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Fri, 04 Dec 2020
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A Mega Millions lottery is more secure than our election system

election fraud vote graphic
© Washington Examiner
When it comes to the midterm elections, security has already lost.

Elections security experts say that it is too late to do much to protect our voting systems against tampering for the midterms. The Department of Homeland Security's efforts to spur ballot integrity upgrades are focused on 2020, but being future-minded is only an illusion: The hackers will always be ahead.

When you're talking about a set of processes as varied as how different states and districts vote — whether they still use outdated and vulnerable machines that leave no paper trail, or store their registration data insecurely online — there's really no way to either prevent — or detect — ballot interference with anything like absolute certainty.

Russians allegedly hacked Illinois and Arizona's voter databases mere months before the 2016 presidential election. When DHS first detected these attacks it was too late to prevent them, only soon enough to seal up the vulnerabilities. Except that, even if elections officials had wanted to secure their online voter registration rolls in response to the attack, the law wouldn't have let them.

Comment: More currently, from the Gateway Pundit:
On this "Chicago Election Board - Emergency Meeting - 2020-03-19" video with Dominion Voting executives Eric Coomer, Director of Product Strategy and Security, and Nicole Nollette, EVP of Dominion Voting ON THE CALL, the board moves to allow election personnel (including Dominion Voting contractors) to telework and "work from home" due to the COVID emergency.

This allowed Dominion Voting contractor personnel, including election Systems Administrators and technicians from Dominion FULL remote access to Chicago election systems from anywhere. Thus Dominion Voting systems administrators had free and open access (and opportunity) to tamper with our election systems and data for 7 1/2 months prior to the election. They would have had full access to all voter registration information poll books, requests for absentee ballots, voter mailout lists, virtually EVERYTHING related to elections.

How many other election boards around the country granted Dominion Voting similar access? Probably ALL of them in over 30 states and 2000 jurisdictions including EVERY BATTLEGROUND STATE! They had the key to our election in their hands long before the election ever occurred.

And why were two executives from Dominion Voting even invited to an emergency meeting of the Chicago Election Board in March 2020?

This video shows that Dominion was running the show in US elections around the country. Who allows contractors to run elections? This appears to be the standard across the country as well.

Dominion are the administrators. The fact they have access to quantity and number of votes before the election is shocking. They knew all they needed to know ahead of time before the election in order to impact the election.
In Investigative techniques [From Wikipedia]

In seeking "indicators of suspicion" in investigations, suspects will need to have had:
  • Motive to commit the crime (for example, financial gain or to seek revenge)
  • Means to commit the crime (including tools and physical capabilities)
  • Opportunity to commit the crime (including being at the crime scene at the time of the offence)
They will also establish the relationships between the victim and any potential offenders.[4]
Dominion Voting had all three: Means, Motive, and Opportunity
  • Means: Ability to manipulate the software
  • Motive: Antifa and left-leaning ideology (stating that Trump would not win the election "Eric Coomer" as we noted in a prior post)
  • Opportunity: Direct, Administrative network access to perhaps 30 different state voting systems and 2000 jurisdictions for nearly 7 1/2 months due to COVID before the election.
The election steal was well thought out and planned a long time before the 2020 election.

Chart Pie

The one economic chart that predicts our future

gross domestic product

That our "leadership" reckons "bread and circuses" is what the stripmined bottom 90% want is beyond pathetic.

There's one chart that predicts our future, and no, it's not related to Covid--it's related to capital, specifically the concentration of capital and power in the hands of the few at the expense of the many.

The chart is a map, courtesy of Brookings, showing the roughly 500 counties Biden won and the roughly 2,500 counties Trump won. This might seem like a chart of political polarization, and superficially that's clear, but the real polarization is economic-financial: there are two economies in America, and there's very little commonality in the two economies.

70% of America's economy is generated in fewer that 500 counties; the other 2,500 counties are left with the remaining 30%. The nation's productive capital is even more concentrated in a few hands and regions, and since income and political power flow to capital, the financial disparity / inequality far exceed the 70/30 split depicted in this political map.

Comment: See also:


Biden supporter plows vehicle through Trump rally in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Proud Boys administer aid to the injured

Trump rally in Wauwatosa
© The Gateway Pundit
A belligerent Democrat plowed through a crowd of Trump supporters rallying in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on Saturday — injuring at least one person.

Proud Boys administered first aid to the injured until EMTs arrived.

A witness at the scene who first contacted Gateway Pundit about the incident wrote that "I was at the Wauwatosa protest today and a man was purposely hit by a car while standing next to me. Proud Boys promptly administered first aid until an ambulance arrived." He added that the "Proud Boys did an excellent job of keeping the peace."

Gateway Pundit reached out to Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, who confirmed that there was an incident with a driver at the rally.

Light Saber

'Get out!': Gathering at Orchard Park, New York gym turns confrontational as health inspector arrives

Protest in NY gym
© Buffalo News via YouTube
A gathering of about 50 business owners and their supporters inside an Orchard Park gym shut down by Covid-19 restrictions turned into a confrontation with Erie County authorities Friday night.

The owner of the gym, Athletes Unleashed on California Road, described the gathering as a protest of the state's "orange zone" regulations that have closed gyms, salons and other businesses deemed nonessential.

No one was cited and no arrests were made, according to two people who attended, but video of the incident shows an Erie County health inspector accompanied by three sheriff's deputies arriving about 20 minutes after the gathering began.

"It absolutely was a protest - inside my building," said the gym's owner, Robby Dinero, who described the state's rules forcing some businesses to close as arbitrary.


No Kraken for you: Powell tells 'rude, demanding' Fox host to do 'own investigation' when asked for evidence of tabulation tampering - UPDATES

sidney powell tucker carlson
© AFP / Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla; AFP / Getty Images / Drew Angerer
Tucker Carlson and Sidney Powell (inset)
Fox host Tuck Carlson lashed out at attorney Sidney Powell, after having failed to get her on air to back her claims about vote tabulating software manipulation.

Among the many theories supported by those who think the presidential election was "stolen" from Donald Trump, there is one involving Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic voting software.

Powell, best known for representing former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, on several occasions claimed that the firms were linked to each other as well as Trump adversaries, including Venezuela, China and billionaire donor George Soros. The algorithms had been used to change votes cast during the presidential election, she said citing statistical anomalies. While talking on Fox News' Lou Dobbs Tonight show last week, the lawyer promised to 'release the Kraken' - meaning to show facts - using a catchphrase from the movie Clash of the Titans.

Comment: Sidney had more to say:
Powell shot back at Carlson during a Friday interview with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo.

Carlson claimed on Thursday evening that Powell "got angry" with her and repeatedly refused to appear on his program to lay out evidence of voter fraud, including accusations voting machines and software were manipulated to change votes from Trump to Joe Biden.

"No, I didn't get angry with the request to provide evidence," Powell said, going on to claim that she had offered the evidence Carlson was requesting.

"In fact, I sent an affidavit to Tucker that I had not even attached to a pleading yet to help him understand the situation, and I offered him another witness who could explain the mathematics and the statistical evidence far better than I can. I'm not really a numbers person," she said.

Powell accused Carlson of being "insulting, demanding, and rude" and she asked that he not contact her again "in those terms."

Carlson claimed his show had also contacted "people in positions of authority in the Trump campaign" who claimed Powell had not provided them with evidence either.

The Fox News host's criticism of Powell followed a Thursday press conference that included members of the president's legal team, including Powell and Rudy Giuliani. The lawyers claimed numerous witness statements provided evidence of voter fraud, including thousands of fraudulent ballots being counted in favor of Biden.

One of the more explosive claims is that voting software, primarily Dominion Voting Systems, could have been used to actually change votes. Powell cited "spikes" in the vote count following election night that suggested outside interference. Dominion has denied these allegations.

"In terms of the level of corruption we are looking at here, we have no idea how many Republican or Democratic candidates ... paid to have the system rigged to work for them," she said.

Powell encouraged media figures like Carlson "to review all the materials we have provided so far and conduct their own investigations."

Carlson's segment earned him plenty of pushback from the president's more loyal supporters, who have insisted his claims of winning the election in a landslide are true.

Is it really more about Carlson's possibly bruised ego about Powell not making a personal appearance? She did offer documentation and an expert. Why wasn't he happy with that? UPDATES 21/11/2010: In a series of interviews, Sidney Powell has not backed down on her claims regarding having massive amounts of evidence of voter fraud:

Here with Howie Carr
  • There are many smoking guns and we are going to need federal protection for many people
  • 3 million dead people voted
  • A lot of the evidence of fraud is coming out next week. We have more evidence coming in every day. It only gets worse and worse.
  • The fraud was very widespread, very deliberate and very well funded.
  • I think the fraud went much further than just President Trump. I think they did it to John James and others.
  • We have data out of California in 2016 that Hillary Clinton did it to Bernie Sanders there.
  • We have a number of smoking guns and we may have to get witness protection for them.
  • We have a lot of evidence, it's beyond impressive and absolutely terrifying.
  • Eric Coomer, Dominion VP was caught on Zoom call assuring Antifa that Trump would lose. We have an affidavit and a copy of the call.
  • These are federal court lawsuits. They're paramount to any future life of our republic.
  • We've got evidence of people being paid. We got check stubs from people being paid.
And with Larry O'Connor, of the Washington Examiner's Examining Politics,(audio only):

Larry O'Connor, host of the Washington Examiner's Examining Politics, referenced articles from the New York Times and HuffPost that alleged a backdoor in Dominion Voting Systems used in several key battleground states that could have been exploited to create vote tallies "that did not exist."

Sidney said there were "multiple people" who actually saw the fraud take place in real-time.
"Their system even admits, their own training manual admits that people can go in and do that. That people can go in and put all kinds of votes in a "trash" folder and then 'trash' them," Powell said.

"There are devices on the internet that can be used to see it and we have multiple people who actually saw it as it was happening. We essentially have some pictures of it and it is terrifying and it is a huge national security issue. Why the Department of Justice and the FBI have not done something on this immediately."...

I am staking my personal and professional reputation on this."
Tucker is still sore:
A day after Carlson sparked a ruckus on social media for taking a dig at Powell for not sharing the evidence of alleged voting fraud with his program, the Fox News star claimed "over the last 24 hours" he's "heard from a lot of people, including from people in the White House and people close to the President" about his segment, and that none of them appears to have seen the evidence firsthand.
Like us, they concluded this election was not fair. Like us they are willing to believe any explanation for what happened. Like us they have not seen a single piece of evidence showing that the software changed votes.
Carlson noted that among the president's associates his show reached out to were other members of Trump's legal team, who also were apparently unaware of the evidence.

"And by 'they' we're including other members of Donald Trump's own legal team - they haven't seen Powell's evidence either. Nor testimony from employees inside the software companies, nor damning internal documents, nor copies of the software itself," Carlson said in an "update" on his beef with Powell.

The host didn't disclose exactly who he had spoken to about the allegations, noting, however, that if Powell indeed proves them all in a court of law within the next few weeks, as she has promised, "no one would be more grateful" than himself.

The thinly-veiled swipe at Powell comes after she fired back at the hugely popular conservative stalwart for seemingly doubting that she was in possession of said evidence during his show on Thursday.
General Michael Flynn weighs in:

Microscope 1

'What happened to academic freedom?' Scientist fumes as Facebook flags Covid-19 study questioning mask effectiveness as 'false'

Academic freedom masks
© Reuters/Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana/File Photo
A mural promoting wearing of masks in Jakarta, Indonesia, October 2, 2020.
Social media can't be allowed to suppress scientific discourse, critics said after Facebook 'fact-checkers' flagged as 'false' an Oxford professor's report citing a Danish study on the effectiveness of masks against Covid-19.

"[What] has happened to academic freedom and freedom of speech? There is nothing in this article that is 'false,'" Carl Heneghan, the director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, said on Friday.

He posted a screenshot of Facebook flagging his article for the Spectator magazine as 'False information', citing "independent fact-checkers."

Bizarro Earth

8 dead and 31 wounded in mortar shell attack that also damaged Iranian embassy compound in Kabul

© AP
Relatives stand around the dead body of a boy who was killed by a mortar shell attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday.
About 23 mortar shells slammed into different parts of the Afghan capital on Saturday, killing at least eight people and wounding 31 others, an official said.

The shells were fired from two cars, Interior Ministry spokesperson Tariq Arian said. No one took immediate responsibility for the early morning attack that also targeted the posh Wazir Akbar Khan area of Kabul, which houses diplomatic missions.

At least one rocket landed in the Iranian embassy compound. In a tweet, Iran's embassy in Kabul in confirmed that a rocket came down in the courtyard of the embassy compound and "a number of shrapnel" hit the embassy's main building, causing some damage to windows and equipment, without specifying the equipment.


Guatemalans are currently burning down their Congress after series of government failures

Guatemala burning Congress
© The Gateway Pundit
Guatemalans are currently burning down their Congress after a series of crises hit their boiling point.

The protests were sparked after a budget bill passed on Tuesday, but that was only the final straw that the broke the camel's back after years of anger towards their government.

Protesters brought over a guillotine before setting Congress ablaze.

Light Sabers

Trump supporters and BLM protesters face off at 'stop the steal' rally in Atlanta

Atlanta cops with Trump supporters
© Reuters / Chris Aluka Berry
A security officer patrols as supporters of Donald Trump protest against the results of the presidential election in Atlanta, Georgia, November 21, 2020
President Trump's supporters turned the State Capitol in Atlanta into a sea of red, white and blue as they protested Georgia's recount. As tensions between them and left-wing counter-protesters rose, police dispersed the rally.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed off on his state's mandatory hand recount of election results on Friday, certifying Joe Biden's apparent win, but paving the way for the Trump campaign to push for a more thorough audit of the vote. Joe Biden apparently won the peach state by a razor-thin margin of just over 12,000 votes, but the Trump campaign insists that many of these votes were illegally cast.

Waving American flags and 'Make America Great Again' banners, several hundred of Trump's most loyal supporters gathered outside the State Capitol on Saturday, chanting "stop the steal," a phrase that has become a rallying cry for conservatives who believe this year's presidential election was rigged in favor of Biden.

Comment: See also:


'Black trans lives matter': Portland protesters destroy numerous businesses

blm portest moms wall
© REUTERS/Terray Sylvester
Portland in Oregon faced violent protests once again on Friday night, with numerous businesses destroyed and messages like "Black Trans Lives Matter" sprayed onto buildings.

Portland Police reported that two separate groups gathered on the evening of Transgender Remembrance Day and committed numerous acts of vandalism to businesses in the city, including a Whole Foods and numerous banks.

The first group of nearly 30 spray-painted the Mexican Consulate and then headed to the Multnomah County Courthouse where police stopped ongoing vandalism and the dispersed crowd. No arrests were made.

Comment: Intersectionality taken to its absurd conclusion.