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Mon, 21 Sep 2020
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DOJ charges Texas college student for ISIS inspired bomb threats against university

A Texas man who admitted to Zoom-bombing a University of Houston online class to praise the Islamic State has been charged by the Justice Department.

Ibraheem Ahmed al Bayati, 19, admitted to interrupting a class to threaten to bomb the university during an online lecture being taught via Zoom on Wednesday. Bayati told the class that he would bomb the university and praised the Islamic State, saying, "Islamic State will remain."

"What does any of this have to do with the fact that UH is about to get bombed in a few days?" Bayati told the class, according to court documents.


Huge fire breaks out at Beirut port just one month after devastating explosion

fire beirut second one

An inferno raging at the port in Beirut on Thursday afternoon just 37 days after the city was rocked by an explosion
A huge fire broke out Thursday at the Port of Beirut, sending up a thick column of black smoke and raising new panic among traumatized residents after last month's catastrophic blast at the same site killed nearly 200 people.

It was unclear what caused the blaze at the facility, which was decimated by the Aug. 4 explosion when nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate blew up and sent out a shock wave that caused widespread damage and was felt as far away as the island of Cyprus.

Dark smoke covered the capital on Thursday as army helicopters sprayed water over the orange flames leaping from the ground.

The Lebanese army said the fire started in the port's duty free zone at a warehouse with containers of tires, oil and other flammable materials.

Comment: The Daily Mail adds:
Lebanese troops closed the major road that passes near the port referring traffic to other areas.

Police spokesman Col. Joseph Msalam said they have no information about what is happening at the port adding that the facility is currently under control of the army.

Asked about reports that the fire was caused by burning tires and oil, he said 'I don't know. It could be containers. I really don't know what is there.'

It added that firefighters are dealing with the blaze.
Social media quickly filled with videos:

Speculation took a political turn:

The psychological toll on Beirut's children is clear:

Control Panel

Mission accomplished? Corporate-sponsored BLM has "vanished" the emerging "anti-Globalist" majority that elected Trump

corporate america BLM
The leaders of Black Lives Matter want to "defund the police". They think "systemic racism" and "police brutality" are so bad that police budgets must be cut dramatically in order to reduce the number of cops on the beat. They believe that fewer cops will move the black community closer to their goal of racial justice.

This is the basic theory behind the idea of defunding the police. There's only one problem with the theory, it's wrong. Simply put: Blacks don't want fewer cops. Here's the scoop from Newsweek:
"A majority of Black Americans have said they want police presence in their area to either remain the same or increase, despite recent protests over police brutality, according to new polls.

A Gallup poll conducted from June 23 to July 6 surveying more than 36,000 U.S. adults found that 61 percent of Black Americans said they'd like police to spend the same amount of time in their community, while 20 percent answered they'd like to see more police, totaling 81 percent. Just 19 percent of those polled said they wanted police to spend less time in their area.

Black Americans' responses to the question were nearly on par with the national average, in which 67 percent of all U.S. adults said they wanted police presence to remain the same and 19 percent said they wanted it to increase." ("81% of Black Americans Don't Want Less Police Presence Despite Protests — Some Want More Cops: Poll", Newsweek)
Why isn't this on the front-page of the New York Times?

Stock Down

In views of US democracy, widening partisan divides over freedom to peacefully protest

republican democrat
Majority of Americans say significant changes are needed in the 'fundamental design and structure of American government'.

In assessing the state of U.S. democracy, Americans continue to give their country negative ratings for living up to several key democratic ideals and principles. And in some cases, these assessments have turned less positive since 2018.

Notably, the share of Americans who say the phrase "people are free to peacefully protest" describes the United States very or somewhat well has fallen from 73% to 60%, with the decline coming almost entirely among Democrats.

As was the case in Pew Research Center's 2018 study of U.S. democracy, large majorities of Americans agree on the importance of a number of democratic principles - including that the rights and freedoms of all people are respected, that elected officials face serious consequences for misconduct and that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.


1,000 Georgia voters face prosecution for casting multiple ballots

ballot vote mail
During the state's primary in June, 1,000 Georgia voters successfully voted twice, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Tuesday.

The 1,000 Georgia residents cast votes by absentee ballot and then went in person to polling places on June 9 and voted again, Raffensperger said, adding that they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Of the 1,000 voters who voted twice, 58 percent requested Democratic ballots, according to Raffensperger's office. Georgia does not offer the option to affiliate with a political party during voter registration, meaning voters who wish to vote in primary elections must request either a Republican or Democratic ballot.

