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Tue, 01 Dec 2020
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On Thanksgiving, Democrats demand the ultimate family separation policy

Life is too short to live it in fear of dying

More than eight months after "15 days to flatten the curve," our so-called medical experts, politicos, and pundits are bidding us to avoid our family at all costs over the holidays, lest we die. This Thanksgiving week, family separation is the name of the game, with governors and local authorities implementing onerous restrictions to discourage people from leaving their homes.

"If you are planning to spend Thanksgiving with people outside your household, we urge you to reconsider," wrote a group of governors in the pages of the Washington Post. These authors included little tyrants such as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whose lockdown orders arbitrarily outlawed the sale of gardening seeds while allowing patrons to purchase lottery tickets, Gov. Andy Beshear, who ordered that Kentucky police record church attendees' license plate numbers at Easter services as "the only way we can ensure that your decision doesn't kill someone else," and Gov. J.B. Pritzker, whose family violated his own lockdown orders on more than one occasion to travel to their second home in Florida.

Instead, these hypocritical governors insist, "Get together with your family via Zoom to ensure your loved ones stay safe." Nothing says grateful gathering like a conference call with your kin.

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De Blasio setting up 'COVID checkpoints' to find NYC travelers violating Thanksgiving quarantine

Bill de Blasio
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is setting up "COVID Checkpoints" to find and fine people violating his holiday lockdown order.

New York City Sheriff Joseph Fucito said that they will be conducting spot checks when out-of-state buses drop riders off at the curb and will be checking cars with out of state and New York licenses plates.

Zero Hedge reports that "test-and-trace teams will also be on the ground to help direct people to testing sites while providing 'education' about quarantine."

"New York's statewide 14-day holiday quarantine mandates that travelers quarantine, or take a test showing they're negative. Violations of self-quarantine will be enforced, and may carry fines of $1,000 to $2,000, the mayor's office has said."

Comment: The general consensus among law enforcement about these orders is that they are NOT law and not enforceable. Plus, they probably have better things to do:
Why? Because they are too busy enforcing real laws and chasing down real criminals, rather than worrying about who is in your home for Thanksgiving, or if you are walking around outside without a face mask, etc.
Law enforcement across the US overwhelmingly REFUSING to enforce COVID orders - Will the public follow?


UK travel agency says it will boycott Qantas over compulsory Covid-19 vaccine policy

© Gregg Porteous/Destination NSW/Handout
A UK-based travel firm has polarized social media after announcing that it will no longer be doing business with Qantas Airways due to the airline's decision to require Covid-19 jabs for all international passengers.

Tradewinds Travel, an independent tour operator, posted a statement on its website explaining that customers would have to go elsewhere if they wanted to book a flight with Qantas, citing the Australian airline's CEO that the company was looking into requiring international travellers to have proof of vaccination against coronavirus.

Comment: It's quite telling that government and certain businesses have rather quickly resorted to coercion. Were the coronavirus, and vaccines for that matter, everything the government claimed them to be then they wouldn't have to resort to tyrannical measures to get the majority to agree: 'Enslavement passes': Critics blast UK's Health Secretary for pushing 'covid passports' and MONTHLY tests


Trump scores two wins as Michigan legislature, federal appeals court agree to election reviews

Republican election challenger
© David Goldman/AP Photo
A Republican election challenger at right watches over election inspectors as they examine a ballot as votes are counted into the early morning hours at the central counting board in Detroit, Mich., on Nov. 4, 2020.
President Trump's campaign said it scored two victories Monday in its effort to contest results in several key battleground states, as Michigan state legislators agreed to hold a hearing into election irregularities while a federal appeals court expedited proceedings to consider Trump's legal challenge in Pennsylvania.

The developments were announced by Trump campaign senior legal counsel Jenna Ellis, who said the GOP-led Michigan House would hold its hearing at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

"We are grateful to Michigan House lawmakers for not rushing to certify inaccurate election results," Ellis told Just the News. "We are confident they will share the same concerns once they see the extent of the outright fraud and disregard for the law that happened in Michigan and across the nation. Every American should want to know the truth."

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, who over the weekend said he feared the state was heading toward a constitutional crisis, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday ruled Trump's "motion for emergency expedited review is granted at the direction of the court."

The campaign must file its initial brief by Monday afternoon, and the court said it "will advise if oral argument desired."

Comment: This news came around the same time that the MI Board of Canvassers voted to certify the election results (after the initial refusal of the two GOP canvassers).

