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FEMA Gives Man Disaster Aid; Now Wants It Back With Interest & Fees Added On

A victim of Hurricane Ike who got assistance from FEMA now says that "helping hand" has become a slap in the face.

Clay Gates applied for federal funds after Ike pushed four or five feet of saltwater through his La Porte home.

Gates says he jumped through hoops, showing officials every picture and document they asked to see.

"We got a letter saying, 'Hey, you qualified for this amount of benefits,'" Gates recalled. "And the next thing you know they direct-deposited money in our account."

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'Occupy the Tundra': One woman's lonely vigil in bush Alaska

occupy the tundra

She is standing alone with her dogs with an early frost on the grass, staking her claim as part of the 99%. "Occupy the Tundra," says the sign she holds, hand-lettered on an old piece of cardboard.

Thousands of Americans are occupying Wall Street and various plazas, parks and squares across America. Diane McEachern has made sure that Bethel, Alaska -- a town of 6,400 way out in western Alaska -- is among them.

The picture she posted on the Occupy Wall Street Facebook page of herself in a musk-ox neck warmer, standing in the grass with her dogs in silent protest of corporate greed, has become the rural equivalent of a million-man march. The photo has been shared by thousands of people around the world.


Sean Penn: 'I applaud the spirit' of Occupy Wall Street

sean penn

Academy award winning actor and activist Sean Penn appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight Friday evening and expressed positive sentiments for Occupy Wall Street.

"I applaud the spirit of what's happening now on Wall Street," he told host Morgan. "I hope that increased organization can come to it."

Penn also felt that a lack of accountability on the big banks should give critics of the Occupy demonstrations caution to chastise the movement's development.


Iran's supreme leader calls U.S. accusations meaningless

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Tehran - Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday U.S. accusations that two Iranians planned to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington were "meaningless," state TV reported.

"A meaningless and nonsensical accusation has been raised against a few Iranians in America, which was made into an excuse to present the Islamic Republic as a supporter of terrorism," Khamenei told a crowd in the western province of Kermanshah.

"It didn't work, it won't work," he said.

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Wall Street protests go global; riots in Rome

day of rage, rome,occupy wallstreet

Rome - Demonstrators rallied Saturday across the world to accuse bankers and politicians of wrecking economies, but only in Rome did the global "day of rage" erupt into violence.

Galvanized by the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protests began in New Zealand, rippled east to Europe and were expected to return to their starting point in New York. Demonstrations touched most European capitals and other cities.

They coincided with the Group of 20 meeting in Paris, where finance ministers and central bankers from the major economies were holding crisis talks.


Police Stage Mass Eviction of 'Occupy Denver' Activists; 23 Arrested

© The Denver Post
Colorado state police arrested 23 people early this morning, hours after officers began forcibly evicting protesters from the "Occupy Denver" camp in front of the state's capitol.

Individuals arrested were facing likely charges of "unlawful conduct on public land," according to The Denver Post. Several others were being charged with assault and impeding traffic.

The video below shows the scene from the early hours of Friday morning.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) claimed on Thursday morning that the police action was needed to ensure the protesters' health and safety. Following the eviction, police said they plan to maintain a constant presence in the park to prevent protesters from returning.

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Yemen Police Kill 12 Protesters, Wound Dozens

© Agence France-Presse/Marwan NaamaniYemen has faced ten months of street protests with protesters openly calling for the removal of President Saleh
Yemeni police shot dead 12 people and injured dozens of others on Saturday as they opened fire on demonstrators in Sanaa demanding President Ali Abdullah Saleh's resignation, medics said.

Security forces used live rounds as well as tear gas and water cannon to try to disperse hundreds of thousands of Saleh opponents trying to march on loyalist areas of the city centre from their Change Square stronghold, witnesses said.

The death toll went up to at least 12 according to several medics as bodies were taken to four different hospitals.

Doctor Mohammed al-Qubati, the coordinator at a field hospital in the square, said two bodies were brought to the facility, and many others wounded, including at least 30 hit by gunfire, while 10 were in serious condition.

One of those killed with a bullet to the head was taken earlier to the same field hospital, along with 90 injured demonstrators, medics said, adding that the casualty toll was only preliminary.


Young Women Arrested for Raping Men at Gunpoint in Zimbabwe

Three women in possession of 33 condoms containing semen were arrested and charged with 17 counts of aggravated sexual assault by the Zimbabwe police Friday. The arrest is believed to be a break in a series of sexual assaults over male hitchhikers over the past two years by women.

The women, in their mid-20s, were arrested in Gweru last Sunday, when their car met with an accident. The police found the condoms inside their car at the accident site.

Prosecutor Michael Reza told a court in Harare that the counts were for each of the 17 men who had identified the women as having sexually attacked them in the past years.

"Since Monday, 17 men came and positively identified the women as having raped them," said a police official, whose name was withheld on request. "Most of the men said the women would offer a drink either laced with something to tranquilize them or were forced at gunpoint."


California, US: Men Sold Guns from Hot Dog Stand

© Silar
Authorities say a Northern California hot dog vendor offered undercover officers more than just mustard, ketchup and relish on the side

Fifty-eight-year-old Jose Gilberto Ortiz was arraigned in U.S. District Court in San Jose on Thursday on charges of selling firearms to the officers from his hot dog stand.

His partner, 23-year-old Guillermo Gonzalez Castillo, was also arraigned on weapons charges. Castillo is additionally accused of selling the San Jose police officers methamphetamine.

Authorities say the officers purchased a sawed off shotgun, a machine gun and other firearms from the pair. They were arrested at the hot dog stand on Sept. 2.

Messages for the men's attorneys were not immediately returned.


Seal Beach, California, US shooting rampage: Scott Dekraai charged with murder

© ReutersThe alleged gunman, Scott Evans Dekraai, was involved in a custody dispute with his ex-wife
Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty in the case of a man who allegedly went on a shooting rampage in a hair salon in Seal Beach, California.

Scott Dekraai, 42, has been charged with eight counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

He was arrested a short distance from the salon - where his ex-wife worked - moments after Wednesday's attack.

Meanwhile, police have released the names of the eight shooting victims, confirming local news reports.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said on Friday that the shootings were triggered by a long-running custody dispute with Mr Dekraai's ex-wife, Michelle Fournier.