"While the investigation is still ongoing, initial results show that of the partisan ballots at issue, approximately 58% were Democratic ballots," a spokesperson for the Georgia Secretary of State said in a statement to National Review.

Comment: See also: Confessions of voter fraud: 'I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots' - Top Democrat operative


The Science of Masks

mask facts

Comment: The Model Health Show is the #1 Health & Fitness Podcast on Apple Podcasts and has been featured in several mainstream outlets such as Forbes, ESPN, Dr.Oz, MSN and many more. What follows is an excellent video on mask efficacy, dangers of wearing masks, and how to boost immune function.

Comment: See also:


'Wear Their Names': Pro-BLM jewelry brand selling victim-named items made of shattered glass from riots shuts down after backlash

BLM vicitm jewelry wear their names
The 'Wear Their Names' jewelry line shut down after being blasted online as exploitative for selling accessories bearing names of Black police shooting victims.

Paul Chelmis and Jing Wen went viral by selling a jewelry collection made out of glass left lying around after protests in Charleston, South Carolina. The idea was to "make something beautiful out of the rubble." Thus the brand 'Wear Their Names' was born, a play on the BLM slogan 'Say their names' which refers to black Americans killed by police.

In a move of questionable self-awareness the couple decided to individually name their designs after the victims. The screenshots of a now closed online storefront show, for example, 'The Breonna' - a $240 pendant, 'The Trayvon'- a necklace for $95. The pricing ranged between $45 to nearly $500, with all proceeds supposedly going to Black Lives Matter.

Comment: This whole idea was rather tone-deaf. The intended audience is also the audience most likely to be offended. Bad marketing strategy.


Is BLM the mask behind which the oligarchs operate?

BLM graffiti
© Jules Antonio
BLM graffiti.
Here's your BLM Pop Quiz for the day: What do "Critical Race Theory", "The 1619 Project", and Homeland Security's "White Supremacist" warning tell us about what's going on in America today?
  1. They point to deeply-embedded racism that shapes the behavior of white people
  2. They suggest that systemic racism cannot be overcome by merely changing attitudes and laws
  3. They alert us to the fact that unresolved issues are pushing the country towards a destructive race war
  4. They indicate that powerful agents — operating from within the state- are inciting racial violence to crush the emerging "populist" majority that elected Trump to office in 2016 and which now represents an existential threat to the globalist plan to transform America into a tyrannical third-world "shithole".
Which of these four statements best explains what's going on in America today?

If you chose Number 4, you are right. We are not experiencing a sudden and explosive outbreak of racial violence and mayhem. We are experiencing a thoroughly-planned, insurgency-type operation that involves myriad logistical components including vast, nationwide riots, looting and arson, as well as an extremely impressive ideological campaign. "Critical Race Theory", "The 1619 Project", and Homeland Security's "White Supremacist" warning are as much a part of the Oligarchic war on America as are the burning of our cities and the toppling of our statues. All three, fall under the heading of "ideology", and all three are being used to shape public attitudes on matters related to our collective identity as "Americans".

Comment: See also:

Red Flag

Washington and Lee University wants to teach students to overthrow the state

Washington and Lee University
Washington and Lee University is a small, private liberal arts university in western Virginia. It's named after George Washington and Robert E. Lee, who became its president after the Civil War. As is the case with all small, private liberal arts colleges in America except for Hillsdale, WLU is essentially a leftist indoctrination center for those students who attend.

However, even by liberal arts standards, WLU took things to a whole new level this semester when it offered first-year students a three-credit class called "How to Overthrow the State." WLU is entitled to do so, but it seems appropriate that the taxpayers of this state have a say in the matter. Therefore, President Trump should issue an executive order withholding all federal funds from the university.

The class is one of 18 different choices offered to freshmen for their required writing seminar. All of the seminars stress that their purpose is to teach students to write well, and many of them throw in identity politics.

For example, Seminar 100-01, about "memoir and identity in literature," promises to examine whether a "memoir also challenge[s] and educate[s] us about the identities of marginalized or silenced voices."


Journalist claims reporters 'don't just make stuff up', gets schooled on all the times media LIED

CNN is Fake News protest
© REUTERS/Leah Millis
Following criticism of a story in which anonymous sources claimed Donald Trump called dead soldiers "losers," one reporter pushed back, claiming journalists "don't make stuff up" - which prompted a quick education lesson for her.

"Contrary to popular belief, journalists don't just make stuff up," Louisville Courier Journal education reporter Olivia Krauth tweeted in response to a conservative outlet blasting the use of anonymous sources.

Comment: See also: