 'zombie,' ninja-like attack running down the middle of a street, punching people during a violent frenzy in Indianapolis
A naked man went on a rampage against police officers, doing ninja-like flips and ignoring stun gun shocks -- and it was all caught on video.

David Martin, 27, was recorded running down the middle of a street, punching people during a violent frenzy in Indianapolis on May 20, Fox 59 reports .

According to nydailynews.com , police attempted to subdue Martin with a stun gun, tackling him to the ground.

Despite Martin's shrieks and screaming, the shocks had no effect on his mobility, and he continued to fight the officers with kicks. He is seen doing somersaults while fighting off police.

"This guy's like a ninja, man. Holy s--t!" the man filming the police encounter is heard saying in the video clip "That guy's strong, he's got to be on something," the man adds.

FOX 59 reports that Martin allegedly injured a female officer when he pushed her into a building. He also punched a male cop in the face multiple times, according to the report.

Video of the event posted on YouTube describes Martin as a 'zombie.'

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Woman bites off boyfriend's fingertip during violent confrontation, deputies say

© Hillsborough County Jail/Scripps Media
Reginald Gefferie
Tampa, Florida - A pregnant woman bit off part of her boyfriend's finger during a violent confrontation at their Tampa home on Tuesday, according to Hillsborough County deputies.

The two got into an argument which turned physical shortly before 6:00 p.m. at an apartment on Hensel Lane.

According to a sheriff's statement, the boyfriend, 22-year-old Reginald Gefferie, armed himself with a knife and pointed it at 22-year-old Junie Dieujuste while in their bathroom.

The fight continued into the bedroom, where Gefferie blocked the door with a dresser.

"The defendant then grabbed the victim by the neck with one hand pushing her up against the wall and punching her in the face," according to the statement.


San Diego Man Stranded after Told on No-Fly List

no fly list
© unknown
A U.S. citizen of Somali descent who has been stranded in Bahrain for two weeks after being told his name appears on the U.S. government's no-fly list said Tuesday that he does not understand why he has been tagged as a suspected terrorist and is talking to U.S. lawyers.

The San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, held a press conference Tuesday to draw attention to the case of 20-year-old Ali Ahmed, who was denied entry into Kenya two weeks ago and then flown to Bahrain.

The Associated Press later called Ahmed in Bahrain.

Ahmed said he was told by the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain that he has been cleared to go home, but when he went to the airport Monday, he was blocked from boarding again. Ahmed said he stayed at a hotel at first. He now has been staying with a man contacted by family friends and is running low on money.

The San Diego man said he does not know why he would be on the federal list that includes thousands of known or suspected terrorists.

He came to the United States at the age of 7 with his family, who moved from Kenya after fleeing Somalia's civil war. This was his first trip out of the United States since then.


SWAT Team Raids Home of Freshman GOP Congressman's Sister

© booking photo (left) Facebook (right)
Family ties: Rep Blake Farenthold (right) alluded to a history of problems as he praised the work of police officers who arrested his sister Sue (left) on drug possession charges on Monday
A SWAT team raided the home of the sister of freshman Republican congressman Blake Farenthold of Texas, Politico reports:
KRIS TV reported that a SWAT team searched her Corpus Christi home, looking for drugs and weapons.

The police department did not immediately comment because officers were still in the field, an officer told POLITICO.

"I am saddened to learn the terrible news of the situation unfolding around my sister," Farenthold said in a statement, released by his congressional office.

"Tragedy has occurred in my family in the past, and I am saddened it has happened again. I trust that law enforcement officials are doing their job and I support them carrying out their duty, regardless of where it takes them. I love my sister and ask for your prayers for her and the rest of my family as we work through this very difficult time."


Two missing after two RAF Tornados crash in Moray Firth

© Ray Bannister
Tornado GR4s from RAF Lossiemouth took part in the Waddington air show
Two people have been picked up by helicopter after two RAF Tornado jets crashed in the Moray Firth.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the Tornado GR4s, which each have a crew of two, were from RAF Lossiemouth, on the Moray coast.

One of the aircraft had been seen in the water and the other was classed as "missing", the MoD added.

The search for two missing crew stopped for the night at 10:45 BST due to bad weather, and will resume on Wednesday.

An MoD spokesman said: "The intention is to go back up tomorrow when the weather clears."

The RNLI said Wick, Invergordon and Buckie lifeboats were used to search for the missing pair.

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US Prosecutor: Body of Michigan Boy, 4, Had Been Burned, Buried; Judge Denies Man Bond

Anthony Bennett
© unknown
Anthony Bennett
Bay City, Michigan - The body of a 4-year-old mid-Michigan boy was so badly burned that authorities had trouble identifying it as human remains, a prosecutor said Tuesday as a judge refused to grant bond to a man accused of abusing the child weeks earlier.

The courtroom remarks were the first public disclosure by federal authorities since Carnel Chamberlain's body was discovered under his house last week on the Saginaw Chippewa Indian reservation, 70 miles north of Lansing.

No one has been charged with the boy's death. But Anthony Bennett, who was supposed to be watching Carnel on June 21, has been charged with assaulting him in late May or early June.


Doctor: Zimmerman Suffered No Serious Head Trauma

© Florida State Attorney's Office / AFP/Getty Images
George Zimmerman says Trayvon Martin, 17, inflicted these scalp cuts by slamming his head on pavement. A medical report says that the cuts did not require stitches and that he suffered no serious head trauma.
George Zimmerman suffered two minor cuts to his scalp but no serious head trauma during his fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin, according to his medical report.

The just-released document states he suffered a broken nose, but no deviation of the septum, and two black eyes, The Miami Herald says.

The report fills in details of the already reported injuries Zimmerman says he suffered the night of Feb. 26 when he shot and killed the 17-year-old Trayvon, who was visiting his father in Sanford, Fla.

Zimmerman went for the checkup the day after the killing only because he needed a doctor's note to return to work, a prosecutor said in court Friday during a new bail hearing.

Although Zimmerman's nose was broken, he twice rejected the physician assistant's recommendation that he see an ear, nose and throat specialist.