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Thu, 14 Nov 2019
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Economist Ray Dalio: The world has gone mad

us government debt
"This set of circumstances is unsustainable".

Money is free for those who are creditworthy because the investors who are giving it to them are willing to get back less than they give. More specifically investors lending to those who are creditworthy will accept very low or negative interest rates and won't require having their principal paid back for the foreseeable future. They are doing this because they have an enormous amount of money to invest that has been, and continues to be, pushed on them by central banks that are buying financial assets in their futile attempts to push economic activity and inflation up. The reason that this money that is being pushed on investors isn't pushing growth and inflation much higher is that the investors who are getting it want to invest it rather than spend it. This dynamic is creating a "pushing on a string" dynamic that has happened many times before in history (though not in our lifetimes) and was thoroughly explained in my book Principles for Navigating Big Debt Crises. As a result of this dynamic, the prices of financial assets have gone way up and the future expected returns have gone way down while economic growth and inflation remain sluggish.

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Ripple CEO: 99% of digital coins will be worthless but those that succeed will be 'game-changing'

© Marco Bello / Reuters
The real problem with digital assets is that "historically there was a lot of hype in the crypto ecosystem," Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse told Bloomberg. He said most cryptocurrencies will probably become worthless in the future.

"There are more than 3,000 digital assets that trade on a daily basis now," he said, adding that "99 percent of crypto probably goes to zero but there is one percent that is focused on solving a real problem for real customers, and is able to do that at scale and that's going to be game-changing."

That one percent is going to continue to grow significantly in the decades ahead, according to Garlinghouse.


Mormon mothers and children slaughtered by Mexican cartel allegedly had ties to Nxivm sex cult

Nixvm leader Keith Raniere and Rhonita Maria Miller
© Youtube; Facebook
Nixvm leader Keith Raniere and Rhonita Maria Miller
The nine women and children slaughtered in Mexico on Monday were part of a Mormon community with ties to the alleged sex-cult Nxivm.

The outpost Mormon community in Mexico is where underlings of Nxivm leader Keith Raniere recruited young women to work as nannies in an upstate New York compound run by the accused cult — suggesting at least in part that the jobs would get the girls away from their home region's drug violence, according a man hired by Raniere to produce a documentary about the group.

The three moms and six kids killed in Monday's violence in the northern town of Sonora are believed to have been the victims of a drug cartel, which may have mistaken the group's caravan of three SUVs for rivals, Mexican authorities said Tuesday.

Bad Guys

Spokeswoman for doula charity forced out after being hounded by trans activists for saying only women give birth

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert
© Philip Ide
Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, 45, was forced into stepping down as spokesperson for Doula UK for saying that only women birth children. A Doula is a trained non-medical companion to guide and help a woman as they give birth
A birth coach has been 'ostracised' by her professional organisation after transgender activists branded as offensive a Facebook post in which she said that only women can have babies.

Comment: What a world we live in that she was compelled to point that out.

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, 45, was forced to stand down as spokesperson for Doula UK and has since resigned altogether from the national organisation for birth coaches. Her exit comes after transgender rights activists triggered an investigation in which Doula UK concluded her message breached its equality and diversity guidelines.

Comment: These types are completely unhinged.

They did not expel the mother of-four, who has been a doula - who provide continuous support during pregnancy - for six years, but threatened to suspend her unless she deleted the post.

Comment: To borrow a Scottish phrase, what a bunch of utter fannies. On what planet would a DOULA organization be 'more inclusive' to people WHO DON'T GIVE BIRTH TO CHILDREN??

Earth, apparently.

Brick Wall

Butina: Being in a US prison amounts to torture

Maria Butina
© Reuters / Tatyana Makeyeva
Russian national Maria Butina, who has recently been released from a US prison, in an interview with CBS said that being in a US jail was "a torture". According to the interviewer, Butina particularly wanted to talk about "the conditions in the Washington DC jail where she was first held".
"Cockroaches were everywhere, she claimed. No mattresses or blankets," the interviewed added.
The interview was recorded shortly before the Butina's release.
"It is a torture. It is not normal for a human being to be locked for 23, 20, 22 hours in a cell on your own. Do you really think for not filing the paper you deserve 18 months of incarceration, four months in solitary confinement, and all this experience in jail? Is that the way?" Butina stated.

"God found me. He was always there. And helped me to go through all these tough days," the Russian noted.

Comment: Russiagate's First Survivor: The Harsh Education of Maria Butina

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Black conservative removed from meeting over Justin Trudeau blackface costume

Koby Peters
A black Colorado State University student government member was asked to leave a meeting the day before Halloween because he showed up dressed as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface. The costume depicted the Canadian Prime Minister who was recently re-elected after old photos surfaced earlier this year showing him dressed in blackface.

