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Thu, 29 Oct 2020
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Not enough black venture capitalists? What's next, not enough black war criminals? Fetishizing surface diversity insults us all

black businessman, businessman
© Getty Images / Deagreez
The obsession with 'diversity' that has taken the US professional sphere by storm is not only misguided, but insults minorities, who don't need white guilt to excel. It's also running out of steam, as its latest incarnation hints.

The problem with the venture capital industry, a sub-sector of private equity in which deep-pocketed investors bankroll cash-hungry startups, is the lack of black representation - or so says venture capitalist Frederik Groce, who co-founded BLCK VC in 2018 to increase black representation in the sector.

Surfing the wave of 2020's diversity-mania, Groce launched the Black Venture Institute on Tuesday with two other big-name venture capital firms and the University of California at Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

Star of David

Israeli settlers' racism is no aberration. It's part of an apartheid system

apartheid road sign israel illegal settlers
© Twitter/@glick_sh
A sign outside the Yitzhar settlement warns Arabs not to enter
The Israeli settlement of Yitzhar, long a byword for nationalist extremism and anti-Palestinian violence, was in the news again on Monday, after residents erected a sign outside the settlement stating: "This road leads to the community of Yitzhar - Entry for Arabs is dangerous."

As explained by Haaretz, the background to the stunt was an incident two weeks ago, when "an Arab medical worker who was sent to conduct a Covid-19 test was refused entry to Yitzhar", reportedly on the basis that "he was an Arab".

In response, the senior Israeli commander for the region "made it clear to the residents of Yitzhar that they must allow the entry of Arabs", prompting the erection of the road sign in "protest". Pictures of the sign were quickly shared on Twitter, prompting widespread outrage and opposition.


Another mysterious 'jetpacker' spotted soaring above Los Angeles airport as FBI still struggles with previous encounter

Jetpacker over LAX
© Reuters / Lucy Nicholson; Reuters / Leonhard Foeger
An airline crew has reported seeing yet another person in a jetpack flying thousands of feet over LAX, the second such sighting in a matter of weeks. The FBI, which is still looking into the first encounter, has begun a new probe.

The jetpack-strapped individual was seen flying at an altitude of 6,500 feet by a China Airlines crew on Wednesday afternoon, roughly seven miles north of the Los Angeles International Airport, local media reported, citing a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesman.

The FAA notified local law enforcement of the sighting and is in contact with the FBI, which said in its own statement that it had launched a new investigation, urging witnesses to come forward with any details they might have.

2 + 2 = 4

2 + 2 = thought crime? Mathematical certainty hangs in the balance as Orwell's worst fears come to life

Jonathan Farley
© Getty Images / Bill Greene / The Boston Globe
Dr. Jonathan Farley, a mathematics professor based at Harvard, in a classroom in the Math Department at Harvard University.
Not even the rules-based world of mathematics is safe from the PC inquisition, with the Mathematical Association of America claiming it is inherently racially biased. This madness threatens to halt progress in its tracks.

This month, Americans got another bitter taste of 'progressive' insanity from one of the most unexpected of places. The Mathematical Association of America (MAA), which prides itself as "the world's largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts," came out and declared that "mathematics is created by humans and therefore inherently carries human biases."

The MAA's revelation came in its October newsletter, which reads more like a fiery political manifesto than any mundane briefing on the math scene. It continued, "Reaching this potential in mathematics relies upon the academy and higher education engaging in ... uncomfortable conversations about the detrimental effects of race and racism on our community."

Brick Wall

New Project Veritas video alleges egregious Instagram censorship

project veritas instagram censorship
© Twitter / @JamesOKeefeIII
Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe has shared shocking footage that purports to show Facebook-owned Instagram censoring his posts on the platform in real time.

Video of the alleged censorship was uploaded to Twitter Thursday morning and shows the head of the right-wing whistleblower group Project Veritas attempting to tag his own group in an Instagram post.

However, the name is automatically cut off and thus rendered useless, limiting the post's potential reach and possible traffic to the account, which has proved to be thorn in the side of a slew of tech giants in recent months.

Comment: Project Veritas has been a busy bee lately, and none of its activities would find favor with Big Tech:

Heart - Black

'Cure worse than disease': WHO warns 10,000 more underfed children could die each month amid lockdown, a 14% increase

WHO  Ghebreyesus
© Getty
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could leave an additional 10,000 children a month to die from starvation, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO, said Wednesday that he expects an increase by nearly 14 percent in the number of children suffering from malnutrition this year, Reuters reported.

"We cannot accept a world where the rich have access to healthy diets while the poor are left behind," he said at the United Nations Food and Agriculture conference.

Tedros predicted most of the 6.7 million more children to become malnourished will live in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Comment: And food poverty is not limited to subsaharan Africa, because even before the lockdown, families slipping below the poverty line in the supposedly 'developed' nations like the UK and the US have been relying on food banks and school dinners to keep their children fed. The lockdown has significantly exacerbated this problem by causing interruptions to the food supply, leading to food shortages and price rises, add to that soaring unemployment, school closures, and the soaring number of children in poverty are seeing some of their only sources of nutrition cut off:

Bizarro Earth

Russian cop confesses to strangling transgender ex-girlfriend to death after helping to lead official search

© vk.com
Viktoria Basakovskaya
A Russian policeman has confessed to murdering his transgender ex-girlfriend. According to reports, the officer committed murder out of jealousy, before cutting off her finger to send decoy messages from the dead woman's phone.

On October 13, the body of 24-year-old Viktoria Basakovskaya was found in the village of Burmistrovo, close to Novosibirsk, the largest city in Siberia and 3,000km east of Moscow. Eight days previously, a 20-year-old policeman, named only as Denis K., announced her disappearance and even helped put up flyers. On the poster, Basakovskaya was named as Nikolai Basakovsky, the name she was born with and the name on her passport.

After some time, police suspicion began to focus on one of their fellow officers, Basakovskaya's ex-boyfriend. After interrogation, he confessed and revealed where he had hidden her body. According to the local investigative committee, she was found with strangulation marks on her neck.

Comment: See also: Manhunt underway after teenager shoots his grandmother then kills 3 innocent people at bus stop in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod

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'They don't seem to be attracted': Swedish armed forces fail to recruit enough women

Swedish armed forces
Despite numerous initiatives including costly ads and awareness-raising campaigns, the Swedish Armed Forces have failed to meet this year's goal of having at least 20 percent of its conscripts be women.

While some units in the Air Force and the Navy have effectively met the target, the Armed Forces in general is lagging behind.

Despite the announced goals of making the army gender equal, the pace of change is rather sluggish, as men generally tend to be more interested in taking up a military career - which the Swedish Armed Forces regard as a problem.


COVID-19 used as pretext to crack down on Internet freedom

internet censor
© Global Look Press / CHROMORANGE / Bilderbox
Internet freedom has declined for the 10th consecutive year as governments around the world are using the coronavirus pandemic as a "cover" to expand online surveillance, crack down on dissent, and build new technological systems to control society, Freedom House says in a new report.

The Washington-based human rights watchdog's annual Freedom Of The Net report, released on October 14, said the authorities in dozens of countries have cited COVID-19 "to justify expanded surveillance powers and the deployment of new technologies that were once seen as too intrusive."

As a result, Internet freedom has worsened in 26 of the 65 countries covered by the report, while only 22 registered gains.

And just 20 percent of the estimated 3.8 billion people using the Internet live in countries with a free Internet, according to the democracy research group.

Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, India, Ecuador, and Nigeria suffered the largest declines during the coverage period -- between June 2019 and May 2020. Internet freedom worsened in the United States for the fourth consecutive year.

Comment: See also:


COVID-19 lockdowns are in lockstep with the 'Great Reset'

Jay Heller
© Getty Images / Kena Betancur
Employees reacts as Jay Heller, head of capital markets & initial public offering (IPO) execution of Nasdaq Inc, center, opens trading on Zoom Video Communications Inc. during the company's IPO at the Nasdaq MarketSite on April 18, 2019 in New York City
Who benefits from lockdowns that are destabilizing all facets of our society? Look no further than the emerging global oligarchy.

In October 2019, a pandemic simulation exercise called Event 201 - a collaborative effort between Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - concluded that a hypothetical new coronavirus may end up killing at least 65 million people worldwide within 18 months of an outbreak.

When Covid-19 coincidentally emerged from Wuhan two months later, scientists were rushing to generate similar alarmist forecasts using a variety of questionable scientific models. Researchers from the Imperial College London, for instance, approximated death tolls of 500,000 in the UK and two million in the US by October this year.

While scientific models are admittedly fallible, one would nonetheless be hard-pressed to justify the endless string of contradictions, discrepancies and willful amnesia in the global pandemic narrative. Was it the science of mass-mediated hysteria? There are many troubling questions yet unanswered.

Comment: See also: