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The Horn of Africa: Skeletal, frail and hours from death: The haunting face of baby Mihag given 50% chance of survival after mother walks for a week to refugee camp

Cradled in his mother's arms, this is the face of a skeletal seven-month-old baby starving to death in the Horn of Africa.

Weighing just seven pounds - as much as a newborn - Mihag Gedi Farah stares wide-eyed, his skin pulled taut over his ribs and tiny arms.

Mihag is just one of 800,000 children who officials warn could die across the region in the worst drought for decades.

© Associated PressDesperate: Seven-month-old Mihag Gedi Farah weighs just 7lbs and was hours from death after arriving at a field hospital in Dadaab, Kenya


Ohio, US: 6-year-old Lorain County girl tries to drown puppies

Seven Beagle puppies are in foster care after being rescued, and some revived, by Lorain police last week.

Police found a 6-year-old child trying to drown the pups in a kiddie swimming pool on the city's east side after getting a call from a neighbor.

The 6-week-old pups were rushed to an animal emergency center, where they were stabilized before being passed into the custody of the Friendship Animal Protective League in Elyria.


US, Virginia: Patient Kills Psychiatrist in Murder-Suicide

Dr. Mark Lawrence, a Virginia psychiatrist who was killed by a patient in a murder-suicide Friday, was remembered by his colleagues as a gifted psychiatrist and mentor to hundreds of therapists.

"He helped people focus on their own strengths. It was such a hopeful vision," said Dr. Cynthia Margolies, who worked with Lawrence at the Center for Healing and Imagery, a school Lawrence founded 27 years ago to provide continuing education to therapists.

Barbara Newman, 62, shot Lawrence, 71, when she showed up at his home office in McLean Friday afternoon for her appointment. Newman then turned the gun on herself.


US, Georgia: Police Beat Man That Just Learned His Son Committed Suicide

Fox news reports that Loganville police beat an emotionally distressed man who just learned his son had committed suicide.

In another blaring example of the transitioning of America into a complete Nazi style police state, police show no sympathy for an emotionally distressed man who just learned that his son committed suicide.

Instead the police just add another award to their trophy case of felony assaults on an Americans with no arrests being made against them.

The Fox news report in the video attached to this page is just the latest of several cases of police brutality and police beatings across the nation.

The man interviewed shows off extensive injuries beyond the extent of which should be tolerated as he tells Fox news about how the police brutality beat him.


US, California: 117 arrested during 4-day crime sweep in Stockton

Authorities say 117 people were arrested during a four-day crime sweep in central Stockton.

The suspects were booked on various charges, including murder, attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping.

Stockton police spokesman, Officer Pete Smith, says the sweep began on July 20 and ended Sunday. It involved more than 60 law enforcement agencies including police, the U.S. Marshals Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Among those arrested were a man wanted in the July 11 killing of 41-year-old Dominique Jones and a man wanted in the June 18 killing of 33-year-old Brian Walker. Two 18-year-olds also were arrested in the Feb. 10 fatal shooting of 19-year-old Jarred Justiniani.

Authorities also seized 15 firearms and small amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine in the raids.

Source: The Associated Press


Canada: Grandma jailed for 12 days in heroin mixup

Janet Goodin, 66
© FacebookJanet Goodin, 66, of Warroad, Minn., was arrested at the border as she tried to enter Manitoba for a bingo game in Apri

Janet Goodin had hoped to spend the weekend with her family, starting with a half-hour drive over the border from Minnesota to meet her daughters for a game of bingo in Manitoba.

But when a jar of motor oil stowed in the back of her van tested positive for heroin during a border check, those plans changed.

That weekend in April ended with the 66-year-old grandmother in jail facing charges of heroin possession and trafficking, and enduring what she calls "the most humiliating experience of my whole life."

Twelve days passed before an RCMP lab test showed the jar to contain nothing more than used motor oil and all charges were dropped.


Best of the Web: Fundamentalism Kills

mourners attack Norway
© AP / Frank AugsteinPeople embrace and mourn at the massive flower field laid in memory of victims of Friday’s twin attacks in Norway.
The gravest threat we face from terrorism, as the killings in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik underscore, comes not from the Islamic world but the radical Christian right and the secular fundamentalists who propagate the bigoted, hateful caricatures of observant Muslims and those defined as our internal enemies. The caricature and fear are spread as diligently by the Christian right as they are by atheists such as Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. Our religious and secular fundamentalists all peddle the same racist filth and intolerance that infected Breivik. This filth has poisoned and degraded our civil discourse. The looming economic and environmental collapse will provide sparks and tinder to transform this coarse language of fundamentalist hatred into, I fear, the murderous rampages experienced by Norway. I worry more about the Anders Breiviks than the Mohammed Attas.

The battle under way in America is not between religion and science. It is not between those who embrace the rational and those who believe in biblical myth. It is not between Western civilization and Islam. The blustering televangelists and the New Atheists, the television pundits and our vaunted Middle East specialists and experts, are all part of our vast, simplistic culture of mindless entertainment. They are in show business. They cannot afford complexity. Religion and science, facts and lies, truth and fiction, are the least of their concerns. They trade insults and clichés like cartoon characters. They don masks. One wears the mask of religion. One wears the mask of science. One wears the mask of journalism. One wears the mask of the terrorism expert. They jab back and forth in predictable sound bites. It is a sterile and useless debate between bizarre subsets of American culture. Some use the scientific theory of evolution to explain the behavior and rules for complex social and political systems, and others insist that the six-day creation story in Genesis is a factual account. The danger we face is not in the quarrel between religion advocates and evolution advocates, but in the widespread mental habit of fundamentalism itself.

Comment: Mr. Hedge's analysis of the problem of fundamentalism (regardless of its particular form) is correct. However, he is evidently unaware of the role that psychopaths play in these situation. Once an ideology, no matter how benign and well-intentioned its beginnings, has been twisted from within by these parasites on society, there can only be one outcome: its use as a means of domination.

The seminal book, Political Ponerology, outlines the means and methods by which this is accomplished.


Mental Disorder Behind Many Nose Job Patients

© Raven3k | sxc.huMany patients who were highly concerned about their appearance had only minor defects or none, the study authors said.

Many of the people who get nose jobs have a mental illness in which they obsess over a mostly imaginary bodily flaw, a new Belgian study suggests.

People with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) can't stop obsessing over their appearance, and they have an exaggerated perception of a flaw that is either minor or completely imagined. This excessive preoccupation can get in the way of daily activities, and some BDD sufferers refuse to leave their homes for fear that others will see their flaw.

Over a period of 16 months, researchers from the University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium distributed BDD questionnaires and other surveys to 266 patients seeking rhinoplasty. Twenty percent of the patients had already undergone a previous rhinoplasty.

The study results suggested that 33 percent of the patients had moderate to severe symptoms of BDD. The figure rose to 43 percent among patients who were seeking rhinoplasty solely for aesthetic reasons without any functional goals, such as fixing a deviated septum.

Star of David

Jenin Freedom Theatre raided in the middle of the night by Israeli military

Freedom Theatre
© Emily SmithDamage to the Freedom Theatre
The following press release was sent out by the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp:

Special Forces of the Israeli Army attacked the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp at approximately 03:30 this morning. Ahmad Nasser Matahen, a night guard and technician student at the theatre woke up by heavy blocks of stone being hurled at the entrance of the theatre.

As he opened the door he found masked and heavily armed Israeli Special Forces around the theatre. Ahmed says that the army threw heavy blocks of stone at the theatre, "they told me to open the door to the theatre. They told me to raise my hands and forced me to take my pants down. I thought my time had come, that they would kill me. My brother that was with me was handcuffed."


US: Police beat and taser 'gentle' mentally-ill homeless man to death

A shocking video has been released allegedly showing police officers tasering and beating a homeless man to death who they claim was resisting arrest.

Though the video is not clear, eye witnesses say the homeless man - Kelly Thomas, 37 - was unable to put up any resistance and was lying on the ground on his front when the attack took place on July 5.

His screams and cries for his father can be heard amid the tasering noise.
© ABCDead: Mentally ill homeless man Kelly Thomas, 37, was beaten and tasered to death by police for allegedly 'resisting arrest'