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African state facing cocoa crisis

© Alain Intraina/Getty ImagesCocoa Pod
Ghana, the world's second-largest beans producer, is expected to yield just half the usual annual amount.

Ghana is facing a cocoa production crisis after a major outbreak of 'swollen shoot disease'. The issue in the world's second-largest cocoa producer has triggered fears of a knock-on effect for global prices, which have already seen recent spikes.

A significant cocoa-producing area in the Western African country is 81% infected with the disease, according to the Cocoa Market Report released by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO).

The disease has significantly impacted cocoa prices, which have nearly doubled this year due to unfavorable weather conditions and disease outbreaks in Ghana and fellow leading producer the Ivory Coast, Reuters reported on Thursday. Together, the two states produce about 60% of the world's cocoa.

There had been optimism for a better yield in the next season, although the outlook is threatened by the severe infestation in Western North, Ghana's third-largest cocoa-producing region. Swollen shoot virus first reduces yields before ultimately killing the trees within a few years. Infected trees must be uprooted and the soil treated before replanting can occur.

Comment: So...all you 'cocoa nuts' heed and purchase now!

Bad Guys

First suicide pod available for use 'soon' in Switzerland, costing $20 a go

Sarco suicide pod
© ARND WIEGMANNThe Sarco suicide pod is expected to be soon used for the first time in Switzerland

Comment: That's an interesting choice for a quote on the side of the suicide pod:

'The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.' - Carl Sagan

Because what does it say about a society, and what is it 'telling the universe', that promotes suicide to, ostenisbly, provide relief to its vulnerable, traumatised, and impoverished; people who, were the resources provided, might choose otherwise.

An assisted dying group expects a portable suicide pod to be used for the first time in Switzerland, potentially within months, providing death without medical supervision, it said Wednesday.

The space-age looking Sarco capsule, first unveiled in 2019, replaces the oxygen inside it with nitrogen, causing death by hypoxia. It would cost $20 to use.

The Last Resort organisation said it saw no legal obstacle to its use in Switzerland, where the law generally allows assisted suicide if the person commits the lethal act themselves.

"Since we have people indeed queueing up, asking to use the Sarco, it's very likely that it will take place pretty soon," The Last Resort's chief executive Florian Willet told a press conference.

Comment: For more on the West's diabolical euthanasia push, see:


Israel's Eilat Port to lay off 50% of its workers amidst Houthi embargo

Eilat port
© AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/GettyImageNew cars are parked in the port of the southern Israeli city of Eilat, near the border with Egypt, on February 15, 2012
The Port of Eilat in southern Israel plans to lay off half of its workforce this week due to Houthi attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea, its chief executive officer said on Sunday.

"Eilat Port is Israel's southern gateway to the Far East, Australia, and Africa," Gideon Golber told Israeli daily Maariv.

"All activity stopped because ships could no longer pass in any direction to reach Eilat Port or travel towards Europe through the Suez Canal. Therefore, the port halted its operations and income stopped," he added.

Golber said the port will lay off 50% of its workers this week due to its economic losses.

Comment: Israel's economy was floundering even before its stand down on Oct 7, and it evidently is trying to escalate its numerous war fronts. Which, taken together with other developments - not least its brazen crimes against humanity - leads one to conclude that the regional conflagration that it wishes to incite is far more important to its fanatical Greater Israel schemes than its economy:


'Absurd and dangerous': Homeless, drug-abusing migrants take over abandoned NYC Rite Aid

homeless NYC
© Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images
A vacant building in a residential New York City neighborhood has become a hotspot for drug users, migrants, and homeless people — leaving locals to deal with their messes and safety hazards.

The 25,058-square-foot Astoria plot at 47-07 Broadway used to be the home of a Rite Aid store. The company has closed hundreds of locations as it grapples with bankruptcy.

Everything from U.S., Mexico, and Puerto Rican flags to bras, bicycles, and garbage is currently on display on the building's roof, along with furniture on which the vagrants lounge, the New York Post reports.

The new "residents" of the building are mostly middle-aged men, many of whom appear to not speak English, according to the outlet.

Neighbors have been forced to live with the apocalyptic scene, one woman telling the publication that the building has "got a real 'Mad Max' vibe going on."

Star of David

Adidas drops Bella Hadid from ad after Israeli criticism

Bella Hadid
© Social mediaBella Hadid promoting Adidas SL72 sneakers
German sportswear giant Adidas has dropped American model Bella Hadid from their advertising campaign for retro sneakers after facing criticism from Israel.

Hadid, whose Palestinian father was born in Nazareth, has been a vocal advocate for the rights of the ethnonational group, calling for an end to the bloodshed in Gaza.

She has repeatedly criticized the Israeli government over the ongoing Gaza conflict, which to date has claimed over 38,000 Palestinian lives. In October 2023, the IDF launched a military operation in the enclave in response to a deadly Hamas raid that had left approximately 1,200 Israelis dead.

Bella and her sister Gigi, also a model with millions of social media followers, have participated in several pro-Palestinian demonstrations, publicly accusing Israel of committing "genocide" in the enclave. The Hadid sisters have also donated $1 million to support multiple Palestinian relief efforts in Gaza, including HEAL Palestine, the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, World Central Kitchen, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

Comment: See also: Bella Hadid says her vocal support for Palestine has lost her jobs


Why I believe the global IT outage by Crowdstrike is not an accident

it outage microsoft
© rajat gupta/Shutterstock

IMPORTANT! The purpose of this thread is to explain non-IT and to non information/cyber security professionals why I believe the outage you are seeing around the world due to the update from #Crowdstrike is not an accident.

Before we begin - introduction. Hi everyone. My name is Ehden Biber. I'm known as the person behind #PfizerLeak, and most of my writing here on X/Twitter has been on ph@rma related topics. HOWEVER, my professional work has been information security and cybersecurity.

My credentials include:
· Head of information security in Metro Bank (UK).
· Merck/MSD Information security office for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
· Consultant to insurance and financial institutes.

The opinion you are about to read is based on YEARS of experience.

Let's start with what we have - HUGE number of systems around the world has crashed because of a deployment of an update to a software that was installed on them, that came from a company called Crowdstrike, making them display the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

Comment: See also: Crowdstrike Causes Global IT Outage: Incompetence or Spooky Shenanigans?

For the more techinically inclined:


Neo-Nazi ex-MP Irina Farion shot dead in Ukraine

Irina Farion dead ukraine neo nazi
© Global Look Press / Keystone Press Agency / Anastasiia SmolienkoFormer Verkhovna Rada deputy Irina Farion (Svoboda) was shot doad in Lviv, Ukraine, July 18, 2024
Outspoken Ukrainian ultranationalist and former MP, Irina Farion, has been fatally shot outside her home in the western city of Lviv, according to local media.

Farion, 60, was a member of the Verkhovna Rada from 2012-2014, and was best known for hard-line Russophobic positions. She was attacked on Friday evening on the street outside her home.

"There was a shot to the temple. The shooter was seen by the neighbors, he was wearing gloves and the weapon did not have a silencer," local journalist Marta Olyarnik said in a Facebook post.

Farion was rushed to a local hospital. One local Telegram channel reported she was in critical condition, while city councilman Igor Zinkevich described her condition as "serious."

Several hours later, however, Lviv Mayor Andrey Sadovoy confirmed that she succumbed to her injuries.

Comment: Are ordinary citizens starting to turn on their radical leaders, or was this incident an inter-party hit? The fabric of Ukrainian politics is fracturing amid the growing realization that the war they were led into by the West is being lost. It's logical that anatical hardliners such as Farion would be the first targets.


Senator blasts 'national embarrassment' as Biden ends Gaza floating pier mission

© CentcomUS pier removal from Gaza
It's official: Biden's $230+ Gaza humanitarian pier has been permanently dismantled after it spent more time out of commission than in actual operation. The Pentagon has tried to pass it off dubiously as 'mission accomplished' - despite an avalanche of criticism including from sitting Senators and House members heaped on the problem-prone project.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, Deputy Commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM), announced at the end of this week:
"The maritime storage mission involving the pier is complete, so there's no more need to use the pier, particularly because we're able to implement a more sustaining pathway, to Ashdod. Our assessment is that the temporary pier has achieved its intended effect to surge a very high volume of aid into Gaza and ensure that aid reaches the civilians in Gaza in a quick manner."
The pier faced frequent shutdowns amid tumultuous Mediterranean seas, and at one point in the early summer actually broke apart, with pieces having drifted onto an Israeli beach further north.

The statement confirmed that the unit which oversaw the pier's construction and operations - Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore, or JLOTS - will soon deploy back to the United States.

Comment: The Gaza pier was a publicity stunt as far as effectiveness, and a joke regarding construction.
See also:


Children raped at US migrant shelters - Justice Department

child in car
© Brandon Bell/Getty ImagesA migrant child sits in the back of a border patrol vehicle after being apprehended by US Customs and Border protection officers
Ruby, Arizona • June 24, 2024
A "social justice" nonprofit allegedly looked the other way while its workers abused children for eight years.

Staff at a nonprofit organization responsible for housing thousands of underage migrants inflicted "severe" sexual abuse upon the kids in their care, according to a lawsuit filed by the US Justice Department on Thursday.

"Multiple" employees at facilities operated by Southwest Key took part in the abuse, the Justice Department stated in a press release. The "severe or pervasive" abuse included "sexual contact and inappropriate touching, solicitation of sex acts, solicitation of nude photos, entreaties for inappropriate relationships and sexual comments," the statement claimed.

The sex crimes allegedly took place between 2015 and 2023, while Southwest Key earned billions of dollars in government contracts to house unaccompanied minors caught crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.

The company, which operates 29 shelters in Texas, Arizona, and California, "took insufficient action to prevent sexual harassment of the children in its care," the statement continued. In some cases, it claimed, children were discouraged from reporting sexual harassment and threatened if they spoke up about the abuse.

Comment: The innocent pay the price for Biden's policies. The country pays the price for whom (it is told) it 'elects'.


Americans betting against Biden

Joe Biden
© Mario Tama/Getty ImagesFile photo: US President Joe Biden at the 115th NAACP National Convention, July 16, 2024.
The odds of Joe Biden dropping out of the US presidential race reached as high as 84% on Friday, according to the predictive betting site Polymarket.

The 81-year-old incumbent president has been quarantined at his Delaware home since Wednesday, after testing positive for Covid-19. Calls for him to make way for another Democrat have grown louder since last Saturday's attempted assassination of his Republican rival Donald Trump.

"His soul-searching is actually happening, I know that for a fact," Reuters reported on Friday, citing a source within the Biden campaign. "He's thinking about this very seriously."

Polymarket had Biden's odds of dropping out at 19% ahead of the June 27 debate. They have since spiked to 84%, but leveled out at around 70% as of Friday afternoon.

The betting site also put Trump's chances of winning the November election at 66%. Vice President Kamala Harris, the most likely Democrat to replace Biden at the top of the ticket, was at only 18%.