The MI Supreme Court has urged the lower court to assess claims of fraud quickly, regarding a lawsuit filed by two Republican poll watchers on November 8. They were seeking to halt certification prior to an audit being carried out. A state judge rejected the lawsuit, so the citizens appealed to the Court of Appeals, which also denied them, so they took it to the state supreme court on the 17th. The supreme court also rejected the appeal, but left certain doors open for the lawsuit:
While the state's highest court ruled to deny the appeal and disagreed with the lawsuit's premise that an audit should take place before certification, it acknowledged in an order (pdf) the presence of "troubling and serious allegations of fraud and irregularities." It also noted that the plaintiffs presented evidence to substantiate their allegations, including in support of claims that ballots were counted from voters whose names were not on poll books and that instructions were given by elections officials to "disobey election laws and regulations."

In an opinion, the two judges then called for "the most expedited consideration possible of the remaining issues," adding that a trial court should "meaningfully assess" plaintiffs' allegations by way of an evidentiary hearing and resolve any related legal issues.

"I am cognizant that many Americans believe that plaintiffs' claims of electoral fraud and misconduct are frivolous and obstructive, but I am equally cognizant that many Americans are of the view that the 2020 election was not fully free and fair," wrote Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman, with Justice Brian Zahra joining him in the opinion. They called the latter view one that "strikes at the core of concerns about this election's lack of both 'accuracy' and 'integrity.'"
The above claims were initially laid out in a lawsuit filed on Nov. 8 by Republican poll watchers, Cheryl Costantino and Edward McCall, against Detroit and Wayne County officials. Their complaint (pdf) claimed election workers counted ballots from voters not listed on the qualified voter file and that, when a voter's name could not be confirmed, random names were picked from the list. They also alleged election workers removed Republican vote challengers from Detroit's TCF Center when they raised objections and that poll workers were told by election officials to not verify signatures on absentee ballots and to process them even if they were invalid.
While denying Costantino and McCall's calls to halt the audit, the Michigan Supreme Court said its decision does not preclude plaintiffs from seeking a future "results audit" and that the high court would retain its appellate and superintending authority over the case to allow the case to be expedited ahead of the tight deadline for Michigan to certify electors.

"Federal law imposes tight time restrictions on Michigan's certification of our electors," the judges wrote. "Plaintiffs should not have to file appeals following our standards processes and procedures to obtain a final answer from this Court on such weighty issues."
Over in Pennsylvania, a legislative committee rejected a House of Reps request for a risk-limiting audit. Now why would they go and do such a thing?


Trump campaign focusing on unlawful use of absentee ballot process to avoid Wisconsin ID requirement

absentee ballot
© AP Photo/Morry Gash
The effort by the Trump Campaign to reverse the outcome of the election in Wisconsin is beginning to gain some attention — it now has my attention.

Reversing Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are necessary to call into question what will happen in the Electoral College on December 14.

As explained in this piece yesterday, in Georgia the focus is on invalid voter registrations which used a mail-drop or business location as a "residence" address on the voter and mail-in ballot application.

Comment: Matt Braynard has identified these. Some more data:

Pennsylania is a mish-mash of various claims, most of which are traceable back to partisan decisions of the state's Supreme Court, which makes them all reachable in an omnibus review by the US Supreme Court.

But the approach in Wisconsin has been a bit of a mystery to me until now.

The margin of Biden's "victory" in Wisconsin is only 43,000 votes out of 3.2 million cast. The reversal of Wisconsin from 2016 pretty much comes down to the additional 45,000 votes Biden received in Dane County compared to what Hillary Clinton received in 2016. That increase of 43,000 votes — from 217,000 to 260,000 — was an increase of 20%. Where did they all come from?

Comment: And how many people 'self-designated' as 'indefinitely confined' for the 2020 election? Brace yourself:

The Thomas More Society's Amistad Project filed an emergency petition with the WI Supreme Court relating to this issue.
"We have identified over 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots in Wisconsin, more than enough to call into question the validity of the state's reported election results, " said Phill Kline, director of the project, in a statement.

"Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials' willful violation of state law," he added.

According to unofficial results in the state, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump by about 20,000 votes.

The group said it found that more than 10,000 Republican ballots weren't counted; more than 10,000 GOP voters who had their ballots requested and filled in by another person; and around 100,000 illegal ballots that were counted anyway.

