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Sat, 03 Dec 2016
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Squatters removed from property for protesting against homelessness

© OccupyLondon / Bambuser
A group of campaigners occupying the old headquarters of squatting prevention company Camelot Europe were evicted on Thursday after two months living at the premises.

The residents of the so-called Came Squat told the media their occupation was political, highlighting that while companies like Camelot made a profit out of empty buildings, homelessness in Britain was on the rise.


Ku Klux Klan embraces Trump - resurgence seems unlikely

In the wake of Donald Trump's victory and the recent rise of the white nationalist "alt-right," a 150-year-old racist group has been spreading its wings: the Ku Klux Klan, which on Saturday is planning its first post-election rally.

"Our membership grows by the day," said Gary Munker, who identifies himself as a spokesman for the group. The Klan, since its creation in 1866, has called for a white and Christian America; historically, it has resorted to lynchings and racial violence as the means to its end.

Like the former KKK leader David Duke, who supported Trump's candidacy — and was eventually disavowed by the New York billionaire — Munker says he was drawn by the Republican candidate's language, particularly his attacks against immigrants and his talk of deporting millions.

The movement was born in the devastated states of the South in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, just three years after President Abraham Lincoln ordered all slaves in the South to be freed.

Munker, wearing one of the group's emblematic hooded white robes, claimed that his branch of the KKK — the Loyal White Knights — has 700 members on Long Island, where he lives, and an additional 500 in the rest of New York state.

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UK: Video shows homeless man having pockets searched while freezing to death

© Fastest News / YouTube
Disturbing CCTV footage has emerged showing people searching through the pockets of a homeless man as he lay dying in sub-zero temperatures in Birmingham.

Video from a security camera shows the man, who has yet to be identified, surrounded by a group of people injecting themselves with drugs.

Other members of the group can be seen rifling through his pockets as he lay slumped against a doorway on Tuesday night.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, was discovered by a customer at a nearby pub. Paramedics were called at 11:20pm and he was pronounced dead at the scen


Lame jobs report: Number of Americans not in labor force jump by 446,000 in one month

© Pablo Martinez Monsivais
So much for that much anticipated rebound in the participation rate.

After it had managed to post a modest increase in the early part of the year, hitting the highest level in one year in March at 63%, the disenchantment with working has returned, and the labor force participation rate had flatlined for the next few month, ultimately dropping in November to 62.7%, just shy of its 35 year low of 62.4% hit last October. This can be seen in the surge of Americans who are no longer in the labor force, who spiked by 446,000 in November, hitting an all time high of 95.1 million.

As a result of this the US labor force shrank by 226,000 to 159,486K, down from 159,712K a month ago, and helped the unemployment rate tumble to 4.6%, the lowest level since August 2007.

© ZeroHedge


U.S. military veterans arrive to support Dakota Access protests

© Stephanie Keith / Reuters
Veterans have a confrontation with police on Backwater bridge during a protest against plans to pass the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, U.S., December 1, 2016.
Scores of military veterans have begun arriving to take part in the North Dakota pipeline protest, with hundreds, possibly thousands more expected, including a US congresswoman.

Members of the group Veterans for Standing Rock, organized on Facebook, have come to support Native American and environmental protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Over 2,000 veterans have pledged their support, with the step coming as law enforcement authorities increase their efforts to crack down on the protest. Hundreds have been arriving at a protest camp on Friday, according to Reuters.

"The militarized police paid for by tax dollars ... is unconstitutional," Ashleigh Jennifer Parker, a former member of the Coast Guard, told USA Today.

"People are being brutalized; concussion grenades are being thrown into crowds. They're spraying people, even old women, and other elders of the tribe with tear gas and pepper spray, and all of this is just unconstitutional. I can't believe the media hasn't taken more of an interest in this."

Mark Sanderson, a former special forces soldier from Texas, told CBC News: "I bled in Iraq and you're going to threaten to shoot me on a bridge in North Dakota?"

A number of veterans have already arrived at the protest camp, including Purple Heart winner Chris Turley.

Comment: Unarmed veterans organizing 'like a military unit' to defend DAPL protesters from militarized police
Clark and Wood have an "operations order" in place to so they can organize "like a military unit" to carry out their goals. With a group of possibly 500 veterans and other brave souls, they will lock arms and cross the Missouri River to non-violently confront militarized police armed with rifles, mace, batons and dogs. Traditional Sioux war songs will be played as they attempt to peacefully surround the drill pad from which the pipeline will be bored under the river.

"It's simple and we have clearly defined goals, so people don't get caught up in the confusion," said Wood. "One of the issues the police are going to face is that our level of planning and coordination is vastly superior to theirs, so they may end up with a problem when it comes to that."

