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Mon, 18 Nov 2019
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Extinction Rebellion releases music video showing Parliament burning, Downing Street flooded and MPs wearing gas masks

XR song

Various mock clips are shown, including the houses of commons set on fire. A banner titled 'commons climate debate' appears with the words: 'Government benches mostly empty for debate inspired by schoolchildren's climate strike'
Extinction Rebellion is aiming to scoop the coveted Christmas number one slot with its debut song about climate change.

Comment: How much of all this dramatic posturing by certain members of the XR is for the "love of earth and humanity", and how much is it for a few bucks?

Climate activists including Extinction Rebellion to receive £500,000 from US philanthropists

The protest group has teamed up with four-man rock band The Jade Assembly to produce "Time for Change" which urges listeners to 'act now' on climate change 'before we're all dead'.

The track's video features footage from XR protests across the globe over the past six months, with a prominent focus on London.

The three-minute video starts with words flashing up reading 'this is not a drill' and 'act now'.

A mock news report then appears on a television which says: 'Breaking news, government declares: "Everything is fine".'

It then shows a doctored video of former Prime Minister Theresa May addressing the commons with a 'breaking news' banner underneath with the words: 'Government agrees to do absolutely nothing to avert environmental catastrophe.'

Mrs May can then be seen wearing a white pollution mask as two members of the cabinet behind her wear gas masks.

Various mock clips are then shown, including a flooded Downing Street and the houses of commons set on fire.

Comment: Through the choice of images for their song's video, Extinction Rebellion is making clear that their overall intention is destruction!

Eye 1

Medical Kidnapping is a Terrible Problem in the United Kingdom

forced adoption protest england

Protesting forced adoption in the UK. Image from Facebook page 'Never Give Up'
In the UK, there has been a steady increase in the number of children taken into care for many years. Sadly, however, many of these children may have been needlessly taken away from loving families, families who are innocent of any wrongdoing.

One case to have hit the headlines recently is the case of Kerry McDougall. In April 2015, Mrs. McDougall, a 22 year-old woman with moderate learning difficulties, gave birth to a third child in Ireland, after having her first two children forcibly removed from her care because social workers believed that she was "too dumb" to be a mother.

The Mirror, reporting on the story, wrote:
"In 2010 Fife social workers shocked Britain by ruling Kerry, who used to have a cleft palate and has moderate learning difficulties, was unfit to wed or be a mum.

But Kerry and Mark defied them, marrying and fleeing to Ireland when she became pregnant with her first son.

They had another boy there and she and Mark were deemed fit parents by Irish social services, who removed their sons from their register.

But when the couple returned to Fife thinking they had proved themselves, their boys were handed to a foster family.

Close to tears, Kerry said: "I can't describe what it feels like to have your children taken away, screaming for you."

Comment: Apart from a smattering of media reports and TV mentions of this abominable practice in recent years, there is very little public-available information about it. Which is apparently by design: it's illegal for the victims to talk about what has happened to them.

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Australia: 'Free Assange' protester scales Parliament demanding Wikileaks founder's release

protester scales parliament assange
The man shouted "Free Julian Assange" from the top of Parliament House.

A man demanding the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested after scaling the face of Parliament House.

A man has scaled Parliament House shouting "free Julian Assange" as he grasped the coat of arms before being arrested by police.

Former Wikileaks founder and Australian citizen Julian Assange remains behind bars in a London prison, fighting extradition to the United States.

The protester yelled "whistleblowers are not criminals" and "bring Julian home" in his attempt to draw public attention to the publisher's case.

Comment: The fact that Julian Assange is being murdered in slow motion by his captors is a massive scar on the facade of 'freedom' anywhere on the planet. Unfortunately, demonstrations like this generally do little to institute change.

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Red Flag

Think your DNA profile is private? A Florida judge just said otherwise

dna detective investigation flow chart
© Dion MBD

Privacy experts say a warrant granted in Florida could set a precedent, opening up all consumer DNA sites to law enforcement agencies across the country.

For police officers around the country, the genetic profiles that 20 million people have uploaded to consumer DNA sites represent a tantalizing resource that could be used to solve cases both new and cold. But for years, the vast majority of the data have been off limits to investigators. The two largest sites, Ancestry.com and 23andMe, have long pledged to keep their users' genetic information private, and a smaller one, GEDmatch, severely restricted police access to its records this year.

Last week, however, a Florida detective announced at a police convention that he had obtained a warrant to penetrate GEDmatch and search its full database of nearly one million users. Legal experts said that this appeared to be the first time a judge had approved such a warrant, and that the development could have profound implications for genetic privacy.

Comment: In a sense, we've all seen this coming for a long time. One can only assume that a time will come in the future, when the technology has advanced to great degree, where user-uploaded DNA information is no longer needed, and something as mundane as your home appliances capture your DNA which is easily accessed by law enforcement or other authorities. But in the meantime, this precedent is disturbing for everyone - not just those who have willingly uploaded their information.

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If Joker met Jordan Peterson

jordan peterson joker
What does it take to turn an ordinary person into a monster? To create a mass shooter, a terrorist, a Joker?

According to Joker himself, "One bad day."

That's how he tells his own story in Batman: The Killing Joke, a 1988 graphic novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. This classic origin story heavily influenced the controversial new Joker film.

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America is a dictatorship by the rich - so why does no other writer refer to it as "the US regime"?

prison cell
I was shocked to find that a Google search of the phrase "the U.S. regime" indicates that I am the only writer who refers to "the U.S. regime." Is the United States really more democratic than this description of the political reality in the UK (which doesn't appear to be at all democratic)? Apparently, the universal presupposition (other than by this writer) is that the mere formalisms of democracy assure that a government is democratic, and that therefore the U.S. is automatically a democracy — its Government is democratic (because its Constitution is), not a dictatorship. However, ever since the pathbreaking Gilens and Page study in 2014 (the first-ever scientific analysis of whether or not the U.S. is a democracy), that presupposition is clearly false regarding the U.S. Government. That study (superbly summarized here) showed the U.S. Government doesn't represent its nation's public, "the people." The opening three words of the document that is the very embodiment of this nation's formalisms, the U.S. Constitution, are "We the People ..." making unequivocally clear whom this nation's Government must represent and serve. However, the Gilens and Page study proves that the U.S. Constitution is fundamentally violated, in practice, by today's U.S. Government, which instead represents and serves only the few wealthiest: America's aristocracy. Furthermore, a study by Jason Barabas, published two years later, found that the situation has been getting worse — not better — ever since World War II ended in 1945. Moreover, even as early as 2005, Martin Gilens of Princeton was able to publish a paper documenting (just to use his own words, here):

Comment: See also:


Germany marks fall of Berlin Wall but forgets lessons if DDR says US 'socialist defector'

© Global Look Press / Jürgen Schwarz
FILE PHOTO: Fireworks are seen at New Year's Eve celebration at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, on January 1,1990, less than a month after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Germany celebrating 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall is seen as a moment of unity. Yet, lessons East Germany once had to offer were cast aside, a US-born publicist and author, who defected to East Germany in 1952, said.

Following the fall of the wall, which was seen as the most vivid manifestation of Europe's division during the Cold War era, the Germans - and arguably the rest of the world with them - happily and unquestionably embraced the ideas of western capitalism in hopes it would offer a bright future for them.

Yet, the reality they found themselves in turned out to be much less secure, even if it made them a little bit wealthier, Victor Grossman, a US-born veteran journalist, who fled from McCarthyist persecution to East Germany in 1952, believes.

Comment: See also:


Meet 'Whaledimir', a 'spy beluga whale' for the Russian Navy

Whaledimir, the beluga whale
© Sputnik News
'Whaledimir,' the beluga whale that made headlines in Norwegian media this spring amid speculation that he may be a super-secret 'spy whale' for the Russian Navy, appears to have made it into the news again.