The incident came just one year after photos surfaced showing Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam in blackface.

Koby Peters, a student government member from the CSU college of engineering, spoke exclusively with Campus Reform Managing Editor Jon Street about the incident. Peters said that other student government leaders voted to have him removed from the meeting without offering him the chance to respond. The leaders who told him to leave, he said, were of a variety of races, including white, black, and Hispanic.

While blackface is considered racist when worn by others, Peters noted the irony of him being attacked for wearing blackface, as a black man.

"As you can see, I cannot take off my blackface so adding on another shade, in my opinion, doesn't change anything," Peters said.


Farmers' protest moo-vement reaches Finland: Cows brought to Helsinki University after beef ban

cows helsinki
Two cows were seen grazing in Helsinki University on Tuesday, having been brought there by local farmers in a bid to give a positive outlook on cattle farming, after the university cafeteria pledged to take beef off its menu.

Activists were trying to prove responsible farming is actually beneficial for the ecosystem. "Today, we brought a few cows here from the center of Finland, and we are here to tell about the importance for agriculture and nature," one farmer explained. She added that cows play a vital role in the environment because "they eat grass that we, people, can't eat, so cows are a very important part of the natural cycle of grasslands."

The UniCafe cafeterias, owned and operated by the Students Union of Helsinki University, announced in mid-October that they were dropping all beef dishes from their menus, starting from February 2020. That includes beef as an ingredient in sandwiches and rolls. They argued that removing beef from the menu would cut the carbon footprint of their meals by 11 percent, resulting in around 240,000kg less carbon dioxide annually.

Star of David

Leaked footage shows shocking moment Israeli policewoman shoots Palestinian in the back 'for fun'

Scuffle between Israeli border guards and a photojournalist

Scuffle between Israeli border guards and a photojournalist
Israel's justice ministry may file charges against a former policewoman who allegedly shot a Palestinian in the back with a sponge-tipped bullet "for fun" after a video of the incident emerged over the weekend.

In the new clip, broadcast by Israel's Channel 13 news agency, Israeli border police officers at a checkpoint are seen shouting at the young man to "get out of here!" in Arabic.

After the Palestinian turns around and walks away with his hands above his head, the police continue to shout contradicting instructions at him before one of them shoots him in the back.

The unknown man is seen screaming in agony as he slumps to the floor. The security forces are not visible when the shot is fired but filmed walking away afterwards.

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Former Israel commander says Israel's 'unjust' war in Palestine fuels 'anti-Semitism around the world'

Ami Ayalon

Ami Ayalon
Last week a former Israeli security official urged American Jews to restrain Israel's "unjust" war in Palestine because it fuels anti-Semitism around the world. The statement is remarkable because that view is generally seen as anathema: saying that Israel's actions have any role in the growth of anti-Semitism.

Ami Ayalon, a Navy commander and former head of the Shin Bet, spoke at J Street last week and said that Israelis believe they are fighting a just war of defense for their existence, and that the world refuses to acknowledge that. But in fact Israel's existence is established, and American Jews can see that Israel is engaged in an unjust war. (Emphasis mine)

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Bari Weiss's new book on anti-semitism takes on progressives and centrists in a predictably neocon manner


by Bari Weiss
In 1971, the New York Times published a piece on anti-semitism entitled "The Socialism of Fools." Written by Seymour Lipset, an eminent scholar of political sociology, it called attention to a major shift in the phenomenon. "Unlike the situation before 1945, when anti-Jewish politics was largely identified with rightist elements," Lipset observed, "the current wave is linked to governments, parties, and groups which are conventionally described as leftist." Singling out anti-semitism within the Black nationalist and New Left movements, the piece argued that leftist critiques of Israel and Zionism had become tainted with anti-semitic tropes and that leftists in the United States and Europe were unwittingly parroting Soviet propaganda.

Lipset was not the first to argue that the left had a problem with anti-semitism. The phrase "socialism of fools" is attributed to August Bebel, a leader of the German socialist movement at the end of the nineteenth century. This internal critique nonetheless upheld the overwhelming association of anti-semitism and the extreme right, which the rise of Nazism and the horrors of the Holocaust made undeniable. In the 1960s, however, concerns about anti-semitism on the left re-emerged. This time, the warnings came from American Jewish intellectuals who linked their analysis of anti-semitism to a broader argument for a rightward shift in the political orientation of American Jews.

Comment: See also: