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Sun, 17 Nov 2019
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Hong Kong police and firefighters turn against each other under the stress of the protests

© REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon
People point at a riot police officer as he detains a protester at a shopping mall.
Months of disruptive protests are taking their toll on Hong Kong's public services, pitting those who are supposed to serve and protect against each other, as two incidents in the span of less than a week highlight.

The city's senior police and firefighter officials had to come up, twice lately, with joint statements on how their men should communicate better and not clash with each other.

The employees in both departments experience "tremendous stress upon working under such chaotic conditions," the latter of the statements read. It referred to the ongoing violent protests in Hong Kong which kicked off in the summer.

One of the incidents happened Saturday last week as Hong Kong police dispersed protesters on Connaught Road in Central district, according to local media. A tear gas canister fired by the officers accidentally hit a fire truck, which was called to the scene to douse fires that protesters often start with petrol bombs.

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Woman who was raped by Somali migrant shares her anguish that he remains in the UK a year after his deportation was blocked by a plane mutiny

Ahmed's botched deportation

Ahmed's botched deportation in 2018 revived horrific memories of her rape 12 years ago when she was just a teenager, and led to a collapse in her mental health.
The victim of rapist Yaqub Ahmed last night spoke of her anger and pain that he has still not been kicked out of Britain more than a year after plane passengers blocked his removal.

Ahmed's botched deportation in 2018 revived horrific memories of her rape 12 years ago when she was just a teenager, and led to a collapse in her mental health.

Her anguish has continued as Ahmed has launched a fresh legal challenge to avoid being deported to Somalia. 'This can't be allowed to go on,' she told The Mail on Sunday.

'I am struggling to move on. I was in such a good place last year. I was working, I was studying. And then this [the failed deportation] happened and my life has not been the same again. All I want to do is just get on with my life and not constantly worry about this. The time I've spent sat up at night crying my eyes out - it's exhausting and draining.'


Goldman Sachs under investigation for sexism in determining Apple card credit limits

apple credit
© AP Photo/Tony Avelar
The bank behind Apple Card is facing legal scrutiny over accusations of inequality. New York's Department of Financial Services has launched an investigation into Goldman Sachs' practices after Basecamp founder David Heinemeier Hansson accused Apple (and really, Goldman) of sexism when determining credit limits. He received a limit 20 times higher than his wife despite her higher credit score, and received no help from customer service apart from murmurs of a "formal internal complaint." She eventually got a "VIP bump" to match his credit limit, but that appeared to have been a reaction to the public outcry. Hansson didn't believe Apple or Goldman set out to be discriminatory, but that the outcome was sexist nonetheless.

The department told Bloomberg that the investigation will both look into any legal wrongdoing as well guarantee that every customer is treated equally. Any algorithmic bias (including unintentional bias) "violates New York law," department superintendent Linda Lacewell said.

Goldman maintained in a statement that credit decisions were based solely on "creditworthiness" and not qualities like gender or ethnicity, although it didn't explain why a woman with a stronger credit score received a much lower limit.


Behold the glorious 'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself' memes

epstein mug shot prison
© New York State Division of Criminal Justice
An undated handout photo made available by New York State Division of Criminal Justice showing Jeffrey Epstein, issued 25 July 2019.
Now, did Jeffrey Epstein actually wack himself? Maybe, maybe not. On the self-off side, it's not like the guy had a huge incentive to - pardon the expression - keep hanging around. But on the "Epstein didn't kill himself" tip, there's pretty compelling evidence. A noted pathologist thinks he was wacked. So do people who think that it's super convenient that a dude with the 411 on the pervo peccadillos of so many mostly Democratic poohbahs just happened to check out before he could start talking. And it's really weird the cameras went off just before he got perma-cancelled.

Plus, what about the guards? Are we supposed to believe government flunkies were utterly unable to perform their most basic task of making sure that their suicidally-inclined inmate didn't stretch his neck on their watch? Well, I totally believe it. Let's add "incompetence of federal workers" to the ledger in the "He Did Himself" column.

Comment: Mainstream media's corruption has unleashed a torrent of creativity from a population tired of being lied to. This story is not going away any time soon:
epstein meme
Epstein meme
© Joe Rogan/Instagram
epstein beer cans
© FOX26
Clovis brewery prints "Epstein didn't kill himself" on the bottom of cans.
epstein meme


The Aryan Christ - Jung, Hitler And Today's Postmodernist Insanity

Road to hell
© Man on the Silver Mountain
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions
The movement that brought Hitler into power did not happen in a vacuum, nor was it an anomaly of history. It may have sprung up like wildfire, but the ground was set for him long before. The same could be said for the sudden surge in the popularity of an equally radical ideology: postmodernism. In trying to better understand the nature of these two ideologies, I was indirectly encouraged to read a few books on Carl Jung and Hitler. While Hitler and Jung aren't exactly common bedfellows, a lot can be learned from the cultural background that each shared and how that acted as a catalyst for their ideas.