Footage of a beluga whale playing rugby with a group of South African sailors near the Arctic Circle went viral this week, with the video viewed over 19.5 million times on Facebook, and millions of times more on Twitter and YouTube.

The fascinating clip shows the beluga bringing a rugby ball to the hands of a man onboard the small Gemini Craft boat, who then throws it, with the whale giving chase. The beluga is then seen picking up the ball in its mouth, swimming toward the boat, and handing the ball back to the men.

The footage, filmed aboard a South African marine research vessel outside Hammerfest, northern Norway, has led to the renewal of speculation in some quarters about whether the beluga was really Whaledimir, the alleged 'Russian spy whale' named after the Russian president.

Star of David

Hypocrisy alert: IDF congratulates itself on Twitter for donating wigs to cancer victims while Israel blocks Gazans from treatment

IDF donate hair cancer
© Screengrab/Twitter
he Israeli army's post on soldiers donating their hair for cancer patients was described as insincere by critics
Social media users have called out the Israeli army for a Twitter post celebrating two female soldiers for cutting off their hair for a good cause.

The Israeli army said the pair donated their hair to make wigs for cancer patients, and described it as "a beautiful act of kindness". A picture of the two soldiers, identified as Noam and Inbal, shows them smiling and holding their freshly cut hair.

But critics pointed out the irony of the post, reminding the Israeli army that they regularly deny thousands of cancer patients from the Gaza Strip permission to travel for treatment.

"Nothing says kindness like forcing cancer patients to die in an open air prison in Gaza," Remi Kenazi, a Palestinian-American poet based in New York, responded on Twitter.

Comment: The only saving grace of the IDF's dismal public relations efforts on social media, is the rich fund of material it provides to mock and expose the racist Israeli regime.


British State Has Stolen Thousands of Children From Families it Deems 'Potential Risk' - Hundreds of Pregnant Women Fleeing UK Shores

Comment: This is completely outrageous.

'Punishing people for crime they have not committed is wrong', campaigner insists

adoptions children
A British businessman who lives in France is one of several people who regularly help women to flee the UK to give birth abroad and keep their babies.

Ian Josephs told Connexion he got involved after learning of a woman's case while he was a county councillor in Kent.

He receives several calls a day after women contact him through his website (forced-adoption.com). He gives advice and pays for the mothers to leave the UK.

They mainly travel to France or Spain. Ireland is another destination.

Mr Josephs, 87, said:
"Every woman should be given the chance to raise her child. While they are still pregnant, they can leave the country. The UK system is totally unfair: it is based on what may potentially happen in the future. In what other circumstances is someone judged for a crime they have not committed? People can't believe it if I say one reason given for a child to be removed is a potential future risk of emotional abuse. People say I may be helping people who go on to abuse a child but we are talking about predictions. The women cannot hide their birth in the new country and they enter into the system there. They don't go off the radar."

Comment: He is making this up, surely?

Comment: A SOTT commenter recently complained that we spend too much time publishing stories about 'social engineering' and its consequences in the UK.

Evidently, that country is 'further down the road' of said social engineering.

Here's the French TV documentary mentioned above. If anyone finds it with English subs, please let us know. Needless to say, it was never shown on British TV...

In the meantime, here's a talk about this abomination by the above-mentioned activist, Ian Josephs:

Check out Josephs' website, forced-adoption.com, where he lays out what has been happening in the UK for years, and what parents can do about it.

This madness was apparently started under the Blair regime and has now grown into a billion £ market. Ostensibly, it was done to 'protect' children from harmful family situations, but that was just the cover for something completely different. As Josephs explains in his video talk, the victims aren't necessarily the poorest - the fostering industry targets the most vulnerable.

In 2015, RT UK picked up the scent and published the following documentary, which tells the stories of many families' efforts - some successful, the vast majority not - to get their children back from the state and whichever strangers it sold them off to...