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Tue, 03 Aug 2021
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In a New Book, Longtime Agnostic Dumps Darwin

Darwin, origin of species
© Discovery Institute Press
Neil Thomas was a steadfast Darwinist, until an unexpected event.

"I had something of an epiphany in a nightmare that Darwinism could not be true," he said. "I decided to read around a bit to see if this subconscious flash of insight could be true, and my research (which was diligent) confirmed the theory to be absurd."

"I realized I had been conned," he said. "I felt there was something dishonest about the huge claims made by Darwinism compared with the negligible evidence to support the thesis."

He was so alarmed by this conclusion that he felt impelled to write a book as a sort of warning call to humanity: "Beware! You have been fooled!"

That book has just been released by Discovery Institute Press: Taking Leave of Darwin: A Longtime Agnostic Discovers the Case for Design.

Mr. Potato

Surprise, surprise: Matt Damon shows sympathy for Trump supporters, and is now called to task by the left for past verbal sins

matt damon
© REUTERS/Eric Gaillard
Matt Damon at news conference for 'Stillwater' at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.
Liberal actor Matt Damon is learning that honesty isn't the best marketing tool in today's politically correct world, as he's on the cancel culture chopping block for admitting he used to use the "f-slur for homosexual."

The 'Good Will Hunting' star has found his name making waves on social media, which would usually be a good thing for an actor headlining a new film - but few are talking about his latest movie, 'Stillwater'.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the actor recalled how he had used the "f-slur for homosexual" in front of his daughter only months ago, offending her so much that she left the room.

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Cell Phone

#OccupyCongress trends on Twitter, so why are there no headlines on insurrection?

rep mcgovern
© Twitter/ RepMcGovern
Progressives angry at lawmakers' failure to extend the eviction moratorium, thus potentially leaving millions of Americans on the streets, called for the 'occupation' of Congress, prompting parallels with the events of January 6.

The hashtag #OccupyCongress briefly shot to the top 10 of Twitter's US trends on Sunday, with dozens of progressives demanding the House come back from its six-week recess and reinstate a federal ban on evictions which expired on Saturday.

Comment: It's funny that the Dems are blaming Republicans for the failure to pass this bill when Trump was the one who ordered the eviction moratorium an its extension during his presidency in order to foil the Dems plan to have millions being thrown out of their houses on an election year. It's hilarious that now they're acting like they were for it all along and it's the evil Republicans who want people evicted.

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Nikole Hannah-Jones and the affirmative-action paradox

Nikole Hannah-Jones
There are few better illustrations of the difference between the currently acceptable narrative about race and actual reality than the Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure saga at the University of North Carolina (UNC). The media would have you believe that an award-winning journalist applied for a job for which she was easily qualified, but after she experienced extraordinary racist abuse, she accepted an alternative position at a historically black university instead.

In the summer of 2020, UNC began negotiating with Hannah-Jones about a Knight Chair faculty position in the School of Journalism, and she was sent a formal offer letter in February 2021. However, despite Hannah-Jones' status as a Pulitzer Prize, Peabody Award and National Magazine Award winner, this initial letter did not include an offer of tenure.

Some at first suspected this denial of tenure had something to do with NHJ's politics. But more sinister rumours were afoot. Major protests rocked the UNC campus, and more than 30 faculty members signed a formal statement decrying the denial of tenure as 'racist'. Finally, at the end of June, the UNC trustees did the right thing, and approved her tenure by a vote of nine to four. However, offended by this apparent insult, NHJ announced, several months later, that she would not accept UNC's offer at all - instead she decided to join the faculty at the elite and almost all-black Howard University.

Much of this storyline is complete fantasy. Firstly, before activist media became involved, NHJ was happy to sign UNC's initial offer - which was apparently a completely standard academic offer letter. It noted that her position would not be 'inherently tenured', but also that it would likely produce tenure 'at the end of the contract'.

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Snakes in Suits

Coronavirus billionaires segregate themselves on luxury private islands as ordinary people told they can't travel

Larry Page
© EMMANUEL DUNAND via Getty Images/Composite
News that billionaire Google co-founder Larry Page has been hiding out on and buying isolated private islands in Fiji to avoid tourists who aren't allowed in once again underscores how the elite is using the fallout from the pandemic to segregate themselves from the general public.

Page has been living off grid for over a year and forced a state-owned news website to remove an article about his activities that was also de-listed by Google in an apparent effort to conceal his location.

"He has spent months in Fiji during the coronavirus pandemic - mostly on the island of Tavarua - and it has been rumored the billionaire has bought at least one island in the country's Mamanuca archipelago," reports the Daily Mail.

"Page has also been spotted an a smaller island called Namotu - which a sailor named Lorenzo Cipriani claimed Page bought in a blog post in August."

Page, who has a net worth of $117 billion, making him the sixth-wealthiest person in the world, was able to take advantage of Fiji's 'Blue Lane' program, which "lets the super wealthy visit the archipelago on their superyachts and private jets, even when other travelers were banned."

So while Page gets to enjoy a sumptuous view of the South Pacific while being attended to on his luxury private island by 30 staff waiting on him, ordinary people who have lost their jobs, businesses and homes due to the lockdown aren't even allowed to travel there.

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Craig Murray's jailing is the national security state's latest assault on independent journalism

Craig Murray
Craig Murray, a former ambassador to Uzbekistan, the father of a newborn child, a man in very poor health and one who has no prior convictions, will have to hand himself over to the Scottish police on Sunday morning. He becomes the first person ever to be imprisoned on the obscure and vaguely defined charge of "jigsaw identification".

Murray is also the first person to be jailed in Britain for contempt of court in half a century - a period when such different legal and moral values prevailed that the British establishment had only just ended the prosecution of "homosexuals" and the jailing of women for having abortions.

Murray's imprisonment for eight months by Lady Dorrian, Scotland's second most senior judge, is of course based entirely on a keen reading of Scottish law rather than evidence of the Scottish and London political establishments seeking revenge on the former diplomat. And the UK supreme court's refusal on Thursday to hear Murray's appeal despite many glaring legal anomalies in the case, thereby paving his path to jail, is equally rooted in a strict application of the law, and not influenced in any way by political considerations.

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Stock Down

One in five UK businesses threaten to axe jobs as furlough support is cut

london bridge mask
© Getty
From Sunday, companies are being asked to contribute 20 per cent of their furloughed staff's wages
Around one in five businesses have said they are likely to make staff redundant in response to the changing furlough rules, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has said.

From Sunday, companies are being asked to contribute 20 per cent of their furloughed staff's wages, up from 10 per cent in the previous month.

Of 250 businesses with employees still on furlough surveyed by the BCC, 18 per cent told the chamber they were considering axing jobs because of the changes, while a quarter said they would aim to reduce hours or move staff to part-time shifts. Almost 40 per cent said the change would have no impact on the business.

Comment: For many people, a reduction of hours or enforced part-time work will mean they have to search for another job; and it's unlikely that the job market will have much to offer them.

Comment: There are no signs that the overall economy will rebound anytime soon, particularly if more lockdowns are enforced, as they likely will be: UK's lockdown extension will have "severe" economic impact

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Second eye-witness steps forward to confirm Capitol Hill Police killed Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland then attacked those who tried to save her

Philip Anderson/Capitol police
© Unknown
Philip Anderson at the US Capitol January 6, 2021 • Skirmish with Capitol Police
Earlier this month Trump supporter and activist Philip Anderson confirmed to The Gateway Pundit that Capitol Police killed Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland on January 6. Philip knows this because he was next to her when she died. He was holding her hand. And Philip nearly died himself.

Activist Philip Anderson spoke with The Gateway Pundit about the Jan. 6 protests at the US Capitol and how the Capitol police murdered Rosanne Boyland and nearly took his life too.

This was an amazing eyewitness report that has been ignored by the fake news media because it does not fit their narrative. A black Trump supporter was gassed with clouds of pepper spray, pushed down, and then nearly trampled to death as police officers continued to push people on top of a pile outside the US Capitol.

Anderson described how Rosanne Boyland was the first woman killed by Capitol police that day. Ashli Babbitt was the second woman killed by Capitol Hill police.
Philip Anderson
This photo shows Philip Anderson nearly unconscious being dragged away by Trump supporters after being crushed under a pile on Jan. 6. Roseanne Boylan was next to him when she died.

Comment: The Capitol riot is not Anderson's first encounter with rioters.

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Fauci: New lockdowns unlikely despite surge in Delta cases

© Madison Area Lyme Support Group
Dr. Anthony Fauci
Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that the United States is unlikely to return to lockdowns but that the "outbreak" driven by the Delta variant is likely to get worse.

Why it matters: Fauci's statements come as the United States experiences an uptick of COVID-19 cases. Nationwide, the average number of new cases per day jumped 55% over the last two weeks.

Fauci said on ABC's This Week:
"I don't think we're gonna see lockdowns. I think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country — not enough to crush the outbreak — but I believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter. But things are going to get worse."

Comment: Theme and variant.

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Olympic celebration sees Hong Kong police make first arrest under controversial national anthem law

HongKongers watch olympics
© StudioIncendo
Hongkongers watch Edgar Cheung strike Olympic gold at a shopping mall.
A man has been detained by Hong Kong police for allegedly insulting the Chinese national anthem - the first arrest of its kind in the city.

Police said the 40-year-old waved a British colonial Hong Kong flag while urging others to "boo" the Chinese anthem - March of the Volunteers - as well as chant slogans during a livestream of an awards ceremony from the Tokyo Olympic Games at a mall in Kwun Tong on Monday. It is the first time the authorities have invoked the controversial new anthem law since came into effect in June last year.

Comment: A flag on the play: Carrying the wrong piece of cloth on stick can get you arrested, investigated and criminalized.