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Wed, 28 Sep 2016
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'Transgender' couple gives birth

© facebook
Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez
Fernando Machado, who used to be a woman, met Diane Rodriguez, who used to be a man, on social media two years ago and started a relationship.

Ms Rodriguez made headlines in Ecuador in 2013 when she was the first transgender candidate to run for Government.

The couple decided to be just as public with their relationship, sharing pictures on Facebook.

Then they decided they wanted a child, and Mr Machado soon made the discovery he was expecting.

The couple were able to have a baby because neither had undergone corrective surgery.


More corporate hoarding: Nestlé outbids another town for control of the local water supply

© Raúl Hernández González/flickr
Nestlé dropped its conditions, including pump tests for quality, to win the bid.

Council of Canadians launches new Boycott Nestlé campaign in response to company's continued water grabs

Corporate giant Nestlé continued its privatization creep on Thursday as it won approval to take over another Canadian community's water supply, claiming it needed the well to ensure "future business growth."

Nestlé purchased the well near Elora, Ontario from Middlebrook Water Company last month after making a conditional offer in 2015, the Canadian Press reports.

In August, the Township of Centre Wellington made an offer to purchase the Middlebrook well site to protect access to the water for the community. Consequently, the multinational—which claimed it had no idea the community was its competitor—waived all its conditions and matched the township's offer in order to snag the well for itself.

Those conditions included conducting pump tests to determine if the watershed met the company's quality and quantity requirements, the Canadian Press reports.

Comment: The ongoing travesty that is the Nestlé corporation:


Divide and conquer: German anti-immigrant AfD gains record high support

© Thomas Peter / Reuters
The right-wing, Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany Party (AfD)'s nationwide support has hit a record high. Meanwhile, traditional German establishment parties gradually lose public backing, a new poll shows.

Nationwide public support for AfD has risen to 16 percent, beating the right-wing party's previous May record of 15 percent, a DeutschlandTrend survey, conducted by market research company TNS Infratest for Germany's public broadcaster ARD.

In comparison to the previous DeutschlandTrend survey conducted on September 1, AfD got two more percentage points, ARD reports. Now, it takes the third place among Germany's major parties, and falls behind the two major establishment parties, Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and their coalition partners, Social Democrats (SPD).


Severed head found in McKinley Park lagoon

A severed head and other body parts were found inside a garbage bag floating in the McKinley Park lagoon Friday morning on the South Side.

The human remains were found about 10 a.m. at the park at 2210 W. Pershing, according to Chicago Police.

A Chicago Park District worker found the bag during a routine clean-up and discovered the man's head and other body parts inside, a source said.

Cell Phone

Smartphone addiction: 15 million Britons check their smart devices at night

A third of the UK's smartphone users—an estimated 15 million people— are waking up in the middle of the night and checking their devices, new research suggests.

The study, published on Monday by business consultancy firm Deloitte, found that 10 percent of the 4,000 respondents reach for their smartphones immediately after waking up, and more than half check their devices within 15 minutes.

For the first time we have captured data on the UK population's nocturnal smartphone habits and have found that the smartphone is truly a 24/7 device," said Paul Lee, head of technology, media and telecommunications research at Deloitte.

Younger Britons are more likely to check their phones at night, with 50 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds admitting to doing it. Meanwhile, just 14 percent of over-65-year-olds said they did it.

Checking instant messages and social media were the most popular nocturnal activities, the study found.

Comment: Who needs sleep or friends when there's Pokemon to catch and new pictures on Instagram to peruse?

Star of David

'I still have nightmares': 13yo girl shot five times by Israeli soldiers interviewed by RT

© RT
A 13-year-old girl who was shot five times by Israeli soldiers has told RT she is still haunted by the incident, and hopes that soldiers will restrain themselves from shooting other "innocent children." Her father says he wants Israel to compensate his family.

Speaking to RT, 13-year-old Bara'a Owaisi said she had traveled to a West Bank checkpoint after dreaming about her aunt, who had been killed there.