The first was a book by Milton Mayer written in 1955 called 'They Thought They Were Free: The Germans' where Mayer attempts to understand what caused ordinary Germans, en masse, to follow Hitler and the Nazi movement. This was followed by Richard Noll's book 'The Aryan Christ: The secret Life of Carl Jung', and lastly 'The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler' by Robert Waite.

The following is an attempt to summarize the above books while presenting a rather shocking and little-known historical account of Carl Jung and how someone who is considered one of the most influential psychiatrists of the 20th century could be even remotely connected with someone as universally despised as Adolf Hitler.


Rage against the (bureaucratic) machine: Putin says AI could ease Russia's red tape woes

china robot
© Global Look Press / ZUMA Press / Then Chih Wey
If you're feeling worn down by red tape and bureaucratic wrangling, artificial intelligence could be the key to smoother public administration, while also offering greater transparency, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Speaking at an AI-focused tech event in Moscow on Saturday, Putin cautioned that some safeguards are still necessary when using artificial intelligence, but that it represents a huge development in overcoming "the inertia and sluggishness of the bureaucratic machine."

Another benefit to the tech is in allowing people to see "what the authorities are doing and what they are motivated by when taking certain decisions," the Russian leader added.

Comment: See also:

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Over 80 gravestones vandalized at Jewish cemetery in Denmark ahead of Kristallnacht anniversary

A Jewish cemetery in Denmark was targeted by vandals who spray painted and destroyed over 80 headstones. The incident may have been an anti-Semitic attack, as it occured before the anniversary of the infamous Kristallnacht pogrom.

The ancient Jewish cemetery dates back to the early 19th century and is located in the central Danish city of Randers, which is home to a large Jewish community.

"More than 80 gravestones were daubed with green graffiti and some were overturned," local police said in a statement.

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Iran and Russia commence construction of second power unit at Bushehr nuclear facility

nuclear iran
© AP Photo / IIPA,Ebrahim Norouzi
The first power unit at the Bushehr nuclear power plant was plugged into the Iranian nation electric grid in September 2011 and became fully operational five years later. Russian state corporation Rosatom continues to service the unit under a deal agreed with Iran.

The construction of the second power unit of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran has begun with the assistance of Russian specialists, Mehr news agency reported.

The construction of power units for the Iranian nuclear facility is regarded as the biggest Russian-Iranian joint project. In November 2014, the two nations signed an agreement on the development of the second and the third units. The construction of Unit 2 began on 10 September 2016. The implementation of the project is expected to take at least 10 years.

Comment: While the US digs in its heels, it and it's lackey's lose out in the process, meanwhile much of the rest of the world is just getting on with things and reaping the rewards:

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'This is an utter disgrace': Outcry after Sri Lankan president pardons death row killer who brutally murdered Swedish teen girl

© GlobalLookPress.com
In his final week in office, Sri Lanka's outgoing president has pardoned a death row killer who murdered a Swedish teenager in 2005. The girl's skull was smashed into 64 pieces during the horrific attack.

Yvonne Jonsson, who had dual Sri Lankan and Swedish nationality, was killed in the stairwell of the Colombo apartment building her family was living in at the time. The attack had come after an argument between the teenager and killer Jude Jayamaha, then aged 19, who reportedly hails from an influential family.

Jayamaha was initially sentenced to 12 years, but his appeal ended in him being sentenced to death. Confirming the decision to pardon and release him, President Maithripala Sirisena said Jayamaha was imprisoned "over an incident of impatience" and had served his term with good behavior.

In a Facebook post, Jonsson's sister wrote in detail about her family's heartbreak over news of the killer's pardon and release, rejecting any claims the murder was an accident or minor incident. Instead she insisted Jayamaha had planned the attack, waiting outside the apartment for his victim and chasing her down in the brutal assault.


Texas teacher filmed punching female teen student repeatedly then stomping on her head

texas teacher
© Youtube
A substitute teacher in Texas, who had taught classes for less than two months, has been fired after footage emerged of her allegedly assaulting a pupil.

The violent incident recorded on a cell phone and shared on social media shows other students at Lehman High School in Hays County looking on stunned as Tiffani Shadell Lankford, 32, approaches the teenaged sophomore during a language lesson and throws punches at her on Friday.

The teenager is dragged to the floor and Lankford then stomps on her head before walking away, the footage shows. The victim was taken to hospital for assessment. The school district reported her age as 16, while police stated the victim was 15 years old.

Lankford had only worked in the classroom 18 times since she started employment on August 30, according to the Hays Consolidated Independent School District (CISD). Her tenure started with orientation training and she taught her first class on September 13.

Comment: Footage that shows the moments leading up to the incident: