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Thu, 28 May 2020
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Deadly shooting near George Floyd protest as looting, arson grip Minneapolis

George Floyd
The protests in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd took a dramatic turn for the worse Wednesday night as city police responded to stores in the city being looted and burned as well as a deadly shooting at a protest location.

Multiple reports indicated that Mayor Jacob Frey reached out to Gov. Tim Walz to deploy the National Guard to the city. The mayor's office did not immediately respond to Fox News seeking comment.

Social media users posted videos on Twitter that showed burning businesses and looters entering a local Target and making their way out with bags full of items.

At least one group of armed men have been seen standing outside a strip mall in Minneapolis on Wednesday night amid the looting.

Protests in the city erupted Tuesday after video emerged of a police officer with his knee pressed against Floyd's neck while the man was in custody. Protesters have called for the officers involved to be charged in his death.

Comment: See also: 'I can't breathe' 2.0: Minneapolis police in hot water as suspect dies during BRUTAL chokehold arrest - HUGE crowds clash with cops during protest


Your "immunity passport" future begins to materialize as airlines call for digital id tracking systems

covi pass
The world's largest airline trade group has called for immunity passports, thermal screening, masks, and physical distancing to be a part of the industry's strategy for returning to "normal" operations.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents 299 airlines, recently issued their publication, Biosecurity for Air Transport A Roadmap for Restarting Aviation, which outlines their strategy to open up air travel as governments begin to lift travel restrictions.

Under a section titled, "The passenger experience" and "Temporary biosecurity measures," the IATA describes their vision of post-COVID-19 flights. The organization calls for contact tracing, a controversial method of tracking the civilian population to track the spread of COVID-19.
"We foresee the need to collect more detailed passenger contact information which can be used for tracing purposes," the report states. "Where possible, the data should be collected in electronic form, and in advance of the passenger arriving at the airport including through eVisa and electronic travel authorization platforms."

Comment: See also:


Facebook reportedly had evidence that its algorithms were dividing people, but top executives killed or weakened proposed solutions

mark zuckerberg close-up

Facebook knew its algorithms divided users, execs killed fixes.
Despite internal research finding that Facebook's platform encouraged polarization, Mark Zuckerberg and other execs nixed proposals to fix things.

Facebook had evidence that its algorithms encourage polarization and "exploit the human brain's attraction to divisiveness," but top executives including CEO Mark Zuckerberg killed or weakened proposed solutions, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

The effort to better understand Facebook's effect on users' behavior was a response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and its internal researchers determined that, contrary to the company's mission of connecting the world, its products were having the opposite effect, according to the newspaper.

Comment: See also:


Mandatory masks aren't about safety, they're about social control

making masks
© U.S. Air Force photo/Trevor Cokley
On May 26, Virginia's Gov. Ralph Northam announced that wearing masks outside one's home will be mandatory effective May 29. He first hinted he might issue a masking order a week ago, likely to test the water.

A new refrain in public discourse is growing in volume by the day: "Things will never be the same." The certainty with which we are assured of this pre-determined future is perplexing. Whether or not "things" will ever be the same is not at all clear, but that some people hope things will never be the same is certain.

To those looking to benefit politically from emergencies, COVID presents an opportunity to advance plans targeted to transform American freedom and the American way of life. Mandatory-masking policies provide a valuable foundation to weaponize the virus against American liberty — now and in the future.

Demanding Freedoms Helps Ensure Them

Much of our freedom is maintained by the collective resistance of the American mood. When the Minnesota governor excluded churches from his Phase I reopening plan, Catholic and Lutheran leadership announced, through counsel, that their churches would reopen with or without the state's blessing.


At least 11 local news stations caught airing the exact same Amazon propaganda segment

11 local news stations
At least 11 local news stations in the United States were caught airing the same scripted segment about Amazon, and their role during the COVID-19 pandemic. The segment played like a commercial for Amazon, even touting the company's ability to "keep its employees safe and healthy," during this difficult time, despite the fact that many workers have been organizing to protest against unsafe conditions and lack of hazard pay.

The segment is even narrated by Amazon spokesperson Todd Walker, who promises an "inside look" at an Amazon fulfillment center

"Millions of Americans staying at home are relying on amazon to deliver essentials like groceries and cleaning products during the COVID-19 outbreak... For the first time we're getting a glimpse inside Amazon's fulfillment centers to see just how the company is keeping its employees safe and healthy.. While delivering packages to your doorstep," Walker says.

Comment: And perhaps more to the point, this little PR segment for Amazon is just one of thousands of scripted propaganda promulgating stories that gets widely drilled into the minds of people like just so many other bogus cookie-cutter stories.

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Despite pandemic, Israeli army shoots at water tanks in Palestinian village

Water tanks for Palestinian homes

Water tanks for Palestinian homes
B'Tselem has concluded that the shooting is deliberate, and "an illegal act of collective punishment."

The residents of Kafr Qaddum are no strangers to Israeli military incursions in their village, which sits northwest of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank.

For the past nine years, the residents of the village have been holding weekly demonstrations against the confiscation of their village's land for the use of settlement expansion and the permanent closure of the main road connecting the village to Nablus.

Nearly every week they are met with violence on part of Israeli forces, which has over the years resulted in severe injuries, disabilities, and even death.

In recent weeks, however, Israeli forces have been practicing a new tactic of suppression in the village, one the Israeli rights group B'Tselem has slammed as "collective punishment" in a new report published Wednesday.

Since the beginning of April, Israeli forces have been documented shooting holes into the water tanks on the rooftops of people's homes in the village, causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage and significant loss of water resources for the community.

Comment: Many of the soldiers of the IDF, and its psychopathic leadership, have no problem making the lives of Palestinians a living hell:


Iranian president calls for stricter laws against 'honor' killings after 13-yo girl beheaded

Romina Ashrafi

Romina Ashrafi reportedly told police that she feared for her life, but she was still handed over to her father as required by Iranian laws.
Iranian President Hassan Rohani has called for harsher laws to tackle so-called "honor killings" after the particularly shocking slaying of a teenage girl, allegedly by her father, prompted a nationwide outcry.

Rohani on May 27 pushed for the speedy adoption of relevant bills, some which have apparently circulated for years among various Iranian decision-making bodies without any tangible results.

The call comes after 13-year-old Romina Ashrafi was killed last week in Hovigh, some 320 kilometers northwest of Tehran.

Local media reported that the teenager was beheaded while she slept by her father, who used a farming sickle.

The father, Reza Ashrafi, was said to be enraged after Romina fled the family home to marry a 35-year-old man she loved.

Both of their families complained to the authorities, and security forces detained Romina and her boyfriend, Bahamn Khavari, following a five-day hunt.

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'Obsessive partisanship': Pew Research blasted for misleading tweet casting Dem districts as doing better on Covid-19 deaths

covid patient hospital
© REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
Co-director of the intensive care unit at CommonSpirit's Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center attends to COVID-19 patient
The Pew Research Center is being criticized on social media for appearing to spin a graphic depicting deaths from the coronavirus outbreak in favor of Democrats - despite the actual data painting a very different picture.

"Covid-19 deaths have declined in Democratic congressional districts since mid-April, but remained relatively steady in districts controlled by Republicans," the research body tweeted on Wednesday.

While the statement was technically true, it didn't quite match up with the data presented. According to Pew, and based on numbers from Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Democratic districts have actually seen a decline in Covid-19 deaths since mid-April, while numbers in Republican districts have stayed relatively steady - but coronavirus fatalities in Dem districts are still more than double those in opposing districts.

New deaths reported in Democrat-controlled areas have fallen from 7.4 to 4.1 in the last month - based on a rolling average of seven days - while Republican districts have seen the average for new deaths drop from 2.0 to 1.7.

Once the actual numbers are observed, Pew's assertion that Democrat congressional districts have seen a decline while Republican congressional districts have seen little change comes off as a bit misleading - something social media users have not been afraid to tell the "nonpartisan" data analysis center.

"When ppl ask me what I mean when I say America's uniquely obsessive partisanship is disrupting important study and analysis, in addition to tapping into the public's worst instincts, well," reporter Seth Mandel tweeted when presenting the study to his followers.

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Coronavirus: Palestinian children languish in Israeli jails 'not fit for humans'

Palestinian children
Palestinian children walk past a mural depicting the coronavirus and a prison cell in Gaza City on 28 April
I heard the chains before I saw them enter. Four teenage boys shackled together by the wrists and ankles shuffled into the defendants' box in the small courtroom.

One of them, Ahmed*, looked particularly young, as he stood on tiptoes to peer over the edge of the box. He was accused of throwing a stone, a charge he denies, and was waiting to hear a verdict from the military court.

The boys' short trials - at most five minutes each - were held entirely in Hebrew, with a soldier occasionally translating the odd word into Arabic for them. The boys looked scared and confused as they awaited their fate. They kept trying to speak to their lawyers, but this was not allowed.


The US does NOT lead in COVID-19 deaths

trump opening up america again
© AP Photo/Alex Brandon
The sheer ease with which the American left has politicized the deaths of thousands of Americans has shocked even me.

The United States is approaching 100,000 deaths and the left seems determined to make sure the public blames President Donald Trump for those deaths.

As PJM's Tyler O'Neil noted, the Democratic Coalition is trying to make "Trump Death Toll" a thing. While Tyler effectively demonstrated the absurdity of blaming these deaths on Trump, I'm going to show that despite the headlines that suggest things in the United States are the worst in the world, that is emphatically not the case.