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Fri, 08 Dec 2023
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Remember that the real enemies are the psychopaths in charge breeding submissiveness through fear and lies

The human race currently thrives in a world of deceit where most nothing is what it seems to be. There are malevolent forces behind the curtain, pulling the strings of society and guiding people towards conformity and blind submission. 'They' make us believe what they need us to believe in order to aid their agenda, doing so through their puppeteered 'leaders' of the world, as well as by using their various control systems such as religion, public education, mainstream media, politics, and so on. Wherever you look, there are distractions and diversions, intentionally implemented to keep us from seeing what is right in front of us, and to stray our attention away from what they are doing.

All the world's a stage, and they are the illusionists of tonight's performance.

But who are 'they', exactly? It is said by many that they are the people at the very top of the chain of control, beyond those who we believe to be the most powerful. Others say that 'they' are a secret society, composed of thirteen of the most influential families in the world. They have been given quite a few nicknames, such as the Illuminati and Big Brother. However, who they are is not the most important thing to know about them at this point of their performance. What's important is the knowledge that they are there, and that they are purposely misleading, misdirecting, and manipulating the minds of the human race for their own advantage. Just simply knowing that they exist greatly defies their agenda. They intend to stay in the shadows until such time as to when the human race is so entranced by their tricks and treats that they could announce what they've been doing to the human race for millennia and nobody would give a damn as long as we can go about our daily lives. They have set up many control systems to keep us from questioning most anything, turning us into obedient sheeple. Our perspective of what's going on is not any better than that of a horse wearing blinders that keeps it from seeing anything to the left or right of the path it's being guided down. However, there is a massive chain reaction of people waking up all over the world, which I doubt they will be able to contain for much longer.

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Grand jury charges former Blackwater guard with murder over killing of Iraq civilians

© Wikimedia Commons
A grand jury has charged a former Blackwater Worldwide security guard with murder for his alleged role in a 2007 shooting of unarmed civilians in Baghdad, according to an indictment made public on Friday.

A federal appeals court last month effectively ended a manslaughter case against the guard, Nicholas Slatten, but prosecutors had signaled they might seek a new indictment against him.

The indictment comes just weeks before three other former Blackwater guards are scheduled to face trial on manslaughter charges over the deaths of 14 Iraqis killed as the guards accompanied a State Department convoy through Baghdad's Nisur Square.

The indictment, which was returned on Thursday but not made public until Friday, charges Slatten with the murder of one person, the driver of a white Kia sedan, which was the first shooting in the square.

Murder is a more difficult charge than manslaughter for prosecutors to prove because it involves proving that a defendant willfully and intentionally killed a victim.

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New York: Woman admits restraining toddlers while husband raped them

© Instareport/Youtube
A 27-year-old woman has admitted holding down a 2-year-old and 4-year-old girl while her husband raped them.

Defense lawyer Patti Campbell says Sierra Clark has a low IQ and was "groomed" by her husband, Ronald Clark, to help him carry out the rapes of the girls. He's now serving at least 27 years in prison for rape and child pornography.

The Post-Standard reports that Sierra Clark pleaded guilty Thursday morning to helping her husband rape the two girls multiple times between April and August 2010.


Scorpions drummer jailed in Dubai for insulting Islam

© Unknown
Newspapers in the United Arab Emirates are reporting that the American drummer for the rock band Scorpions has been sentenced to one month in jail after being convicted of offensive behavior in Dubai.

The government-backed National newspaper reported Tuesday that James Kottak was convicted of insulting Islam, raising his middle finger and being under the influence of alcohol while in transit at Dubai airport.

The Gulf News Daily says he was arrested April 3 en route from Russia to Bahrain, where the German band was scheduled to perform at a Formula One race. Kottak was a no-show at the April 5 concert.


Virginia: Hot air balloon explosion kills one, two missing

Officials have found one body after a hot air balloon hit a power line, caught fire and then shot up into the sky before exploding and crashing in eastern Virginia.

Two were still missing and presumed dead, Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said during a press conference on Saturday morning.

"We are transitioning from a rescue to a recovery operation," she said.

A pilot and two passengers were believed to be on board one of three hot air balloons that took off shortly before 8 p.m. on Friday, and attempted to land a short time later at a designated landing area, according to witnesses.

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To the dismay of the DEA, legalized marijuana is crippling Mexican drug cartels

© unknown
Marijuana has accounted for nearly half of all total drug arrests in the US for the past 20 years, according to the FBI's crime statistics. And according to the Department of Justice (DOJ), a large portion of the US illegal drug market is controlled directly by Mexican cartels. The DOJ's National Drug Intelligence Center, which has since been shut down, found in 2011 that the top cartels controlled the majority of drug trade in marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine in over 1,000 US cities.

Now, those cartels and their farmers complain that marijuana legalization is hurting their business. And some reports could suggest that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is more interested in helping to protect the Mexican cartels' hold on the pot trade than in letting it dissipate.

Comment: For more on the DEA's involvment in drug running see:

Largest cocaine smuggler in the U.S. revealed: The DEA


Side effects of propaganda: NATO's new Cold War runs into trouble in Germany

anti-putin propaganda collage
© Unknown
Edward Bernays once famously promoted the "conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses" through the use of propaganda, which he considered an "important element in democratic society".[1] Today's so-called "liberal democracies" are testament to Bernays' assertion. The "father of public relations" demonstrated early on that propaganda can be used for many different purposes, from selling cars to selling wars. Especially the latter has become the primary task of media in the United States and other NATO countries in recent years.

With Iraq still burning, Western media played a decisive role in turning Libya and Syria into failed states as well. The propaganda was never particularly sophisticated. After "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction" came "Gaddafi is killing his own people" and eventually "Assad is like Hitler". But mainstream media reporting got even worse during the Ukraine crisis and this could have unforeseen consequences for those in power.

In Ukraine bloodthirsty neo-Nazis became peaceful protesters, pro-Russian protesters became FSB agents and black became white. Anti-Russian propaganda is all-pervasive and the Western media narrative about events in Ukraine is more often than not diametrically opposed to the facts on the ground. NATO has been doing its best to provoke a new Cold War and the Obama administration, apparently believing its own spin, wants to pursue "an updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment" towards Russia.[2] This begs the question of what this is all about. Why is Washington determined to take on Russia?


Yet again: Six cars of oil crude train derail in Colorado

Crude train derails in Colorado
© East News/The Greeley Tribune Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_05_10/Six-cars-of-oil-crude-train-derail-in-Colorado-1467/

A train carrying oil has derailed in Colorado; six tank-cars have rolled over, Associated Press reports Saturday. The train consisted of 100 tank-cars. The incident occurred at 8:00 local time (18:00 Moscow time) near the town of La Salle, about 70 kilometers North of Denver. Part of oil has spilled; rescuers are liquidating the consequences of the incident.

Crews from Union Pacific Railroad worked to clear a six-car oil train derailment that leaked some crude into a ditch Friday in northern Colorado.

State and local emergency officials determined that one car of the 100-car train was leaking after the 8 a.m. derailment near LaSalle, about 45 miles north of Denver.

The cause of the derailment was under investigation, said Micki Trost, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Division of Emergency Management. Crews had contained the spill to a ditch away from any waterways, Trost said.


Oklahoma stops execution after botching drug delivery; inmate dies later

© The Atlantic
A vein on an Oklahoma inmate "exploded" in the middle of his execution Tuesday, prompting authorities to abruptly halt the process and call off another execution later in the day as they try to figure out what went wrong.

The inmate, Clayton Lockett, died 43 minutes after the first injection was administered -- according to reporter Courtney Francisco of CNN affiliate KFOR who witnessed the ordeal -- of an apparent heart attack, Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Robert Patton said.

That first drug, midazolam, is supposed to render a person unconscious. Seven minutes later, Lockett was still conscious. About 16 minutes in, after his mouth and then his head moved, he seemingly tried to get up and tried to talk, saying "man" aloud, according to the KFOR account.


Far left's push for adult-child sex

© AFP/Frederic J. Brown
Michael Egan III takes questions while briefing the media in Los Angeles on April 17, 2014 on a lawsuit alleging the ‘X-Men’ director Bryan Singer sexually abused him. A lawyer for Singer dismissed as defamatory claims that the filmmaker sexually assaulted the former child model and aspiring teenage actor. Egan said in a lawsuit that Singer forced him to have sex at parties in California and Hawaii in the late 1990s, when he was 17 years old.
Shocking allegations by former child actor Michael Egan against openly "gay" "X-Men" director and producer Bryan Singer have stunned Hollywood into relative silence.

I say "relative silence" because, unless he's a Catholic priest, the relativist left's false narrative is that a "gay" man is always the victim and never the victimizer.

Nonetheless, this latest episode has once again shined the spotlight on the long-established link between the homosexual lifestyle/movement and pedophilia - a link that, despite "progressive" denials to the contrary, is hiding in plain sight.