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Wed, 06 Dec 2023
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UK so high on cocaine that users have 'contaminated tap water'- drug still glamorous to older generation

coke in UK water
© AFP Photo / Anne-Christine Poujoulat
Experts from the drinking water inspectorate found that cocaine use in Britain is now so high it has contaminated the drinking water supply, even after it has gone through intensive purification treatments, UK media reports.

Scientists found supplies of drinking water contained traces of benzoylecgonine, the metabolized form of the drug after it has been processed by the human body. Benzoylecgonine is the same compound used for urine-based tests for cocaine, the Sunday Times reports.

The findings are an eye-opening indication of how widely the drug is used in Britain.

"We have near the highest level of cocaine use in western Europe. It has also been getting cheaper and cheaper at the same time as its use has been going up," Steve Rolles, from the drug policy think-tank Transform, told the Sunday Times.

Nearly 700,000 people aged 16-59 are estimated to take cocaine every year in Britain, and there are around 180,000 addicted users of crack cocaine, according to the charity DrugScope.


India debate spectator self-immolates, grabs politician

Indian bystanders attempt to douse the blaze during an election television debate in in Sultanpur, a town about 160 kilometres from the city of Lucknow.
An election debate on Indian television was disrupted by a young man, who doused himself in gasoline, lit it and rushed to embrace a local politician taking part in the show. He later died in hospital, while his victim is fighting for life.

The horrific incident happened on Monday night in Sultanpur in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, about 140km from state capital, Lucknow. The debate show was being recorded for Doordarshan TV in a park and was attended by some 150 spectators.

"This man suddenly came on the stage, poured petrol on himself and set himself on fire before tightly hugging one of the political guests," local photographer Pankaj Kumar Gupta said.

The politician victim of the bizarre attack, Kamruzzama Fauji of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), suffered 75 percent burns, Indian media reported. He is in a private hospital in Lucknow in a critical condition.


Ukrainian oligarch Akhmetov calls for suspension of Kiev terror operations in East Ukraine, uses resources to set up citizens' brigades

Oligarch Akhmetov
© Unknown
Rinat Akhmetov of the Donetsk clan whose fortune is estimated at $11.6 billion (Wikipedia)
Akhmetov urged the central government to stop its anti-terrorist operation in Donbas, a May 11 statement on Akhmetov-owned Metinvest group website runs.

"We are calling to stop the use of heavy weapons and large-scale combat activities in Donbas cities. We believe Ukraine military must withdraw from Donbas cities," it runs.

The potential of peaceful talks has not been fully tapped, it says

"The government can and must hear the voice of Donbas residents. Further military operations will destroy our trust in the regime,the statement runs.

MetInvest proposes to admit the past mistakes made in Mariupol and other Donbas cities, urgently take compromise political decisions to defuse the tensions.


Miami police kill 2 unarmed suspects by shooting disabled car 377 times

volvo riddled with bullets

The Volvo that was the target of 377 rounds fired by two dozen police officers
In perhaps the largest case of contagious fire on record, a suspect's vehicle was riddled with hundreds of bullets in a chaotic and frenzied show of police force following a pursuit. Witnesses emphatically said that the vehicle's 2 occupants were trying to surrender, but that did not stop a total of 23 police officers from firing at least 377 shots at the vehicle. The officers' wild volleys of bullets struck not only the suspects, but also neighboring houses, businesses, vehicles - even fellow police officers.

The situation occurred early in the morning hours of of December 10th, 2013. Questions about the use of force have lingered about this case for months.

A robbery suspect, Adrian Montesano, had his vehicle pinned between a utility pole and a tree following a pursuit at approximately 5:00 a.m. Dozens of officers had participated in the chase - so many that it worked to their detriment.

Comment: 377 bullets fired at 2 unarmed men?! This is plain murder! Police brutality is becoming a serious epidemic in the U.S.:

Cops Kill More Americans than have been killed in Iraq‏


Mariupol industrialists to form people's patrols to ensure order in city and ask Ukrainian military to leave immediately

© ITAR-TASS/ Konstantin Sazonchik
Industrialists will help put things right and restore the operation of metallurgical combines in the city of Mariupol in the Donetsk Region in eastern Ukraine.

The Metinvest Group announced on Saturday its decision to "create, jointly with municipal police, people's patrols from among smelters' workers". From Sunday, they will "start patrolling the city and protecting civilians," says a joint statement by the heads of Metinvest, Ilyich Iron & Steel Works and Azovstal Iron & Steel Works - Yury Ryzhenkov, Yury Zinchenko and Enver Tkitishvili.

"Blood was shed in the city. This happened on Victory Day on May 9, a day that is holy for us," they recalled. In their assessment, "the life of Mariupol is paralyzed, the city economy is being destroyed, and normal operation of metallurgical combines, which means not only work and salaries for city dwellers but the economic foundation of the Donetsk Region and entire Ukraine, has been disrupted."

The heads of the industrial enterprises called "to reject the practice of conducting large-scale battles in peaceful cities of Donbas with participation of the armed forces, the use of hardware and armaments", noting that "Ukrainian military must immediately leave the city".

"The authorities still can and must hear the voice of Donbas residents. The authorities should ensure peace and quiet in cities for people to be able to quietly live and work," the statement says.


Mexico's Papa Smurf's squad: Vigilantes turned into police force to battle murderous drug cartel

vigilante Mexico
© AFP Photo / Ronaldo Schemidt
Estanislao Beltran (L), aka "Papa Pitufo" (Papa Smurf in English), leader of the local self-protection police, wearing his new uniform of the rural police, receives an AR-15 assault rifle from the Commissioner for Development and Security of Michoacan, Alfredo Castillo, in Tepalcatepec, Michoacan State, Mexico, on May 10, 2014.
Thousands of Mexican vigilantes are signing up to become part of a new rural police force. The government decided to bring the 20,000-strong "self-defense" group under state control amid worries it could turn into a powerful military force.

The regional government of the western Mexican state of Michoacan began to hand out blue uniforms and assault rifles to vigilantes Saturday. They will form part of a nascent rural police organization that will support the Armed Forces in the fight against organized crime in the region.

Around 3,300 vigilantes out of an estimated 20,000 were sworn in during mass ceremonies Saturday by the local government. The leader of the vigilantes, Estanislao Beltran, nicknamed "Papa Smurf" by his compatriots because of his long white beard, said their fight against the cartels had just begun.

vigilante Mexico
© AFP Photo / Ronaldo Schemidt
Members of the local Self-Protection Police wearing the uniforms of the new rural police, parade in Tepalcatepec, Michoacan State, Mexico, on May 10, 2014.


Censorship, manipulation, and conditioning in the USA

© unknown
Most Americans assume the United States government speaks "the truth" to its citizens and defends their constitutional right to "free speech" (be it in the form of words or dollars). On the other hand, it is always the alleged enemies of the US who indulge in propaganda and censoring of "the truth".

Shutting down the academics

In practice it is not quite that way. Washington, and more local American governments as well, can be quite censoring. Take, for instance, the attempt to censor the boycott of Israeli academic institutions - institutions engaged in government research that facilitates illegal settlement expansion and the use of Palestinian water resources. In this case, the fact that a call for boycott is an age-old, non-violent practice also falling within the category of free speech, is mostly disregarded. Instead we get a knee-jerk impulse on the part of just about every American politician to shut down debate, even to the point where various state legislatures threatened their own state colleges and universities with a cut-off of funds if they tolerate the boycott effort on their campuses.


Pedophile and TV presenter Rolf Harris used celebrity status to molest girls as young as seven, jury told

Rolf Harris
© Unknown
The veteran entertainer Rolf Harris is a serial molester of girls and young women who for decades used his celebrity status to publicly grope a string of victims on the assumption they would never dare to complain about him, a court has heard.

Harris, 84, indecently assaulted girls as young as seven or eight, doing so "with impunity", often when others were nearby, seemingly finding the risk of discovery an extra sexual thrill, prosecutors said.

Harris was known at one Australian TV channel as "the octopus" because of the way he put his hands all over women, Southwark crown court, in south London, was told.

One of the alleged victims was the daughter of a family friend, who Harris first assaulted when she was 13, continuing to do so for many years, the court heard, grooming her "like a pet". The jury was read a letter from Harris to the girl's father in which he admitted a sexual relationship - while insisting it began when the girl was of legal age - and begged for forgiveness.

"When I see the misery I have caused [the alleged victim] I am sickened by myself. You can't go back and change things that you have done in this life - I wish to God I could," Harris wrote.

Comment: Yet ANOTHER famous BBC personality arrested for pedophilia offences going back decades
More British celebrities arrested on rape and assault charges


Kindergarten cop: California kids could face misdemeanor charges over bullying

© AFP Photo / Romain Perrocheau
Young kids could face misdemeanor charges for bullying, according to a new law proposed in southern California.

The legislation in the city of Carson would target anyone from kindergarten age to 25 who makes another person feel "terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed or molested," AP reported.

First-time offenders could be fined $100, while a second infraction would cost $200, and a third-time offense could entail a criminal misdemeanor charge.

Adults who are involved in bullying would be charged with either an infraction or a misdemeanor, which could see them put behind bars.

The law is also set to deal with different forms of cyber-bullying.


London 2016? Olympic chiefs 'look to plan B' as Brazil's preparations slammed

 Rio 2016 Olympic
© AFP Photo / Alex Ferro)

Handout image released by the Organizing Committee of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games showing the celebration of the 1,000 days to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games milestone
Olympic officials have secretly asked London if it could host the 2016 Summer Olympics in an emergency amid concern that Rio is so far behind on its preparations it may not be ready in time, British media claim.

The International Olympic Committee has been voicing growing concerns that preparations in Brazil, which is due to host the Games in 2016, are woefully behind schedule.

Less than two weeks ago, IOC vice president John Coates branded Rio's preparations as "the worst I've experienced."

Coates said that some venues had not even been started, other infrastructure was severely delayed and water quality was also a major concern.

"The IOC has formed a special task force to try to speed up preparations, but the situation is critical on the ground," he said, calling the intervention "unprecedented."

However, at that time there was no talk of finding another host city. But apparently the panic has reached a critical point.

"At a comparable planning stage in 2004 Athens had done 40 percent of preparations in infrastructure, stadiums and so on. London had done 60 percent. Brazil has done 10 percent - and they have just two years left. So the IOC is thinking, "What's our plan B?" an unnamed source told the London Evening Standard.

"Obviously, the answer would be to come back to London. It's very unlikely, but it would be the logical thing to do," the source added.