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Sat, 31 Oct 2020
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59 bodies found in clandestine graves in Mexico's Guanajuato state

examining graves
© Platforma Medi
Examining graves in Guanajuato, Mexico
The remains of 59 bodies have been discovered in clandestine graves in a region of central Mexico that has suffered some of the highest levels of drug violence in recent years, national authorities said on Wednesday.

The grim discovery was made in the Salvatierra municipality of Guanajuato state, where the homicide rate has surged amid a raging turf war between rival drug cartels.

At least 10 of the corpses were women and most of the bodies belonged to very young people, even teenagers, according to Karla Quintana, head of Mexico's National Search Commission.

Alarm raised by relatives of missing persons led to the largest discovery of clandestine graves in Guanajuato, she told a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. "We have more possible positive developments, with which we will continue working here until we have finished the job," she said.

Guanajuato recorded 2,250 homicides between January and August of this year, according to official data, a more than 25% increase over the same period last year.

Comment: Known as the battleground of powerful rival cartels, turf wars are common to the area:
Guanajuato is one of Mexico's most violent states, with its wealth and extensive energy infrastructure drawing in the attention of criminal gangs. The graves were found in the Barrio de San Juan neighborhood in the city of Salvatierra.

Authorities were notified of the graves' possible location two weeks ago, and state and federal security institutions have been working together for the past eight days.

"We have even more possible positive points, which is why we will continue working," said Karla Quintana, the head of Mexico's National Search Commission. "This place is in a neighborhood. To get there you have to pass homes, you have to pass streets ... the people know."

The site is a vacant lot just under a half-mile (kilometer) from the city's main plaza. It is located next to the Lerma River, on the other side of which is a park.

A team of more than 80 people examined the area in 18-hour daily shifts, and 52 excavations were carried out that eventually led to the discovery of the bodies, according to the search's state commissioner, Hector Diaz.

Guanajuato has been shaken by intensifying violence linked to a turf war between powerful rival cartels Jalisco New Generation and Santa Rosa de Lima.

In July, heavily armed men stormed a drug rehabilitation center in the city of Irapuato and killed 27 people.

According to official figures estimate 293,000 people have been murdered so far, but do not specify how many of the cases are linked to organized crime.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Thursday the situation in Guanajuato is "very difficult." He said the deployment of the National Guard in the state was at least allowing authorities to reach areas that were previously inaccessible due to the sway of organized crime.


West Yorkshire man 'finds loophole' in Gov's Christmas lockdown restrictions, turns his family into employees

Prankster Fenn Settle, 28, has set up a limited company for £6 and named his family as the staff.

He joked he would hire his family and friends on zero hour contracts after setting up his bogus business - Fenn Settle Ltd.

Under normal rules he would not be allowed to see his family and friends for Christmas as they do not live together.

Prankster Fenn Settle, 28, has set up a limited company for £6 and named his family as the staff.

But he said with his genius plan, he'd be able to hire his loved ones as staff members and invite them round for an "unpaid work event".

Comment: This highlights the nonsensical and tyrannical restrictions, and it's also a damning indictment on the dystopia that the UK is becoming:


'Violent' riots 'with looting' erupt in Philadelphia after police shooting - father speaks out to ask for end to of rioting - UPDATE: Philly BANS crowd control tools

riots philadelphia october 2020
© Gabriella Audi/AFP via Getty Images
Philadelphia erupted in riots after the shooting of Walter Wallace
Widespread rioting and looting rocked Philadelphia on Tuesday after police shot a man earlier this week who allegedly approached them while carrying a knife and did not obey orders to drop the weapon.

CBS Philadelphia reporter Joe Holden reported that law enforcement officials said the situation that unfolded last week was a "total loss" and had "rapidly gone downhill."

Comment: The elevation of a black man to the status of martyr, who was brandishing a weapon and then shot by police:
Philadelphia Police Sergeant Eric Gripp told the media that the officers were called to a home for a man with a weapon. Once they arrived at the scene, they were met by Wallace Jr., who was brandishing a knife. The man ignored the officers' orders to drop the weapon and "continued to follow them around several vehicles that are over there," Gripp said.

A graphic video posted on social media shows Wallace Jr. quickly walking towards two officers while a woman, identified in the media as his mother, tries to stop him. The officers shout "Put the knife down!" before firing multiple shots at the man, who immediately falls to the ground and remains motionless.

An attorney representing Wallace Jr.'s family said Tuesday that before the encounter, they called for an ambulance because he was having a mental health crisis.
The National Guard was called out to quell the violence:
Governor Tom Wolf directed the state's National Guard to deploy to assist local law enforcement "in protecting life, property and the right to peacefully assemble and protest," public affairs officer Lieutenant Colonel Keith Hickox said in a statement, giving no specifics for the number of troops mobilized.

The deployment comes after a chaotic night of protests and rioting in Philadelphia over the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old black man officers claim was armed during the encounter. The ensuing unrest saw looting, vandalism - including a wave of ATM bombings - clashes with law enforcement that left dozens of officers injured and acts of arson around the city, which continued into Tuesday morning.

"We were hoping that we won't have any repeat of what we've seen last night and we're taking every precaution that we can," Philadelphia's Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney said after the Guard deployment was announced.

While police commissioner Danielle Outlaw warned of "additional incidents of civil unrest" by Tuesday night, Hickox said the Guard troops would arrive in the city in the next 24 to 48 hours, suggesting the deployment may not arrive in time to preempt a second round of rioting.

Outlaw said police were staging at "key locations" around the city to respond to any reports of violence. Aerial footage taken on Tuesday afternoon showed a heavy police presence in one intersection, with many officers clad in riot helmets.
The father of the shooting victim, Walter Wallace, Sr., has called for a halt to the riots:
The father of a man killed by Philadelphia police officers on Tuesday made an appeal for an easing of tensions amid the second night of protests sparked by his son's death.

"I don't condone no violence — tearing up the city, looting in the stores — and all this chaos," Walter Wallace Sr. said on Tuesday. "I need everybody to have respect for my family and my son to stop this violence and chaos."

The elder Wallace then pleaded for justice for his son and urged protesters to come together instead of harming the family.

"People have businesses and we all got to eat ... So, why would we hurt the resources that we have in our community instead of binding together?" he said. "It's an SOS to help not to hurt and cause no chaos — violence, looting, fires — because I wasn't brought up like that."

UPDATE 30/10/2020: Because it's going to do so much to protect Philly's police force, its council approves a ban on tear gas & rubber bullets by a vote of 14-3. So what does that leave them in the face of the mob, live fire?
The decision came one day after Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby called on city leaders to "support your officers, back your officers, and let's get a handle on this thing." He urged city officials to quickly release all available information about the Wallace shooting, which he believes is "cut and dry" in exonerating police. The 27-year-old Wallace was shot after he continued moving toward two backpedaling officers and refused their commands to drop his weapon.

Many observers on Twitter were astonished by the city council vote to ban tear gas and other crowd-control weapons. "We are making it easier for rioters to riot. What the crap is going on?" podcast host Graham Allen tweeted, while Human Events editor Will Chamberlain noted that the definition of "peaceful protesters" has been stretched recently.

Eye 1

'Local' lockdown: Fifth of England to be forced into harshest restrictions, gov threatens to expand even further

UK lockdown
© PA/Rex
Nearly a fifth of England will soon be under the toughest coronavirus restrictions Eleven million people will be in tier three lockdown next week
Nearly a fifth of England will soon be living under the harshest coronavirus restrictions. Eleven million people will be in tier three lockdown next week as a second Covid-19 wave grips the country.

Nottinghamshire entered tier 3 on Friday morning, while West Yorkshire is due to move up to the highest alert level from Monday. This will mean 19.6% of the population will be living in the 'very high' alert level.

However, millions more could soon be in tier three, with the areas of Tees Valley and the West Midlands likely to be moved up. Local authority sources in the West Midlands said the 'very high' alert level could be imposed 'by the end of next week or the start of the following week'.

Comment: For insight into what's really going on, check out: As well as SOTT radio's:

Alarm Clock

Teenager who allegedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar' during knife attack on police 'infidels' shot dead in central Russia

tatarstan jihadi
© Sputnik / Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan
A 16-year-old Russian man was shot dead early on Friday morning in the Republic of Tatarstan, after he'd thrown Molotov cocktails and attacked a law enforcement officer with a knife. Police are treating it as an act of terrorism.

According to reports, not long after midnight, a local police officer noticed that the Kukmor district police station in Tatarstan was on fire. While extinguishing the blaze, another Molotov cocktail came over the station's fence. The officer, along with a colleague, then chased the culprit as he attempted to flee. After the officers caught up with him, the 16-year-old pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the policemen multiple times. In response, and after some warning shots, his colleague shot the man dead.

The attack left one of the policemen hospitalized, though his injuries are said not to be life-threatening.

Although not stated officially by law enforcement agencies, multiple Russian media outlets are reporting, citing unnamed sources, that the teenager had shouted, "God save me, you're all infidels, Allahu Akbar!" Baza, an anonymous but influential Russian Telegram channel, has named the culprit as 16-year-old Vitaly Antipov.

Located 700km east of Moscow, Tatarstan is home to one of Russia's most important Muslim communities, with more Muslims than Orthodox Christians. The country's best-known mosque, the Kul Sharif Mosque, is located in the regional capital, Kazan. Speaking to Russian news agency Interfax, the local spiritual administration noted that the deceased had not been attending mosques in the Kukmor district.

Comment: See also:


Woman decapitated, two others killed in Islamist knife attack in French church - killer shot, arrested - arrests made in other cities

Comment: The church where this atrocity occurred in Nice is the city's 'Notre Dame' (and it even looks like the bigger one in Paris). This is not coincidental. Islamists/jihadists/patsies/whatever carrying out such attacks in lockstep with the French government's major announcements of ever-encroaching lockdown measures is also not coincidental. There is indeed science and methodology to the 'Covid-19 Pandemic', but it has nothing to do with a 'killer virus'...

Notre Dame church in Nice
© Eric Gaillard/Reuters
Security forces guard area after a reported knife attack at Notre Dame church in Nice, France, October 29, 2020
A woman was decapitated and two other people killed during a knife attack Thursday at a church in France that authorities are investigating as a terrorist attack.

The attack occurred near the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice, a city on France's southern coast.

"The suspected knife attacker was shot by police while being detained, he is on his way to hospital, he is alive," Mayor Christian Estrosi said, adding that the "terrorist" shouted "Allahu akbar," which is Arabic for "God is great," as police arrested him.

"The meaning of his gesture left no doubt," Estrosi said. The woman who was "decapitated" and at least one of the other victims who died "in a horrible way" were inside the church, the mayor said.

Two other attacks occurred in France on Thursday. A Saudi man was arrested after he attacked a guard with a sharp tool at the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, according to Saudi state media. The guard was hospitalized and suffered minor injuries.

Comment: The murderer has been identified as Brahim A., a 21-year-old of Tunisian descent. The victims include "a 30-year old mother, a 45-year-old member of the sacristan who had his throat slit, and a 70-year-old woman who was decapitated." Nice's first deputy mayor told RT that two, not one, of the victims were beheaded: the sacristan in addition to the elderly woman. Tunisia has launched its own investigation into the killer:
Tunisian media reported that the suspect is from the northeastern city of Bouhajla and illegally entered into France from Italy earlier this month.

An inquiry has now been launched by the Public Prosecutor of the Judicial Pole for Combating Terrorism in Tunisia, judiciary official Mohsen Dali confirmed.

He said the office had "opened a forensic investigation into the suspicion that a Tunisian committed a terrorist operation abroad."
Senior priest Gil Florini of Nice Center parish said that parishes had been warned there could be attacks.

Also today, in Lyon, police arrested an Afghan national carrying a 30cm knife while attempting to board a streetcar. ALSO today, in Sartrouville, another man in possession of a knife was arrested. The man's father reportedly called the police to warn them his son was planning a copycat attack. Police beat him to the church and apprehended him.

France has raised its national terror alert system to maximum, nicely coinciding with the decision to plunge France back into lockdown. Macron has ordered troops to patrol churches and schools.

Ankara offered its condolences (this comes after the recent back and forth between Macron and Erdogan over the Mohammed cartoons):
The Turkish Foreign Ministry said the country stands in solidarity with the French people against terrorism and violence.

"There is no excuse to take someone's life that would legitimize violence. It is clear that the ones who commit such a violent act in a holy place have no respect for any humanitarian, religious, or moral values."

Turkish Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin also condemned what he described as a "heinous terrorist attack," and said his country offered its "condolences to the French people."
Trump tweeted:

UPDATES: Footage of the police operation yesterday, with sounds of gunshots as the attacker, now identified as Brahim Aouissaoui, was apprehended:

RT has a rundown of the timeline. Before the attack, Aouissaoui had only been in France for a period of weeks.
Early on Thursday morning, an assailant armed with a knife entered the Basilica of Notre-Dame - Nice's main Catholic church - and began a stabbing spree that lasted nearly 30 minutes, according to France's National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard.

The attack left three victims dead, including a 60-year-old woman found at the entrance of the church with a "very deep throat cut, like a decapitation," as well as a 55-year-old man - the officiator of the worship service - who also died of a significant throat wound. A third female victim, 44, managed to escape the church after sustaining several stab wounds, but later succumbed to her injuries in a nearby restaurant.

A team of four police officers engaged and "neutralized" the suspect as he advanced toward them in a "threatening manner." The officers first tried to subdue him with a stun gun but were forced to resort to their service weapons, with 14 bullet casings found at the scene. The attacker was injured and taken to a hospital, where he remains in serious condition.

French authorities have identified the attacker as Brahim Aouissaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian national believed to have entered Italy on September 20, through the island of Lampedusa, where he spent two weeks in quarantine.

Aouissaoui, who wasn't previously known to French anti-terrorist authorities, arrived in Paris on October 9, apparently carrying an Italian Red Cross identity document. He traveled to Nice by train on Thursday morning, changed his clothes at the station, and walked directly into the cathedral.
Police have arrested a 47-year-old man believed to have been in contact with Aouissaoui the day before the murders.

Austria's ex-foreign minister told RT that Macron's crackdown may be supported by many French, but "it could have been done in a little more conciliatory way because there are six million Muslims living in France. ... What France needs right now is much more a social cohesion, a sort of reconciliation... but here I observe that things have been going in a more polarizing way."

France's interior minister, by contrast, is on the war path:
"We are in a war against an enemy that is both inside and outside," Darmanin told RTL radio on Friday. He said that France must brace for further tragedy as it fights against "Islamist ideology."

"We need to understand that there have been and there will be other events such as these terrible attacks," the interior minister warned. He said that 4,000 security personnel would be stationed at places of worship across France over the weekend.
The foreign minister warned that French citizens face a security threat "everywhere" while trying to insist that France is a "country of tolerance."

Right-wing identitarians held a march and vigil outside the church.

Russian Muslims protested outside the French embassy in Moscow:
Dozens of Muslims joined the action, shouting 'Allahu akbar' and carrying photos of Macron with a footprint on his face. A similar picture was earlier reposted on Instagram by Russian MMA champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, who called the French president "scum" for his views.

A caricature depicting Macron as the devil, which was first published in an Iranian paper, was also on display. Several photos of the French leader were torched during the protest.

At one point, the demonstrators were filmed engaged in a shoving match with police.

At least 10 people ended up being detained, according to RIA Novosti news agency.
Tunisia has launched a probe into whether or not the 'Mahdi Organization' which allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack actually exists:
His family in Tunisia, however, insists that Aouissaoui showed no signs of extremism. In an interview with Reuters, his sister said that he had come to the church on Thursday morning soon after arriving in Nice and was planning on sleeping nearby. In a video call with his family, Aouissaoui reportedly said that he planned to sleep in a building opposite the church.

The entire family is now under investigation, and their phones have been confiscated by Tunisian security officials, Aouissaoui said.
Aouissaoui had been arrested for knife violence in Tunisia in 2016.

Heart - Black

Man lynched in Bangladesh for alleged Quran desecration

angry muslims

Anti-Macron demonstration
Man beaten to death and his body torched in northern Bangladesh after villagers accuse him of desecrating holy books kept in a mosque.

Hundreds of people in a Bangladeshi town have beaten and lynched a man who had allegedly desecrated the Muslim holy book, police said.

The crowd on Thursday seized two men who had been in official custody after they were accused of stepping on a Quran in the main mosque of Burimari in Lalmonirhat district, more than 300 kilometres (186 miles) northwest of the capital, Dhaka.

"They beat one man to death and then burnt the body," district police chief Abida Sultana told the AFP news agency.

Sultana said the two men told the imam at the mosque that hardline fighters might have stored illegal arms inside the building, the DPA news agency reported.


Defining despotism in the age of Covid-19

Andrew Cuomo
The simultaneous defining down of both democracy and despotism is 2020's darkest legacy. Voters are recognizing that their ballots merely choose elective dictators who can exempt themselves from the Constitution simply by pronouncing the word "emergency." At the same time, despotism is being redefined to signify government failing to force people to do the right thing.

Hundreds of millions of Americans were locked in their homes via governors' shutdown orders earlier this year. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said he may decree a national lockdown if Covid infection numbers rise. More than 10 million jobs have been lost thanks to the shutdown orders and countless misery has been imposed on scores of millions of people unnecessarily isolated from friends and family.

New York, the state hit worst by Covid, had one of the earliest and strictest lockdowns in the nation. After Gov. Andrew Cuomo swayed the legislature to give him "authorization of absolute power," as the New Yorker declared, he issued scores of decrees, including one compelling nursing homes to admit Covid-infected patients and permitting Covid-infected staffers to keep working at those homes. More than 10,000 New York nursing home patients died of Covid. In June, Cuomo said the nursing homes deaths occurred "because the staff brought in the infection,"

Brick Wall

Twitter suspends US border chief for touting wall's protection from criminals: report

CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan

CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan
Twitter has suspended U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan for a post in which he touted the benefits of the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a new report.

"According to screenshots shared exclusively with The Federalist, Twitter locked Morgan's account Wednesday afternoon for apparently violating platform rules governing 'hateful conduct' after the commissioner attempted to tweet about the wall's benefits," The Federalist reported.

Morgan had tweeted that "every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators and drugs from entering our country."

Comment: Twitter continues to harken its own death knell in its continued censorship of conservative voices, including many in the current Presidential administration. It's hard to understand how a company could so brazenly invite its own dissolution with such audacity.

See also:

Mr. Potato

'How about we stop talking about race?' Cartoon Network PSA teaching anti-racism sparks outrage online

Cartoon Network anti-racist
© Cartoon Network
'The Crystal Gems Say Be Anti-Racist' (2020) Dir: Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey in collaboration with Chromosphere.
The first of four Cartoon Network animated public service announcements teaching children to "acknowledge racism" has provoked an online backlash, after it featured two boys of different races discussing possible marriage.

"You can't get married ... Black people can't marry white people!" a cartoon bully says to the two young boys of different races, who are discussing the prospect of marrying when they grow up. A character from the show 'Steven Universe' then appears onscreen and outright says, "Kids! Don't be racist!"

The scene is then revealed to have been a filming set for an 'actual' PSA, and the three child actors discuss the real-life implications of racism. "...It hurts to deal with racism, and when people act like it's not real, it makes it even worse," says the only black child in the group.

Comment: See also: