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Fri, 25 Jun 2021
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What do they know? 153 Houston Methodist staff who refused to get COVID vaccine have been fired or resigned

workers houston methodist hospital fired vaccine
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images
Medical workers outside the Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, earlier this month.
More than 150 health-care workers who did not comply with a Houston-based hospital system's vaccine mandate have been fired or resigned, more than a week after a federal judge upheld the policy.

Houston Methodist — one of the first health systems to require the coronavirus shots — terminated or accepted the resignations of 153 workers Tuesday, spokeswoman Gale Smith said. Smith declined to specify how many were in each category.

The hospital system announced April 1 that staffers would need to be vaccinated to keep their jobs. While 24,947 workers did get vaccinated by earlier deadlines, Houston Methodist suspended 178 workers who had failed to do so on June 7, giving them an additional two weeks to prove they had been immunized. Twenty-five of those employees did get vaccinated, Smith said.

Brick Wall

CBC nixed Israel-Palestine reporting after journalists demanded fairer coverage

cbc headquarters canada canada broadcast
More than 2,000 people signed an open letter saying Canadian media outlets "tiptoe around coverage of Israel and Palestinians."

Two journalists from Canada's national broadcaster say they've been barred from covering the ongoing violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories after signing an open letter calling for more nuanced coverage.

On May 14, an "open letter to Canadian newsrooms on covering Israel-Palestine" began circulating online. The letter, which has now been signed by more than 2,000 people, including many journalists, said Canadian media does not include enough context or Palestinian voices when covering "the ongoing nature of the Israeli occupation." It ended by asking for "fair and balanced coverage" of the conflict.

Mr. Potato

IKEA accused of racism for plans to serve Juneteenth menu of watermelon and fried chicken

ikea juneteenth menu
IKEA came under fire on Tuesday after one of its stores in Atlanta planned a menu in honor of Juneteenth that would feature fried chicken and watermelon.

The Scandinavian furniture chain's Georgia location sent an email to employees last week alerting its staff members that "to honor the perseverance of Black Americans and acknowledge the progress yet to be made," the IKEA branch is rolling out the special menu on the federal holiday. The store-wide memo also announced that the it will be showcasing videos to observe Juneteenth.

The special Juneteenth menu also included collard greens, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and candied yams — all traditional Southern comfort food.

Comment: Some day, corporations will realize that there is actually no reason to commemorate any minority celebration because they simply can't help but get it wrong. Don't change your corporate logo for Pride, don't change your menu for Juneteenth, don't have crazy sales for Passover. Just be the same corporation you are everyday and let people celebrate how (if) they want.

Bad Guys

Credit Suisse report: Covid crisis caused wealth inequality & created millions of new millionaires

wealth inequality working class millionaires
© Getty Images / hyejin kang
The Covid-19 pandemic saw an enormous growth in wealth disparity worldwide in 2020, the Credit Suisse Research Institute says. It reported a 5.2 million increase in the number of millionaires, to a total of 56.1 million people.

"The repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic led to widespread rises in wealth inequality in 2020," the annual Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report states, claiming that the rich reportedly cashed in on surging stocks.

The number of millionaires increased to 56.1 million people, who are reportedly holding 45.8% of the world's wealth - with 1.7 million of them residing in the US.


Bizarro Earth

Young father executed in street amid spike in violence across US, Democrat activist claims he had it coming

chicago shooting

On the eve of Father's Day, a young dad named Gyovanni Arzuaga was allegedly executed in the middle of a Chicago city street. He was 24 years old.

According to CBS 2 Chicago, the crime was live-streamed on Facebook by an unidentified individual. The live stream depicts Arzuaga and his girlfriend, Yasmin Perez, being forcibly removed from their vehicle by a group of individuals, during a celebration for Puerto Rican People's Day. Arzuaga and Perez had two children together.

In the video, the group of individuals appears to pull Arzuaga and Perez out of their car, before scattering. As Arzuaga and Perez lay on the concrete, a man appears to approach them "and [shoot] them at point blank range."

Comment: RT reports:
After a Puerto Rican couple is brutally shot in Chicago by black gang, Democrat activist claims they had it coming
Puerto Rican Day parade
© Twitter/@chicagosmayor
43rd Annual Puerto Rican Day parade in Chicago, Illinois, June 19, 2021
Conservative columnist Ann Coulter shared the video and commented that it will be ignored by national media, since African Americans gunning down Puerto Ricans in Chicago simply doesn't fit the Democrat narrative about racism in the US. A Democrat activist named Richard Taite snapped back that the couple had it coming.

"I'm sorry is that a confederate flag they're flying from their car? Trolling that neighborhood? Yeah I don't give a s**t," Taite tweeted at Coulter. When corrected - the flag on the car was Puerto Rican - he backtracked and called the shooting a "horrible incident," but refused to apologize.

"Had these people been white supremacists trolling a neighborhood primarily of color, I would have been agnostic," insisted Taite, founder of the Democracy Preservation Initiative (DPI), a political action committee (PAC) fundraising for President Joe Biden.

The reason Arzuaga and Perez had a flag on their car was the annual Puerto Rican Day parade earlier. "There was no shortage of excitement, enthusiasm and pride in Humboldt Park Saturday. You couldn't turn down any neighborhood street without seeing the Puerto Rican flag," is how WLS, the local ABC affiliate, described it.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot marched in the parade herself. After not commenting on the shooting the entire weekend, on Monday Lightfoot condemned it as "horrific" and insisted the perpetrators would be brought to justice. Chicago PD has "promising leads" from the community and have identified the shooter, who should be in custody "relatively soon," she said.

"I don't believe they are typical by any stretch of young black men in our city. But it's horrific nonetheless," Lightfoot said, urging the perpetrators to turn themselves in as police will do everything to "make sure that these people who created such brazen chaos and harm are held in custody 'til they see their day in court."

Meanwhile, Taite's Twitter account showed up as deleted, presumably due to the backlash. His PAC, a California-based outfit, describes itself as "a team of impassioned citizens who feel democracy and liberty are at the core of our values" and wanting to "leave our children and their children a more inclusive and compassionate America."

The DPI also boasted of receiving an award for "best new and unusual tactic" in "leveraging values" to identify and target voters in the 2020 election.
We're extremely grateful to @TheAAPC & all the judges who awarded us Best New & Unusual Tactic Gold Pollie Award for Leveraging Values to Identify and Target Persuadable Voters in the '20 Pres. election. And thank you @resonatetweets who helped us strategize & deploy our campaign pic.twitter.com/VgzQ6Tta3n

— Democracy Preservation Initiative (@DPI_PAC) June 16, 2021
The data is showing that the US and across the border in Mexico has seen a surge in violent crime:


'Love is love,' says director of Sesame Street 'Family Day' episode which stars married gay couple and their daughter

© Zach Pagano/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images
In an apparent celebration of "Pride Month," the beloved children's series, "Sesame Street" released an episode titled "Family Day," which featured a gay couple and their daughter.

"'Sesame Street' is celebrating Pride Month by going where it's never gone before," reported Yahoo! News. "This week, the iconic children's show dropped a very special episode called 'Family Day,' introducing two gay dads, Frank and Dave (the brother of Nina, who works as a bike store owner on the street), and their daughter, Mia."

"Sesame Street has always been a welcoming place of diversity and inclusion," wrote Alan Muraoka, who plays "Alan," on Facebook. "So I'm so excited to introduce Nina's Brother Dave, his husband Frank, and their daughter Mia to our sunny street."

Comment: See also:


Trump dismisses climate change, calls on Biden to fire joint chiefs

Donald Trump
© Getty Images
Trump dismisses climate change, calls on Biden to fire joint chiefs.
Former President Trump issued a statement Thursday dismissing the threat of climate change and saying that President Biden should fire the joint chiefs of staff if they view it as a big problem for the country.

The message from Trump, whose is still banned on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, comes as Biden makes his first foreign trip as president to Europe.

Biden is expected to discuss climate change during the trip with other European leaders.

Trump repeatedly downplayed climate change during his presidency, calling it a hoax and working to remove regulations put into place by the Obama administration to reduce U.S. carbon emissions. Biden in his first week in office returned the U.S. to the Paris climate agreement that Trump had removed the nation from.

Trump's emailed statement on Thursday also took Biden's comments out of context.
"Biden just said that he was told by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that Climate Change is our greatest threat. If that is the case, and they actually said this, he ought to immediately fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff for being incompetent!" Trump said in a statement on Thursday.

Comment: All the facts tell us that the planet is rapidly cooling, not warming. It is all part of the natural cycle that is happening in our solar system. Humans have almost no impact on these global processes.

Many studies and scientific papers show that the Global warming narrative is a massive scam to spread fear and steal from the common people.

Donald Trump was a threat to the PTB's control system because he saw through many of their false narratives, such as global warming.

Now they managed to install Sleepy Joe who will do whatever he is told.

See also:


India's lockdown may already have killed more people than "Covid", and it will only get worse

Indian hospital
© Prakash Singh / AFP
"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

- Denis Waitley
India has a total population of 1.39 billion people. That is 18 percent of the total world population. The median annual per capita income is $616. Hundreds of millions of people in India survive with a hand to mouth existence.

They work and earn a couple of dollars, and eat once they have earned the money. India has little or no social welfare system. For many people, if they don't work and earn, they don't eat.

In 2020, India reported 148,738 deaths due to the coronavirus. That equates to 0.01% of the population. The average death rate in India in 2020 was 7.25 in 1000 of the population.

That means over 10 million people died in India in 2020, and only 1.5% were coronavirus deaths.

And that is assuming that the 148,738 coronavirus deaths reported were actually caused by coronavirus. The WHO guidelines for reporting deaths do not make clear the difference between dying 'from' coronavirus, and dying 'with' coronavirus.

Comment: See also:


'Does the bra double as a bulletproof vest?' M&S ridiculed for launch of 'inclusive' lingerie range inspired by George Floyd

George Floyd
© Wikipedia / Unsplash / Nataliya Melnychuk
Marks & Spencer, the UK's biggest underwear retailer, has been mocked after claiming its latest "inclusive" range of lingerie was inspired by the death of the black man George Floyd at the hands of a US police officer.

In a press statement on Monday, the retailer proudly unveiled its new "nothing neutral about it" lingerie range, claiming to offer its customers "more colours, more sizes and more choice."

It boasted that it had always led the way on "inclusivity", offering sizes from six to 24 and employing "representative models", but said it was time to do more.

This new collection, the statement said, was partially inspired by the "global conversation on racial inequality, following the horrific death of George Floyd", who died at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis last year.

The "truly inclusive range" features five new 'nude' shades, named Opaline, Rich Amber, Rich Quartz, Rose Quartz & Topaz, in order to appeal to those with a range of darker skin tones.

Comment: The woke madness continues....

Germany is at it with 'gender-neutral' language (good luck with that):
Eight major producers of German-language news content are to use a bag of linguistic tricks to make their products more gender-neutral. Critics view the policy change as ridiculous catering to identity politics.


The agencies will use various linguistic tricks to make their news sound less masculine, such as putting two gendered forms side by side with the feminine in front ('Schülerinnen und Schüler' - '[female] pupils and [male] pupils') or replacing gendered words with gender-neutral phrases ('those who smoke' instead of '[male] smokers').

However, they stopped short of adopting a more radical change, the so-called "gender star", which requires putting a special character such as an asterisk or a colon before the feminine ending of a word - for example, 'Schüler*innen'.


The reaction to the announcement from the news agencies was understandably full of mockery. Froben Homburger, the head of DPA, was lampooned on Twitter for failing to stick to the new rules even while announcing them. He used the masculine word 'Medienkunden' to explain that he and his colleagues would closely monitor their subscribers' reaction to the changes. "Medienkunden and Medienkundinnen, please!" one of the responses was.

Gender-neutral language is not a particularly popular idea even among the intended beneficiaries. A recent opinion poll in Germany showed that 65% of the public rejected the proposal - up from 56% last year. Even among voters who supported the Green Party, a champion of the reform, a narrow majority was against it. Those who favor them accuse conservative naysayers of defending the patriarchy.
The Washington Post teaches us about the costs of "whiteness" (no surprise there, it's WaPo after all):
[...] experts also weigh in on the pitfalls of 'whiteness,' including psychologist Rebecca Toporek, who said white people go through a "racial awakening" when they witness such events. They must understand their "white racial identity" to be "self-aware" as a white person, interviewer Nicole Ellis argues. This process, though, is a lifelong process, viewers are told.

One white woman appears in the video to claim she has identified daily racist thoughts as part of her journey. Another says she felt "deep shame" at being white after "unpacking" racist histories she had been taught her whole life.

Menakem and others go on to recommend white people creating "accountability groups," which equates to a place to "process" racism, a group whose "responsibility" it is to "call out" white people when they are being racist and do not know it.

The Post's video ran on their homepage before being noticed by conservative critics, who blasted the video's central conceit that "whiteness" equates to racism on its own and accused the project's 'experts' of pushing "neoracist" points about skin color.
Even the US State Department goes full woke with its 'Progress' flag:
With its embassies around the world flying the rainbow colors for Pride Month, the US State Department will display the 'Progress' flag at home, which features extra stripes for transgender, intersex and people of color.


The ever-expanding list of categories rolled into the flag has been criticized online. Writing for RT earlier this month, author Chris Sweeney described it as "essentially morphing into a symbol for anyone who's not white and heterosexual."


Democracy in America: Tocqueville and Us

Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.
~Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness

Come around to my way of thinking. Don't you want to, want to get along?
~Urge Overkill, "Sister Havana"

The University of Michigan just signaled its plan to fight racism: "Over the next three years, the university will hire at least 20 faculty members with expertise in racial inequality and structural racism." The key words here are "at least"; count on more than 20. Corporations like Microsoft, Disney, and Genentech now routinely browbeat managers and employees into moral conformity by way of "diversity training." The Biden administration has reactivated "racial justice" and "equity" programs across federal agencies and at the unit level of the armed forces. The self-flagellation in such powerful American institutions only perplexes those who love their country for all it has overcome and still see it as a beacon of freedom and prosperity.

A few brave souls have decried these academic, corporate, and federal policies to the detriment of their careers. But, in response, the agents of what I call "ego-based factionalism" will simply shift the terms of the debate, change the titles of their appointees, and invade new arenas like churches, hospitals, fire departments, day-care centers, and others we've yet to imagine. The rot will intensify and spread. For every state like Florida that outlaws critical race theory, a state like Washington mandates it.