Even if the veterans are unsuccessful in stopping DAPL, the confrontation is sure to draw national attention — even from a mainstream media that have virtually ignored the corporate and government abuse being carried out on Native Americans in the interest of big oil.


East Aleppo family shares story of escape saying, 'Being shot at on way out was better than staying' (VIDEO)

© AFP 2016/ George OURFALIAN
Syrian residents fleeing eastern part of Aleppo walk through a street in Masaken Hanano, a former rebel-held district which was retaken by the govt forces last week
While Syrian government forces are retaking neighborhood after neighborhood in east Aleppo, thousands of civilians have seized the opportunity to flee the violence. Locals shared their memories of what they left behind with RT.

RT's Lizzie Phelan went to a former food market turned makeshift camp where some east Aleppo residents have fled en route to safer places within and outside Syria. A generator has been set up in the camp to let people charge their phones so that they can try to contact friends and relatives who can help them get further away from the conflict-torn area.

"They were shelling in our area, but we didn't leave our home. It wasn't until my home was destroyed and my children were injured that I said I could no longer live there and I left," one woman named Fatima told RT.

Her husband, who sustained a head injury, is disoriented and desperately needs medical help.


Book 2

Virginia school bans 'Huckleberry Finn,' 'To Kill a Mockingbird' after 'precious snowflake's' complaint of racist language

A formal complaint from the parent of a student has been filed in the Accomack County Public School system against the use of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" for their use of racial slurs.

A racial slur appears 219 times in Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and 48 times in Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird."

The use of both novels in both classrooms and libraries has been temporarily suspended per the Accomack County Public Schools policy manual.

"We have a committee looking at all of this," said Chris Holland, superintendent. "There's been no recommendation right now.

Holland is referring to the "Public Complaints About Learning Resources" title under the "School-Community Relations" section of the policy manual which outlines that a complaint be filed through form KLB-E entitled "Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources."

Comment: The tragic irony here is both books have powerful messages for youth about racism. Snowflakes' overzealous and myopic approach to injustices is one that seek to remove any and all kinds of discomfort. By doing so, they eliminate the very processes needed to address social problems.


Dolly Parton plans to donate $1,000 per month to families affected by Tennessee wildfires, as number of injured and dead rises

© Brian Blanco/Getty Images / AFP
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
The death toll from wildfires that ravaged the eastern Tennessee communities of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge has risen to 10. Country music star Dolly Parton is leading an effort to help the area ‒ her birthplace and home of her Dollywood resort.

The blaze, which began in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and spread rapidly into Gatlinburg on Monday, burned 15,000 acres and damaged or destroyed more than 700 buildings - about 300 in Gatlinburg alone - according to Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters.

Initially, four people were believed to have perished in the flames, until the authorities discovered three more bodies at a burned-out residence on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, three more deaths were counted, bringing the total to 10, WBIR reported.

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Woman stabs boyfriend repeatedly after bizarre blood sucking ritual

© Greene County Jail / Reuters
Victoria Vanatter
A Missouri woman who allegedly let her boyfriend suck her blood after they became fixated on vampires has been charged by police for carrying out a stabbing attack on the man.

Victoria Vanatter, of Springfield, Missouri, is currently being held in Greene County jail on a $150,000 bond after police charged her with 1st degree domestic assault.

The 19-year-old is purported to have stabbed her boyfriend multiple times on November 23, after the pair talked about vampires and carried out a "consensual" blood sucking, reported KYTV news.

Light Sabers

U.S. Congresswoman & Military Vet, Tulsi Gabbard to Join the Resistance With Fellow Veterans at Standing Rock

In a show of solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaii Democrat who served two tours of duty in the Middle East, and who continues to serve as a Major in the Army National Guard, announced that she will be joining thousands of veterans coming from across the country to protest the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) near the Standing Rock Reservation.

"If my participation in this protest helps send one message, it is this: We must protect our fragile water resources for current and future generations," said Gabbard, who has been involved in environmental activism since her youth.

"Next weekend, the congresswoman will be joining thousands of veterans from across the country to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota who are protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through their tribal lands, with grave concerns about the contamination of their major water source," Gabbard's Press Secretary Emily Latimer confirmed in an email to the Observer.

Gabbard's announcement coincides with a planned deployment of over 2,000 military veterans to Standing Rock, scheduled for December 4. The veterans have coordinated their actions with the Oceti Sakowin elders, and a GoFundMe account set up to raise money for this mass action has raised over half million dollars.

Comment: See also:
  • Standing Rock water protectors vindicated as another pipeline just exploded near Kansas City
  • For the first time since Standing Rock began, US Senator calls for investigation of DAPL oppression towards water protecters