The 45-page filing asks the Wisconsin Supreme Court to block the certification of election results because of the alleged irregularities.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission didn't respond to a request for comment.

The lawsuit details a series of alleged illegal actions taken by Wisconsin officials that led to significant numbers of improper votes being counted. One example is not enforcing state laws that require voters to present photo identification when requesting an absentee, or mail-in, ballot. The only exceptions are for voters who are hospitalized or "indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness, or infirmity."
They utilized the Braynard team's research to conclude the following:
wi votes

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Economic wreckage caused by US lockdowns at $169 billion and counting

© REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
A Marshalls store during lockdown in New York City.
With coronavirus lockdowns forcing businesses to shut their doors for months, a team of researchers has attempted to find out how many lives the restrictions saved in the United States and just how much economic damage was caused.

The sobering calculations found that the closures from the pandemic's onset in March through to the rollbacks in May saved approximately 29,000 lives and came with a $169 billion price tag.

Comment: It's difficult to know how many deaths were caused solely by coronavirus because of the relentless obfuscation and institutional misattribution of deaths by the authorities in an attempt to justify their tyrannical lockdowns.

The number crunchers from HEC Paris business school and Bocconi University in Milan say this amounts to around $6 million per person.

Comment: The death and destruction wrought by the lockdowns are already proving to be many times worse than the coronavirus itself:

Bizarro Earth

Chaos at Shanghai airport as THOUSANDS of staff ordered to undergo testing following detection of Covid-19

Shanghai coronavirus
© cnsphoto via REUTERS
Workers in protective suits are seen at a makeshift testing site in Shanghai, China November 22, 2020.
Chaotic scenes were filmed at Shanghai Pudong Airport after several workers tested positive for coronavirus.

In footage shared online, people in hazmat suits can be seen trying to herd huge crowds who do not appear to be cooperating.

A number of the airport's baggage handlers and their close contacts tested positive for Covid-19 on 22 November, reports The Global Times.


Paul Joseph Watson slams elitist arrogance: "They think you're stupid"

they think you're stupid
Yesterday, I expended considerable time and effort to write about "The Great Reset," a leftist movement that imagines a brave new leftist world built around climate purity and socialist economic principles, with wise elites governing the masses. If I'd waited a day, I could have just shown you Paul Joseph Watson's latest video — "They think you're stupid" — which covers "The Great Reset" and the "Great Cover-Up about the Great Reset."

If you're debating whether to spend time to watch the video (at the end of this post), let me tell you a bit about it. Watson doesn't stop with just the Great Reset that I'd described. Along the way, Watson torches just about everything that the elites are raining down on the masses, all courtesy of the extremely beneficial Wuhan virus.

Sure, the virus killed people (although I think it's clear that, at least in America, mortality numbers have been inflated for political ends). But for the left, the virus has been an extraordinary blessing, allowing leftists to exert unimagined control over people, enrich themselves, and shift large sections of America into the government dependency category.

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Law enforcement across the US overwhelmingly REFUSING to enforce COVID orders - Will the public follow?

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones appeared on Fox News and stated his department would not enforce the Governor’s new curfew, nor any other COVID orders from him or unelected Health Department bureaucrats.
As literally millions of people take to the streets all across Europe to protest new COVID orders as many face a second "lockdown" this year in the name of COVID, there is growing evidence that as states in the U.S. try to order more people to obey their edicts as the U.S. also heads towards a second lockdown, that law enforcement simply is going to refuse to enforce these orders this time around.

Why? Because they are too busy enforcing real laws and chasing down real criminals, rather than worrying about who is in your home for Thanksgiving, or if you are walking around outside without a face mask, etc.

The vast majority of the U.S. public seems to still get their information from the corporate media controlled by the Globalists, so will enough of the public wake up to the fact that all of these COVID orders are NOT laws, and are legally unenforceable?

The American public appears to be sufficiently uneducated enough today to not even understand what a "law" is anymore. A new law is made when someone in the legislature proposes a "bill" which then must pass both houses of the legislature, which is the government body tasked with making "laws," and then signed into law by the executive branch, either the Governor at the state level, or the President at the national level.


Second video revealed of Dominion Voting System's Eric Coomer explaining to elections officials how to switch votes

eric coomer
Dr. Eric Coomer who is responsible for the strategy and Security of Dominion Voting Systems at Dominion Voting Systems.

But if you search the company's profile Eric Coomer has since been removed from their page of directors.


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