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Sun, 11 Apr 2021
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Acceptable racism - Harvard doctors want whites put last in priority for hospital admissions

doctors racist hospital admissions white harvard

(L) Dr. Michelle Morse (R) Dr. Bram Wispelwey
A pair of Ivy League medics want their hospital to give preference to racial minorities, based on the hateful doctrine of Critical Race Theory. With lives on the line, why does every elite institution encourage this insanity?

Bram Wispelwey and Michelle Morse teach at Harvard Medical School, and practice at Brigham and Women's Hospital. They're educated, they're accomplished, and they're flaming racists.

Last month they published an article in the Boston Review calling on the hospital to give "cash transfers and discounted or free care" to "black and latinx" patients, and to prioritize these patients for cardiology admissions, presumably over white people. Given that minorities have historically received poorer cardiological care than whites, the two doctors feel that the best way to redress the imbalance is to embrace the "antiracist agenda" of woke charlatans like Ibram Kendi, and turn the tables on whitey.

Comment: Well said Mr. Dockery!

Cardboard Box

Pandemic and hunger force thousands into sex work in Mexico

Transgender sex worker
© AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell
Transgender sex worker Geraldine wearing cat make-up, sits on her usual corner as she waits for clients outside the Revolution subway station, in Mexico City, Saturday, March 13, 2021. Geraldine, 30, a sex worker since age 15, says many of her regular clients have stopped coming amid the coronavirus pandemic and that seeing new clients presents new health and security risks. She is most concerned about the risk of bringing COVID-19 home to her partner, who has diabetes.
Hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic have forced former sex workers in Mexico back into the trade years after they left, made it more dangerous and reduced some to having sex in cars or on sidewalks for lack of available hotels.

Claudia, who like most of the sex workers interviewed asked to be identified only by her first name, had stopped working the streets a decade ago after she married one of her former clients. But when her husband lost his job early in the pandemic, the couple fell four months behind on rent for their apartment.

The only solution Claudia saw was to go back to working the streets.

"It was an income in order to eat, to pay the rent we owe," said Claudia, who now owes only one month back rent. "It is hard to come back and see so many of my fellow workers from the old days, my era, going back to do the same thing ... to see all the problems out there."

Laura, a 62-year-old transgender woman who began working Mexico City's streets 40 years ago, wages a daily battle to stay housed. If she gets a client that day, she can perhaps afford a cheap hotel room for the night. If she doesn't, she sleeps on the street.


This economic depression has left very deep financial scars all over America

closed going out of business
The last 12 months have been pure hell for the U.S. economy. According to Oxxford Information Technology, approximately 4 million U.S. businesses permanently closed their doors in 2020. We have never seen that many businesses wiped out in such a short period of time in the entire history of our country. Meanwhile, we have seen a tsunami of unemployment that has been absolutely unprecedented. More than 70 million new claims for unemployment benefits have been filed during the pandemic, and the number of new claims each week continues to hover at a level that is about three times as high as we witnessed before the pandemic. Currently, the Economic Policy Institute is telling us that "25 million American workers are either unemployed, underemployed or have pulled out of the workforce entirely". This economic depression has already been extremely painful, and many experts believe that a whole lot more economic pain is still on the horizon.

If you are doing well in this economic environment, you should be very thankful for your blessings, because millions of other Americans are suffering greatly. One of those Americans that is deeply suffering is named Denitra Pearson...
One hundred and forty days have passed since Denitra Pearson lost her job caring for the elderly in their homes. Forty-two days have passed since she, her husband, and children lost all their belongings after a fire engulfed their house on a snowy winter night.

They're now living in a hotel.


Prof. Denis Rancourt banned from ResearchGate for warning of harms of masks

Professor Denis Rancourt mask research dangerous

Professor Denis Rancourt
Professor Denis Rancourt has been banned from academic pre-print publishing site ResearchGate for publishing research evidence suggesting masks can cause harm to the wearer.

He announced the news on Twitter: "ResearchGate today has permanently locked my account, which I have had since 2015. Their reasons graphically show the nature of their attack against democracy, and their corruption of science. ... By their obscene non-logic, a scientific review of science articles reporting on harms caused by face masks has a 'potential to cause harm'. No criticism of the psychological device (face masks) is tolerated, if the said criticism shows potential to influence public policy."


Yellow Vest

The elite's secret Paris dinners have enraged the locked-down French, but they should stop the hate & exercise their own freedoms

© Getty Images / Tom Werner
The French authorities are investigating private dinner parties allegedly hosted by a top chef in violation of various restrictions. While the public are furious, they can learn lessons from the elite's carefree mentality.

In the wake of an undercover TV news report on France's M6 channel showing what appear to be private dinner parties in luxury venues, the home of French celebrity chef Christophe Leroy was raided and investigations launched. "We will verify whether the gatherings were organized in violation of sanitary rules and determine who were the potential organizers and participants," Paris' prosecutor's office has said.

These "sanitary rules" have ordered French restaurants, bars, and pubs to be closed since last year. Many, including some of the country's top chefs, have turned to offering take-out and delivery services. Just last week, for instance, I was able to Netflix and chill at home while enjoying a meal by Alain Ducasse - the chef with the most Michelin stars in the world - ordered through Uber Eats. It's also amusing to see how some of the renowned chefs' offerings have lower user ratings on the app than McDonald's and Burger King.

Comment: Scandals involving politicians breaking the very lockdown rules they're voting to enforce, a year into this manufactured crisis, are legion: Meanwhile in the real world: French clergymen ARRESTED over lockdown-breaking Easter mass attended by hundreds of worshipers


China's graft watchdog rebukes 'mukbang' binge-eating, drinking videos

binge eating mukbang
China's corruption watchdog has called on online video-sharing platforms to take action against "mukbang" shows, in which people livestream themselves eating - or drinking - excessively, saying such content encourages food waste.

Mukbang videos originated in South Korea and are increasingly popular in China, but they have faced sharp criticism from state media and regulatory crackdowns - especially since President Xi Jinping launched a campaign to curb food wastage last year.

The country's graft watchdog, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), said video-hosting platforms should strengthen their supervision, stop and remove inappropriate broadcasts and block the accounts of offenders.

Comment: Meanwhile censorship in the West is focused on accounts with conservative viewpoints, Russian news channels, and those exposing high level corruption:

Yellow Vest

The rebellion spreads: Utah to lift statewide mask order under new law - leaves requirements to local jurisdictions

Utah Governor Spencer Cox
© PBS Utah
Utah Governor Spencer Cox
Utah will become the latest state to lift its mask mandate on Saturday, the deadline set by a new state law, but the capital city and many businesses will continue requiring masks amid concern about communities still vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic.

Utah will be joining at least 10 other states that have lifted statewide mask orders, including Montana, Wyoming and Texas. In Utah, masks will still be required for schools and gatherings of more than 50 people, and businesses can still choose to require them.

Salt Lake City International Airport, the Utah Transit Authority and the Hogle Zoo are among those that have said they will keep requiring masks and other safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic.


Bad Guys

Backfire: Russians' lack of sympathy for Navalny may be partly due to constant lies from West's media & political classes

© Moscow City News Agency /Courtesy of the Moscow City Court press service
Alexey Navalny
It's been said that there are two very different Russias. The one 146 million live in and the version depicted by the anglophone media. Recent polling suggests that most Russians don't share Western concerns about Alexey Navalny.

Imprisoned Russian opposition activist Alexey Navalny has been making news again this week, claiming that he has been denied proper medical treatment. On Wednesday, Amnesty International said that the Russian authorities "may be placing him into a situation of a slow death and seeking to hide what is happening to him." The authorities were "imposing prison conditions that amount to torture," Amnesty added. The Russian Federal Penitentiary Service denies these charges, saying that Navalny's health is "stable and satisfactory."

"A society should be judged not by how it treats it outstanding citizens but how it treats its criminals," said the great Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky. "We ought to pity both the victim and the criminal," argued Dostoyevsky's contemporary, the philosopher Vladimir Solovyov, "when society, which is incomparably stronger than the individual criminal, turns upon him its insatiable hostility after he had been disarmed, and makes him undergo prolonged suffering, it is he who becomes the injured party."

Red Flag

The death wish of the anarcho-communists

[This article first appeared in the Libertarian Forum, January 1, 1970.]

Now that the New Left has abandoned its earlier loose, flexible non-ideological stance, two ideologies have been adopted as guiding theoretical positions by New Leftists: Marxism-Stalinism, and anarcho-communism.

Marxism-Stalinism has unfortunately conquered SDS, but anarcho-communism has attracted many leftists who are looking for a way out of the bureaucratic and statist tyranny that has marked the Stalinist road.

And many libertarians, who are looking for forms of action and for allies in such actions, have become attracted by an anarchist creed which seemingly exalts the voluntary way and calls for the abolition of the coercive State.

It is fatal, however, to abandon and lose sight of one's own principles in the quest for allies in specific tactical actions.

Anarcho-communism, both in its original Bakunin-Kropotkin form and its current irrationalist and "post-scarcity" variety, is poles apart from genuine libertarian principle.

If there is one thing, for example, that anarcho-communism hates and reviles more than the State it is the rights of private property; as a matter of fact, the major reason that anarcho-communists oppose the State is because they wrongly believe that it is the creator and protector of private property, and therefore that the only route toward abolition of property is by destruction of the State apparatus.

They totally fail to realize that the State has always been the great enemy and invader of the rights of private property.


Semper coronavirus: Nearly 40 percent of Marines are declining COVID-19 vaccine

covid vaccine
Out of all the Marines offered shots so far, 38.9 percent are saying no.

Nearly 40 percent of US Marines are declining COVID-19 vaccinations, according to a new report.

Some 75,500 Marines have received vaccine shots, CNN reported Friday. But 48,000 other Marines have turned the shots down. That means that out of all the Marines offered shots so far, 38.9 percent are saying no.

Another 102,000 Marines have not yet been offered vaccines.