"She called to me saying, 'I want to see you.' So I went to the checkpoint to see where my aunt died, because I miss her," Owaisi explained.

"The Israeli soldiers spoke to me, but I couldn't understand them, so some Arab workers explained. They asked me to take my bag off my back and put it down. I removed my bag. I said I wanted to see where my aunt died. They asked for my aunt's name and I answered...then they opened fire on me. The two soldiers said, 'This one is a terrorist,' and ordered the others to open fire," she said.

Comment: She doesn't mention anything about wanting to die as Israel claims: 'I came here to die': Israeli guards shoot unarmed 13yo Palestinian girl at West Bank checkpoint


Swiss MP wants to ban hijabs from passport photos

© Miro Kuzmanovic / Reuters
A politician from the right-wing Swiss People's Party, the largest in the federal parliament, has demanded that hijabs be banned from passport photos, just as caps are. This "unequal treatment" has nothing do to with religious freedom, he argued.

Walter Wobmann, an anti-immigration advocate, said he believes that equal rules should apply to hijabs, caps, headbands and other face-covering articles when taking passport photos.

"It is unacceptable that you can wear a hijab in a photo but not a cap," he told Blick newspaper on Sunday. "This is not a question of religious freedom but of equal treatment."

Currently, Swiss police guidelines for passport and ID card photos say that covering a face is not permitted except for religious reasons. Zurich police authorities have told Blick that hijabs are generally allowed, but the face must be open and identifiable.


Canadian government confirms citizen kidnapped with two Italians in Libya

© Ahmed Jadallah / Reuters
The old city of Ghat is seen in Libya
Ottawa has confirmed that one Canadian citizen has been kidnapped in Libya, and says it is working to obtain more information on the abduction. The citizen was captured along with two Italians last week.

In response to the kidnapping, Global Affairs Canada, the country's foreign department, on Sunday said it is "diligently pursuing all appropriate channels to obtain more information."

The department called the kidnapping "troubling," but declined to provide further details.

"The Government of Canada will not comment or release any information which may compromise ongoing efforts to secure their release or endanger the safety of Canadian citizens," a spokeswoman told Reuters in an email.

Comment: The chaos in Libya and subsequent takeover by militants is a direct result of the West's criminal war against the country: Any hope left? Libyan rebels 'miss Gaddafi' after years of chaos created by Western intervention


Falling in love?: Russian teen survives 23-floor fall after attempting to impress girl

© Maksim Blinov / Reuters
A 16-year-old boy from Siberia narrowly escaped death after he swung from a balcony 23 flights high and fell down, all while trying to impress a girl.

The teenager is now in intensive care with his life under no immediate threat. Doctors say he is stable and conscious. The teenager escaped what should have been a fatal fall with multiple injuries.

"He has a bruised abdomen and lung, a tear in his liver and a broken shoulder. The guy was born under a lucky star. He is stable and conscious," senior assistant to the head of the investigating committee of Novosibirsk, Anastasiya Kuleshova, told TASS.


Anti-smoking nanny state: Nebraskan city proposes smoking ban in private apartments

© AP Photo/Nati Harnik
In this Sept. 14, 2016, photo, restoration work is performed at a Bellevue, Neb., apartment complex which was hit twice by fire.
Some leaders in a blue-collar Nebraska suburb that's home to Offutt Air Force Base are borrowing an idea from a vastly more liberal state: Ban apartment renters from smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes inside.

The proposal, which would be one of the few such restrictions outside of California and is similar to federal rules for public housing across the U.S., isn't meant to protect the health of the city's 50,000 residents, but instead to prevent fires.

Councilman Don Preister proposed the ban, which wouldn't affect duplexes and single-family homes, in August after cigarette smoking at a single Bellevue apartment complex led to two fires a month earlier. The second fire destroyed the building, displacing dozens of people, and injured four, including a firefighter.

Comment: Smoking bans are fascism, plain and simple, though their proponents would have the population think that bans are initiated for health and safety reason. To the thinking person smoking bans should stimulate their curiosity as to why they are consistently proposed.