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Sat, 01 Oct 2016
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Intraspecies predator: Ex-actor Daniel Wozniak sentenced to death in grisly double murder and cover-up

© Mark Rightmire / Associated Press
Orange County Sheriff deputies seat Daniel Wozniak in Superior Court in Santa Ana Friday morning for his sentencing. Wozniak was convicted in the killing of two people to bankroll his wedding and honeymoon.
Convicted double-murderer Daniel Wozniak looked toward the front of the Santa Ana courtroom, his expression void of emotion as an Orange County Superior Court judge on Friday affirmed his death sentence.

The courtroom fell silent. The victims' family and friends wiped away tears as Judge John Conley sentenced the former Costa Mesa community actor, 32, to death for killing Irvine resident Juri "Julie" Kibuishi, 23, and her Army veteran friend Samuel Herr, 26.

A jury had recommended in January that Wozniak be put to death for the two killings and gruesome cover-up that included beheading Herr and staging Kibuishi's body to look like she had been sexually assaulted. Had jurors or Conley chosen to spare Wozniak the death penalty, the alternative would have been life in prison without parole.

Wozniak will be taken to San Quentin State Prison, where he will remain until his execution date.

Kibuishi and Herr's families embraced one another as they exited the courtroom after the sentencing. Conley's decision gave them some resolution, they said, after six years and four months of court hearings and delays. However, they said, the pain of having their children ripped away will never cease to haunt them.

Comment: The reason Wozniak showed no remorse and no guilt is because he is quite probably a psychopath. Hear how Dr. Robert Hare describes how psychopaths are physiologically wired quite differently from non-psychopaths.
Vitally important information.

Scientific studies show that psychopaths' brains work in very different ways to the brains of normal human beings. According to Robert Hare, the psychopath seems to interpret, process and use emotional information as if it was neutral information. The psychopath cannot extract emotional information from words as normal people do. Words like "murder, rape and death", provoke NO reaction in the mind/brain of a psychopath. They respond 'in a very superficial manner' to concepts that cause an emotional and distressing reaction in normal people.


Soros-backed agents provocateurs? Charlotte police claims 70% of arrested protesters are 'from out of state'

© Reuters
Police officers wearing riot gear block a road during protests after police fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. September 20, 2016.
Confirming what many had suspected when viewing the sudden and intense collapse into anarchy that occurred in Charlotte this week, Todd Walther, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police told CNN's Erin Burnett:
"This is not Charlotte that's out here. These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protestors, these are criminals."

"We've got the instigators that are coming in from the outside. They were coming in on buses from out of state. If you go back and look at some of the arrests that were made last night. I can about say probably 70% of those had out-of-state IDs. They're not coming from Charlotte."

Comment: It's not that BLM is a 'Soros organization'. It's that there is evidence that funds from Soros organizations have been used to pay for the travel/board expenses of some protesters. The activists organizing these protests believe they are making a stand against injustice. Soros is not one of them. He is in no way a 'leftist'. He is an oligarch. What his interest is in supporting revolutionary/protest movements is open to debate.

What we do know is that he has a long history of funding "popular revolutions" in foreign countries with the aim of replacing the sitting government with one that is more aligned with the West and thereby 'open up' the target country for exploitation by Soros and other US government and corporate interests. So is Soros now using that same strategy in the USA with the BLM movement? If so, to what end?

Our best guess is that he hopes to derail protests movements in the US, and send them in directions that serve the oligarchy's interests.

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Case against Bill Cosby grows stronger as 13 women prepare to testify if court allows them

© Michael Bryant — Pool/Getty Images
Bill Cosby, center, being led to court by an aide in Norristown, Pa.
Some knew him for only a day. Others built friendships over months, even years, and introduced him to their mothers, an aunt, even a 9-year-old son, they say.

But all 13 women say the same thing: Bill Cosby finally gave them a pill, or some other intoxicant, sometimes hidden at the bottom of a fizzing glass of champagne or a glass of wine or soda, and they awoke hours later having been sexually abused.

Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pa., announced this month that 13 women, selected from a larger pool of nearly 50 who say Mr. Cosby assaulted them, have now agreed to come forward and testify at a long-anticipated criminal trial next June.

The prosecution has asked the court to allow the women to testify, and the judge's ruling, expected in coming months, will be critical to Mr. Cosby's fate.

If the testimony is allowed, the prosecution's case would be bolstered by its ability to bring forth accuser after accuser with accounts similar to that of Andrea Constand, the former Temple University basketball staff member whose accusations are at the center of the June trial. Prosecutors have charged Mr. Cosby with drugging and sexually assaulting Ms. Constand at his home near Philadelphia in 2004.

Comment: See also: Bill Cosby, charged with sexual assault allegations, is the victim of 'racial bias and prejudice' lawyers say

War Whore

Cop fabricates story, now facing several years behind bars

© Michael Rivera / Wikipedia
A police officer for Butts County, Georgia is facing serious charges after claiming she was shot by an unidentified black man. It took a little over a week for investigators to discover she was lying and that the whole thing was an elaborate setup.

Officer Sherry Hall is facing four felony charges after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) found that she had fabricated a harrowing story of being shot while on duty. She has been placed on paid administrative leave and checked herself into a "private facility" to seek help, GBI Special Agent Joe Wooten told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This began on September 13, when Hall was on patrol and claimed she came across a man in a wooded area.

"He had a presentation of somebody who might need medical attention," Hall told WGCL shortly after the incident allegedly occurred. "Or might have been under the influence of a substance."

She claimed that she talked to him from a distance "and during that time we had a little bit of a confrontation, he fired a shot and then I began to return fire and take fire."


Former MMA fighter arrested for kidnapping and rape

© abc15.com
A former professional American MMA fighter Rodolfo Ramirez has been accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in Arizona.

Ramirez was seen on a surveillance video picking up the woman, who is believed to be in her 20s, outside a local bar in Scottsville, Arizona and carrying her away over his shoulder.

Police say the 28-year-old then sexually assaulted her inside a parking garage, before taking her back to his home and raping her two more times.

Bad Guys

Allow 'After-School Satan' programs or face costly lawsuits, Washington state school told

© Adrian Scottow / Flickr
A lawyer hired by a school district in Washington state has advised education officials that The Satanic Temple must be allowed to hold 'After-School Satan' programs.

Attorney Duncan Fobes told Mount Vernon School District that it could face costly litigation, which it would likely lose, if it prevented the The Satanic Temple from holding after-school programs for children at its facilities, the Skagit Valley Herald has reported.

The Temple announced its intention to hold the clubs earlier this year in response to a Supreme Court ruling allowing evangelical religious programs to operate in schools.


'Fancy Bears' release more athletes' names in WADA hack

© Marc Braibant / Reuters
Representative athletes of thirteen different nations, including six of Great Britain and seven of the USA, have been included in the latest list of World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) drug test results released by hack team 'Fancy Bears'.

The list details the drug tests of a total forty-one athletes from Australia, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden and USA.

The list includes Great Britain athletes Nile Wilson, who won gymnastics bronze, and Saskia Clark who won sailing gold, in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Comment: More WADA leaks: British Olympic champion Mo Farah, Spanish tennis star Rafael were given 'exemptions' to take performance-enhancing drugs


The war on drugs and the rise in heroin overdoses

A video has begun to go viral showing a heartbreaking scene of a mother laying on the floor of a Dollar Store, unconscious from an apparent overdose, while her 2-year-old cries in horror trying to revive her.

When police arrived at the store, they were able to immediately reverse the overdose using Narcan. However, the mother was then arrested and charged with child endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to authorities. The child has now become a ward of the state.

According to police, around 10 percent of the fentanyl and heroin cases they respond to, have children present.

Cops are busting down doors and arresting drug users and dealers at a higher rate now than at any other time in history — yet these scenarios continue to play out. Why is that?

It is undeniable that the shocking and heartbreaking video below shows the horrors of what a heroin addiction can do. However, in order to reverse this massive epidemic, we must realize the root of the problem.

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Burkini ban: Calling oppression by its true ugly name

© Stringer / Reuters
In Europe, oppression is never really called by its true ugly name. It is constantly concealed by lofty slogans such as culture, even tolerance. Repression, discrimination and harassment are administered in order for the 'entire society to be free'.

Or so at least the official narrative goes.

In France, recent and ugly row over so-called burkinis, a swimsuit used by many Muslim women all over the world, has demonstrated how little tolerance there really is in today's Europe for other cultures and for different ways of life.

Recently, France's highest administrative court has ruled that "burkini bans" being enforced on the country's beaches are illegal and a violation of fundamental liberties. Still, more than 90 percent of French people are supporting the ban, which is thoroughly illogical and philosophically as well as ethically indefensible.

What is suddenly so shocking about a woman wearing a wetsuit on some French beach? And let's face it: burkinis are nothing else but a wetsuit, which is commonly used on countless beaches of California, Australia, and Europe, in fact all over the world, by surfers and other water sport enthusiasts.

Just compare these images and these. Can you really tell much of a difference?

Comment: France's absurd, misogynist burkini ban is an Islamophobic assault on feminist values


4th night of Charlotte protests; interstate shut down as demonstrators demand release of police footage

© Mike Blake / Reuters
Protesters march in the streets during another night of protests over the police shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. September 23, 2016.
In their fourth night of protest, Charlotte demonstrators, demanding the release of police tapes of the fatal shooting of Keith Scott, made their way onto Interstate-277, shutting down the highway.

After a few minutes on and near the highway, protesters left, chanting, "The people united will never be defeated" and "We young, we strong, we marching all night long." The protesters also marched behind banners, one of which read, "Release the tapes."

They also passed the Charlotte Jail Central, where prisoners flicked lights off and on. "We see you, we love you," protesters chanted in response.

The rally remained peaceful and the police did not enforce a curfew this night as several hundred protesters marched the streets

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