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Thu, 22 Oct 2020
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Portland police cracking down on BLM protest, arresting dozens over fear they could attack precinct again

portland police riot gear
© REUTERS/Jim Urquhart
Portland police in full riot gear
Police in Portland took a seemingly more aggressive stance with protesters this weekend, arresting many who were marching towards a precinct over information that the gathering was a "'direct action' event."

Around 75 people joined Saturday night's protest in Northeast Portland and marched their way to North Precinct, a building which has been at the center of numerous protests that have devolved into arson and violence.

The 75 protesters on Saturday night were nearly all dressed in armor and helmets, with many even carrying shields. They blocked public roadways as they marched.

Comment: Portland law enforcement has finally had enough. Perhaps events like that below have given them some heart. The Post Millennial reports:
Two Portland protesters have been federally charged after lying down to block the driveway of the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility at a violent Black Lives Matter-Antifa protest.

18-year-old Essence Maya Sylvester and 20-year-old Alexis Richter, both of Portland, are accused of obstructing authorities from protecting federal property. Richter is an undergraduate student studying mathematics and computer science at the private liberal arts university, Reed College.
BLM protesters arrested ICE facility
© Portland Police
18-year-old Essence Maya Sylvester and 20-year-old Alexis Richter, both of Portland
On the early hours of Wednesday morning, a crowd gathered in front of the ICE facility for the 121st night of anti-police protests. The facility is protected by officers with the Federal Protective Services. Rioters threw rocks toward the officers and shined flash lights in their eyes. Officers charged out to disperse rioters with teargas and smoke after an individual hurled a lit incendiary device on the roof of the complex.

Protesters later returned to the building. Sylvester and Richter allegedly blocked the entrance by lying across the entryway, preventing law enforcement vehicles from entering or leaving the premises. Both failed to move despite repeated warnings not to impede traffic. They were arrested and refused to provide their names to officers.
woman arrested black bloc ice facility portland
© Twitter
One of the women in black bloc being arrested at the Portland ICE facility
The two women made initial appearances in federal court Wednesday before US Magistrate Judge Stacie F. Beckerman. The court arraigned both on charges of failing to obey a lawful order and disorderly conduct on federal property. This is in contrast to Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who made it a matter of policy to not prosecute similar charges at the county level.

The Portland ICE facility has been a frequent target of mass protests and riots in recent months. In 2018, the area around it was occupied for five weeks.

Sylvester and Richter were released on conditions pending trial scheduled for Dec. 8.

Snakes in Suits

Bojo's lockdown in North of England is bound to cause more trouble than it cures

uk bar
© Lee Smith
FILE PHOTO: People walk past the bar in the city center, as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak continues, in Newcastle, Britain September 2020
A second wave of Covid-19 is hitting the north of the UK particularly hard but Prime Minister's plan to copy Scotland and 'force' pubs to close from Monday is not the answer, and it could backfire big time.

There's a place called The Bigg Market in Newcastle that is the stuff of English legend.

You may even have heard of it, maybe not in quite the same revered tones as the legend of King Arthur and Camelot and all that, the Toon is far more raucous and there's a lot more alcohol involved.

Comment: See also: London revellers defy curfew by dancing, playing cricket in the street for 2nd night in a row

Worthwhile commentary on the situation from Twitter:


Book review of 'The Quest for Legitimacy in Chinese Politics': Is a blend of Confucianism and Marx even possible?

Lanxin Xiang
© AFP via Anadolu Agency/Mustafa Ciftci
Academic Lanxin Xiang
Chinese scholar Lanxin Xiang has written a book, The Quest for Legitimacy in Chinese Politics, that is arguably the most extraordinary effort in decades trying to bridge the East-West politico-historical divide.

It's impossible in a brief column to do justice to the relevance of the discussions this book inspires. Here we will highlight some of the key issues - hoping they will appeal to an informed readership, especially across the Beltway, now convulsed by varying degrees of Sinophobia.

Xiang delves right into the fundamental contradiction: China is widely accused by the West of lack of democratic legitimacy exactly as it enjoys a four-decade, sustainable, history-making economic boom.

He identifies two key sources for the Chinese problem:
"On the one hand, there is the project of cultural restoration through which Chinese leader Xi Jinping attempts to restore 'Confucian legitimacy' or the traditional 'Mandate of Heaven'; on the other hand, Xi refuses to start any political reforms, because it is his top priority to preserve the existing political system, i.e., a ruling system derived mainly from an alien source, Bolshevik Russia."
Ay, there's the rub: "The two objectives are totally incompatible."


3 killed as gas explosion flattens building near marketplace in Iran

© Reuters/WANA
FILE PHOTO: Firefighters in Iran. August 2020.
An explosion from a gas leak has brought down a two-story residential building close to a packed marketplace in the city of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran.

Ebrahim Ghanbari, the head of the local fire department, told Iranian media that rescue teams were looking for survivors under the rubble.

So far, three people have been confirmed dead, and six were injured.

Ghanbari said that residents, as well as merchants and shoppers at the market, were among the victims.

Comment: At this point it's often difficult to assess whether these explosions and fires - that are happening all over the world, with an increasing frequency, but often in some places more than others - are natural, accidental, or criminal.

Yellow Vest

London revellers defy curfew by dancing, playing cricket in the street for 2nd night in a row

Leicester Square curfew lockdown london defy
© Twitter
People partying in Leicester Square and right, playing cricket in Peckham.
Party-goers were filmed dancing for a second night in a row in large crowds in central London after being kicked out of pubs and bars under the 10pm curfew.

Footage shared on social media shows a large group of young people dancing and singing as a sound system blares music in Piccadilly Circus.

Most of the people filmed were not wearing masks and social distancing measures put in place by the Government were not being followed.

Comment: If these really were the plague times that the government and its propaganda media want us to believe they are we would not be seeing these kinds of scenes: Also check out SOTT radio's:


Paris police station stormed by dozens of people armed with fireworks and metal bars


Video still shows barrage of fireworks aimed at Champigny police station
Around 40 people armed with metal bars and fireworks tried to storm a police station in a Paris suburb on Saturday night, officials said.

Police shared a video showing a barrage of fireworks going off in the direction of the police station around midnight on Saturday in Champigny-sur-Marne, about nine miles southeast of central Paris.

The assailants tried to force entry into the station, but failed to do so. Police said eight mortars were found nearby.

"Violent attack last night on the police station of Champigny with mortar shots and various projectiles. No police officer was injured," the Paris police headquarters said on Sunday.

Comment: See also:


Yes, We Are Headed for Violent Civil War

The Disasters of War

Franciso Goya, The Disasters of War, Plate 39: Grande hazaña! Con muertos! (A heroic feat! With dead men!).
On October 1st, with little fanfare, Politico published an extraordinary opinion piece that may be the most important thing I've read all year. Titled "Americans Increasingly Believe Violence is Justified if the Other Side Wins," the essay was penned by three "senior fellows" at the Hoover Institution, New America, and the Hudson Institute, as well as a professor of "political communication" at Louisiana State University and a professor of government at the University of Maryland (that's five authors, in case you lost count).

The major takeaway is presented in the graph that appears below:

political violence
Way back in November of 2017 (my, how long ago that seems . . . ) a mere 8% of both Democrats and Republicans held that it is legitimate to use violence to advance their political goals. Actually, there's nothing "mere" about it. It ought to surprise us that such a sizeable percentage of both parties could hold such a radical view. Also surprising is Republicans running neck and neck with Democrats. Contrary to how they are perceived by Leftists, conservatives are slow to embrace the idea of violence, or any sort of punitive measures against their opponents. Their Achilles heel, in fact, is commitment to "fair play."

Cell Phone

Facebook responsible for 94% of 69 million child sex abuse images reported by US tech firms

F and silhouette
© Facebook/qanon/skynews
Facebook was responsible for 94% of the 69 million child sex abuse images reported by US technology companies last year. The figures emerged as seven countries, including the UK, published a statement on Sunday warning of the impact of end-to-end encryption on public safety online.

Facebook has previously announced plans to fully encrypt communications in its Messenger app, as well as its Instagram Direct service - on top of WhatsApp, which is already encrypted - meaning no one apart from the sender and recipient can read or modify messages. The social media site said the changes are designed to improve user privacy on all of its platforms.

But law enforcement agencies fear the move will have a devastating impact on their ability to target paedophiles and protect children online.

Some 16.9 million referrals were made by US tech firms to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) last year, including 69 million images of children being abused - up 50% on the previous year. 94% of the reports, which include the worst category of images, came from Facebook, Home Office officials said.

Comment: See also:

Facebook's privacy changes might jeopardise unmasking of sexual predators, warns law enforcement


Florida: No spike in coronavirus cases despite lack of enforceable mask mandate

© MPI10/MediaPunch/IPX via AP
Smiling shoppers at Publix in Florida
There has been no spike in cases of the Chinese coronavirus in Florida over the last two weeks, despite Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) lifting key coronavirus restrictions and nixing the enforcement of local mask mandates across the Sunshine State last month.

On September 25, Gov. DeSantis took a major step, lifting key coronavirus restrictions at the state level. The order allowed businesses, such as restaurants, to operate at full capacity at the state level and required local governments to "justify" any restrictions on capacity moving forward. Additionally, DeSantis suspended all penalties related to local mask mandates, as he never issued a statewide mandate despite mounting criticisms from the left. DeSantis announced:
"Just as an act of executive grace, all outstanding fines and penalties that have been applied against individuals are suspended. I think we need to get away from trying to penalize people for not social distancing and work with people constructively."
While critics have battered the Florida governor for his approach to the virus in the state — particularly his initial refusal to quickly implement drastic lockdown orders — the state of the coronavirus in Florida has remained relatively unchanged since the governor lifted key restrictions and removed the mask mandate penalties.

Comment: Fauci is among several leaders who have been spotted in public places without masks.
The list includes New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), as well as Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden (D), both of whom have passionately pressed for the widespread use of masks:

See also:

Eye 1

Twitter imposes new limits on politicians and public ahead of election

© Eric Thayer/The New York Times/KJN
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
Social media giant Twitter has announced a number of new restrictions for both politicians and ordinary users ahead of November's presidential election.

The Washington Post reports that Twitter is imposing new warnings on politicians' tweets, restricting "premature declarations of victory," and will block calls for polling violence or disruptions. The new initiatives were announced on Friday as it rolled out the changes in an attempt to protect the platform from abuse and manipulation leading up to the November 3 election.

The moves will temporarily alter the look of Twitter also. Twitter has announced that retweeting will now require an extra step that is designed to encourage users to add their own thoughts before posting, a move that appears to go against Twitter's general design of quick short messages being tweeted and retweeted.

Twitter's recommendations and trends features will also get new designs intended to prevent abuse. These changes are similar to those recently announced by Facebook and appear to be mainly aimed at combating what Twitter considers to be efforts to manipulate the political landscape.

Comment: By pre-empting the lessons of discernment, we become weaker and more susceptible to manipulation.

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