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Wed, 08 Feb 2023
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Death toll rises to 10 following Israeli army 'massacre' in Jenin

© Ayman Nobani/Telegram
Scene from Jenin refugee camp • January 26, 2023
Israeli forces launched a brutal assault on Jenin refugee camp that killed 9 Palestinians and a tenth later in the day during clashes in al-Ram, making it the deadliest day of 2023, and one of the single deadliest raids in the West Bank in years.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH), among those killed was an "elderly" woman identified as Magda Obaid, 61.

According to Defense for Children International Palestine, two of the Palestinians killed during the raid were children. DCIP identified them as Abdallah Marwan Juma'a Mousa, 17, and Waseem Amjad Aref al-Ja's, 16. DCIP's reports conflict with initial reports from the MOH, which reported Mousa to be 18, and al-Ja's to be 22.

Bizarro Earth

Not your imagination: Elon Musk confirms secret Twitter labels are still causing shadow bans against conservatives

dave rubin elon musk

Dave Rubin and Elon Musk
Dave Rubin was invited to Twitter headquarters to get the inside scoop on why many users are still experiencing engagement issues and reported "shadowbans."

The journalist shed some very interesting insights into the ongoing problems in a Twitter thread, which will be shared in a more easily read format below.

Comment: Dave has some parting advice for Musk:


'Who is DirecTV protecting?': Newsmax host Salcedo blasts DirecTV over end of service

Chris Salcedo of Newsmax TV
© Screenshot/Rumble/Newsmax
Chris Salcedo of Newsmax TV
Newsmax host Chris Salcedo called out DirecTV Thursday after the satellite TV provider stopped carrying the conservative network.

"Even though Newsmax is the fourth-most-watched cable news channel in America, DirecTV has taken the position that they will continue to pay left-wing channels large licensing fees, but they will insist that Newsmax not be treated equally by paying us zero," Salcedo said at the start of his show. "It is my belief that Newsmax isn't the real target here. The real target is any worldview that opposes extremist left-wing thought. Who is DirecTV protecting by deplatforming Newsmax?"

DirecTV dropped Newsmax Tuesday night, claiming that they could not come to an agreement on cable fees with the conservative network. The satellite TV provider announced Thursday it was picking up The First, a channel featuring conservative commentary.

Bad Guys

Tucker Carlson: US should 'liberate Canada from Trudeau'

tucker carlson

Tucker Carlson
The Canadian prime minister leads an "authoritarian government," the Fox News host declared

The US should send troops across its northern border to "liberate" Canada from under the yoke of Justin Trudeau, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has claimed on his daytime TV show. Trudeau, who ordered a draconian crackdown on anti-lockdown protesters last year, is letting his country "become Cuba," Carlson added.

"I'm completely in favor of a Bay of Pigs operation to liberate that country," he said on Thursday's episode of Tucker Carlson Today, referring to the failed CIA-backed attempt to overthrow Cuba's communist government in 1961.

Comment: While Carlson makes good points about the unmitigated disaster the Baby Trudeau government has been for ordinary Canadians, one hopes Carlson is speaking tongue-in-cheek. God help Canada, if such an idea is taken seriously.

Card - VISA

Cashless society: Big banks prepare to launch digital wallet to compete with Apple Pay and PayPal

mobile wallet
Major US banks, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JPMorgan, and others, will push into the digital wallet space in the second half of this year to take on Apple Pay and PayPal.

Early Warning Services LLC (EWS), the bank-owned company that operates the money-transfer service Zelle, will be managing the new digital wallet, according to WSJ. The wallet has yet to be named but will be separate from Zelle and allow shoppers to pay at merchants' online checkouts with linked debit and credit cards.

EWS plans to offer the new digital wallet later this year and can handle up to 150 million debit and credit cards during the initial launch. Consumers in good standing with banks will be eligible for the new service.


California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVID 'misinformation' law

Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom
Group of physicians filed lawsuit against Newsom's administration, claiming law violates their First Amendment

A California judge issued a preliminary injunction against a state law that empowers the Medical Board of California to discipline physicians who support opinions about COVID-19 that are not in line with the "consensus," according to reports.

The law, known as Assembly Bill 2098, was set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2023. Under the law, the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California could discipline physicians who "disseminate" information about COVID that is not in line with the "contemporary scientific consensus."

But in November, a group of five California physicians filed a lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration, saying the law violates their First Amendment rights and constitutional right to due process.

Comment: Why is Newsom persisting when it is clear that doctors deviating from the accepted covid narrative were, in fact, correct in their recommendations?


"The bot is out there. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop until your job is dead"

employed bot
Last night we had a fascinating team discussion about the implications of ChatGPT and AIs. One conclusion reached was that replacing brains with a machine will do to middle-class jobs what replacing muscles with a machine did to working class jobs: lots will be destroyed, and those left will have to be either very skilled or very unskilled.

Of course, productivity will soar, but so will political-economy tensions over how to divide those gains fairly. We didn't do that for the working class, as they tell us anytime anyone listens to them, which is never for people with middle-class jobs - until they see yet another shock election result.

Ironically, one of the AI answers we were shown was to the question of the implication of higher interest rates on capital-labour dynamics from a Marxist perspective. The answers it gave were good... if you don't know a great deal about Marx. The bot said higher rates would mean lower profits, so downwards pressure on wages - which the bond market is saying too. It didn't mention how higher interest rates clash with the supposed tendency of the rate of profit to fall, or how Okishio's theorem disproves that while showing if you divide productivity gains fairly, you can avoid class struggle; or how higher rates hurt "fictitious capital" more than "productive capital", and so the ultra-rich more than workers (if Okishio is listened to); or how capital and labor can suffer equally via higher rates - which the bond market is also saying, and stocks aren't.

Comment: In case you didn't get the reference:

Others are coming to grips with the implications and potential (or lack thereof) of the ChatGPT to get things quite wrong if we should place too much reliance on it:


U.S. finds Louisiana deliberately kept inmates past release date

The seal of the U.S. Justice Departmen
© REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
The seal of the U.S. Justice Department is seen on the podium in the Department's headquarters briefing room before a news conference with the Attorney General in Washington, January 24, 2023.
The Justice Department found Louisiana violated the U.S. Constitution by confining people in its custody past the dates when they were legally entitled to be released, adding state authorities were "deliberately indifferent to the systemic overdetention."
"There is reasonable cause to believe that the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LDOC) routinely confines people in its custody past the dates when they are legally entitled to be released from custody, in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment," the Justice Department said in a statement on Wednesday.

Comment: See also:


US confirms strike operation in Somalia, claims they eliminated 'key ISIS terrorists'

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed that ISIS leader Bila al-Sudani was one of the terrorists killed in the strike.
The US military eliminated "a number of ISIS members" — including one of the terrorist group's top operatives — in a Wednesday strike in northern Somalia, the Pentagon announced Thursday.

ISIS leader Bilal al-Sudani, who was a "key facilitator for ISIS's global network," was among the multiple terrorists killed in the "assault operation" ordered by President Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement.

"[A]l-Sudani was responsible for fostering the growing presence of ISIS in Africa and for funding the group's operations worldwide, including in Afghanistan," he said. "This action leaves the United States and its partners safer and more secure."


See also:


British universities are adding warnings for Greek and Shakespearean plays: "Tragedy ... might be triggering"

hamlet sword fight play
© Garfield Shakespeare Company
The duel between Laertes (left), played by Brad Elliott, and Hamlet, with Horatio (background, left) Claudius, Gertrude and other court staff observing.
The problem with universities overwhelmingly controlled by faculty on the left is that there are few to offer a dose of reality or rationality. Left to their own devices, some faculty seem to search for new ways to demonstrate woke priorities. British universities have long been ridiculed for policies controlling speech or symbols. Now, The Telegraph is reporting that British universities are adding trigger warnings to Greek and Shakespearean tragedies to protect students from being triggered by tragedy. Indeed, there are now warnings on other classics for everything from "ableism" to "depictions of rural life."

One such warning stated, "Tragedy is a genre obsessed with violence and suffering, often of a sexual or graphic kind, and so some of the content might be triggering for some students."

Comment: The madness is spreading.