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Sun, 11 Apr 2021
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'Armed' antifa thugs descend on Oregon state capitol of Salem: Attack 'Back the Blue' car parade

Andtifa salem riot
© Andy Ngo/Tsitter
Armed antifa rioters in Salem, OR, March 28, 2021
Salem Police arrested at least three people and urged others to stay away from Oregon's State Capitol building Sunday evening as violence linked to Antifa-aligned protesters broke out.

The "heavily armed" crowd had grown to as many as 200 people, Fox 12 Portland reported. The chaos unfolded as a planned right-wing protest and Antifa counter-protest were scheduled in Salem for the same day.

Police received reports of vehicles driving past the Capitol being struck with balloons filled with paint as well as green lasers being pointed at drivers.

Comment: The New York Post reports on one man who chose to stand his ground against the thugs. HE was taken into custody.
Dramatic video shows the moment a man pulls a gun on Antifa protesters as they clashed with demonstrators taking part in a "Freedom Rally" near the Oregon state Capitol on Sunday.

He initially appeared calm as the counter-protesters dressed all in black surrounded and mocked him, with some threateningly aiming canisters at him throughout the confrontation.

But the squabble took an ugly turn after he was either sprayed in the face or struck with an object — prompting him to flinch and draw his weapon on the crowd.

"Get away from me!" he shouted, yanking a handgun from his waistband and cocking it as he aimed it toward the leftist activists.

As the mob screamed about his loaded gun, an armed officer quickly approached and forced the driver to the ground, with a large force of riot police quickly swarming the scene.

"F-k you, Proud Boy!" some in the mob screamed as the officers kept the alleged gunman on the ground.

Oregon State Police Capt. Tim Fox told The Oregonian that the man — who was not identified — had not yet been arrested, and that officers were still investigating the case.

Three others were arrested, however, including an 18-year-old man who was charged with five counts of "unlawful pointing of a laser," state police said in a release.

Police said more than 100 left-wing protesters — many linked to the Youth Liberation Front — turned up to "prevent the Freedom Rally caravan" that was planning to meet at the Capitol. The mob is accused of damaging vehicles, including the alleged gunman's, which was covered in yellow spray paint and had its windows smashed.

Most were "wearing black clothing and ballistic vests and carrying firearms, bats, skateboards, umbrellas, shields and gas masks," police said.

"Soon after their arrival, the Salem Police department began to receive reports that individuals from the Court Street group were targeting vehicles driving by," the statement said.

"The victims reported their vehicles were damaged by paint-filled balloons, rocks and other hard objects being thrown at them as they passed," the force said — highlighting one that "sustained significant damage after a large tree limb was thrown through the front window."
More from The Gateway Pundit:
Antifa terrorists threw rocks and paint bombs at cars and trucks driven by 'Back the Blue' supporters in Salem, Oregon. The demonstration was reportedly organized by the Proud Boys, though according to reports not many Proud Boys showed up. About one hundred fifty Antifa were there to counter and attack them. One driver was arrested by police when he pulled a gun on Antifa after getting out of his pickup truck when it was attacked. Otherwise it appears police let Antifa attack at will.

"Right now in Salem, Oregon. A truck plows thru a crowd of anti-fascist protesters nearly hitting one. The truck is part of a "pro Trump" convoy that has travelled to Salem to counter protest the "No Place for Hate Here" rally."

Another car attacked by Antifa:

The provocations can go on only for so long before someone snaps. As Trump once said:

Trump warns Antifa had better hope the 'other side' doesn't mobilize: They are 'tougher, smarter & angrier'

Heart - Black

Newlyweds identified as pair who targeted Indonesian cathedral in Palm Sunday terrorist bombing

cathedral bombing indonesia makassar
© Yusuf Wahil/AP
A member of the police bomb squad, left, holds a piece of cloth found at the site of Sunday’s suicide bomb attack at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Indonesian authorities identified a newly married couple with suspected militant links as the attackers who used a pressure cooker to blow themselves up outside a Roman Catholic cathedral during Palm Sunday Mass.

he attack wounded 20 people, including four church guards, and broke windows at the church and nearby buildings in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province.

The couple married six months ago and police were still investigating at their house in Makassar, National Police spokesperson Argo Yuwono said.

Comment: Further reading on the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah:

Bad Guys

Enough is enough: We can't surrender our freedoms just because lockdowns have shown authoritarianism can curb society's excesses

© Clara Margais / picture alliance via Getty Images
As a new report shows drunkenness in Spain has plunged, governments are realising that restrictions to 'protect public health' can address other problems. The public has to shake off its passiveness to prevent this happening.

At some point in the future, when we look back at the unprecedented and seemingly interminable authoritarian restrictions many have been forced to live under over the last year, we should ask ourselves, "What were we thinking?"

Because, as the tide of the coronavirus pandemic starts to recede unevenly around the globe, governments who brought in tough rules on movement and personal freedoms seem to be dragging their heels over a return to life as it was at the start of 2020, and there is a distinct lack of protest over their tardiness.

This attitude is playing into the hands of the governments who have realised the significant gains to be made from keeping the public in check. Talk of innumerable variants, third waves, and potential surges in the autumn or winter is used as cover by public health officials who have tasted the authoritarian Kool-Aid, and kinda like it.

How better to break up those irritating protests than by simply imposing curfews or making gatherings of more than six people illegal? How better to cut down on specific social problems, like teen drinking, than to make it impossible to buy booze to drink with your pals in the park?

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'Dad bod' or six-pack abs? The answer is still obvious, but women are too woke to admit it

dad bod six pack abs body positive woke women feminism
© (L) Getty Images / Srdjan Radevic / EyeEm; (R) Getty Images / South_agency
A new survey says average-bodied men are the new ideal. But, while it sounds diverse and progressive, we all know it's BS - woke women are simply too scared to admit they enjoy physical ideals.

Gentlemen, if you've gained weight and lost muscle mass during lockdown, don't panic - you're not alone.

Better still, you could be considered more attractive by the opposite sex.

No kidding.

According to a survey by Dating.com, 75% of single women said they preferred dudes with doughy physiques compared to those with ripped bodies.


Stranded cargo ship Ever Given refloated: Suez Canal says traffic in channel has resumed

suez canal cargo ship evergreen ever given
© Suez Canal Authority/Handout via REUTERS
A view shows the container ship Ever Given, one of the world's largest container ships, after it was partially refloated, in Suez Canal, Egypt March 29, 2021.
The giant container ship Ever Given that blocked the Suez Canal for almost a week was fully floated on Monday and traffic in the waterway would resume, the canal authority said in a statement.

A Reuters witness saw the ship moving and a shipping tracker and Egyptian TV showed it positioned in the centre of the canal.

Comment: More information from Bloomberg News:
Ships were starting to move in the Suez Canal after the dislodging of the giant Ever Given container ship cleared the key trade route for traffic.

At least three vessels were on the move, according to ship-tracking data. The return of navigation will come as a relief for global trade that was under strain even before the latest crisis.

There were 437 ships waiting to transit through the waterway, shipping agent GAC said earlier, citing the canal authority. Container shipping company Hapag-Lloyd AG expects the backlog to be cleared within four days.

The Ever Given reached the Great Bitter Lakes, where it will undergo inspections. Horns sounded in celebration after the ship was earlier freed from the canal's bank in an operation that involved moving 30,000 cubic meters of sand.


CNN runs propaganda piece explaining the 'secret' behind Joe Biden's 'popularity': Twitter erupts with mockery

Joe biden cnn Anderson cooper
© REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Joe Biden with CNN's Anderson Cooper
CNN is being accused of pushing propaganda after publishing a fawning news 'analysis' attempting to explain that President Joe Biden's recent poll success is due to him doing "popular things" on "popular issues."

"Biden's secret to success is simple: he's addressing the issues Americans care about, while his weaker issues are those that most Americans don't seem as worried about," CNN's breakdown reads.

The article cites a recent ABC/Ipsos poll that showed Biden leading on issues like the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, but earning majority disapproval on situations like the migrant surge at the US/Mexico border and his handling of gun violence.


Cynical Theories review: Stephen Anderson takes Social Justice Warriors to philosophical task

cynical theories

Cynical Theories (l), Michel Foucault (r)
The spectacle of benighted cities overrun with black-clad marauders, downtowns declared 'sovereign territory', businesses sacked, churches aflame, and police squads besieged by angry demonstrators, in the leading democratic countries of the world, gobsmacked the public in 2020. How modern civilization has degenerated to such a point is one of the many marvels of what anyone must admit was a very memorable year.

Into this situation has come a new book authored by James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose, Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender and Identity - And Why This Harms Everybody (2020). Pluckrose and Lindsay, you might remember, are two of the three scholars implicated in the famous 'Sokal Squared Hoax', involving the producing of fake academic papers with subjects such as whether dog parks were part of 'rape culture' or the ethnographic analysis of men who attend 'breastuarants'. Silly enough to be laughable, but couched in postmodern academic jargon, several such papers passed for serious contributions to Social Justice Studies and were subsequently published in peer-reviewed journals. The tectonics, and high hilarity, produced by the scandal, have continued to reverberate throughout academia since. In this book, however, Lindsay and Pluckrose take on a more serious task: that of illuminating how academia ever fell to such a low-level of critical self-awareness, and how the public has followed it into postmodern follies of various kinds.


Ted Cruz: Cartels, human smugglers are 'taunting' border patrol as they enter US illegally

Ted Cruz
© Alex Wong/Getty Images
US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said on Friday that he saw human traffickers and cartel members "taunting" U.S. Border Patrol as they cross into the U.S. illegally.

Cruz posted a video at 2:15 a.m. from the southern border, where he described his observations of the conditions.
"We have been listening to and seeing cartel members, human traffickers right on the other side of the river, waving flashlights yelling and taunting Americans, taunting the Border Patrol, because they know that under the current policies of the Biden administration they can flood over here."
"They're getting paid $4-5000 a person to smuggle them into this country and our policies, when they smuggle them in, the Biden administration releases them," he added.

Comment: Lights, Scamera, Action? An incident recorded by CNN comes into doubt:
Screenshot CNN Rio Grande
© CNN.com Screenshot
Observations on the Border
The accuracy of CNN's 'Reliable Sources' newsletter, touted as disproving misinformation with fact-checks, has been called into question. The latest issue is riddled with errors and misrepresents a story critical of the network.

About a week ago, CNN aired a report on the migration situation at the US' southern border. A large chunk of the piece was dedicated to dozens of people who were crossing the Rio Grande into Texas just as the TV crew was passing by on a motor boat, seizing the chance to film them.

The video drew the attention of the American Prospect, a progressive liberal outlet, which said there may be something fishy about it. It suggested that the CNN crew was duped into filming an event staged by advocates of stricter border control, and that the US Border Patrol may have been in on the ruse.

The publication put forward a number of arguments to make its case. Videos of the same event, or one very similar, are available online and were widely covered by outlets skeptical of migration. The person conducting boat trips across the river was wearing a face mask and distinctive fatigues - indicating he knew he would be filmed and was not afraid to be caught, since he made no attempt to blend in with the passengers. The crossing allegedly happened in a location only accessible to the Border Patrol, and took too long for a genuine operation conducted by somebody avoiding law enforcement. The list goes on.

The suspected deception, seemingly an embarrassing one for CNN, was picked up on by right-wing outlets like Fox News and went viral. An apparent attempt at damage control came in the form of the latest issue of 'Reliable Sources', CNN's newsletter, which lamented that "there is simply too much disinfo and misinfo promoted by bad-faith actors and others to keep tabs on."

The newsletter called The American Prospect "a progressive website," assured that "obviously, CNN did not stage the crossing," and cited a statement by "Customs and Border Patrol" categorically denying involvement in any sort of a staged photo op.

Considering the inaccuracies and a failure to address the core of the issue, it's no surprise that David Dayen, the executive editor of the American Prospect, unleashed a furious rebuke of CNN and its writer, Oliver Darcy, who penned the sloppy 'Reliable Sources' issue.

In a Twitter thread, Dayen pointed out that the Border Patrol's statement may not be truthful and thus was not valid evidence. He also outlined other problematic parts of the attempt to fact-check the "misinfo," and said the newsletter even failed to accurately quote the response he gave them about the claim he had published.

"We're going to have more on this in a followup. But it is so sleazy of @CNN to duck us for a week, then have their 'media' 'reporter' run a BS story that lumps us in with conspiracy theorists. With the 'evidence' that an untrustworthy agency said so."
See also:


Suspected suicide bombing outside Catholic church in Indonesia injures at least 20

Police officers Indonesia
© AP Photo/Masyudi S. Firmansyah
Police officers inspect the area near a church where an explosion went off in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Sunday, March 28, 2021. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral on Indonesia's Sulawesi island during a Palm Sunday Mass, wounding a number of people, police said.
At least 20 people were injured in what's suspected to be a suicide bombing outside of a Catholic church in Makassar City, Indonesia, on Sunday.

Indonesian police, who are conducting an investigation with the anti-terror unit, reported that the two suspected bombers both died in the incident. No other deaths have been reported.

Among those injured include a security guard, who tried to stop the two suspects from entering the church, which was holding a service for Palm Sunday, according to the Associated Press.

Comment: The moment of the blast was caught on a CCTV camera.

A video from the scene shows debris scattered near the gate at the building's side entrance.

Indonesian media quoted the South Sulawesi Regional Police spokesperson, Kombes E. Zulfan, who described the explosion as a suicide bombing. One of the bombers was identified as a member of a group involved in a militant attack in the Philippines in 2018, police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo later told reporters.

National police spokesperson Argo Yuwono later told reporters that two suspected perpetrators were riding a motorbike as they tried to enter the church. He added that a charred vehicle and human remains were found at the scene. Overall, 14 people were hospitalized, according to Yuwono.

Wilhelmus Tulak, a priest at the church, told a local TV station that a parking attendant was burned when he tried to stop the attack.

See also:


6 dead, 1 injured in small plane crash in Mexico during flight to Tucson

A small plane heading for Arizona crashed in the northern Mexico border state of Sonora on Saturday, killing six people and injuring another, authorities said.

The Cessna had taken off from the city of Hermosillo in Sonora on a flight to Tucson, Arizona, when it crashed shortly after takeoff.

The dead included a Sonora state government economic development official, Leonardo Ciscomani. The pilot was also among the dead.

The state prosecutors' office said the cause of the crash was under investigation.

Source: AP