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Tue, 27 Oct 2020
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'People are getting comfortable in their homes': Chicago mayor defends curfew, wants public to extend it to their homes

© Reuters/Kamil Krzaczynski
Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the strict restrictions put forth recently in her city are partly for private homes too because people are getting too "comfortable."

In a Monday morning interview with CNN's New Day, Lightfoot said the lockdown procedures in her city meant to discourage social gatherings should extend to people's homes too.

"It's not just what you do outside of your home, it's also what you do inside your home, and making sure that you don't invite people in that are not part of your immediate family," she said when defending the controversial 10pm curfew for non-essential businesses. Other lockdown restrictions put in place this week include limiting public gatherings to six people, banning alcohol sales past 9pm, banning bars without food licenses from conducting indoor business, and requiring face coverings in all public settings.

"People are getting comfortable in their homes, and they're having social gatherings," the mayor said, claiming such behavior is a "huge" contributing factor to the spread of Covid-19. Lightfoot says only immediate family and essential people, like home care workers, should be allowed in people's homes.

Comment: Belief systems locked and loaded, politicians are the last to assimilate new information:


A new must-see documentary eviscerates the mainstream narrative on race in America: 'What Killed Michael Brown?'

what killed michael brown documentary
© Man of Steel Productions
'What Killed Michael Brown?' (2020) Dir: Eli Steele
A new film streaming on Amazon uses the tragedy of Michael Brown's death in 2014 to insightfully reveal the manipulations and machinations that distort modern-day race relations in the US.

What Killed Michael Brown? is the most important documentary of the year. The film, which is exquisitely directed by Eli Steele and gloriously written and narrated by famed conservative black intellectual Shelby Steele, takes a deep dive into the tangled web of race in America through the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

From the get-go the movie jumps out at you, not with cinematic bombast, but with a subtle brilliance. The opening title sequence uses the same distinct font as Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown, and in so doing lets viewers know it is unabashedly challenging popular myths.

Alarm Clock

NHS Test and Trace whistleblower: "It's a complete s**t show"

keystone kops

“Is this Humpty Dumpty? We’ve been given your name by someone who tested positive for COVID-19. DO NOT FALL OFF THAT WALL. YOU MUST REMAIN ON THAT WALL FOR 14 DAYS.”
I've been contacted by a track-and-tracer who works for one of Serco's sub-contractors. She's a Tier 3 tracer (nothing to do with lockdown 'Tiers'), which means her job is to call people who've been named as contacts by confirmed cases and advise them to self-isolate for 14 days.

Sounds straightforward, right? Wrong. I'll let her take up the story.
One of the most significant problems is the level of calls people are getting. People regularly say they feel harassed and bullied by us. I often call someone who says that they have just put the phone down on another contract tracer and while I'm on the line more calls are coming in.

I'll give some examples to explain why this happens.

Tier 2 call handlers are tasked with speaking to someone when they test positive to take the details of everyone they've been in contact with two days prior to the onset of their symptoms, up to the time they began their 10-day isolation.

Tier 3 operatives (me) then call all these contacts to tell them to isolate for 14 days.

Comment: On top of all that, ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis has revealed that test and trace companies are immune from penalties for failure: there are no penalty clauses in the contracts. Which in itself is ridiculous, because their target quotas designed to 'stop the spread' are useless, and what numbers they do have are full of duplicates, as the whisteblower above points out.


Humanity: Sweden refuses to impose new lockdown measures, 'people have suffered enough'

sweden no lockdown coronavirus
© Reuters
People socialise in Stockholm on April 22. The country is one of very few not to have imposed a lockdown
Loneliness, mental health impact of lockdown balanced against COVID threat.

Health authorities in Sweden have refused to follow the rest of Europe by imposing new coronavirus lockdown measures on their population, arguing that those beset by loneliness and misery of being isolated have suffered enough.

Despite Sweden mirroring other countries on the continent with rising coronavirus infections, the government has held firm in refusing to lockdown its population, weighing the untold misery and health impacts of isolation against the threat of COVID-19.


Che Guevara

Nigeria on the brink as police open fire on anti-police brutality protesters and looting becomes widespread

nigeria looting protests

Crowds looted a warehouse believed to be storing food supplies for distribution during Covid lockdowns
Nigeria's chief of police has ordered the immediate mobilisation of all police resources to put an end to days of street violence and looting.

Mohammed Adamu said criminals had hijacked anti-police brutality protests and taken over public spaces.

A new wave of looting was reported on Sunday, a day after Mr Adamu ordered police to end the "violence, killings, looting and destruction of property".

Protests calling for an end to police brutality began on 7 October.

The demonstrations, dominated by young people, started with calls for a police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars), to be disbanded.

Comment: SARS. That's pretty ironic, given how The Covid plays into all this mass social unrest.

2 + 2 = 4

If they won't fully reopen schools, despite what science says, when will they?

Kew Gardens public school closed COVID-19
© Xinhua/Sipa USA
A child walks past PS 20, a school closed in the Kew Gardens COVID-19 hot spot.
Last week, some fantastic news from the science world should've given full-time-schooling advocates real hope. Instead, officials are signaling that we may never return to full in-person learning, at least not like pre-COVID.

A New York Times piece, "Schoolchildren Seem Unlikely to Fuel Coronavirus Surges, Scientists Say," concluded that, yes, the science says kids should be in school. "The bulk of evidence now suggests only limited transmission from young children to adults."

That evidence, of course, has existed for months, but the Times piece brought it home for nonbelievers.

Meanwhile, at the Wall Street Journal, David R. Henderson and Ryan Sullivan pointed to new research that shows infection rates in schools to be far lower than in the general population.


Self-played: Humanity has trolled itself into an awaken-or-die situation

buddha troll meme enlightenment
Zen Buddhism is full of stories about practitioners staring death in the face in order to cut through their mental habits and force a direct confrontation with the fundamental matter. Monks doing zazen on a cliff's edge to keep themselves alert, rōshis telling frustrated students to kill themselves if they cannot achieve satori by next sunrise, students taking death vows if they fail to awaken within a given period of time, etc.

In Helen Tworkov's Zen in America for example we are told of "the monk who sat with a stick of incense in one hand and a knife in the other and vowed to kill himself if he didn't get enlightened by the time the incense burned out. As always — at least in the stories that are passed down — he got it just in time, pushed to the breaking point by the pain of the burning stub."

In a very real sense, I think this is kind of what humanity is collectively doing to itself right now.

Comment: For further consideration: MindMatters: Wake Up! Gurdjieff on Sleep, Knowledge and Politics


Comedian Chelsea Handler: I had to remind my ex-boyfriend black people can't vote Trump

Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler
Self-absorbed leftist comedian Chelsea Handler went viral on Friday night's Tonight Show when she disparaged ex-boyfriend 50 Cent for endorsing the president: "I had to remind him that he was a black person, so he can't vote for Donald Trump."

She had been lamenting that she's been very vicious to her assistant, but host Jimmy Fallon asked Handler if she watched the Trump-Biden debate. "I took myself out to dinner instead of watching the debate, because I've heard that idiot talk for four years and I don't need to hear him say another word!" Fallon laughed like she was incredibly funny. She continued: "I mean, seriously. My blood pressure, you could already tell when I get enervated, it's not good for anybody. So I can't watch him talk, no thanks."

Then she brought up 50 Cent (real name: Curtis James Jackson III). MRC's Brent Baker had a very popular tweet with the video of Hander's white-splaining:

Comment: A middle-aged white woman must explain to a black man what he should do because he can't make up his own mind and know what's best for himself. Sounds like Handler has a racist belief system hiding underneath her Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Delta Airlines bans 460 anti-maskers

Delta bans anti-maskers
In a new memo, Delta Air Lines says it has banned more than 400 people from flying for not following the airline's mask policy.

"As of this week, we've added 460 people to our no-fly list for refusing to comply with our mask requirement," Delta CEO Ed Bastian said in a message to employees.

In August, the airline said it had banned roughly 270 passengers since the outset of the pandemic. Delta (DAL) began requiring that passengers wear masks on flights on May 4. All major airlines now mandate that passengers wear masks in the absence of any new regulations from the federal government.

Airlines in June agreed to ban passengers from future flights for refusing to wear masks. But the airlines are not sharing information with one another about the passengers they have banned. So, for example, a passenger banned on Delta can still book a flight on American (AAL) and vice versa.

Comment: See also: Objective:Health - Are Face Masks Ineffective and Dangerous?

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Escape from Wales? Britain's most severe lockdown


The Welsh government will announce its next move on Monday
Police checkpoints, supermarkets sealing off shelves of "non-essential" goods, a police state the likes of which nobody in Wales has experienced since the 13th century.
Big Government Bans Supermarkets from Selling 'Non Essentials' in Lockdown Wales

Wales's First Minister Mark Drakeford has said that supermarkets will not be able to sell 'non-essential' goods like clothing during a 17-day lockdown.

From 6 pm on Friday to midnight on November 9th, Wales will see many retailers close, apart from shops which sell food like supermarkets, as well as pharmacies and off-licences.

Comment: It may be that Wales is a test by the establishment, in the same way that numerous European countries enforced similar 'local' lockdowns within a few days of each other. However, there is a pushback brewing: Manchester mayor rejects UK govts 'experimental lockdown that own advisors don't think will work'

Just some of the footage of the many protests against the lockdown throughout Europe: