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Sat, 03 Dec 2016
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Paid mercenaries? Uncovered emails suggest oil company funding DAPL protest crackdown

© Reuters
December 5 will be a fateful day in the saga of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests, as the Army Corps of Engineers announced they will close all lands north of the Cannonball River, which includes the Oceti Sakowin protest camp.

We can expect that the camp will be forcibly cleared and protesters evicted by the same militarized police forces - and possibly National Guard - that have been acting as protection services for Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind DAPL.

What makes this even more concerning is that veterans, possibly numbering in the hundreds, have committed to join the protests on Dec. 5-7 to stop DAPL and defend water protectors. They are organizing "like a military unit" and say they are prepared to take a bullet, rubber or otherwise.

The gathering of militarized police forces protecting the 1,172-mile-long, 30" diameter oil pipeline is not just from North Dakota, but includes at least six other states — Wisconsin, Indiana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. This multi-state force is only possible by abusing a law meant to aid states in times of natural disaster.

Comment: The heavy handed response from the police to what has been an essentially peaceful protest suggests that police forces are more sympathetic to the industry, so perhaps they understand who their masters are. That said, some police departments are finally showing signs of conscience and are now refusing to take part in the crackdown on protesters.

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Police Departments refuse to continue at Standing Rock, Lawmakers call their actions "inappropriate"

© Arlo Iron Cloud
Widespread outrage over both the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and violent police crackdowns rages on. That outrage is spreading even to police agencies now returning from deployment to the reservation.. Two departments have already refused to return, citing personal and public objections. As if that wasn't enough, an army of sympathizers is re-purposing social media to combat police efforts in Standing Rock.

Minnesota's Hennepin County Sheriff's Department is among that group. Lawmakers, according to MPR News, found police activities in Standing Rock "inappropriate". It's to the point where they're considering rewriting legislation to avoid future deployments to incidents like the pipeline resistance.

Comment: "Inappropriate" is putting it mildly.

Police officials, of course, declined to comment on their return from North Dakota or their feelings on what's happening there. It's also made the task of rebuilding trust with the community an even loftier uphill battle. "I do not support Sheriff Stanek's decision to send his deputies to North Dakota", says LT. Governor Tina Smith, "nor did we approve his decision to begin with. I do not have any control over the Sheriff's actions, which I think were wrong, and I believe he should bring his deputies home if he hasn't already."

Comment: What they're refusing to take responsibility for: destroying a young woman's arm or shooting a tear-gas grenade into another woman's face.

Comment: Plenty we can do to help. Check in when you share an article on Facebook. Tweet your support. Call your representatives in congress, or leave a comment for Obama. If you have the means, consider donating directly.

Bizarro Earth

Massive oil pipeline break under N.D. farmer's wheat field

The site of an underground oil pipeline break on a farm north of Tioga, N.D., Thursday, October 10, 2013. At least 20,6000 barrels of oil was spilled.
North Dakota farmer who discovered an oil spill the size of seven football fields while out harvesting wheat says that when he found it, crude was bubbling up out of the ground.

Farmer Steve Jensen says he smelled the crude for days before the tires on his combines were coated in it. At the apparent break in the Tesoro Corp.'s underground pipeline, the oil was "spewing and bubbling six inches high," he said in a telephone interview Thursday.

What Jensen had found on Sept. 29 turned out it was one of the largest spills recorded in the state. At 20,600 barrels it was four times the size of a pipeline rupture in late March that forced the evacuation of more than 20 homes in Arkansas.


Russian aircraft protects Haifa, Israel, from wildfires - Abbas sends firetrucks and men

© AP Photo/ Ariel Schalit
Russian Emergencies Ministry Be-200 amphibious aircraft have protected the Israeli city of Haifa from new wildfires, a spokesperson for the Russian Emergencies Ministry told RIA Novosti Sunday.

Israel has been affected by severe fires that are considered to be the worst in Israel's history since 2010. A number of countries, including Russia, Italy, the United States and Greece had provided Israel with assistance in struggling with several blazes in various parts of the country, including near Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera and Zichron Yaakov.

"During the last 24 hours, Be-200 aircraft had been extinguishing wildfires in the vicinity of Haifa and Jerusalem. Thanks to joint activities of the Russian pilots with the Israeli fire-fighting land group, the city of Haifa, which had already suffered from wildfires, was saved from fire," the spokesperson said.

Comment: Abbas offered Palestine's help as well:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a telephone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday and expressed gratitude to him for sending fire trucks and firefighters to assist Israel in extinguishing wildfires, prime minister's press service said in a statement.

The Palestinian Authority provided Israel with eight fire trucks and dozens of firefighters to extinguish the wildfires, according to reports.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this evening, contacted Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen and thanked him for sending firefighters to assist in extinguishing the fires. The Prime Minister also appreciates the fact that Jews and Arabs alike opened their homes to those affected by the fires," the statement reads.
See also: Al-Qaeda linked Palestinian militant group 'claims responsibility' for devastating Haifa blaze


Historical sex abuse in English football exposed, crisis deepens as more victims come forward

Andy Woodward says he was abused by Barry Bennell
Britain's biggest police force has confirmed it has received information regarding historical sexual abuse at London football clubs.

The Metropolitan Police announcement came as the national inquiry into child sexual abuse opened the door to examining allegations within the sport. A spokesman said it "has received information relating to non-recent sexual abuse in football clubs in London".
The Met said it will "assess any information it receives and ensure that victims are given the advice and support they need".

Scotland Yard did not name any of the clubs involved. It means there are now four police forces which are known to be investigating the growing abuse scandal in the sport. Hampshire Police had earlier said its detectives are investigating non-recent child abuse "within the football community". Cheshire Police revealed that "a growing number of disclosures" had been made to the force and there have been "allegations made against more than one individual".

Comment: The crimes committed against these vulnerable children are repulsive and it's highly doubtful that abuse within the footballing network has been eradicated. To understand why and how these sick individuals commit their crimes Anna Salter's book 'Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders' is a must read. You can also find the SOTT.net radio interview with Dr Salter here: Behind the Headlines: Predators Among Us - Interview With Dr. Anna Salter

Update (Nov. 27): The English Football Association has opened an investigation into the allegations:
The FA has instructed independent leading counsel Kate Gallafent QC to assist it with a review into the abuse cases which have recently come to light. The FA had already initiated an internal review which Ms Gallafent will now oversee, while it continues to also prioritise victim support and providing full assistance to on-going police inquiries.

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Universities aren't a haven for free speech, but a breeding ground for indoctrination

In the usual modern discussion about universities and free speech, the common wisdom is that golly, they used to be the very places where freedom of expression really had its head and ran wild, but now, it's all changed.

And maybe that was their experience, or as they say on campuses now, their lived experience. It sure as hell wasn't mine.

I was a journalism student at Ryerson University (this was before it had aspirations and was just Ryerson Polytechnical Institute) in the early 1970s, when the Toronto Sun first rose from the ashes of the Toronto Telegram. It was only the first brand-new major newspaper in the country in decades, nothing to get excited about, and on the school's downtown campus, even in the journalism school, they surely didn't.

Comment: What appears to be unraveling, is that academia has been ponerized and we are seeing the implementation of thought-control through these kinds of "anti-bias/racist trainings" and "LGBT-inclusive initiatives." After all, just take a look at the history of some of the people who are either spearheading or advising these initiatives. See also:


California mosques receive letters threatening genocide against Muslims: 'Trump will cleanse America'

© eicsanjose.org
Evergreen Islamic Center
Three mosques in California were sent anonymous hate-mail warning them that Donald Trump would "cleanse" Muslims from the US the same way "Hitler did to the Jews."

The abusive letters have sparked new fears among Muslims, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said.

The Muslim advocacy group called for "stepped-up" police protection of mosques after identical letters were sent to three mosques, calling for the genocide of Muslims earlier this week.

"This hate campaign targeting California houses of worship must be investigated as an act of religious intimidation, and our state's leaders should speak out against the growing anti-Muslim bigotry that leads to such incidents," CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush said.

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Lawyers in California split over plans to ban sexual relations between attorneys and clients

© Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters
California lawyers are split over state bar association plans to introduce an all-out ban on sex between attorneys and their clients.

Those supporting the blanket ban said that any sexual contact between an attorney and a client is potentially coercive due to the inherently unequal nature of relations between the two.

However, opponents of the initiative among the lawyers labeled it uncalled for and an unconstitutional invasion of their privacy.

It is proposed that those violating the sex ban face punishments ranging from private censure to the loss of their legal licence, AP reported.

The only exception to the rule would be when a sexual relationship between individuals preceded their contract as attorney and client.


Ukraine: Fire-breather sets club ablaze, partygoers pose for pics while it burns

© First Life / YouTube
Fire broke out at a night club in Ukraine after a fire-breathing performer set the venue's plastic ceiling on fire. The moment was filmed by partygoers. While most clubbers rushed out in panic, some used the occasion to take photos of themselves.

The blaze destroyed the Mi100 club in Lvov, Ukraine on Saturday night, reducing its decorations and equipment to ashes. Of the 250 people present in the building at the time, 22 required medical attention for smoke poisoning and burns, according to the local fire department. Fourteen of them were taken to the hospital, with two in critical condition.

The blaze started during a fire show, with footage of the performance posted online. The entertainer breathed fire high into the air and ignited the covering of the ceiling. The blaze quickly spread as burning fragments rained down onto the stage.

Bad Guys

Convicted serial killer claims to have slept with MPs and a kid's TV presenter while working as male escort

© Press Association
Murderer Port made bizarre claims in 16 letters sent to pal from Belmarsh
Serial killer Stephen Port has boasted of romping with MPs and a kids' TV presenter. Port, jailed for life for four murders, made the claims in letters to a pen pal.

Writing while on remand at Belmarsh Prison he said: "I have slept with one famous guy who I met when I was on holiday."

He said he "best not mention his name lol" but described him and the shows he was in.

The killer said they "dated for a few months" but the presenter was given a role elsewhere so they just "remained friends".

Chef Port, 41, added: "I did have a couple of famous clients when I was escorting but, of course, I can't mention names. But they where generally MPs."