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Mon, 28 Sep 2020
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Car plows through Trump supporters at BLM protest in California, police charge driver with attempted murder

Yorba Linda victim
© unknown
Victim of BLM vehicle incident in Yorba Linda, CA.
A car reportedly plowed through a crowd in California as Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with counter-protesters. This is the third vehicle to hit protesters in California in just one week.

The incident in Yorba Linda, California reportedly occurred after counter-protesters crossed the highway to confront Black Lives Matter demonstrators. Initial reports suggested that the white sedan tore through both groups as their demonstrations met in a parking lot, but footage shows that the driver got in [her] car following an argument with Trump supporters and ripped through them.

Police arrested the driver, 40-year-old Tatiana Turner, and charged her with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. Initial reporting from The Orange County Register suggested that two people were injured.

Comment: Images of the incident were posted to social media:

Independent videographer Tomas Morales captured the aftermath of the violence:

"I was at their event & a BLM organizer was instructing people to use force against Trump supporters," Morales added.

Local reporter Brian Rokos tweeted a photo of a Sheriff helicopter, reportedly warning the crowd that they had five minutes to vacate the area.


Dutch celebs say they've had enough of Covid-19 restrictions... Is this the start of mass resistance?

Screenshot Instagram
© Screenshot Instagram #ikdoenietmeermee
Instagram celebs "I no longer participate."
When Dutch Instagrammer Famke Louise launched the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee (I'm out) in protest over Covid-19 restrictions, she quickly drew lots of support. It seems many people are finally sick of being told what to do.

If you had told me that the central figure to lead a resistance against draconian measures in place to fight the spread of Covid-19 was going to be perma-pouting Dutch rapper/model Famke Louise, I would have laughed in your face - while wearing appropriate PPE of course!

Because the 21-year-old influencer, with a bewildering one million followers on Instagram, has taken a stand against the government of the Netherlands to insist she has had enough of being told what to do under the guise of coronavirus pandemic public health initiatives.

Famke launched her now viral hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee ("I'm out" or "I no longer participate") following an epically ill-considered intervention from Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who told cheering and chanting football fans "Just shut up when you're sitting there," after they were finally allowed into a stadium to watch their teams play this week. Any chance of being seen as a man of the people vanished in a minute as the tin-eared PM added, "Watch the game and don't shout. It's possible."

Comment: "Until a vaccine is found"..."and there's no smartphone app for that" - unless, of course, your smartyphoney app is programmed to 'talk' to your nano-enriched vaccine!


Dr. Malcolm Kendrick: More Covid-19 news from Sweden - 'Covid is over, we have herd immunity'

A few weeks ago, an emergency physician working in Sweden, Dr. Sebastian Rushworth, asked me if I would be willing to replicate an article from his blog on mine. I was more than happy; it was a great article. The only problem being that his writing puts mine to shame - in a second language. Although he did later tell me he had been to boarding school in England for several years. So, I feel a bit better. If not much.

He has now done an update, outlining how things are getting along in Sweden. I thought it would be of great interest for people to get news from the front line, so to speak.

As many of us know Sweden, alone in Western Europe, decided not to impose a tough lockdown. In fact, the only forcible restriction that was imposed was to ban people meeting in groups of more than fifty. Slightly later, a further restriction was placed on nursing home visits.

Apart from this, all other Government recommendations were purely voluntary [Imagine that, a Government treating its citizens as responsible human beings].


'One almost every day': Children's hospital in Texas reports alarming rise in suicide patients as kids struggle with hopelessness

child suicide, depression
A North Texas children's hospital said Thursday it has seen an "alarming" rise in suicide patients, especially in August, as school districts continued to debate over the return to in-person learning.

Doctors at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth said they admitted juvenile suicide patients at a rate of almost one per day in August.

The hospital admitted 29 children last month after they attempted suicide. For the year, the hospital said it has seen 192 of these patients, which is more than double the number they admitted during the same period five years ago.

"We see kids every day, telling us they're struggling. They wish they can go back to their normal lives," said Dr. Kia Carter, medical director of psychiatry at Cook Children's.

Carter said the delayed return to school — and return to normal life — is leaving some children with a sense of hopelessness.

Comment: Mental health professionals have been warning for months that the lockdown would have devastating consequences that far exceed any supposed benefits. It was never about 'saving lives':

Star of David

Israel admits ISIS fighter in Iraqi prison is its own, permits his return

Mohammed Khalid

ISIS prisoner Mohammed Khalid
Israel has acknowledged the existence of an Arab Israeli ISIS fighter who has languished in solitary confinement at a northern Iraqi prison without trial for more than two years, according to a letter obtained by The National. It says he would be allowed to return home if he can reach Israel's borders from Iraq, despite a lack of formal ties between the two countries.

When US forces captured Mohammed Khalid in a December 2017 raid in eastern Syria following four years spent fighting for ISIS across the group's self-proclaimed state, Israel kept the case of the Palestinian from Israel's Arab-majority Northern Triangle area, and his whereabouts, in the dark.

But after The National interviewed him at an Iraqi Kurdish counter-terrorism facility and tracked down his family in northern Israel, the Israeli government finally acknowledged his existence in the state's first comments on his case, one fraught with legal implications and that counter-terror experts said was the first they had witnessed of a state refusing to even recognise a foreign fighter as its own - let alone allow his repatriation.

All evidence pointed to Israeli knowledge about his case despite its denials. Before Khalid's capture, the family say they were questioned about him on numerous occasions at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. Since then, their repeated attempts to obtain information about him from the Israeli government since October 2018 have been ignored. Khalid himself said Israeli security agents approached him at least twice before he fled to Syria.

Comment: It wouldn't be surprising if the Israelis let him go. If their doctors will stitch up Syrian rebels in order to get them back in the action of fighting "evil Assad", why not let a loser like Khalid go to Syria to fight for Israeli interests? It's win-win, as far as the Machiavellian Israelis are concerned.

Black Magic

Insanity: Gov. Newsom bill allows male inmates who identify as 'women' to be housed in women's prisons in California

newsome california transgender prisoners

California now allows for men to "opt-in" to women's prisons, removed protections protecting minors from sexual predators, and has opened the door to funding medical transition for minors.
California's Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill Saturday to end sex-segregated prisons in that state, to allow inmates to be housed based on the gender with which they identify as opposed to dividing them by sex.

The caveat of the bill is that this privilege is only for those inmates with which the penal system does not have "management or security concerns."

This collection of bills, designed with the aim of "strengthening protections for LGBTQ+ Californians," does little for women or children, as it opens female prisons to male-bodied persons, and enables tax payer funds to go toward the medical transitioning of minors. There is also funding to find the impact of COVID-19, which is an illness that primarily affects the elderly and those with existing health complications, on the LGBT+ community.

Star of David

Israelis vent anger outside Netanyahu's home after bid to curb lockdown protests

protest lockdown Israel
© Mostafa Alkharouf/AA/picture-alliance
Lockdown protesters gather outside Netanyahu's residence
Many citizens believe the prime minister is using a recent spike in coronavirus cases to stymie their wish to protest. Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened to declare a state of emergency to bring an end to the unrest.

Thousands of Israelis vented their frustrations outside the official residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, demanding his resignation, while maintaining the pressure on the embattled leader after weeks of protests, despite a recently installed lockdown.

With Israel facing one of the world's worst outbreaks of COVID-19, a strict lockdown came into effect Friday, shutting down several businesses, banning large gatherings and ordering people to stay close to home.

Light Saber

Attorney: Kenosha officer shot Jacob Blake because he was kidnapping a child in attempt to escape

Rusten Sheskey jacob blake
© Kenosha Police Department
Police Officer Rusten Sheskey
Police Officer Rusten Sheskey has told investigators that it wasn't just his life he was defending when he fired his weapon seven times at Jacob Blake last month in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He said he used deadly force during the chaotic encounter because he was afraid Blake, while attempting to flee the scene, was trying to kidnap a child in the backseat of the vehicle.

"He's got my kid. He's got my keys," Sheskey heard a woman say, according to attorney Brendan Matthews, who is representing the officer. If Sheskey had allowed Blake to drive away and something happened to the child "the question would have been 'why didn't you do something?'" Matthews said.

That explanation, provided in an exclusive interview with CNN, offers the most detailed rationale to date for Sheskey's highly scrutinized decision to shoot Blake, who is Black, as he leaned into an SUV with his children inside it on August 23. Cellphone video of the shooting went viral on the internet, sparking days of protests and rioting in the lakeside city of Kenosha. The shooting, which Blake's family has said resulted in paralysis from his waist down, was widely condemned as yet another unjustified shooting of a Black person by police.



Torch a library for Breonna: Protesters in Louisville smash windows & throw flares after defying curfew

blm protester Louisville
© REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Protesters march in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. September 24, 2020.
Scores of protesters took to the streets of Louisville, ignoring the nighttime curfew a day after two police officers were shot amid unrest sparked by the charges in the Breonna Taylor case. A library was damaged in the mayhem.

Dozens of protesters hit the streets of Louisville on Thursday evening, paying little attention to the city's 9pm curfew and squaring off with police.

Shortly before the curfew set in, police declared an "unlawful assembly," saying that protesters were smashing windows on 4th Street.


Brick Wall

Health lockdown or student incarceration? Glasgow Uni feels like a prison

lockdown glasgow university police
© Getty
Police patrol our halls of residence. We've been banned from pubs. Even Christmas could be cancelled.

I'll confess, I think I almost enjoyed lockdown at first: I could cycle to work without the roar of cars all around me, and I enjoyed the novelty of being able to walk down a near-empty high street. The hard reality of our government's decision to shut down society hit home soon enough, though. I lost a planned seasonal job that was due to start at the beginning of May, and so was forced to spend an additional three months in a job I disliked, working even longer hours due to greater demand. As much as I love my family, you can grow sick of the same faces after a while. Not being able to see friends certainly had an effect on my mental health - and the incessant screeching of the fear-mongering media could leave anyone in a nervous fit. In an unfathomable irony, during the 'peak pandemic', university was my glimmer of hope on the horizon.

I'm at Glasgow University, which has been the subject of considerable controversy this week. I'll spare myself a lawsuit by not revealing every detail, but if you take a group of young people, most of whom won't have been away from home before for longer than a school trip, it takes only a few brain cells to realise that they're going to find creative ways of having fun - restrictions or not.

Comment: Glasgow University is not unique. This appears to be becoming policy at universities all over the UK. What more effective way to destroy an entire generation, all in the name of keeping everyone "safe"?